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Changing Professions: Part Three

Eva has moved on from teaching and starred in a porn video. Now she has a new exciting opportunity.
Part Three: An Offer Hard to Refuse

In the first two chapters, we learned that Eve lost her teaching job and found a new career in the adult film industry. She starred in her first full length porn flick called "Daddy Knows Best" and is back home from the Caribbean . Let's check in with her now to see how she is doing after the video's release.

The most demanding and time consuming job in movie production is the editing. I could never be an editor because the person needs to be patient, tedious, and tenacious. I'm none of those things. I'm more impetuous as noted by the night I recently hooked up for a one night stand with a handsome stranger. Anyway, film editing takes hours of concentrated work and even when the film has been completed, there are legal questions to be answered, production rights and some technical tweaking. As Yogi said, "It ain't over 'til it's over."

The final result was a pretty decent video for my first film. George was pleased and even the other girls thought I was pretty good although there's always a little competitiveness among the actors. Naturally, there was a certain amount of jealously especially since I was a newcomer. Our editor had to cut and splice a few scenes including my DP with Tommy and Jim as well as the orgy sequence. The orgy "fill" took a lot of editing work since there was no story line to follow and no dialog.

A scene that wasn't in the original script was a lesbian encounter that Jan and I did. Jan is very experienced and knows how to get another woman turned on. I just followed her lead after she had given me a warm fuzzy orgasm. Returning the favor, I soon realized how fondling another woman's clit was almost as stimulating as receiving it. We might say here that it is almost better to give than receive. Our lez action ended with the two of us giving a blow job to an actor we call "Monty." No one knows his real name but hey, everyone knows how he ejaculates. It's like Old Faithful's Geyser. At the "happy ending" part, he blasted our faces with spurt after spurt of his explosive cum. Monty could be listed in the book of world records or even the eighth wonder of the world! Jan and I licked each other clean with the same enthusiasm of a child licking the icing off a mixing spoon . This was not a planned finish but it made for the kind of erotic ending a viewer of porn enjoys.

Weeks went by before the DVD was on the market. Eventually, 10,000 copies were produced and there were contracts with a number of pay per view Internet sites. I was even featured on the disc label! According to the accountant, George's company made a small profit on the project and in an industry survey, Cuntry Girl ... me ... was beginning to be noticed. The studio decided to send me out for a couple of DVD signings at a few adult book stores enhancing both the movie and my name recognition.

There is always hope that a new and exciting script will come along that is perfect for an actor. Norm had been looking for a sequel to Daddy Knows Best or for something involving a teacher or principal. Based on our past, a teacher/principal film would suit us both perfectly. Norm found a story he read on the Lush Stories website called, "The Principal." It needed some additional screen writing and a few minor alterations but it certainly would fit our situation. I would play a young divorced mother asking the principal for a favor with Norm as the understanding principal. They hook up in the mother's home. Of course the attractive yummy mummy wants to get her way so she seduces the accommodating administrator resulting in plenty of interesting sexual situations. I read it and liked the idea especially where they watch a video of her fucking both her ex and his friend.

The money I earned in Daddy Knows Best and from a couple of videos as a supporting actor was enough money to shop at Bloomingdale's, Lord & Taylor, and Saks but I still hadn't saved enough for that BMW or a better apartment. Jan and I occasionally met for lunch but Jan was almost never available like before.

Obviously, if I was to afford a Beemer, I needed lots more starring roles. It was time to get in touch with George and ask what might be available. I wasn't getting any younger!

First, I called Jan to find out what she knew. "Jan, I haven't heard from George in a couple of weeks. How about you?"

"Same here. I think they are all on vacation but Eve, I wanted to talk with you about something else. Maybe we need to find another situation to help our budget."

"What do you have in mind?"

"Let's talk it over at lunch today. How about the Crispy Cafe at 12:30 ?"

"Fine with me. See you then."

It was good to be able to lunch with Jan again. We met at the same secluded table as before and had the same delicious salads. This time Jan ordered a bottle of Chardonnay and two glasses before we hit the salad bar. Jan said we probably would need a little buzz before I heard what she had in mind. We had just finished our second glass of wine when Jan began to discuss her idea.

