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Changing Professions: Part One

After Eve lost her teaching job, she started looking for a new job with the help of her friend, Jan.
The Interview

I thought it couldn't happen to me... but it did. I am, well was, a compassionate third grade teacher and recognized in town as a caring individual who always put children first. The problem was that teachers without tenure were "downsized" first (read "fired") when the school district experienced budgetary concerns.

My name is Eve and I was two weeks short of gaining tenure when the principal, Mr. Selznick, called me into his office. Maybe it was Friday the thirteenth... I don't know, but it felt like it. Mr. Selznick, I mean Norm, was a man in his early-fifties and very supportive of the staff so it was no surprise when he gave me a huge hug and held my hand as tears soaked his shirt.

"Norm," I sobbed, "I can't believe this is happening to me. I've tried to be the best teacher possible and yet, now you say I've been terminated. It's not fair!"

"You're right, Eve. You are a wonderful teacher and a beautiful person. Look, you are only twenty-three. You're a gorgeous woman with a lifetime before you. You will recover and no doubt have a job very soon. Call me anytime you need help and I'll be more than happy to write you a job recommendation."

I left his office feeling like Marie Antoinette being led to the guillotine. I felt so helpless and life seemed so hopeless. On the way home, I stopped for a caffeine fix at Starbucks ordering a Vente Caffè Americano. They were hiring so I filled out an application. That's how I became an underpaid barista.

Serving coffee doesn't make a résumé sparkle but it was a start. This was my only job experience other than two years in the classroom but not the last. Next, I was a secretary temp at a tool and die company. I was offered the job by a good customer who ordered double-shot espresso every morning exactly at 6:35 AM. The wages were better and I liked the job until the owner asked me out for dinner and some "overtime" at his apartment. I quit on the spot.

Then there was this waitress job, i.e., server, at the Como Restaurant. It was an upscale establishment popular with businessmen whose offices were nearby. The tips were great but I grew tired of guys hitting on me, although I secretly loved the attention. Okay, I have to admit it here, I had an affair with one of the customers. Jim worked for a large brokerage firm near the restaurant. He came in at least twice a week and I made sure to be his server. We flirted a lot and teased each other. Jim was an unbelievably handsome guy with a really great sense of humor.

On our first date, he wined and dined me and treated me like a princess. Tuesday was my day off allowing us to meet at the best hotel in town, usually in the late afternoon. We had a torrid love affair with non-stop sex for a couple of weeks until I discovered Jim was married with two kids. When the maitre d' at the Como found out about Jim and me, the maitre d' gave me two choices. Either I gave him a blow job on demand or I'd be fired. I was fired. It seemed that my life was one long series of dead ends. Finally, I just decided to take a vacation and apply for unemployment.

My girlfriend, Jan, was also out of work but never seemed short of money. Our unemployment checks were enough to feed a person and provide rent money but not much more. Yet Jan was always wearing the latest fashions, lived in an upscale apartment and drove around town in her hot BMW. I mean, her car payments would bankrupt even those with jobs, yet Jan was living on and financing an expensive car with those slim unemployment benefits... or so I thought.

My curiosity finally got the best of me one evening while we were slumming at our favorite sports bar. I decided to bring up the issue of money. "Hey, Jan, I just love that deep blue pendant you're wearing! Is it tanzanite?"

"Yeah, just bought it last week at Windsor's. Really glad you like it, Eve. It cost a fortune."

"How do you manage? I could never afford beautiful jewelry like that. I mean, do you put it on a credit card and then pay the minimum each month?"

Jan took a sip of her daiquiri and was visibly upset with my question. Changing the subject she said, "Have you been to Bloomingdale's recently? They're having a great sale on shoes!"

It's a girl's way of avoidance... change the subject when we don't want to give an answer. So, I dropped the subject and became even more curious. After all, Jan and I have been close friends since college and usually don't keep secrets from each other. Clearly, that was not the case this time. Jan was hiding something from me and I had to find out what it was.

As the evening wore on, more and more guys filtered into the bar and a few stopped by to say hello and to buy us drinks. That was the usual routine for us. After all, both of us are attractive and guys like to be around us, and we like to be around them. The truth is, between the two of us, we probably fucked the entire basketball team in college. Jan has a beautiful face. She is tall and slim with brunette hair. Her smallish breasts are perky, yet she knows how to use her assets to easily attract men. On the other hand, I am blonde, petite, and with noticeably well developed breasts although I rarely exaggerate them with tight fitting clothes.

