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Chapter 2 - On the road to Montana

I meet a remarkable woman on the road to Montana
Sometimes I can't decide if it was real or imaginary. I lay awake at night trying to figure it out, wondering if it is my mind making reality out of fantasy. But then, I can feel her soft skin next to mine, her arms around me, her mouth enmeshed with mine, our bodies intertwined and I know it had to be real. It would drive me crazy to know it wasn't.

Joanna, my boss, had sent me on a trip to a Montana ranch to look over some angus heifers she wanted to buy. She said I could fly if I wanted to, but I've never been much at sitting elbow to elbow with a lot of people. I'm not much at being around a lot of people. I need space to think and breathe. People who've never sat beside a mountain stream for a couple of hours with a good dog and a good horse, and contemplated life and living, and just feeling the wind breathe across their face and listening to the sound of the water haven't lived. They don't know what life is. And you can't explain it to them. They just look at you like you're slightly touched or demented.

So, I set off in my F-150 and headed towards Montana, taking some interstates but taking my time down some quieter roads that wound thru some beautiful country. At one point, I got off the main road and scooted up a farm road for several miles and rose to the top of a hill where I could see for miles around. I stopped and leaned against my truck, contemplating my life and what had gone wrong with Leeza, wondering what I should have done different. Wondering if I could have done different. I knew I still loved her, and it made it hard.

After a time of alternately taking in the beauty of scenery and feeling sorry for myself, I spotted the rider a couple of miles off, riding in a slow canter on a chestnut quarter horse in my direction. I watched the rider draw closer and closer, and only when she was a hundred feet from me did I realize it was a woman. She pulled up about twenty feet from me and gazed over me and my truck.

"You lost, cowboy," she asked. I noticed she kept her hand on the rifle butt sticking out of her saddle holster, just in case she had run up on something she needed to handle.

"No. Just admiring the view. I'm not one to trespass. Headed to Montana to look at some cows, and this looked like a good place to take a break."

"Well, you're a good four or five miles off the main road. Quite a way to go just to take a break."

"I reckon so. But, I'm not trying to cause no trouble. Just wanted to see the view from the top of this hill, and if I've caused you concern I'm sorry for that, but not sorry for taking the chance to see some of the most beautiful country I've ever seen."

She seemed to relax a little, and took her hand off the rifle, and edged her horse up a little closer. It was then I could see how beautiful she was, with short blonde hair underneath her black cowboy hat. She looked me up and down, and I guess decided I wasn't anything but what I said, and dismounted and walked closer to me.

"You're a long way from home," she said looking at the license plate on the truck.

"Just on a mission to look at some heifers, and buy them for my boss lady if I like them."

She smiled. It seemed to amuse her that my boss was a lady.

"Lots of good cows around here. Save you a long trip."

"You're probably right, but she's got her heart set on buying from this ranch in Montana. She read about it in some magazine. Trying to make her own decisions, right or wrong. I can't blame her. She lost her husband a few years ago in a helicopter crash. It's all fallen on her. No one thinks she can make it, but me, and I try to help her best I can, and if she says she wants angus heifers from Montana, I get in my truck and go.

The woman smiled even bigger. And relaxed even more, leaning up against the truck with me.

I got a chance to look her over. She was mid thirties I thought, about my age. She really filled out her jeans well, and her western shirt couldn't hide her full breasts.

"All this your land," I said waving my hand across the hills and valleys below.

She looked down at the valley.

"Maybe," she said. It was my turn to smile.

"You married?" she asked.

"No, divorced. Just a few months ago."

"You look like it pains you to say that."

"It's not easy. Hasn't been since it happened. I guess I'll get over it. Everybody seems to in time."

"I reckon," she said.

"Are you married," I asked her, since I couldn't see whether she had a ring on, because of her riding gloves.

"Maybe," she said.

For a moment, we seemed to run out of things to say, and we stood there leaning against the truck looking out over the vast land before us. We looked at each other, each trying to figure out what to say next, wondering what each was thinking. But her eyes caught mine and held them, and there was something sensual in hers, a hunger that I know had to show in mine also.

For a reason, I'll never be able to fathom or understand, we turned and moved slowly towards each other, closing the gap of a couple feet between us. I dropped my hat to the ground. Her eyes held mine. Her mouth opened slightly and seemed to quiver momentarily. I let my arm encircle her waist and she willingly let me pull her to me and her arms were around my neck and our tongues intertwined as our bodies struggled to get closer still as I felt the need in her.

