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Changing Professions: Part Two

Eve's successful audition as a model in the adult film industry is followed by her first video
Part Two: The Job

You might remember that Eve left the studio following an audition as a "model" in the adult film industry to meet her best friend Jan for lunch. Jan had suggested contacting her friend, George, for an interview and a possible acting job in adult videos. Jan had answered a casting call a year earlier and now earned a nice living appearing in porn. Eve liked Jan's upscale lifestyle which she couldn't afford after losing her teaching job seven months earlier. Let's catch up with the girls at lunch ...

"Over here, Eve," Jan waved as I looked around the dimly lit restaurant for a friendly face.

Spotting Jan at a corner table, I asked, "Hi! How long have you been waiting?"

"Actually, I just got here a few minutes ago, Eve," she said with a pleasant smile.

Putting my purse on a roomy table with a setting for six, I wondered who was joining us. "Are we expecting friends for lunch?" I inquired pointing to a half dozen chairs circling the table.

"No. I just asked for a quiet place where we could talk," Jan answered.

"Good idea," I replied with a sheepish grin. "I'm ravenous! Let's hit the salad bar."

The salad is always fresh at Crispy's Cafe and for some reason, this afternoon it was more delicious than ever. We didn't talk much at first since it was evident we both were starved but eventually, Jan broke the silence by asking, "Well, how did it go?"

"It went well, I think. I got the job!"

"Wow! Already? George usually makes the girls sweat it out a few days before letting them know if they're hired. He does it on purpose, probably as a way to find out if a girl has case of actor's remorse. This isn't exactly like acting in a Disney flick."

"Yeah, I can see that. The audition went pretty well because Billy Joe got me so turned on, I forgot where I was and, um, I totally let myself go."

"Oh, so it was BJ doing the honors for the audition? You were lucky. All the girls want to work with him and you probably can see why."

"I'll tell you, Jan. The boys back in college sure could learn a lot from him and I don't mean about basketball. He sure knows how to pleasure a girl."

"Right and congratulations! Let's have a glass of Champagne to toast your new job."

Our server brought over two chilled glasses and we sipped our bubbly as Jan and I talked a little more about my morning. Jan had gone through it herself and was familiar with the routine. It was really nice of Jan to buy lunch as a celebration for my new career.

Two weeks later, I began panicking. Neither Betty or George had called and I was worried. Finally I called Jan and asked her, "What's up?"

"Don't worry, Eve. The wheels don't turn that fast in our business. There's the script to be written; a director to be chosen; locations to be found; and of course, deciding on actors that fit the parts. You would think it is just a matter of finding people that want to fuck on camera but George's company tries to put out a better product. You saw the quality of my video and must have noticed there was more to it than cocks and pussies."

"Okay, I understand. How long did you wait before your first role?"

"Probably three months."

"Oh my God! I thought it would only take a couple of weeks, not months. I've got a few months of unemployment left so I'll survive but Jan, I'm really anxious and to be perfectly honest, a little horny to get started."

"Hold your horses. It will happen. By the way, I saw your screening with BJ. You're fuckin' hot in that clip. Eve, I couldn't tell if you really love sex that much or are a terrific actor."

"I wasn't acting, Jan. I was totally into it! I loved the whole experience and maybe that is why I'm anxious to get started."

Weeks turned into months and my unemployment benefits were ending. Anyway, the more I thought about doing porn, the more excited I got. Just the slightest hint of sex sent me over the edge and I relaxed by pleasuring myself to relieve the frustration. I occasionally stopped at the sports bar where I had first seen George. Jan was almost never there, but I had plenty of company flirting with the guys. I had a one night stand with a nice looking guy I met at the bar but I wasn't into him and just needed some human contact. Obviously, sex with a stranger was no longer an issue. I found myself acting in bed with him rather than being myself. That just might be a consequence of being an actor.

Jan called to ask how my date on Friday night worked out. I told her the whole story.

"The guy was a jerk but he had a really nice apartment. We both knew why we were together so the next thing I knew, he had his cock in me. All he wanted to do was plunge his cock into my pussy without a thought for my needs. It doesn't take much these days to get me wet but hey, a little foreplay would have been nice. You understand, Jan, right?"

"Of course," she agreed.

" 'Macho Man,' as I called him, wasn't shy about showing off his talents. The truth is, he wasn't exaggerating about his abilities. He must have thought I was an acrobat making me turn around to have sex in every crazy position imaginable. He got off three times in just a couple of hours and I didn't have a single orgasm. A little after midnight I was home still needing to scratch that itch, if you know what I mean."

Jan finally said, "I think I know your 'Macho Man.' " Is he that gorgeous looking black guy with an earring?"

"Yep, that's him."

She didn't go into any details, but I guessed Jan had been with him at some point.