So, everyone was having fun talking sports and music and movies with a little playful teasing mixed in. George was sitting next to Jan. I'd never met him before. She seemed to know him pretty well as they appeared to be whispering sweet nothings to each other from time to time. One thing I over-heard caught me a little off guard. George said something about enjoying Jan's latest effort but Jan, like me, is on unemployment. It all seemed so strange!

Jan offered to drop me off at my apartment that night and I asked her about George's comment. Again Jan was tight lipped. When we arrived at my place, she said, "Eve, I have a job but it's kind of a secret. Ya see, I don't want the government to know. You understand, right? If you promise to keep it to yourself and never tell anyone, I'll let you in on the secret."

I was all ears. "Go ahead, Jan. You know I have never revealed any of our secrets. You can trust me. You know that."

"Well," she started, "I also hope you and I will continue to be friends."

"Okay," I said. "We've been best friends too long to destroy our friendship over one little secret."

Jan took a moment to look away, then turned to me and looked me straight in the eye and said, "I needed money for a comfortable lifestyle and nothing pays better than working in the adult film industry. I've been modeling in several videos."

I was shocked! Well, shocked at first by the sudden admission of her working as a porn star but after a minute, it all made sense. "How did you get started?" I blurted out as my curiosity raised its ugly head again. I had hundreds of other questions but this was what came to mind first.

Jan looked out the window as if thinking how to formulate her answer, then said, "I answered a casting call that was posted on the Internet. It seemed like harmless fun so I went to see what it was all about."

God, how I wanted to hear more. "How did it go? Did you know it was for porn movies? What was involved? Were you scared? Did they treat you Okay? Did you get any money? Did you have to get undressed and be naked? Did you have to fuck a guy?"

"Hold on, Eve! I can't get into all of the details but hey, they are always looking for new models and if you think you might be interested, I'll give you George's e-mail address. You can contact him and see for yourself."

This answered the question about Jan's elaborate lifestyle but left many more to be answered. I tucked George's e-mail address in my purse and thanked Jan for the ride. I watched Jan drive off in that gorgeous BMW and thought contacting George might be what was needed to spice up my life, and my bank account.

For a couple of weeks after that, I couldn't get it out of my mind that Jan was fucking in front of a camera. I hadn't contacted George because, to be frank about it, I was a little bit scared. Finally I called Jan and asked for one of her vids. She said fine but only if she could set up an appointment for me with George. By this time, it seemed like a fun idea and it was only an interview. This sort of nudged me along so I agreed. I learned later that staff members earn a bonus for signing new talent.

The next day George called to say hello and schedule an interview that would be mutually agreeable. My calendar was pretty open but George was busy the first part of the week. He was free the following Thursday at 3:00 PM. So it was set and believe me, I was excited but really really nervous.

Jan gave me her video on Monday and that evening I sat down with a chilled glass of sauvignon blanc to watch. I felt like a Peeping Tomi intruding on a very private moment. I was amazed at the quality of the video. It was in high definition and everyone looked fabulous. The clothes, jewelry and furnishings were exquisite. The men were handsome and the women were stunning. Both were well endowed as you might expect of porn "models."

Jan came on about a third of the way dressed in an elegant bridal dress. The story was that she was getting married that day but wanted to have a last fling. She seduced their best man into a liaison hours before the ceremony. She was so beautiful and did the best man in every sexual position seen in Kama Sutra. The guy finally gave her the obligatory cum shot aimed at her mouth. Jan licked every last drop off of her lips before swallowing with an impish grin.

My juices were flowing like mad. Only then did I realize the wetness in my panties as I reached down to touch myself. I continued masturbating bringing myself to an orgasm thinking, "I can do that! I want to do that." But the real question was, should I?

On Tuesday and Wednesday I was a bundle of nerves and kept watching Jan's video to make sure I hadn't missed anything important. However, during these viewings, I remembered to bring along my toy for a little companionship and pleasure. Playing with my dildo gave me confidence as I imagined fucking a stranger in front of a camera. I was a little unnerved by the anal scene since I had never done it. A woman with huge tits and a shaved pussy was fucking two hunks. One was in her ass while the other had his thick cock deep in her pussy hole. Jan wasn't in that scene but was with a woman in a lesbian encounter. I wasn't sure about either the anal or doing lesbian but watching it was a turn on. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

On Thursday morning I called Jan asking her how to dress for the interview. She told me to wear nice clothes with a suggestion of sophistication. Jan also said, "A little cleavage works well but don't be over the top with it. They'll recognize your best assets. They're professionals. Just don't put on too much makeup and look like a whore. That's not what they are looking for. They want the innocent virgin look."

