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Christmas Angel Ch 2

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Jack, “Why do you call me your Christmas Angel?
As she lay there in Jack’s arms, Melinda began to think over the things that happened over the past two years. All of a sudden all the emotions she thought she had dealt with came to the surface, and tears welled up in her eyes. Not once did anyone make her feel wanted or special, so why, was this stranger, calling her his Christmas Angel?

She looked up into his blue eyes and asked, “Why do you call me your Christmas Angel? I really don’t feel that special?”

He held her chin up, and kissed the tears on her face. “Oh honey, did he hurt you that bad? He should be ashamed of himself, for loosing a precious woman like you. Oh well, his loss my gain. May I ask what happened?”

“You can, but I’m not going to tell you the long boring story, because it would put us both to sleep. So here’s the short version, I was married for twelve years, and thought everything was fine, until about a year ago, when I discovered, I wasn’t the woman making my husband happy. It was some skinny, blonde-haired trollop half my age. Without cluing me in that we were having problems, he divorced me, and moved in with her. End of story, I’m trying to move on.”

“That’s despicable; no man should ever do that to a woman, especially his wife. He should have been a man, boned up to it, and sat down with you to talk it out. I for one wouldn’t do that, mainly because I always communicate with the woman. I also like them near my own age, with a little meat on there bones. Let’s not dwell on the past, okay.”

“I agree with you. I decided awhile back never look back, or whine, “Oh whoa is me the poor victim repeatedly.”

He pulled her closer and said, “That’s the spirit. Honey, I know we just met, but I think we have a spark between us, with a bit of attention will turn into a roaring blaze.”

“Oh I’m not sure about that, I’d call it sexual attraction and nothing else.”

“I have a suggestion for you then; why don’t we spend this weekend together, and see what happens. On Monday if you want to say good-bye, you can, and I will just walk away.”

“Oh, I don’t know, I promised mom I’d come visit for the holidays.”

“Well, I promised my auntie as well, but here’s the thing, we maybe stranded here for more than a day anyways, so why not make the best of it.”

“Okay, as long as you understand, not to rush me, I’m not ready for another relationship. ”

“Deal, with no strings for now, just a few days of fun loving sex.”

He started planting soft kisses on her neck, and she could smell the musty scent of him, hiding behind the tangy-sweet fragrance of Old Spice. The heat of his body triggered her sexual desires. Her nipples hardened and her clit started throbbing again. She also felt the growing hardness of his cock against her thigh.

She ran her fingers through his hair and uttered, “I love the way you make me feel.”

He raised his head and gazed into her emerald-green eyes for just a moment. “It’s my pleasure, I love treating women like a queen.”

As their lips met, there tongues did the dance of lovers. He could feel all her passionate desires for him, setting his whole being on fire, and his erection throbbed for attention.

Her sensuous feelings grew past the point of no return as he unleashed his passion for her. She laid her hand upon his chest, sensing the raw power, licked her lips, and gasped for air,

He moved his hands to her breasts, and began kneading them. His digits then began caressing each nipple and they hardened under his touch. While his hands were still busy, his mouth left a wet trail as his moved downward from her chin to her breast. He kissed each one softly, teasingly. He blew gently on one nipple, then moving the stream of air to the other one, leaving a trail of goose bumps between them.

When he sucked the right nipples, she squirmed and breathed deeply in response. “Ooooh god, yes, bite it gently, that’s it, now harder.”

All he did was murmur, “Mmmm,” as he tasted her delectable body.

Next, he traced the curves of her body with his large, gentle hands; the narrowing waist, the hollow of her navel, and they settled on the swell of her hips. His lips then took over and he started kissing her migrating lower and lower with each kiss.

She spread her legs so he could get between then. The heat off their bodies could light a match and burn the bed.

The sultry scent of her pussy, wafted toward his nose as he moved his face closer. Without warning, he flicked his tongue across the length of her drenched slit, tasting its sweet juices. He spread the labia, and traced small circles around the clit.

She watched as his magical tongue tantalizing her pussy. When it encountered her clit, she clutched his head between her legs like a vice, let out a gasp, and bit her lower lip.

Jack stopped for a moment, and she blushed then released the grip she had on his head. He placed his hands on her hips and asked, “Ready to have that halo to be bent sweety?”

She noticed that his hardened member was within her reach, and took a hold of it with her hand. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft, felt its heat as it pulsed in her hand, and stroked it. “Does this answer your question baby?”

Before he could say a thing, she moved his cock up and down her slit, lubricating it with her own nectar. His eyes went wild with lust and he placed his hand atop hers. Together they eased the stiff pole inside her pussy. With slow thrusts, he stretched its walls, moving deeper until he filled her completely. Then with one hand on her hip for balance, the fingers of his free hand began toying with her clit.

She closed her eyes, and began to breathe heavily, while moving with him, in a slow primal dance. After a few minutes, the tension building within her went out of control, which surged through her like a freight train out of control. The muscles of her pussy started milking his cock as they contracted hard, and she bucked her hips wildly.

She knew by his deeper, faster, thrust, and irregular breathing, that he would cum soon.

She nibbled his ear and hissed, “Jack, cum for me baby!”

Her words triggered his response, he grasp her hips, shoved his cock into her once more time, and filled her with his deed. His body collapsed on hers and they lay that way for a few minutes.

He then moved, lay down beside her, took her into his arms, not saying anything. He wanted that moment to last forever, frozen in time.

They must have fallen asleep in each other’s arms, because the next things she felt was sunlight on her face. She turned her face towards Jack, and discovered he was already awake looking at her.

“I’ve been watching you sleep baby. God, you’re beautiful. You know something; I could easily fall in love with you.”

She just smiled, kissed him softly, then answered, “Jack I think I call mom, and tell her I won’t be able to come home until after Christmas.”

“Won’t she feel left out?”

“Maybe, but she will think it’s because of the winter storm, and. I’m not telling her anything different. Right now, all I want and need is you Jack.”

“Melinda, let me call my aunt first?”
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