I picked her up and set her on the edge of the truck seat. She threw her hat and gloves on the floorboard. I undid the buttons of her shirt and quickly undid her bra. Her breasts were gorgeous and firm. I gazed into her eyes, still trying to figure things out as my hands caressed her nipples, squeezing them in my hands. She reached her hand to my crotch and began to caress my cock which had already gotten hard. I pulled off my shirt. "Mmm," she said as her hands massaged my chest. I pushed my face into her gorgeous breasts and pulled a nipple into my mouth, sucking it gently and then hard all the time caressing the other breast with my hand while she caressed my strengthening cock thru my jeans.

I pushed her back in the seat gently so that she was laying down with her legs out the door and pulled off her boots, undoing her jeans and pulling them off also. She had the most gorgeous softest skin, and I couldn't help but caress her thighs. I was surprised at the sight of bikini panties and even more surprised as I slid them off, at her beautiful shaved pussy with just a patch of hair above her clit.

"You're gorgeous," I said.

She moaned as I knelt and pushed my face into her pussy, pulling her clit into my mouth and massaging it with my tongue. I pushed two of my fingers into her pussy. She was already gushing wet and they slid in easily into her wet furnace of a pussy. She rested her legs on my shoulders as I continued to eat her delicious pussy and slowly finger fuck her. Her hips moved in waves as she undulated slowly against my face, tongue and fingers. She moved her hand down to her pussy and I moved my mouth out of the way and let her fingers have her clit. She rubbed rythmically on her clit as I removed my fingers and pushed my tongue into her pussy. Her wetness drenched my mouth and chin, and I revelled in the wonderful taste of her. My cock was hard in anticipation of fucking her wet pussy.

I had to have her. First my boots and then my jeans came off and some briefs. I rose and pulled her back up to the edge of the truck seat meet me, her breasts pushing into my chest. She took my cock in both hands and caressed it for a minute and then rubbed the head of it against the lips of her pussy, back and forth until the head of my cock was covered in her wetness and then she pulled my cock into her, reaching around me to my ass and pulling me deep into her. "Fuck me," she said. "I need you so bad." Her eyes pleaded with me in sensual desire. And I did, pounding at her pussy while our mouths plundered each other. In and out, sliding in and out of her hot furnace of a pussy, both of us in passionate need to just fuck, to put aside everything else that might be wrong or missing in our lives. I held her face in my hands as my cock slid in and out of her. I could still feel her hand on her clit as our bodies pounded together, her legs wrapped around me pulling me tight against her. "Oh my God, don't stop," she said as she shuddered and climaxed and then drove her mouth back into mine, sucking the life out of me.

I pulled out of her and lifted her to the ground and turned her around so that she leaned on the truck seat, and I came in behind her. What a gorgeous ass she had. My cock drove into her totally wet pussy. "Oh, God," she said as my cock drove into the farthest reaches of her pussy. She pushed hard back against me as my body slapped her sweet ass, her pussy extremely tight on my cock. My hands were on her hips, pulling her back hard against me, until I exploded, shooting my hot juices deep insider her. She orgasmed at the same time, her pussy and body shuddering in waves on my cock.

She pulled off of me and turned around and knelt in the grass and ran her mouth over my deflating cock, sucking up our mingled juices, running her tongue up and down my cock.

It took a few minutes to get our things back in order. When she was done, she looked as beautiful as when she had first rode up. She kissed me on the lips, and then without a word mounted her quarter horse.

She started to turn and ride off, but at the last second turned around.

"I know I'll never forget you," she said. "Maybe you'll think about me once in a while."

I leaned against the truck, my mind spinning with what had just happened, trying to figure it all out.

"I know I'll never forget you. I'm not sure what just happened, and I know I'll probably never see you again, but I'll be totally in love with you for the rest of my life."

She smiled, then turned her horse and rode off in a different direction than what she had come.

I sat there for a while. I knew if I stayed and asked around I could probably find out who she was and where she was and what her circumstances were, but I knew that wasn't what she wanted. Without knowing each other, we had helped each other. That was worth something, and it was enough.

So I lay awake some nights still. Thinking about her and wondering about her, and what she's doing, and wondering if she ever thinks about me. Hoping the best for her, whatever that entails. And sometimes, at the oddest times, I'll think about our short time together and smile, and wonder if she's smiling too.

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