Finally she reminded me, "Hey, this is an interview. Nobody is gonna ask you to do a fuck scene on Thursday. If they like you, they'll give you a call back for a screening."

That settled me down and got me looking forward to three o'clock.

At three o'clock sharp, I stepped into a fourth floor office with furnishings that were contemporary in every way. The furniture was modern as were the light fixtures and wall hangings. It was well lit and immaculate. This isn't what a person has in mind when apply for a job in dirty movies. The receptionist asked me to wait for a few minutes and offered me a cup of tea or coffee. She brought me a nice cup of green tea as I waited. The wait wasn't long before an attractive middle aged woman greeted me.

"Hello, I'm Betty, George's assistant. You must be Eve." We shook hands and Betty led me into her office. The office was a lot more risqué with suggestive pictures advertising their various products. I even saw a poster with Jan but her name wasn't Jan. In the poster it said, "Staring Cherry Sherry." Anyway, I sat in front of Betty's desk and she said she would be doing the interview and would be taking notes. It sounded like a teachers' meeting.

"Okay, let's get started. How old are you Eve?"

"Twenty-three," I said with a nervous smile.

"Where are you from?" Betty asked in a business like way.

"I'm originally from Eagle Grove, Iowa."

"And what do you do?"

"I'm a third grade teacher."

"Are you currently teaching?"

"No, I was fired about seven months ago."

Betty wanted to know why I had been fired. I briefly explained the situation and budget cut-backs.

"Do you have any hobbies, Eve, or have interests outside of teaching?"

"Yes, of course. I like to read. Although it might sound odd at my age but I like listening to jazz. I go dancing and love movies."

"What are your vitals?"

"Say again?" I was confused.

"Your vital statistics... height, weight, measurements."

"Oh, I see. I'm five feet three and weigh 110 pounds. I'm a 36D-24-35."

"Very good. Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Not currently... I had one in college but when I was teaching, I was just too busy getting my lesson plans together."

"What do you like best about yourself?"

"Oh, I'm a caring person and a good friend to people. I like my body shape and my hair. I think I'm pretty smart for a blonde." At that we both chuckled.

"Have you done any acting?"

"Just a little. I was in our high school play my senior year."

"I understand you are a long time friend of Jan's."

"Yes, we were college roommates."

"Did she tell you about our industry?"

"Not really. She gave me a DVD of some of her work so I have a little idea."

"I see. Do you like watching porn?"

"Sometimes but I haven't watched much until Jan told me about this job opening."

"Do you think you could enjoy this line of work?"

"Yes, maybe. I've never been filmed having sex so I really can't say for sure."

"But you like sex, right?

"Of course! Doesn't everyone?"

"How do you feel about filming with a woman?"

"I think I would like it. It would be fine with me."

"And how about doing a MMF?"

"What's a MMF?"

"Two men with you at the same time?"

"Well, I've never done that but it sounds sort of exciting."

"Have you ever done anal?"


"Would you be willing to do an anal scene?"

"Well, maybe. I'm not sure."

"What would you like to know about our company or the industry?"

"How much money do the actors receive?"

"It depends on the scene. Ordinary sexual positions like doggie, cowgirl front, cowgirl back, and missionary are at the rate of $500 per video. Anal brings $250 and a facial with swallowing adds another $50. If you do MMF, that adds $200. Of course gratuitous blow jobs are normally the lead-in so they aren't on the pay scale. So, it is possible to earn up to $1000 on a single shoot."

"I see. Could I expect a guy to cum inside me?" I had to ask.

"That can happen but it all depends on the director so I can't really give you a figure on creampies. Anything else?"

"No, I guess that's all."

"By the way, you are on the pill, right? You need to be protected. We don't like having our models getting pregnant."

I nodded in agreement but hadn't been on birth control for over two years.

"Okay, if George decides to hire you, he'll give you a call back. Keep in mind that he will want to do some screening. This means some quick stills in the nude and a video clip of you working with a man. It might be George or someone else on the staff. Is that going to be okay with you?"

"Yes, it sounds okay."

"By the way, dress simply because you will be asked to remove you clothes and you don't want to be all hung up with snaps, hooks and buttons. We don't hire girls based on their clothes."

"I understand. I'll be looking forward to your call... and thanks."

"One more thing, Eve. I need a snapshot of you to show George. Just stand over there and I'll take a quickie picture." Betty pulled out a small digital camera as I walked a few steps away from the desk, then... Flash! I left Betty and the building.