The phone rang the next afternoon. It was Betty ... "Hi Eve. This is Betty, George's assistant. How are you doing?"

"I'm fine Betty. I was hoping you would call a little sooner."

"Yes, well, we've been busy. Are you still interested in working with us?"

"Sure. What do you have in mind?"

"The script is still being finalized but the title is Daddy Knows Best. We'd like you to come into the office and sit down with the director to go over the script and see if it is something you would be interested in."

"Okay, when?"

"How about tomorrow morning at 9:30?"

"That's fine," I said.

"Okay, then we'll see you tomorrow. Bye."

"Bye," and we hung up. I was on my way to an exciting new profession!

The next morning I was up with the sun, showered and dressed by 7:00 AM. Not too anxious, right? I didn't want to be late and as it worked out, I was 15 minutes early. The receptionist took my name and said it would be a little while before Norm, the director, would be in his office. She offered me tea. We chatted while I waited and found out she did not act but got the job because her boyfriend was an actor there. His name is Tommy and she thought I'd like working with him.

She said, "My Tommy is only 24 but he sure has a nice cock and is a good actor too. You'll see. He has the tightest ass and a soft voice that drives me crazy."

I had to ask, "Aren't you jealous of him having sex with lots of other girls?"

"Oh no. He's faithful to me and we probably will get married soon. He says it's just a job."

I thought, "Yeah, and a pretty nice situation for him, too."

Finally at 9:35 , the receptionist said the director was ready and to go right in. She pointed to the door with a large sign that said, "VIDECTOR." Even a blond like me could figure out it meant video director.

Seated behind a large desk piled high with notebook binders and DVD 's was a nice looking man in his early fifties. He wore a nicely cropped beard like BJ's and his name was Norm. That's right, it was Mr. Selznick, my principal!

Imagine my shock! "Norm? Could that be you?"

"Hello, Eve." I'm so happy to see you again!"

"Why are you doing this?" I blurted out.

"Have a seat, Eve, and I'll give you a heads up on the last few months." I grabbed a chair and he continued. "After you left, things really got nasty at the school district. Teachers were losing their jobs, schools were closing, and finally, administrators were fired. I was one of the last principals to be sacked. It wasn't like on TV with Donald Trump, you know, 'You're Fired!' but hey, the results were the same. I was out on the street with no job, a mortgage, a wife, and three kids in college."

Norm added, "I have an undergrad degree in drama management, whatever that means, and saw this job opening. It seemed to fit with my background and this job pays well. I've come to like it. Ah, sorry for the double entendre. How about you?"

I gave him the Readers Digest version and said, "Well, after leaving teaching I tried three or four different jobs but none of them worked out. My girlfriend suggested I contact George and apply. It sounded fun and exciting. The money here is better than unemployment or even teaching. So here I am!"

"Okay, sounds like things are working out for the two of us. I saw your audition video and think you are perfect for this role."

At that I blushed imagining my principal watching me fucking and sucking a complete stranger.

"Don't be embarrassed, Eve. You bring an energy to the screen that is infectious. We all think you can be a major star!"

"So," he continued, "I'd like to go over the script to see if it is to your liking. If so, we should start shooting in three weeks. There is some travel involved in this project. Would that be Okay?"

"That would be fine, Norm," and he began giving me an overview of the "project."

"First," he said, "I'll be using some pretty plain language here so we need to get over that quickly. Then you understand that all rights to the video are with our company. Questions?"

"No, I understand."

"Okay, then ... the working title is 'Daddy Knows Best.' You would be the daughter who is your age and a man about my age will be the father. Okay, so far?"

"Go on," and I thought I knew where he was going with this.

"The dad had recently divorced his wife, her mother, so he decides to take his daughter on a Caribbean vacation to a little island called Antigua for a father/daughter bonding. Their cottage is by the ocean with a beautiful beach. However, it turns out to be a 'clothing optional' beach." On the second day, the daughter gets up enough nerve to go topless and by the third day, she is at the beach joining guys and gals completely nude. All the guys drool at the sight of her young body and ask her dad if they were married or if she was with someone. The dad says no to both questions but that night he begins fantasizing about his daughter. The fantasy is in a dream where he sees his daughter naked on the beach."

Norm continued, "During the dream he tells her that she looks so much like her mother when they were on their honeymoon in Antigua . Returning to the island is like reliving a part of the wonderful years they had together. It was the reason for this father/daughter trip to Antigua . He is distraught that the marriage had ended. I might ask Betty to do a short sequence as an illusion to the past. Betty has been asking to get back into acting but there aren't many roles for older women in porn. Anyway, the daughter is taken in by this line of reasoning and feels sorry for her dad. The two hug and kiss and soon find themselves in bed fucking. She finds the romance wonderfully erotic and does what her dad wants. There will be the obligatory blow job, followed by several sexual positions and finally her dad wants to introduce her to anal sex (which her mother loved, by the way)."