"Look, Eve, you got involved with George's company partly because you liked my lifestyle and wanted the same. Adult films pay well and definitely improves our income stream but as you've seen lately, jobs are competitive and acting roles are inconsistent. It's not like a 9 to 5 job where you can count on a paycheck every week."

"You can say that again," I replied with a bit of edge in my voice.

"Okay, then we agree."

"For sure!" agreeing with the obvious.

"Eve, as porn stars we have a second way to make some real money. Now, you don't think I drive around in a nice car with income from my acting jobs alone, do you?

"Of course I do, Jan. Alright, the acting jobs aren't all that often but we make good money."

"Don't be naive. Good money but not lots of money. Let me ask you, have you noticed I've not been to the sports bar lately and we don't do lunch like before?

"Well, yeah but you said you've been dating someone."

"Eve, it's not 'someone' but someones. Do you see what I'm getting at here?"

"No, not really." I was confused and didn't know where she was going with that.

"Do I need to draw you a picture? Okay, I'll spell it out for you. You go home with guys for a one night stand. Sometimes you have a good time but lots of time you go home feeling used and even the fucking isn't all that great. And what do you get for it all? Nothing but disappointment. On the other hand, why not do the same thing and get paid?"

That's when I blurted out, "You're a prostitute, right Jan?"

"Quiet, not so loud" she whispered. "No, I'm not a prostitute but yes, I've been an escort for about 8 months."

"Oh my god. I can't believe it!"

"Oh Eve, get over it. You are in the entertainment business like me and this is just another aspect of the same thing. Hey, for one job, the client pays $600 or even more, depending ..."

"Depending on what?" I could feel my face turning red as I interrupted her.

"Depending on how long he's with me and the level of service. Sometimes a guy just wants a blow job but then maybe he wants more. On good nights, I might have two or three johns that can double or triple the money."

I pressed on, "Where do you find your customers? Are you on Craigslist?

"Oh, so you know about Craigslist and their Adult Services site?"

"I've heard."

"Eve, I tried the Internet, offering massages and then erotic services and it worked out alright but not that great until I began working for Tommy."

"Tommy ... our Tommy?" I asked looking puzzled.

"Tommy and his girlfriend run an escort service and some of the girls in porn have side jobs with them. He has a great business plan because all of the girls are on videos so it is an easy sell."

"How did his girlfriend get involved?"

"Barbara, the receptionist, isn't really Tommy's girlfriend but his partner. She was an escort until she met Tommy. They decided to go into business together."

"Does George and Norm know about this?" I asked.

"No, neither of them know and if they find out, we'll be out on the street so I have to trust you. Eve, the way it works is Tommy runs the escort service from his website called "Inhibitions Unlimited." Men can see clips of our work on videos and request one of us. If we have a contract with Tommy and Barb and are available, Barb sets up a time and a place and takes the fee we charge via credit card. It's a pre-pay service. When you see Barbara at the receptionist desk, she is answering the land line for George but answers her cell phone for the service. Of course, Inhibitions Unlimited gets their cut on every job. Normally they get up to 40% but we never have to worry if the client is going to pay up. It's all taken care of except for our tips when we give exceptional services. It's a good deal for them and a good deal for us. There are about 7 of us on the team and of course there have been lots and lots of requests for you. Keep in mind, this is a very high end service so the "donations" are generous. Even with Tommy's take, we make lots of money and the more you are willing to do, the more you earn."

"Damn, this seems a little scary."

"I've never had a problem," Jan quickly replied. "Tommy and Barbara have worked it out so that it is safe."

"I don't know what to think. I've been spinning my wheels living in the same old apartment with not much to show for the acting other than nicer clothes, so, maybe you have a point. Maybe working for Tommy and Barb would be something to consider."

"Hey, now that you brought up the apartment, I forget to mention the apartment perk. Barb and Tommy have found a way to save some money so they have invested in a few condos. In fact, I live in one of them. I only pay for the utilities. You've been there so you know that it's pretty nice. Occasionally, the other girls use it to service clients. Tommy owns four condos with the newest one looking for a renter. By owning these apartments, they don't have to pay for a hotel and that adds up over time. If you join the team, the new condo could be yours. It's furnished, of course."

