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Cheating Blonde Hasbian

The blonde lipstick lesbian who turned straight

It was January when Melissa and her long term girlfriend Ruth moved into their new apartment in the city, they were out to all, they we're both in their early 20's, we're both tall and athletic with long blonde hair, people who knew them thought that they we're the most beautiful lesbian couple they'd ever come across, Melissa worked in a shoe store and Ruth

was a lawyer, they we're already planning their wedding. Also they planned to start a family.

One afternoon Melissa, who'd just got home from her morning shift at work, received a text from Ruth saying the she had to work over time because of a big class action coming up, however that was far from the truth!

Ruth who'd always assumed that she was gay, had started to question her sexuality when she started strangely get turned on by butch women...and also men!

The truth was she no longer found Melissa attractive in a sexual way, instead when they made love she would fantasize about being with a man.

On her laptop, she had several gigabytes of images of naked men and straight porn images and videos, Melissa was totally oblivious.

Meanwhile, the reason for Ruth staying Behind at work was playing out.

A new youngish male colleague had just joined the law firm who was apparently single.

Ruth started giving him flirty looks, smiling at him from her position at the other side of the room and was dressed provocatively in a split skirt, low-cut blouse and 5 inch high heels, Melissa had noticed Ruth getting doled up more for work, but thought It was just her way of getting noticed and climbing her career ladder.

Ruth strutted over to the guy like she was a model on a catwalk.

"Hi, I don't think we've met", said Ruth, "I'm Ruth".

"and I'm Jake", they shook hands.

Jake was due to finish later, so Ruth stayed behind after her shift, she all sorts of naughty thoughts going through her head.

After work Ruth and Jake, walked together to the nearby watering hole.

Jake bought Ruth a drink and they sat down in the lounge to engage in conversation.

"So you're single are you?", inquired Ruth.

"Yep", said Jake "I've just come out of a long term relationship"

"I'm engaged", said Ruth

"Who's the lucky guy", said Jake

"Melissa", said Ruth curtly

"Oh so you're a lesbian are yer", said Jake

Then Ruth started to pour out her heart.

"Well I thought I was, the truth is I think I"m straight, I don't find Melissa attractive in that sort of way anymore, although to her everything seems okay for now.

I"m basically a closeted hasbian, a woman who is no longer a lesbian, it started when I started to chase after butch women, then recently that has progressed to manly guys.

..."Shall me go back to your place", said Ruth, "I need a break from Melissa"

"Er...Okay", said Jake

Ruth followed Jake in her car to his house, when she got there, realizing that Melissa will be concerned about her whereabouts, Ruth text-ed her a message to say that she'd had a call from her mother to say that her father had been taken ill and that she'd be staying with her mom for the night, one lie was leading to another!

Jake's house was quite small, but he was living alone, although the living room was relatively large, Ruth plonked herself on the long couch without invitation.

"What a nice house you’ve got!", exclaimed Ruth, "although it's quite hot in here"'.

Jake was just about to turn down the heating when Ruth, unbuttoned her blouse, and spread her legs, provocatively across the couch and started dangling her left shoe in Jake's direction.

Ruth's nipples started hardening and she was getting wet inside her panties.

Jake walked back towards Ruth and without a warning she grabbed his pants, unzipped his flies and whipped out Jake's cock from his undies.

"W-what are you doing?", said Jake nervously.

"Making a real man of you, I've been wanting a REAL cock for a long while, now's my chance to get one".

Ruth then thrusted Jake's now erect cock deep into her mouth, almost gagging on it, then before Jake could come, Ruth threw off the rest of her clothes and tore off Jake’s clothes.

Jake then dutifully thrust his cock into Ruth's aching pussy and she submitted to him by taking the missionary position, wrapping her legs around his waist, at which point Jake carried an ecstatic Ruth to his bedroom and threw her onto his king-size bed, which took up almost all of the floor space.

Ruth then climbed on top of Jake, facing his feet and placed his cock back inside her and she started vigorously bumping up and down on his cock, moaning in ecstasy as she had a bigger orgasm than Melissa ever could give her. Jake was slower to climax, but as he started, he pulled his cock out of Ruth when she moaned "Yeah, Jake, come all over my tits"and Jake prompted squirted his man-juice all over Ruth's 36DD bust, and she ate some of it and spread the rest all over her face.

Ruth then waved her long pedicured feet with long red toenails in Jake’s face, he then sucked and kissed Ruth’s long toes and then she masturbated Jake with her feet until he covered them with his cum.

Afterwards Ruth then joked, "I'll never wash again"

Next morning, after practically a whole night of love-making, it was time for a reality check for Ruth, she'd have to go home to Melissa, it was Saturday, so no work for her, Melissa was at the shoe shore, Ruth would get the place to herself, for a few hours to ponder how she was to continue living a lie as a closet heterosexual woman.

Sure enough Melissa was out when Ruth got home and still feeling quite horny, Ruth reached for one of her gay male porn magazines that she'd kept hidden in one of her desk draws at work and she started masturbating over the pictures.

She then, opened her laptop and played a movie scene showing a woman being gang raped by several men, which brought Ruth to an explosive climax, with her coming all over the carpet, but she didn't care anymore, Melissa had to clean it up, Ruth thought about, telling Melissa that they were through, moving out and setting up home with her beloved Jake.

