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Cherry Red Corvette

Molly breaks in a brand-spanking-new Cherry Red Corvette
Molly breaks in a brand-spanking-new Cherry Red Corvette 

Good golly, miss Molly told me this and I had to share. Youthful exuberance and sexual exploration at it's freshest.

A really good friend of mine came to the house about 6 or so last night. He was driving, of all things, a brand new Cherry Red Corvette. I thought to myself “How sweet is that?”

He got it as an early graduation present. He is already 18 but it didn’t matter with me being two years younger. We had never dated really but had become friends. He watches me walk around the car in awe, then without a word opens the passenger door. I squeal “Oh hell yes!”

We took off in it and drove all over the place letting all of his friends and lots of mine see us. That car was so nice. We drove for hours and I don't know how many miles we ended up going but it had to be a lot a whole lot. But that's not the end of it.

As we were driving, for some reason, I got a stir in my crotch. I don't know if it was the car because it was so hot and I could feel every vibration, or if it was Craig. After all he isn't too shabby to look at. Not quite like my last boyfriend Jimmy the model, but close.

Anyway I was getting horny and it was driving me crazy and I really wanted to just take down my shorts and play with my pussy with Craig next to me. I was sitting there wondering what or how I was going to pull this off when Craig pulled over to the side of the road.

He looked me in the eyes and told me he wanted to fuck me in his new car. I could not help myself so I grabbed his face and kissed him really hard. We drove to a small park along the bank of the river and there we sat and chatted. It seemed like he had been all talk because he was not doing anything, so I took the first move away from him.

I reached down and put my fingers on my pussy and started rubbing around in circles. I looked at Craig and told him “This could be your fingers or your tongue or your big cock, if you want.”

He almost lost it and in about 3 seconds he was undressed and had me naked too. Don't ask me how but he fucked me really good there in that small seat of his car. God it was hot and I really needed it too. After he fucked me and we had both cum, I rose up off him and turned around and sucked him clean and dry. He asked if I wanted to go to the park bathroom and clean up our cum. I said no and then slipped my finger into my drippy pussy and then sucked it slowly, telling him I wanted to keep it inside because it felt so good.

We got dressed, me not bothering with my bra; and went back to driving around again. After a little while I started to get that feeling, making my pussy getting wet again! Without looking at him I just undid my zipper and took down my shorts and thong and let them drop into the floor. I started fingering myself and took my left hand and reached over and grabbed his crotch. It was going really well until, and this is a pretty big UNTIL.

I hear a siren and we were like OH SHIT, he is getting pulled over. It seems that he was really getting into the hand job and was all over the road. The police thought he was drunk. I pulled my hand away and sat frozen in fear of what may happen. All of a sudden I realized I had no panties or shorts on when the officers came up to the car. I pulled my tank top down as far as possible and did a pretty good job of hiding myself. The cops told him to get out of the car and left me inside. They ordered him in front of his car and made him do the sobriety test where he put his finger to his nose and all of that. When he passed they started to get nasty with him asking if he was high on drugs and if they could search the car.

Well I got pissed and was not able to control myself listening to them harass Craig.

I stepped out and walked toward told the officers and said:

"Look the reason he was swerving is because I was giving him a hand job and he was really getting into it."

I continued with his defense: "Look at him if you don’t believe me because his cock is still a little hard."

It was like a lifetime the officers stood there saying nothing, just staring at me. All of a sudden they looked at each other and busted out laughing. I could not figure it out why, and was insulted they were making fun of me. They stood where they were and ask me questions that made no sense to me but I answered them all. After they told me they believed me, they said I could get back in the car. One of the officers came to my side and leaned way down and asks if I knew why he knew I was telling the truth. I looked puzzled and said no why?

“Because you were standing there lecturing us and you have no pants or panties on.”

I about died right there. I lowered my head and right there was my bare pussy!

He laughed and told me I should make Craig cum and do it quick so he could concentrate on his driving and then away they went.

God I was so embarrassed. I wanted to go put my head in a hole or something. Craig got back in the car and drove off. Neither of us talked. I finally got my composure back and we laughed about it. I told him we should find a place to park. I pulled off my top and pretty soon we started fucking again. After we finished, he told me to leave my shorts and thong off. Like a good girl, I did what I was told.

We drove around some more and I got that feeling again. He grabbed my left hand and put it on his crotch and there we were with my right hand rubbing my slippery slit. He told me to keep a lookout for more cops and I knew exactly what he was up to. He acted a little upset when I told him to take me home as I wasn't going to go through that again.

“But you were so hot looking, standing there in nothing but your tank top, and even then your nipples were showing to those cops. You know they stared at your butt when you walked back to the car. I watched them”

I smiled and told him to pull over. I decided to give him a blowjob cause I was feeling quite horny. I fingered my pussy the whole time and of course I swallowed, like a good girl.

“Let’s do this again sometime Craig, just without the cops, ok?”

I went into my house and lay on my bed; and want to guess what happened then? I masturbated thinking of those cops watching my pussy and ass, bare for them to see, until I came over and over again.

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