Changing Behaviours

By SigurdOokami

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Hear how Lacy deals with sexual frustration when she meets a handsome, older stranger.
Ok, this is my first story, it’s not perfect that’s for sure, but hopefully you’ll all like it. Please leave me all your comments; criticisms and tips are welcome.

It had been an awful morning and Lacy was sick of it all. Her boss was pressing her to rush because of some important new client, file this, print off these for the meeting, arrange papers in the board room, do this do that, it was all driving her crazy! Nobody likes busy Monday mornings, but Lacy was used to rushing around. As the Personal Assistant to the CEO of the company she was expected to keep everything organised, she was very proud that she’d climbed so high when she was only 26.

No, if she was being honest it wasn’t that her boss was being so demanding today, or that her computer was being a dick, it was what had happened the night before with her friends. They had all started joking about how long it had been since she had sex with a guy.

"Guess you’re buying plenty of batteries right now, hey Lace." They all joked. "Marching around the streets in your skirt suit and sensible heels must scare the guys away."

The wine had been flowing and they pushed her too far. In the end Lacy had grabbed her things and stormed off home, she’d ignored all their calls and texts afterwards. It wasn’t her fault. Work had kept her busy you don’t get to her position at her age without working extra hard. There had been a few guys, not for a while admittedly, but she hadn’t been interested in dating so what was their fucking problem?!

Lacy was an attractive woman, her auburn hair fell in natural waves a few inches beyond her shoulders and complemented her soft green eyes perfectly, she’d never thought of dying it. She laid out in the sun on weekends so her skin had a gentle tan, there were a few freckles here and there, the one below her left eye annoyed her, but other than that her skin was smooth and wrinkles were still just a fear. She wasn’t stick thin like the models, there was a little extra here and there but she carried it very well on her curvy frame and 32D chest, her body was gorgeous. Her thighs weren’t though, they were too big and she hated them.

If a cute guy ever popped up in her life Lacy had tried her charms, there hadn’t been anyone lately, she didn’t want to date right now, but she did want sex. It had been over a year and her imagination had worn thin a long time ago. For the last month she hadn’t been able to bring herself to orgasm, not even when using her vibrator and butt plug at the same time. All of that pent up sexual frustration had really let her friends jokes hit close to the mark and the stress of it all was starting to get to her.

Ignoring the dull throb beneath her panties Lacy decided she should probably call her friends back over lunch to apologise for storming out on them, she was just about to grab her mobile from her bag when the phone on her desk dragged her thoughts back to her work. She reached for the receiver and answered the call.

"Good morning, Mr Staines’ office…oh yes! Thank you, please do send him straight up." 

Pressing through to her boss’ office on the intercom she relayed the message. "Mr Staines? Mr Hayes is on his way up, I’ll show him through to the board room if you’re ready."

"Thank you Miss Porter, yes do show him through, I’ll be there waiting to start the meeting. And you’ll be taking minutes of course?" Sounded the reply through the hazy speakers.

"Of course Sir, they’ll be typed and filed by the end of the day." With that Lacy grabbed what she needed and headed to greet the new client.

She stepped out of her office and headed to the end of the hall, walking past executive offices and the like until she came to a stop in front of the ascending elevator. Standing there her foot tapped and she gently shook her head with the rhythm of the rising numbers as she watched them and focused her mind fully back into work mode, ignoring the feeling between her thighs. The tapping of her foot soon stopped as the numbers neared her floor. She quickly straightened her purple blouse and her jacket and smoothed her skirt before looking up as the elevator announced its arrival with a ding.

The doors opened and revealed before her eyes was the most gorgeous man Lacy had ever seen in with her own eyes; chestnut hair with flecks of silver, deep, dark eyes and a strong, manly jaw all at atop broad, square shoulders. Even beneath his expensive suit his arms looked strong and powerful as if he could easily toss her around like a rag doll. She stepped forward and offered her shaking hand whilst desperately trying not to smile too much or make a fool of herself in front of this hunk of an older man she assumed to be the new client.

"M…Mr Hayes welcome. I’m Miss Porter, Mr Staines’ Personal Assistant."

He reached out to shake her hand as he flashed a charming smile. The moment her hand was encased in his firm grip she started getting weak at the knees and then she felt herself getting damp, just the distraction she didn’t need today, being close to him in the office would not be easy.

"Good morning Miss Porter, I’ll be looking forward to working closely with you." He replied with a glint in his eye. His voice was as sexy as the man it came from and Lacy tried not to start blushing.

"Umm…yes…ok. The board room is through here if you’d like to follow me.'' Lacy turned to hide her flushing face and lead Mr Hayes back down the corridors towards the meeting.