So, that's it. I was on my way to being a movie star! More importantly, I would have the money to live in luxury like Jan.

The phone rang early the next morning. I was looking forward to hearing George's voice but it was Jan asking how the interview went.

"It went well, Jan, but I didn't expect to be interviewed by Betty. I thought it would be George."

"Oh yes. I should have mentioned that to you. They think that a man might intimidate the girls so they have a woman doing it. Don't get me wrong. George is a teddy bear but Betty is a people person and has been around the industry a long time. Some say she lied about her age and started doing porn at sixteen but no one really knows. She has a ton of her films in the archives. I saw a few and she was awesome in her day."

"When will they call me back?"

"Well, Eve, it could take some time. These days, there are so many men that want to get into the business there are a lot of interviews and screenings to do. Look, if I see George, I'll ask him to put your file near the top of the pile. Anyway, girls are a top priority."

"Thanks, Jan." She hung up before I could ask her if I should be shaved when I'm called back. I decided that is how most of the women looked in the video and a shaved pussy suited me fine.

It was a little over a week, I think on a Friday afternoon when George called. He said that Betty was impressed and thought I had the possibility of being at the top of the AFAA charts.

"What's the AFAA?" I asked.

"It is the Adult Film Association of America. They rank the top performers. Trust me, Eve. Betty doesn't say things like that very often. She sensed a certain intoxicating sexuality and a sensuous body language with you. Not many girls have those traits so we'd like you to come in for a screening as soon as possible. Are you ready to move forward with this?"

"I'd like to."

"How about next Tuesday at 10:00 AM?"

"That sounds fine, George. I'll see you then, and thank Betty for the compliments."

At ten Tuesday morning, Betty greeted me with a smile and took my hand as she led me into the studio. It looked almost exactly as I had imagined except there was no bed. The furniture was sparse with a couch, desk and chair. However, there was a room full of photographic gear. George said, "Hi" and told me he would be filming and that I would be working with Billy Joe.

Betty reassured me by saying, "Billy Joe is a gentle Adonis and will take good care of you. We won't ask you to do anything you don't want to do and I'll will be here with you if you have any questions or concerns. Okay?"

"Okay" or at least I said okay but wasn't sure what it would be like having sex with a complete stranger. Actually, when I thought about it, I got kind of excited. After all, I had been practicing at home.

"Let's get started then, Eve. Please stand in front of that white backdrop as I take a few snapshots. Start as you are, fully clothed and remove your clothes one by one somewhat like a stripper but without the dancing. Before removing each item, wait until I have finished taking several pictures."

Of course I understood and after about fifteen or twenty minutes and several dozen blinding flash shots, I was naked. I had posed front, side, back, and front again before removing each piece of apparel. I was asked to face away from the camera and bend over for what they called the "ass shot."

George asked me to sit on the chair for some final pictures with my legs spread apart for the mandatory pussy shots. I was glad to be clean shaven for these last stills. The only thing is, it was kind of embarrassing. All my life I had been told to be a lady and cross my legs, and here I was doing the opposite, and for the camera.

George said to just relax on the couch while he finished some last minute adjustments with the video equipment. Betty asked if I'd like a glass of wine which I gratefully accepted. Apparently my nervousness was noticeable. After a few minutes, Billy Joe appeared through the "Dressing Room" door and he was stark naked.

My first impression was that he looked like Michelangelo's David except his genitals were shaved and they were far more developed than in the famous sculpture. His piercing blue eyes, tight ass and muscular body got my immediate attention. He was the very image of what every girl fantasizes in a man.

The naked stranger introduced himself. As we shook hands he said, "Hi, I'm Billy Joe but everyone calls me BJ." He was delightfully polite and I was sure BJ was the kind of man that could please a woman. I would soon find out.

At first we sat together on the couch as I sipped my wine. We exchanged small talk, you know, like where are you from and what did you do before coming here? It seemed so strange that two naked strangers could be sitting on a couch enjoying a conversation like at an ordinary cocktail party. Without me noticing, George began filming our conversation. Apparently, this was intentional in order to get me get accustomed to the camera.

I continued to sip the wine while BJ complimented me on my body and said my breasts and nipples were delectable. He asked if he could touch them and that started the real action. As he firmly cupped one breast, he gave me a deep kiss that didn't feel to me like acting.

At first I was a little tentative but BJ knew how to make me feel at ease. He guided my hand down between his legs. My hand circled an already firm erection. It felt wonderful to have a real man's cock in my hand after one night stands with horny boys at the university.

