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Championship Sex

Going wasn't as bad as she thought it would
"It's just a game right?" I replied after being asked to attend Rob's footy match.

"Of course, it's not like a hooligan riot will occur.." laughed Rob at my sad attempt at a joke. In result I playfully punched him after he made that snide remark. Rob then wandered off into his room to gear up and leave for the championship game he basically begged me to attend. Everything about this game bothered me; the drive, the arena, the weird smell of old, and the whole damn concept of going but I couldn't bear to upset Rob. After all it was his teams big chance and I do fancy how sexy he looks on that pitch in those tight shorts. I put on the away jersey of his team and a sexy form fitting pair of skinny jeans; and that small lacy black thong with the matching bra. Off I went to cheer on my Robbie.

"Yay!, you made it!" screamed Rob as he happily hugged me for attending. The game started and of course there's my Robbie on the starting line at midfield. I knew coming was a bad idea, as the game progressed, I kept getting hornier as Rob did his football magic out on the field. This was becoming a very bad situation, it was only 10 minutes into the first half and I wanted to fuck the living daylight out of him. Could this game go on any slower? I thought to myself as I kept watching as my pussy got wetter and wetter every minute. The first half was finally over, Rob had scored one and that made me more wet than I needed to be.

The second half started and I hoped Rob wouldn't start, then maybe my horniness would lower but no Rob had to start and I was furious. Then again he did look super sexy in those shorts. Anyway I sat there patiently as he played, the way he handled the ball was amazing, as if he was pro. Wow what a goal, Rob has some serious skill, I thought to myself. Ok I can't hold it anymore, I snuck my hand down into my lacy black thong and started to rub my clit. Watching Rob out there turned me on, I was dripping pussy juice and had to contain my moans, so no one would hear me. I looked up at the clock and there was only one minute left with Rob's team winning by three; oh god the cum was about to blow out of my pussy as Rob scored the last second goal. I accidentally moaned out oh Rob and got weird looks from the other fans.

I chased after Rob into the locker room, the other teammates gave me weird (what the hell is she doing in here) looks and all I cared about was having sex with Rob. I kept walking through that locker room anxiously awaiting the sex I wanted with Rob. I finally found him, he was taking his after game shower. His cock looked so sexy standing straight up at full hardness; I assumed he heard my oh Rob before the game ended. I stripped naked and joined him in the shower.

"What is my sexy little girl doing in here?" asked Rob all playfully

"I'm all horny for you after that performance in that match!" I exclaimed as I grabbed Rob and started kissing him. He kissed me back, his tongue entering my mouth as his arms wrapped around me. The kiss was very passionate, I was getting turned on again as my pussy got wetter as the kiss lasted. Rob broke the kiss and pushed me against the wall. He got down on his knees and slowly dragged his finger down the slit of my pussy.

"I bet you want me to lick, finger, and fuck that tight little hole of yours, don't you?" Rob asked as he kept teasing me by rubbing my slit.

"Yes please, please lick me, I am so horny for you!" I moaned out as he started to rub my clit. His finger started to go in circles around my clit, my pussy was dripping on his finger as he rubbed. He kept rubbing while his other fingers started to fuck my tight hole. In and out, in and out went two of Rob's fingers, at an even, fast pace. He would go slow, then gain speed, teasing me, while the other finger was still rubbing at my clit. I could not handle this anymore, to where Rob decided to stop and lick my pussy. His tongue went up and down my slit, then he did more circles around my clit, this time he went slower, making sure I was being teased. Then he licked down my slit again, up and down slowly, The teasing made me so wet, that I was dripping buckets of pussy juice. After teasing the hell out of me, he stuck his tongue into my tight hole, his tongue like his fingers went in and out, in and out. I started to moan oh Rob, over and over again. This turned him on as his tongue fucks got faster and harder, I could not take it anymore, I screamed out that I had to squirt and that is exactly what I did.

"Let's shower off baby and then we can go dry off on one of the locker room benches." said Rob as he pulled me close to him as we showered off. I liked being held by him but all I could think of was sucking his big, hard, cock.

"Baby, don't put your towel on, I wanna be able to see your hard on." I told him as we sat down. There it was, Rob's nice, big hard on awaiting my mouth to take in. As we sat there, I started to tease him by slowly rubbing my hand up and down his shaft.

"Ugh baby, stop teasing me and actually do something with my hard on!" Rob groaned out at my teasing. Since he was getting antsy, I went down and took that whole thing into my mouth. I sucked really nice and hard. The cock hitting the back of my throat with every time it went in and out. I got faster, his cock really hitting the back of my throat. I knew what Rob wanted, he wanted a deep throat. I let his cock go down my throat. His cock was so big and thick that it made me gag every time I sucked on it. I kept sucking hard and fast, the gagging made it difficult to really go down but, I had all of it in my throat, Rob grabbed my head and held it down over his cock. He then fucked my throat, going hard, gagging me. Then all of a sudden I hear (Ugh baby I'm gonna blow my load) as his sticky, hot cum was all there for me to swallow.

After swallowing that nice load of cum, Rob laid me down on the bench and smiled as he looked over me. He lined up his cock to the tight hole of my pussy. He entered my pussy and it felt so good to have him inside me. He started to thrust into me, his cock filled me up, stretched me out and I loved every bit of it. Rob started to go in and out really slow, teasing me. I grabbed Rob and pulled him on top of me, I started to kiss him and as I did he got faster and harder. He was really banging me, and I loved it. He knew how to fuck me, and he kept going in and out, in and out, squeezing my tits, as we kissed while he fucked my tight little pussy.

He was really going at it, he kept a steady pace, and had not wanted to end this. I couldn't hold myself in, I began to moan out and my body was moving with his thrusts. I could feel Rob's cock tighten up in my pussy which meant he was about to blow his load deep in my pussy. A couple more thrusts and there he blew, all that sticky hot cum deep in my pussy. He kept his cock in me long enough to allow me to cum all over him. After we finished we got dressed and left the locker room. I kept wondering which was more of a win, the game or the fuck? I still have to ask Rob

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