Half way there she realised that she’s been shaking her ass at him as she walked and bit her lip wondering what he must be thinking with it waving at him in her tight pinstripe skirt. She wasn’t behaving professionally. This wasn’t like her at all. She took a deep breath and steadied herself as she reached the door of the board room and opened it for him. He thanked her and stepped inside brushing past her. She felt his arm rub across her right breast. Was it an accident? Did he just rub up against her on purpose?

With her thoughts now stirring in her head she closed the door and took her place, tentatively sitting just behind Mr Staines ready to take notes. This placed her with a clear view of the gorgeous Mr Hayes, dear lord how was she ever going to concentrate on this meeting with that man making her quiver between her legs?

She set a voice recorder on the table knowing full well that she wouldn’t be able to pay enough attention for taking down short hand with such a handsome man smiling and roaming his eyes over her body. He seemed determined to catch her attention or stare at her hungrily every moment that her boss looked away from them both. As he ran his finger in small circles on the table her thighs twitched, her mind wondered what else those fingers could do. He placed a pen between his teeth and looked straight at her with that knowing glint in his eyes and she had to bite her lip, unable to look away from him. As the meeting continued the heat between her legs grew, that tell-tale dampness spreading through the material of her black satin panties. She uttered a quiet sigh of relief when Mr Staines called a halt to the talks for lunch, she was almost sure she could smell her arousal spreading up from under the layers of her clothing. Her attention was then called back to business when she heard her name.

"Miss Porter, you got all you needed I trust?" Asked her boss.

If only I had she thought as she replied. "Yes Sir, I have it all here." She looked down at her nearly blank sheet of paper and blessed the voice recording she’d made.

"Will you be joining me for lunch Mr Hayes? Our talk doesn’t all have to be business today," called Mr Staines as he then dismissed her from his thoughts.

"Actually I will have to decline politely I need to pop back to my hotel for a short while. I’ll leave my details with your P.A. here in case you need to contact me directly."

Staines rose from his chair and shook the man’s hand. "Not a problem, shall we all reconvene in two hours? Miss Porter, as we’ve broken early we might as well both enjoy a long lunch, I shall see you back here later as well."

"Thank you Sir, I’ll just deal with Mr Hayes and I’ll be off." She noticed the lustful look he gave her as he stood behind her boss.

Mr Staines left the room as Hayes stepped towards her, left alone with the man Lacy felt her heart beating faster and a throb of need waved across her now that she wasn’t in front of her boss.

"It’s been a pleasure meeting you Miss Porter, I look forward to seeing more of you later," he said with a wink.

He handed her his card and she felt another jolt shoot through her as their fingers touched.

"Thank you Mr Hayes," Lacy replied as she tried not to smile like a fawning little girl.

"Please do just call me Charles when that fussy old Staines isn’t about, okay," he said with a wink. "And what should I call you then? Miss Porter seems far too formal."

"Um…well…I’m Lacy." She muttered as she blushed.

"Lacy, how very nice indeed, I’ll be seeing you very soon then Lacy." He called back to her as he left the room and headed back to the elevator.

Feeling herself flush Lacy dropped down into a chair and exhaled slowly, gathering her thoughts and knowing that most of them weren’t appropriate she looked down at the card in her hand. The name ‘Charles Hayes’ embossed in gold, classic and elegant like the man himself. She turned the card in her hand and saw something written in pen on the back.

‘Fitzroy Hotel, room 413. Come have lunch…you can be dessert!’

Her skin prickled and her body shuddered. She wasn’t that girl! She didn’t meet strangers and then go to hotel rooms for sex. Not even with really attractive older guys. She wasn’t like that and she didn’t do things like this.


Lacy knocked on the door of room 413. She wondered what the hell she was doing here, she was always in control. No, she shouldn’t be here. As she turned to leave she heard the lock click and the door opened. There he was with nothing but a towel around his waist, his hair and body still damp from the shower. There was no way she was leaving now.

His chest was broad and his body was nicely muscled, defined but not too much just how she liked. A scattering of dark hair across his chest gave him a wild look and Lacy felt herself hunger for him as her eyes dropped down to his towel and her mind again began to wander.

She stepped into the room and felt his hand on her hip and he leant in to kiss her on the cheek. As his lips touched her skin she felt herself melt into him. Suddenly her lips were against his and she was pressed between his firm body and the closed door. His hands grasped the cheeks of her arse in a firm grip and pulled her into his passionate embrace, her feet almost being lifted off of the floor as she gave into him and his strong arms.

Wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist Lacy was carried through to the bedroom with a set of warm lips on her neck. His arms held her as she threw her jacket to the floor. Her heels and blouse soon followed leaving her in her underwear and skirt as he ran his tongue down her chest to kiss the exposed skin between her heaving breasts. His towel fell to the floor as she ground her hips against him and she felt the press of his engorged flesh beneath her. In that moment when she felt him growing up against her she knew that she couldn’t wait any longer to have a man inside her again.

