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Cheering Bella

Dreams can be fulfilling
My name is Bella and I am not happy. I thought my senior year of high school would be great. Isn't this supposed to be the time when you're both on top of your own little world, but also excited about entering a new frontier next year? But still, I am not happy. Or should I say that I am not satisfied.

My situation is not one that provokes much sympathy. I know it may sound like bragging but I happen to be rich, hot, and smart. First, the brains; I am in the top 10 in my class and my school is one of the tops in the state. I plan to become a doctor, and what a sexy doctor I will be.

I am half Asian and half Latina, with silky black hair that is an inheritance from my Asian father and Latina mother. It is not the perfect straight hair of full Asian women, but it has wave and body. I am 5' 5" with rich coffee colored skin and what I would call an athletic-trim body. I wish my breasts were bigger; they're nice B cups but my nipples are large, dark and responsive.

In the summer when I tan, I really like the way the tan lines create a contrast between my lighter colored breasts and dark nipples. Most people would say, or at least I gather by their stares that my ass and legs are my best feature. I am not really tall, but my legs are long for my size and they are nicely shaped, not skinny stick legs.

I know I sound like a bitch, but I am a hot Asian chick. I know because I am captain of the cheerleading squad and I can see the effect I have on the boys and school, and their father when I do my routines. Do they really think I am unaware of their lust-clouded ogling or the jokes and fantasies they nervously share with each other?

Most people think I am a bitch because they see me as just tits and ass, but when they find out I have a brain and thoughts of my own, and dare to express my opinions, then they call me a bitch. Well this bitch can fuck your boyfriend anytime I want, but I haven't, so back off.

I am not a virgin. I've had boyfriends, but they never last. See the reason above. Most of them have been jocks, with not much to offer but rock-hard abs and what is hanging between their legs. I enjoy them, and let them enjoy me, but I can't talk to them and they don't want to listen to me. So after I have scratched my itch and before they call me bitch, I find a way to end it.

I don't seek out jocks, but they are the only ones with the confidence to approach me and I am actually too shy to approach any of the boys that I might really like. There is one boy I think about a lot, Matt. He is geeky cute, with curly black hair and a shy smile that is so rare, but on the occasions when I see it, it brings a warm tingle between my legs. Sometimes in class I find myself staring at him and sliding my finger up my short cheer skirt.

He is tall and slender, about 6', but by no means the tallest boy in school. He doesn't have the body of the jocks I have dated, but he has that skinny boy body with long, smooth muscles, but alas no six-pack abs. Unlike the jocks and most of the boys in school, he has a full chest of hair, which gives him an air of erotic maturity. I have dated mostly smoothies, but during gym class I have watched him when he is on "skins" and goes shirtless.

Last week I was watching Matt during one of these times. I imagined what it would feel like to nuzzle my face into his chest. What would it feel like to kiss and lick that hairy chest? I imagined nipping at his nipples, peaking out from the rich, dark hair and circling them with my tongue. I was flushing when I thought about how my nipples would feel crushed against his chest. Would it tickle? I didn't know but I was mad to find out.

Lost in my fantasy and not helped by the cool air of the gym I noticed that my nipples were growing hard underneath my thin gym t-shirt. Even worse I was getting so wet I feared I might be staining my shorts. I also became aware that several of the boys had noticed my high beams and were giggling nervously. I glanced at Matt, but the way he turned and the expression on his face left me uncertain if he saw, but there was just enough of a smile on his face that my juices were starting to flow. I excused myself to the restroom.

Once inside, I went to one of the stall and pulled down my shorts and panties. The panties were soaked, but I didn't care about that right now. I slid my finger into my slit and was instantly soaked in the flood. My clit was hard and aching and I had to relieve it. I pinched it slightly and with my other hand grabbed a nipple. I bit my lip to keep from moaning and pushed my finger fully inside my warm, wet hole. I took my shorts and panties all the way off and raised my legs onto the sides of the stall (cheerleader trick) and leaned back with the plumbing awkwardly against my spine, but all my focus was between my legs. I didn't know how much time I would have before the teacher, Miss Lamm, would come to check on me, so I worked my pussy into a rapid lather until my orgasm arrived in long, surging waves. When I left the stall, my face was so flushed I had to hold a towel soaked in cool water against my face.

Later that night, I went to bed trying to decipher if Matt had seen my nipples and what he might think about it. Would he ever talk to me? Would I ever have the nerve to talk to him? I played out imaginary scenarios and conversations in my head and eventually drifted off to sleep. My dream started innocently enough. I was jogging my usual route. I enjoyed the pulsing of my body and the exertion of the run. I also enjoyed the looks I got. As in most dreams the familiar was mixed with the odd. In this case, I was running not in my usual gear but my cheerleading outfit. The tiny skirt just barely covered by firm round ass, but with each stride it bounced up to reveal the ripe globes of my eighteen year old culo and I wasn't wearing panties.

As I ran I became aware that someone was running behind me. Relief and desire quickly replaced my initial shock of fright when I realized that it was Matt chasing my tail in my dream. I could see his long, lithe strides gaining on me. As he gained on my, his clothes seemed to melt away, revealing his chest glistening with sweat and a long glorious cock surging towards me.

I found out later that the real version was not a big as my dream-enhanced version (he was long and medium thick, not as big as some of the jocks I had been with). But in my dream his cock seemed as big as my arm with bulging head I could barely wrap my fingers around.

I felt my pussy come alive inside me, my lips quivering to devour his manhood. I imagined tentacles sprouting from my mound and snaking towards him but when I looked down all I could see was my usual, neatly shaved trim that was dripping my sex down the dark skin of my legs.

Suddenly my skirt and top were gone, when it magically melted like his clothes or if he ripped it off of me isn't clear. The change in my dream attire slowed my pace and Matt closed on me. I felt his rippling manhood slap against my tush, sending a pulse of pleasure through my body.

The contact jolted me to greater speed, not out of fear, but for the thrill of being caught again. He quickly closed the gap and ran in step behind me, with his cock slapping my ass or, even better sliding under my cheeks to tease my throbbing vulva. Physically this was impossible, but it worked inside the fantastic mechanics of my dream and we settled into rhythm where he entered me fully as I slowed down and pulled out as I sped up. Running and fucking, fucking and running, we went for miles.

We crossed a stream and I fell, with him coming down on top of me. I finally felt the crush of his hairy chest on my nipples and thrilled with the sensation. I had little time to enjoy that though before he entered me in a long, smooth stroked. I pulled him to me and drew his lips to mine. I wrapped my legs around him and dug my heels into his back, holding his throbbing passion deep inside me.

From this position I used my heels to urge him forward and he resumed his long strokes of my pussy with his engorged staff. Squeezing my legs and digging my heels I controlled the speed of his mounting. I kept my arms locked around his neck to hold his chest against my nipples enjoying the friction his hairy chest generated on my belly and my breasts. My nipples ached with the stimulation, creating a feedback loop of tingling pleasure from my tits to my twat and back again.

I could sense him quickening and felt a surge as his shaft enlarged even more inside me. I kept my legs and heels wrapped around him but I let him have his pace. I could feel my orgasm building, like rising water behind the dam. Except what was creating and holding back this flood was the large, young cock pounding on my walls. I felt myself starting to crumble when he lifted his hand under my ass and lifted me further onto his cock, driving deeper than I could imagine. When he had me in position, he slipped a finger in my ass and finally we both exploded together.

I woke up to find myself naked, sweating and my sheets soaked from a very real orgasm from only the dream of fulfilment. I had no way to expect that the reality would live up to the fantasy, but now I was resolved to breach the gap and find out.

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