"You see Eve, I'm leaving out the dialogue and just giving you an overview. You will need to learn a few lines but we're not asking you to be nominated for an Oscar. Incidentally, Betty mentioned you were unsure about doing anal. Have you thought any more about it?" 

"I've thought about it," I answered, "but need to talk with my friend, Jan. She might help me get over some reservations I have."

"That's fine but keep in mind that anal has become as obligatory in the porn industry as blow jobs."

I smiled and give him an understanding nod.

"Jan is a real good girl and a fine actor," Norm continued. "She has done anal several times and would be a good person to talk to. I'd like to tell you more about this video if you have a few more minutes."

"Sure, let's hear the rest."

"After the fantasy/dream sequence with your dad, we get back to reality. The next day the girl (you) is invited to a weekend party at a plush mansion on the other side of the island. The guys tell her it might be nice for her to be in a younger crowd instead of with that 'old man' ... inferring that being alone with her dad might be a little stifling. She, of course, agrees."

Norm went on, "At the party, most of the guests are skinny dipping in the pool and having a good time. There doesn't seem to be any tension and the group is friendly. Occasionally, a couple walks upstairs to the bedrooms and it isn't clear what is going on there but it isn't hard to imagine. A few of our shots will peep into the bedrooms to see what is going on. This gives us a chance to film different kinds of short fuck scenes with a few different bodies."

"Eventually our star ... the daughter ... is seen going upstairs with a 'hunk' (we'll call him Jeremy) and we follow them into the bedroom. For awhile, their sex is garden variety screwing until the girl asks about, Paul, whom she had seen in the pool. She is impressed by his awesome 'package' and wonders if he has a girlfriend. Jeremy gets on his cell phone and asks Paul to join them. That's when the real action starts. She already has Jeremy's cock in her pussy when Paul arrives and immediately takes his limp, but large, dick in her mouth. I think we're going to film that in slow motion as he reaches full erection. After Paul gets good and hard, the men switch positions and she rides Paul cowgirl while she sucks Jeremy's dick. Next, they move into position for the DP scene. Jeremy lubes her ass and his erection while she is on all fours. What I want there is the camera to catch the slimy wet coating on his huge cock making the viewer anticipate a slippery entry in the girl's back door. Jeremy fucks her ass when Paul moves to slide his cock into her pussy. The two of them keep the DP going until the cum shot."

"Now Eve, we see that scene as the highlight of the film. It will take some rehearsal and a good bit of energy on your part. I know when you get excited, you let out some pretty awesome sounds and that is exactly what we want at this point. This is what we saw in your screening and one reason we like you for the part. You have to react like you did with BJ. Can you do this?"

"I think so but I've never done double penetration before."

"Well maybe we can set up a trial run before doing the filming."

"I'd like that, but I still need to talk with Jan."

"Okay, I understand. By the way, when the action looks natural, there isn't much directing. You just need to enjoy the moment as if you were entertaining a couple of men in your bedroom at home. Of course, the best acting is when you are enjoying yourself. Now, the cum shot is tricky and the timing is critical so I'll be doing much more directing. When the guys are ready to ejaculate, I'll be moving the cameras for the best angles. That also means having you get in position for a facial from Paul then move for a rear end creampie from Jeremy. We need to make it look as if this is all happening at the same time so hopefully we can time it well."

"So, that's about it but there is one more thing. You can see this movie, unlike many porn films, has a story but the script has not been finalized so we might need to do a fill. This means we need to be sure the DVD is the proper length. We are talking about doing a group scene ... an orgy finish. How does this all sound to you, Eve?"

"Overwhelming but pretty exciting! It will be my first job so I'll definitely need your direction. I trust you, Norm, so this should be good for me."

"Thanks, Eve. I'll tell George about our meeting today. Take care and I'll be seeing you soon to tie up the contract if you think this will work for you."

"Got it. See you later. Bye."

As I turned to go, Norm said, "I think you will be great in this role, Eve, and I hope you agree."

I nodded and left.

I spoke with Jan about the offer and she said, "What are you waiting for? A free trip to the Caribbean, a thousand bucks and you didn't sign a contract on the spot? Come on girl, go for it. I'm jealous! Maybe I can get a part. Anyway, don't worry about doing anal. It's not terribly different from having your pussy filled but a little tighter. You'll get used to it pretty quickly. They're professionals, Eve. They take care of their talent. And hey, it's a lot more enjoyable when you are clean. Get yourself an enema syringe. You can get 'em online. I like the disposables and they're cheap. You don't want an accident, right?"