Releasing her grip around his waist Lacy slid down his body until she was on her knees with the thickest cock she’d ever seen in front of her eyes. She started to drool. Taking his cock in her hand she held it firmly and admired it from every angle, she could only just get her hand around the shaft but he was still only half hard, it looked strong and powerful with a pulsing vein running down it. Imagining it sliding into her Lacy felt her pussy give an involuntary twitch and he let out a small moan.

The steadily growing cock in her hand was too enticing for her to want to wait any longer and Lacy lifted it to her lips before she sucked the head of it into her mouth. Savouring the feel of him growing to full hardness in her mouth Lacy closed her eyes and licked the underside of his cock making him shudder and moan. He pulsed and throbbed against her lips as she slid them up and down his shaft, taking him steadily deeper until his swollen head was pressing into her throat she groaned with pleasure at the feel of him inside her. Now fully hard he must have been eight inches long and was now so thick that her mouth was held wide open as she sank down onto his throbbing member.

She could only get half of his hard cock into her mouth and her hand slowly stroked the rest matching the rhythm of her lips as she groaned with pleasure. She looked up at him and saw him standing with his hands on his hips and his head tilted back. He moaned as the gorgeous young Lacy sucked him and teased him with her tongue. Speeding up her movements Lacy starts bobbing her head up and down on his hard dick as she wraps her hands around his balls to pull them gently. Holding him as deep as she can manage she moaned sending vibrations down through his shaft and he groaned out loud whilst he grabbed her by the hair to hold her on his thick tool. He held her firmly by the hair and pulled her mouth onto his cock, thrusting his hips slightly to press the head of his cock into her tight throat. Lacy groaned as he took control and began to fuck her throat. She gagged and drooled all over his shaft and his tightening balls.

As he kept thrusting his cock between her lips and making her groan Lacy reached behind herself to unclasp her bra and free her soft, round breasts. Her bra left on the floor she cupped and caressed her breasts as her throat was filled. She pinched her nipples and moaned at her own touch, she felt her own drool drip from her chin to fall between her perky mounds and they both locked eyes, groaning again loudly. His breathing started to deepen, it had been a while since she’d heard that sound, but she knew she was ready to taste his first load.

Lacy pulled herself from his grasp and took his pulsing shaft, now slick from being inside her mouth, in her hand and started stroking it fast with his large swollen head held between her lips. He groaned as her tongue swirled around him and her hand gripped him tightly. He grasped a handful of her hair and looked down into her eyes as she quickly brought him to the edge of orgasm. She held his cock firmly between her lips and nodded as he looked down letting him know she was ready.

With a last large groan his balls jumped up and his cock swelled up as he started to shoot his load into Lacy’s hungry mouth. Stream after stream filled her and she stroked him firmly pumping every last drop out of him and enjoying the feel of his warm cum covering her tongue and sliding down her throat as she swallowed. Cum suddenly filled all of her senses and her pussy quivered deeply, hungry for some if its own. She closed her eyes and sucked his cock slowly like an ice lolly until she had swallowed every drop from him before letting his slowly softening cock fall from her lips to hang down in front of her.

Lacy stood up as he held her softly by the chin and he kissed her passionately as held her close, his hand sliding up between her legs to caress her inner thighs. He walked her over to the bed and laid her on top of the cool, crisp sheets with her legs hanging over the edge from the knee. Charles brought his lips down to her neck as he cupped her breast with a rough hand. She exhaled a soft moan as his fingers grazed her stiff nipple and his lips moved down to run his tongue over the other. With one of her nipples being softly pinched and the other being gently sucked she moaned and pleaded him.

"Please…I need your tongue in my pussy right now!" 

She felt his lips kissing down her stomach as his hands found and lowered the zipper of her skirt. Soon her skirt and panties were pulled down in one fluid motion and thrown over with the rest of her discarded outfit. Both of them now naked, he knelt there with his lips hovering above her soaked pussy and his hands spreading her thighs open for him.

A moan filled the room as Lacy felt his tongue circle and flick over her swollen and eager clitoris. Her hips bucked up as his tongue pressed down on her throbbing button, her breathing deepened and she grabbed onto his head pushing him down onto her pussy. A rough thumb pressed down onto her as his tongue slid into her and he greedily licked her tight, dripping entrance. Lacy shuddered as she already felt herself nearing orgasm. The tongue inside her swirled around and fucked her with fast, flicking movements that made her toes curl with pleasure and her body began to tense as her first orgasm in a month approached.