"Sounds great but I just don't know. Give me a few days to think about it."

"Okay, Eve, but it won't take long for Tommy to find another girl to take the apartment. We're not talkin' here about a clientele like the horny local boys at the bar but CEO 's, politicians, and even clergy. I did a Baptist minister the other night and he tipped really well. This is a great money maker, Eve, and the flip side is you get a chance to meet the rich and powerful."

After lunch, I walked alone to the park and sat down at an empty bench thinking about Jan's proposition. I weighed the good with the bad and decided that there might be an advantage to being an escort for a couple of years, saving my money, then going into a more conventional career. I like to write so maybe a job in publishing could be in my future or even another teaching job. Publishers are always looking for teachers to help in designing new educational materials. So, I decided to get in touch with Tommy and Barbara.

Jan had given me Barbara's cell number. I called the number while I was still sitting on the park bench.

"Barb, this is Eve."

"Oh hi, Eve. How did you get this number?"

"Jan gave it to me and um ...," I stammered. "I've been thinking about joining the team."

There was a long delay, then Barbara answered, "Let me get back to you on this. I need to talk with Tommy first."

"Do you need my cell?" I asked.

"No, I think it is on file here at the office. Talk with you later," and she abruptly hung up.

What could she possibly be asking Tommy? Well, if it doesn't work out, it's not to be. I wasn't going to lose sleep over it but the apartment deal sounded nice and the money, well, the money is what it's all about.

On the way home my cell rang with the theme from "Jaws." I don't know why I chose "Jaws" but maybe it was the thought of living dangerously.


Tommy's mellow voice was on the other end. "Tommy here. Meet us at Jan's place at five this afternoon. Jan will be out on a call but will need the apartment by six so don't be late," and he hung up.

I couldn't guess what Tommy had in mind but maybe it would be like a casting call. It wasn't. It was a business meeting. I rang the bell at Jan's place exactly at 5:00 PM. Barb and Tommy were there to meet me.

"Have a seat, Eve," Tommy said pointing to a love seat near the fireplace. "We only have a short time. You are aware that this is an upscale escort service with only the highest quality women and first rate clients. You fit the first category so welcome aboard, if you agree to our policies. Barbara will lay out the particulars and how our service works."

Barbara picked up from there and said, "This is a team effort. I take care of the appointments and finances and Tommy deals with the Internet and supporting staff. We have maids on staff to clean the apartments and change the beds. There are some costume shops we deal with exclusively and a couple of cops are on the payroll. The cops are with us in case there are any unforeseen incidences that might pop up keeping our girls safe. You'll have their number in case of emergencies. The police department is very compliant about our business so you will not have to worry about being arrested."

I broke in asking, "What are the costumes all about?"

"Eve, you are a model and an actor in this business. It's all about entertainment. Men have fantasies and we try to accommodate them. If a client wants a schoolgirl, you dress and act like one. If they want a stripper or a whore, you show them what they want. The costumes are always in one of our condos and will be waiting for you."

"How do I know what the man wants?"

"When he books our service, he is asked about his fetishes and preferences. We take it from there."

"Okay, it sounds like you are well organized."

"We are ... and speaking of organization, we only take credit cards that are on file before a date has been set. You can accept tips but that's the only money that changes hands between you and your customer. We then pay you twice a week in cash. Remember, 45% goes to us and the rest is yours."

"Jan said your take is 40%"

"Jan was mistaken. We have a lot of overhead as you can see. Look, we're running low on time and I need to get through all of this."

"I understand."

"Never let a customer take you to his place. You only take care of him in one of our secure condos. This is for your safety and ensures the quality of our service. We are not running a brothel. Sometimes a customer wants to take our girls to dinner or lunch. That's fine but on your time. You don't have to accompany him but it often leads to better tips. If you do have lunch or dinner, be sure to be at the apartment on time because we are on a tight schedule. The apartment might be needed later that day or night. Finally, you will be asked to complete a short survey about your encounter. We will want to know how much time he spent in the condo ... the clock starts when he enters the condo ... his general behavior like assertive, aggressive, shy, violent or anything that will help one of the other girls in the future."