The production of Daddy Knows Best went pretty much like Norm had said. Tommy was there and he was everything the receptionist had said and more. Jan figured out a way to get into a scene and Norm helped me get over my fear of anal and ... guess what? Norm played the part of my father! Who would have guessed? Norm had suggested earlier that I might like to set up a trial run for the double penetration scene. He offered to show me the ropes. Before flying to Antigua, we "rehearsed" so that I was more comfortable with anal.

I had mentioned before that Norm, as my principal, was a very thoughtful caring man and on the "rehearsal" night, he was no different. He called it our "date night" and picked me up around 7:00 PM for a few drinks. The conversation revolved around our mutual past in the school system so we had plenty to talk about. Around 9:30 he drove us back to his place. Although he was married, Norm's wife was away for a week to help their daughter move into an apartment off campus. Honestly, I was scared and embarrassed when we walked in the front door. First, I'd be fucking my principal and second, I was nervous about getting my ass fucked.

Undressing each other was awkward at first . Like most men, Norm went straight for my boobs. There is something about them that men can't resist. Thank goodness for the wine because when Norm pealed off my thong, it all seemed normal, that is, like a boyfriend undressing me. I liked the way he tenderly spread my legs to explore my pussy with his lips and tongue. When his tongue touched my clit, I let out a dreamy sigh as if to say, "Yummy, so nice. Don't stop."

Reaching in the bedside table, Norm took out a tube of lubricant coating his fingers like a proctologist. He reassured me by saying a good lube makes things feel so much better. That part wasn't particularly sexy and apparently Norm didn't think so either because his penis was still soft. Norm put my hand down between his legs so that I could massage his dick and then he gently leaned me over the bed. One then two oily fingers entered my virgin ass and I let loose with a tiny puff of unladylike "wind." I wasn't really sure what he thought of that but he probably understood. Stroking his cock to a hard erection and getting finger fucked in my rear really got me horny.

After some mutual massaging, Norm could tell I was ready. In the mirror at the far side of the bed, I could see him coat his hard cock with the oily lube and I knew this was it. Slowly, at first, his cock penetrated me. I could only wonder when the pain would begin. His cock gradually pushed in further and still no pain. His hard cock slipped further into my bowls until he could go no further. The feeling of Norm's slippery pecker in ass wasn't at all what I had imagined. His penis isn't small but not huge so it was a good first fit. The tightness was a bit uncomfortable but not unbearable followed by a totally new realization. It didn't hurt like I thought

"Are you all right?" he asked.

"I'm okay, I guess."

When he realized I wasn't in pain, his lust got the best of him. His slow considerate entry turned to wild erratic thrusting. This wasn't at all like the night of tears when losing my virginity. While he was banging into me, I got excited and began humping my ass yelling, "Fuck me, Norm. Fuck me." When he stopped, every inch of his stiff prick was inside me with a bountiful supply of semen being squirted up my intestines.

He stayed inside me for awhile to let my stretched ass get accustomed to the new sensation before pulling out. His warm milky fluid oozed down my thigh and I thought, how erotic ... what a relief. I was over the fear of anal, just like Jan had said. Norm patted me on the butt and said, "You'll be fine, Eve."

I stayed the night for more conventional sex and Norm confessed that he had been looking forward to getting me in bed ever since hiring me as a teacher. I never would have guessed it.

I had a second "practice" session after reaching Antigua . It was with a well endowed guy named Jim. At first it was like a hot poker drilling my anus. His fat cock stretched my ass so far that I thought the pain was more than I could withstand. But after he had plunged into my bottom for a few strokes, I learned to relax and it became a pain of pleasure. I felt a little slutty but I said to myself, "It's all about being an actor."

By the time we got ready for the double penetration scene in front of the camera, I was more than eager to get started. "Paul" was played by Tommy and Jim took the role of "Jeremy." Tommy had the most perfect cock I ever had in my pussy. I wonder why the receptionist didn't mention the enlarged bulb at the end of his dick. It's that thick head that gave me the most pleasure each time it hit my g-spot. I lost all inhibitions and imagined I was entertaining two men at home like Norm suggested.

George was there doing the camera work and decided to keep the camera rolling for an extra 5 minutes to use for the preview. I'm telling you, the feeling of two men simultaneously thrusting in and out of me is an experience not to be missed! And they call that work! Oh, and the cum shots went off like clockwork. We all laughed at Norm calling for a wrap and none of us wanting to stop! These guys were great playmates with a terrific sense of humor. Each time we changed positions, one of the guys would tell a joke and we laughed so hard it was difficult to get back to work. We enjoyed each other so much, we agreed to work together again as soon as possible.

Oh, I forgot. My stage name is Cuntry Girl. See you in part three ......

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