Then she felt him nibbling on her sensitive clit and a thick finger was easily sliding into her. That was all she needed. She screamed and her back arched lifting her head, her thighs shook and her muscles started quivering as waves of pleasure washed over her.

"OOOH! FUCK YES!!!" She screamed as she came hard.

Lacy clamped her thighs around his head as he kept fucking her with his finger, wave after wave of pleasure hit her body as she just kept cumming, her pussy drenching him in her cum as she pulled at the sheets and squirmed under him.

He just kept nibbling on her clit and she soon screamed again when another powerful orgasm washed over her and made her tremble and bit her lip to keep from screaming.

"Please…No more!" She moaned as she released his head from between her thighs. "It’s too much, I have to stop for a minute."

He climbed onto the bed and kissed her, the taste of her own musky, sweet cum on his lips. Her thighs were still shaking from her last orgasm as she reached down to hold his flaccid cock and stroke it slowly as they kissed deeply. They wrapped their tongues around each other as she slowly stroked him back to his full hardness and moved herself to sit on top of him. She sat with his hard cock pressed between her labia as she let the thick shaft grind against her clit, feeling the shaft get wet beneath her she bit her lip and sighed deeply at how thick it felt against her tight pussy. Lacy moved until she was squatting over him with his hard erection held in her hand. Biting her lip to keep from screaming she slowly lowered herself onto the thick monster that was pulsing in her hand. As the swollen head of his cock stretched her open she closed her eyes and moaned quietly before forcing herself down onto the entire thing.


She screamed out from the delicious mix of pleasure and pain as she was suddenly full of a hard and throbbing cock. The first time in far too long and it felt so good. She sat there with him deep inside her as she let herself adjust to his huge girth, rocking her hips slightly to feel him moving inside of her.

Knowing she was ready Lacy started to slowly ride his thick dick, her hands braced on his chest as she started to fuck him. Nails scratched his skin and she rolled her hips as they both started to moan. He grasped her bare hips and thrust up into her each time she brought her tight, wet pussy down on him. She felt so full, stretched so wide by him as he filled her over and over.

Lifting herself until just the head of his cock was inside her Lacy then slammed herself down to take the rest of his throbbing shaft with an animalistic grunt. She fucked him wildly, slamming herself down onto him and groaning as he stretched her open. Dropping down onto her knees she leant over him and ground herself down hard onto his cock. She moaned softly and bit her lip as he reached up to bite her left nipple, it made her grind down harder on him and sent a shiver through her.

He then grabbed her and rolled them both over, keeping himself inside her. He kissed her passionately before pulling out and flipping her around and she got onto her hands and knees in front of him. A hand was placed on the small of her back and another firmly grasped her arse before he spanked her hard just once to send a shiver through her. As she cooed from the rough treatment she felt him rubbing the tip of his cock against her wet opening.

She was gripped firmly by the waist and she felt the head of his cock pressing into her from behind. Grasping the sheets she moaned as he plunged deep inside her and immediately started to pound her hard and fast. Nothing gentle, with his hands on her hips she was pulled onto his hard thrusts and she felt him fuck her deeper than before.

She screamed out her pleasure with wild abandon as he fucked her with wild and powerful strokes of his big, thick cock. Lacy heard his groans as he thrust himself into her over and over, both of them feeling the pleasure of climax slowly building within them.

His nails were digging into her hips and his balls were slapping her sensitive clit with each of his deep thrusts. She forced her face down into a pillow to stifle her screams. She was being fucked by an older man, a guy who was almost a total stranger, she was doing it on her lunch break, and it felt sooooo good!

‘’FUCK ME! Fuck me, Charles…cum in my hot wet cunt!’’ She screamed.

She felt him swell inside her and he groaned loudly. Gripping tightly onto her hips he pulled her onto him as he slammed deep. With a scream she felt him cumming deep inside her, his cock thickened and erupted deep inside her coating her inner walls with his hot and creamy load. As she felt him emptying inside her, her entire body shuddered and her pussy clamped down around the hard meaty pole pulsating deep inside her quivering pussy.

Lacy groaned deeply into the pillow and her body twitched as she milked every drop from his cock into herself. Waves crash over her as she feels his cum dripping from her, as her orgasm hits her fully she arches her back and screams loudly filling the room with the sounds of her ecstasy.

She pulled herself off of his cock and rolled onto her back before falling into the sheets. She looked down to see her pussy dripping with cum between her twitching legs. She watched as he moved to offer her his cum covered cock. She took it between her lips and tasted the both of them on his softening meat as she basked in the shivers and glow of the best orgasm she’d had in over a year.

After licking him clean she laid back and thought of what she had just done. She, the good girl, had just had amazing sex with an older stranger. If cutting loose was this good maybe it was time she started changing her behaviour.