"We also need to know what services you provided so we know what to charge him and have a record of his preferences in case he becomes a repeat customer. We will alert you by text when you have been booked. You are to go to and sign in with your password. The website will give you the day, time, and place to meet the client. There will be other details about him such as his name, preferences and fetishes. We know that's a lot to remember but we'll help you along for the first couple of engagements."

"Oh, and a few last tips ... Even if you recognize an individual and know who he is, don't let on that you know him. You will be role playing a lot and interjecting reality is not a good idea. In addition, privacy is vital in our business. Finally, condoms and toys are in the bedside tables. Sometimes the guy wants to watch you masturbate and have you use dildos or vibrators so we provide them for you. Of course, you can bring your own. And remember, he always wears a condom. You can give him a blow job uncovered if you want but anal and vaginal are always with a condom. Do you understand?"

"Yes, of course."

"And also," Tommy added. "Jan might have mentioned the apartment arrangement we have with her. We can't offer you the same deal until after you have worked with us for at least a month. Our clientele always have the last word, in other words, the customer is always right. If any of them file complaints about your conduct or abilities, we keep them in our files. If there is a negative pattern, you will be asked to leave our team. Otherwise, it might be possible to lease the apartment to you in the future."

"It's time," Barbara interjected. "Are you ready to join us, Eve?

"Yes, it sounds fine."

"We'll be sending you a text within a day or two with your password and a possible first client. See you later ..."

With that, I left the room in a bit of a daze. There was so much to digest. I hailed a taxi that took me home where I downed a tall glass of Merlot.

Nothing happened the first day but I went into the office to see Norm. He had been working with the script writer on "The Principal" and decided several new scenes should be added. One would be with a female gym teacher having sex with a janitor who had a perverse idea on how to use the mop. Another has a male teacher being seduced by a college student during a tutoring session. A second girl happens by the classroom and wonders what is going on. She joins them in a female/male/female action. It appeared that I would soon be starring in a second video.

I received a text message the following morning from Barb giving me a pass code as well as the day and time to meet my first client. However, more details were on the website. I logged in and read:

"You should be in Jan's apartment at exactly 7:30 PM , not before, then get into costume and be certain to have douched ahead of time because the customer likes to give oral. You will wear a native Dutch girl dress and wooden clogs. He likes foreign girls. If you have an accent, use it. Do not wear a bra because the top of the dress will be loose and you want to show plenty of cleavage and a good portion of your breasts. Wear the crotch-less thongs that will be with the costume. He will arrive at 8:00 PM and is paying for an hour and a half. Be sure to be out of the apartment by ten! Besides oral, he seems to be interested in ordinary sexual acts with nothing perverse. Show him a good time because he is an important first time customer ... as in VIP. You might want to provide a dish of Dutch cheese and a glass of wine to set the stage. You'll find it in the frig. Remember, he is paying for a young Dutch farm girl ... not an American porn star."

So that was it until that evening. I was a bit nervous and only snacked for dinner.

When you are new at a job, a person always wants to be on time and maybe even be early. I had learned that being early was not a good idea in this case. At 7:30 I was at the condo and watched the maid leave Jan's apartment. The apartment was immaculate, clean and perfectly arranged. My costume was laid out on the couch. I checked the frig and opened the wine, then the cupboard for glasses and a plate. The cheese, glasses and wine were placed on a coffee table where two coffee table type books sat. One was called "Dutch, the Land of Cheese and Canals." The other was a catalog of our porn videos "Available for Sale ." I thought to myself, "They think of everything." Maybe I should have brought along a copy of Daddy Knows Best in case my "love interest" wanted to shell out $65 for a copy. I dressed in the Dutch girl outfit and slipped into the wooden shoes. Talk about clunky ... How do people walk in those things? At eight, the buzzer rang and I let my first customer in the door.

Holy shit! It was our first black mayor! I greeted him with, "Goede avond sir," something I picked up on the Internet.

He asked, "Do you speak English?"

"Yah, goot, I think. Would you please, if you like, join me in a glass of wine and perhaps a taste of Gouda , our finest cheese."

