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Cheer Camp Part 4

Alyssia gets punished for being late.
After Coach Ryan left Rochelle and I fell asleep facing each other. Somehow during the night Rochelle had moved closer to me and now had her arm over my slender stomach. I laid there feeling her skin against mine. I thought about the past few weeks and wondered if I was becoming a whore. I had Rochelle, Chis and Coach Ryan. What was next I wondered. I had fun with Rochelle and Coach Ryan just kind of scared me, but Chris was someone that I could see having more with.

I was so engrossed in my thoughts I didn't feel Rochelle's hand slowly make its way to my right boob. She squeezed it and got my attention. I moaned as her fingers gently began to roll my nipple.

"Mmm." I moaned. Rochelle took my ear lobe in her mouth and let her hand slide over my curves to between my legs. Her fingers lightly glazed over my slit. I took a deep breath and whispered one word.


"Shh baby. Just let it happen." Rochelle said whispering in my ear. Her finger slipped in between the folds of my wet pussy and she began to finger fuck me. Slowly at first and then harder and faster as I began to raise my pelvis to her hand.

"ARH!" I yelled out feeling her fingers pinch my clit softly, and then she pulled my clit gently making me moan louder.

"That's it baby. Let yourself go." She said bringing me closer and closer to an orgasm. I clench my thighs around her hand and moaned as I let myself go. Her fingers were covered in my cum. "Clean my fingers." She demanded me. I sucked on her fingers and let my tongue run up and down them. She pulled them out of my mouth, and looked at the clock.

"We better get up or we are going to be late." She jumped off the bed and began to get dressed.

I slowly got off her bed and made my way to my dresser. I started rummaging around to find a pair of boyshorts when Rochelle"s words stopped me.

"No panties today. Just wear your shorts that go with your tank top and that's all." Rochelle said before leaving the room in a rush.

I pulled a red tank top out and it over my head, and then pulled a pair of black shorts and pulled them on. I looked at the clock and I still had about 20 minuets. I hurried into the bathroom and pulled my hair up into a ponytail. I looked at the clock again and decided not to push my lock. I hurried out the dorm room and then ran down the path to the gym.

I ran into the gym and paused to catch my breath. When I looked up I saw everyone in a line already and Coach Ryan sending daggers at me with his eyes. I looked at the clock hanging over the doors. Oh crap I was 20 minuets late. That meant that Rochelle set the clock back. Now why would she do something like that when she knew how Coach felt about being late.

"Alyssia my office now! Chris take over while I have a little chat with Alyssia." Coach Ryan grabbed my arm and pulled me to his office.

"You want to explain why your 20 minuets late?" He said as he closed the blinds and sat down in his chair behind a huge oak desk. "Just because I was with you yesterday does not mean you can get away with being late. I expect you to be better then everyone else. Do you under stand me?"

"Yes Sir, but Roch-" I started to say and then was cut off.

""I don't want to hear about Rochelle. Now what to do for a punishment. Oh I know." A wicked gleam seem to come into his eyes. He reached in his drawer and found pulled out a little sliver bullet and a remote control. "Yes this will work. Alyssia come sit in front of me." I walked over to where he was sitting and hoped up on to his desk. He gently spread my legs open and caught a glimpse of my pussy.

"No panties today. Good." He said grabbing my shorts and yanking them down. He tossed them into the corner. "I thought I could just put this inside you and not touch you, but I have to take you now." Coach Ryan unzip his pants. He pulled me to the edge of the desk roughly. I felt his dick begin to penetrate me. He pulled out then pushed back in.

"Mmm." I cried out softly.

"Shh Baby. No one can know what's going on right now." Coach Ryan covered my mouth with his hand, and thrust harder into me. I screamed against his hand. He pumped into me harder and harder. I felt the familiar tinging shooting up and down my body as I began to cum.

"Bad girl. I didn't tell you to cum yet." Coach Ryan said thrusting into me harder then I thought possible. I cried against his hand as I felt him shutter inside me. I felt his cum cover my pussy walls. Slowly he pulled out of me. He moved around his desk.

"Clean me up." He said bringing his dick to my lips.

I turned my head to his rock hard dick. My tongue went around the very tip. I could taste myself on him. I took him fully into my mouth and began to gently suck. His hands went around my head and he took a handful of my hair and pulled my head into his pelvis. His dick was now hitting the back of my throat.

"Mmm. Oh Baby." His said horsey. He thrust into my mouth harder and began to cum. I tried to get every drop. Some leaked out of my mouth and went on to my cheek. When he pulled out he was soft.

"Good girl." Coach Ryan said as he zip up his pants. "Here's your punishment. I want you to keep this inside you till I take it out of you later today." Coach Ryan said as he pushed the small silver bullet into me."

I could fill the cold round bullet slip inside me. "Now I better make sure this works." His hand pushed a little button on the remote control. I felt the familiar vibrating deep inside me.

"Oh!" I said allowed. "But Sir I can't keep this inside me during practice." I said.

"Yes you can and your going to or else." Coach Ryan said handing my shorts back to me. I slipped them on and felt the vibrating once again.

Coach Ryan laughed as my face scrunched up. He opened his office door and waited for me to walk out. I saw him slip the remote into his pant pocket.

"Now go run 4 laps around the tack." He said looking towards the other cheerleaders.

I began to run towards the track when I felt that familiar vibrating again.

"Mmm." I moaned faintly. I kept running. I wondered how I was going to get through practice with a vibrating bullet inside me going off ever so often.

"Go get a sip of water Alyssia." Coach Ryan said as I finished my last lap around the track. He smiled as he looked down and saw the faint wet spot forming on my shorts.

I went over and took a quick sip of water from a water bottle. I looked around to make sure no one was looking and dumped a little on to my shorts. I felt the vibrating again and looked up from my shorts. Coach Ryan has his hand in his pocket and winked toward me. I knew he knew what I had done. He didn't seem mad though.

I worked with the other girls with out any vibrating from the bullet. We finished practicing on different pyramids and cheers. By the time we were done it was time for lunch. The other girls walked out of the gym giggling and sharing secrets. Rochelle walked up to me.

"I'm sorry for making you late. He asked me and I had to obey." She said looking down at her feet.

"Oh, okay um I guess." I said. We walked out together and towards the dinning hall. I looked over my shoulder to Coach Ryan. He was talking to Chris. I wondered what was going on. Once again I felt the familiar vibrating and somehow it seemed to vibrate even more then what it was earlier.

"He put a bullet inside you didn't he?" Rochelle said, looking over at me smiling.

"How did you know?" I asked, letting out a deep breath.

"Because he did that to me last year. I thought I would go insane, but I made it through the day." She said giving me a sympathetic look. "He will play with it during lunch and then after lunch during free time he will probably take it out and fuck you as a reward for taking it."

"Um wow." I said not sure of what to say to her.

"Yeah. He drove me crazy last summer, but I loved it and I know you will too." She said. I felt the vibrating again and I moaned out as it didn't shut off right away.

"Hello Girls. If you don't hurry your going to be late for lunch." Coach Ryan said putting his arm around us. We all walked into dinning hall and got our food and sat down and began to eat and kid around with each other. Chris sat down with a plate full of food.

"I need to talk to you after we ate." Said Chris. Oh crap. I thought here it comes. The I like you but just as a friend speech. I felt the vibrating again. I looked up at Coach Ryan, but he wasn't looking at me he was looking at Rochelle and talking to her. Chris looked at me and smiled. I finished my food and waited for Chris to finish so we can have our talk.
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