BJ tasting my nipples and the warmth of his swollen cock in my hand made me oblivious to George, Betty, and the crew. BJ continued his gentle licking motion on my sensitive tits. Soon after he began an aggressive sucking, making them pointy and hard. The feeling was marvelous. His nibbling at my tits sent electricity shooting down to my vagina. I could feel the wetness quickly building between my thighs. He also could feel my wetness when his fingers gently touched my moist pussy. As two thick fingers slid into me, BJ used his thumb to play with my clit. My arousal was obvious to both BJ and the camera.

Eventually, George apologized for asking us to pause so that he could get a different angle. He also wanted to get a few minutes of us doing oral. Moving in position only took a minute and soon BJ had his head between my legs. The feeling of BJ's whiskers on my clit was another unexpected pleasure as he ate me out with an experienced flickering tongue. Here I was, a young teacher, nude and fully exposed while a perfect stranger was licking my pussy. I was so primed by that time the intensity of my orgasm surprised even BJ.

"Wow, Eva, you are terrific!" he exclaimed. "Now, you need to get me off, if you don't mind."

"Oh yes, of course. I really want to return the favor," I whispered.

Everything seemed so natural that I had forgotten all about the camera. At that point I was on my knees headed for the promise land between BJ's legs. What I had felt earlier was just a fat swollen piece of meat but now I could appreciate the full extent of BJ's erection. It was a nicely shaped penis that must have been 8 inches long with a girth like a cucumber. In a strange turn of events, I found out months later that my silicone dildo was a life size cast of BJ's dick.

I didn't need a director to tell me what to do next. In no time I had most of his 8 inches down my throat which surprised me because I'm not good at deep throating. He spread his legs far apart so the camera could capture my mouth slipping his shaft between my lips while my hand stroked his golf ball size testicles. I learned in college that licking a guy's nuts was always a turn on for them so some of the time my tongue lapped at the smooth sack dangling below his cock.

I think this went on for about five minutes but time flies while having fun so I can't say for sure. George called, "Cut!" He said, "We would like your video to include you and BJ fucking in a couple of positions. Is that going to be Okay?"

I nodded yes with BJ's member still in my mouth. Having been unable to make him cum, I released him with some regret. However, BJ fucking me couldn't come quick enough.

The camera's tiny red light flashed ON after some lighting adjustments and the action continued. First he entered my pussy from behind in the doggy position and despite his size, BJ had no trouble slipping his cock in my well lubricated vagina. The feeling was delicious.

Following a few minutes of joyful humping on the couch, he gently picked me up and laid me on the table spreading my legs so the camera could zoom into my dripping cunt. When the camera guy gave the okay sign, BJ slid his dick inside me with my legs stretched far apart and high over his shoulders. He caught my G-spot on the very first thrust.

After some pretty wild slipping and sliding, slow and smooth at first then ... in and out ... hard and fast, I was building toward a major climax. George stopped us at that point because he didn't want either of us to cum before he completed the filming.

In addition, George could sense that we might lose some of our spontaneity by fucking too long in the same position. We went over to the couch again as I rode BJ cowgirl with my tits jiggling in the most animated fashion. Just as the camera was zooming in on BJ's cock deep in my pussy with me fingering my clit, I let out the most animalisic scream that scared the hell out of me. I had never had an orgasm quite like it before! That's when George called for the cum shot. He asked if it was all right in my mouth. At that point I didn't care. Honestly, deep inside my pussy would have been best but George needed to capture my expression as BJ emptied his jizz into my throat.

Like the professional he was, BJ unloaded on cue and it was all I could do to keep his ejaculation from spilling out over my chin. Actually, some did drip past my lips while the camera guy took a close-up of the white milky spunk on my tongue.

"Okay, Eve. Go ahead and swallow and we'll be finished for the day."

I greedily gulped it down and the filming ended. Betty gave me a tissue to wipe my face and said it was a great screening ... the best she had seen! She gave me a reassuring hug as I got dressed. Before leaving, I thanked BJ for being so helpful and considerate. He smiled and gave me a tender peck on the cheek as he headed back to the dressing room.

Before I left the studio to join Jan for lunch, George said, "Great audition, Eve. You're hired! We'll be in touch."

On my way to meet Jan at the restaurant, I wondered about this happy madness I was feeling. I was over the moon. Perhaps it was the joy and gladness I felt when BJ was inside me. I wanted more of that for sure. Maybe it was the feeling of success or having the kind of job I was sure to love. Or could it be the fame of being a movie star?

To be continued...

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