He nodded in approval and we sat down sipping our drinks. As I poured the wine in front of him, I made sure to lean over as far as possible so he could get a good view of my breasts that nearly fell out of the gown. He noticed.

The mayor asked if I had been in America long and where I learned English. I said I was from Amsterdam where they teach English starting in "vat you call" the first grade. I said, "I come to America three years ago."

He asked if I liked America and I said yes, especially the men.

"Do you like black men?" he asked.

"I love black men," answering with a slight accent. At this point I really got into role playing!

"What is it about black men that you like?" he asked.

"Oooooo, they are so big!" I said with enthusiasm.

"You mean down here?" and he pointed between his legs.

"Of course, sir. I mean down vare you point."

"Would you like to see it, young lady?"

"Oh yah, I vuld like that."

The mayor finished his wine, then stood up to unzip his pants. I could see he was already well on his way to a full erection and when he dropped his pants and shorts, I put out a "Oh mijn god. It looks like a nice Dutch sausage. Can I taste it?"

"Be my guest," and I sucked him while he downed a second glass of wine.

He asked if he could touch my breasts. I didn't say anything but slid down the top of my outfit so he could see and feel both of my tits. The mayor attacked my boobs while I continued to lick his balls and suck his dick.

"OK, my little 'Dutch-ass,' could you show me your pussy? Do you understand?

"Yes sir," and raised my dress so he could view my virginal delights through the split thong.

At that he led me to the bedroom where we got naked and he began to lick my snatch placing his thick fingers deep into my pussy. He was totally turned on and lost all thought of politeness. "Let's fuck," he whispered as he mounted me.

Well, I need to admit he had a really firm cock with plenty of length and girth to satisfy a woman. I let him fuck me missionary, then cowboy and still he hadn't cum. Just then I remembered the cardinal rule. The customer must wear a condom.

"Sir," I said, "ve probably should cover you before ve go further."

"What do you mean?" he hissed while thrusting in and out of my pussy."

"Please pull out for just a moment while I get something to protect you."

I reached in the box of condoms and pulled out a red one with ribs. "Here, I put it on for you."

I unrolled the rubber tube over his engorged shaft in a deliberate way so as to increase his mounting excitement. Immediately he pushed himself back into my love box on his quest for a final moment of satisfaction. He vigorously pounded my cunt for a long time, long enough for me to reach my own orgasm. With his final thrust into my love canal, he let out a yell and at the same time pushed his cock all the way in ... to the hilt. I could feel his wiry pubic hairs rub against my shaved mound and his grunts seemed to say he was making good use of the reservoir at the tip of the Trojan I had placed on him. Yet, honestly, I would have loved to feel his warm milky juice fill my vagina but in this business, it was not to be.

When he finally pulled out and removed the sheath that covered his still hard erection, it was clear he was fully satisfied. The reservoir tip on the condom looked like a bulging water balloon but this wasn't filled with water. The bubble was loaded with our Mayor's spunk. His dick was still stiff and it mesmerized me. I couldn't miss the blood tubes that stood out like varicose veins. I wouldn't mind fucking him again and he seemed to agree.

The mayor finally spoke. "You're the best fuck I've had since my secretary left me two years ago. You are exactly what I needed. Give me a few minutes then I want to fuck you again."

"I'm so sorry your secretary left you, sir. You are a vunderful man but the time is getting late. I need to get to my job in the cheese factory. If you vuld like, maybe you could make another appointment."

"Maybe, but I have one more thing I want you to do."

"Ya, vat can I do?" I answered with an innocent lilt in my voice.

"Drink my cum from this," holding the condom in front of my face."

That was a big surprise but I wanted to finish my performance on a high note. I squeezed the creamy liquid into my open mouth like from a tube of toothpaste making sure his cum lingered on my tongue before I swallowed. "Yummy!" I squealed.

He continued to enjoy the sight of my nude body exposing my pussy for him to enjoy while he dressed. The mayor left me a $100 tip and I was out of the apartment by 9:55. I headed home to complete Tommy's survey. It only took a few minutes but took the time to mention my swallowing act so it wouldn't come as a surprise to the other girls. You know what? I think I'm going to like this job.

-------- Eve's next appointment in Part Four

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