That wonderful night with Jake must of had a profound effect on Ruth because she hadn't made love to Melissa since, she just kept making excuses about being tired because of her increased work load with the class action.

Ruth would often go out for hours on end without telling Melissa and one day, Melissa joked to herself that Ruth was having an affair with a work colleague, but she'd assumed that it'd be with a female colleague.

Then suddenly that idea didn't seem so preposterous.

Melissa decided that the next time Ruth went out on her own that she would follow her and film her every move on her smart-phone and later confront Ruth with the evidence of her adultery.

It was the next day when a male friend of hers told her about rumors going around that Ruth was having an affair with a man. Ruth sure enough told Melissa the usual story about doing overtime and not to cook her supper or even wait up.

So that evening Melissa decided to drive to Ruth's workplace and park outside at the end of Ruth's "normal" workday and wait to film Ruth and Jake and gather the damning evidence.

At precisely 5:15 that evening, she saw Ruth walking out arm-in-arm with Jake, Melissa looked down, pressed the record button and as she looked up, she saw her girlfriend and Jake kiss each other on the lips. "Gotcha", Melissa said to herself.

Back at home the next day before Ruth went back to work, Melissa decided to go through Ruth's work things, to find more incriminating evidence, Ruth was having a bath so it gave Melissa ample time, to have a good look without getting caught by Ruth.

In Ruth's briefcase Melissa found another of her gay male porn magazines and on her laptop she found the images of naked men, penises and blatantly heterosexual porn movies, often showing dominant men and submissive women and girls. Ruth had already given the password "ruththelawyer1988" to Melissa, so getting in wasn't a problem, they'd always agreed to share everything they owned between them.

That afternoon on the way home from the shoe shore, Melissa decided to cheer herself up with a radical make-over.

Ruth prefers men, so why don't have a butch makeover, Melissa visited the Salon just across the road from her shoe store and was served by the hairdresser who was an old school friend of hers.

Then it was off to the tailors next door to get a pant suit.

Back home Melissa got changed, removed her make-up and stroked her new spiky crew cut.

Melissa sat in the living room and waited for Ruth to get home.

Eventually she heard the tapping of stilettos down outside the front door, Melissa then stood up and walking authoritatively towards the front door opening it before Ruth could put her key in the lock.

"Oh my god, Melissa, you look amazing", cried Ruth, what prompted such a radical change?

Melissa then looked at Ruth sternly and said

"This is the look you really go for isn't it!, you know looking like a man, after a while you didn't seem to want me with my feminine look anymore so here I am, all man for you.

"There were rumors going around about you and a MALE work colleague having an affair, is this true?, IS IT?".

Look Melissa I haven't the foggiest idea what you're talking about", pleaded Ruth.

Melissa then slammed down one of Ruth's man mags on the coffee table, look that's yours , I don't ogle men's bodies and does this event ring any bells?", shouted Melissa, playing the mobile phone clip that she'd just uploaded to their main desktop PC, in the corner of the room, there you go, you and your no so secret boyfriend by the looks of things, I take it, that I'm the last to know."

"No", said Ruth "but yes, his name is Jake, he is my boyfriend we've been seeing each other for several months and the sex is great, much better than you or any other woman can offer me and yes I lied to you about the class action and staying the night with my mother because my father had been rushed in to hospital after having a heart attack.

Yes call me a liar, but I'm telling the truth now", said Ruth as she took Melissa's left hand.

"Just don't touch me" snapped Melissa and she immediately took off her engagement ring.

"The wedding's off, you and me are finished, go and live with your boyfriend".

"I'll remind you that half of this place is mine", retorted Ruth.

"Fine", said Melissa I shall be moving out myself and I'll put our home on the market and give you half the proceeds from the sale...on one condition...

You come out of the closet as straight, or I'll do it for you, causing you yet more humiliation"

"Whatever", said Ruth

Ruth moved out the next day and moved in with Jake.

A week later, the apartment went up for sale and Melissa moved in with her straight hairdresser girlfriend who helped butch her up.

Melissa, through her friend found love again, with an ultra-feminine fashion model who liked the butch look, Melissa liked it so she's kept the short hair etc and had a multitude of tattoos painted all over her body and had several piercing done, extra ear piercings, nose ring, tongue stud, nipple's and her clitoris, the latter has really given her orgasms heaps more magnitude, causing much more cum to spray out covering her new girlfriend, Cindy's body and she loves the taste of Melissa much more than Ruth ever did.

A few months later, Melissa had heard that her ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend had got married and that Ruth was pregnant, Melissa had received an email out of the blue, from Ruth, taunting her with wedding photos and her pregnant bump, with a note:-

"Becoming straight was the best thing to happen to me, at least I can get pregnant without having to faff about with a turkey baster, I hope you're still enjoying your cunt-licking lifestyle, I was never one of them, you brain-washed me, you ugly bitch, I've now found god and I'm living a much more fulfilling lifestyle, I hope you rot in hell, you bitch, I don't still want to be friends with you, In fact I never want to see again."

Melissa was shocked to read all of that, but she was well over Ruth anyway.

Cindy was now the one and Ruth would soon be confronted with wedding photos of Melissa and Cindy!and hopefully there'll be two baby bumps on display!

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