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Christmas Party

Dusty has the best sex of her life after the Christmas party…

In her teens, Denise was became known by the nickname of Dusty. She had fallen in love with Dusty Springfield’s music and had the same dry inflection in her singing voice, which the great British singer of the sixties and early seventies possessed.

Her father bought her a collection of the backing tracks by Dusty, and Denise would spend afternoons crooning all Dusty’s great numbers. At family functions, Denise’s dad would always insist that she sing, ‘You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.’

What really made Denise’s performances fantastic was not only the uncanny similarity to Dusty’s voice but the way she interpreted the songs. Her arms and hands had a fluidity that was enthralling. Every emotion was emblazoned on her face and of course, when the tears flowed down her cheeks, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. It was almost as if Denise was channelling the great singer.

Dusty wasn’t a great beauty, but she always dressed and presented herself admirably. She was petite and of course being blond, Dusty often good approving looks from men. At the age of nineteen, she had been in two relationships, but both fizzled out because of her poor choices.

Both guys were hunky and rather sexy, but she quickly tired of their infantile outlooks on life. She wasn’t going to follow in her mother’s footsteps and end up a slave to a thoughtless macho man like her dad.

Just over a year later in an unsatisfactory job, she got employment at a wholesale company that supplied stationery supplies to retailers. It was a really solid and well-run company and she loved her new job. She was an invoicing clerk and worked in an office with three other women. Two of the girls were lovely, but Brenda, a frumpish overweight thirty-something spinster, was a real bitch.


Uli, real name Ulrich, worked in the warehouse at the same company as Dusty. Uli was twenty-six-year-old-guy. Uli was slightly awkward around females. He was five-foot-ten tall and thickset. Uli wasn’t fat, just broad of stature. His neck, arms, chest, and legs were bulky, and he was unable to buy his clothing from normal clothing outlets. Fortunately, Uli had an oriental tailor that took care of his needs.

Apart from his darkish complexion, Uli’s greatest drawback was that he was extremely hairy. Abundant jet black hair almost covered his entire body and often caused him embarrassment. At twenty-six the top of his head was bald, but elsewhere on his body hair proliferated exorbitantly.

Uli’s greatest shame was his hairy arms and above all, the clumps of hair on his huge hands. Thankfully, this was the only body hair visible when was fully clothed. Uli, however, was often taken aback by the overreaction, particularly by females, when they focussed on his hands.

A major frustration, for Uli, was that the women who weren’t put off by him were the ones he didn’t want. They were usually large girls who appeared comfortable with his chunky stature and excessive hairiness. Sadly, this is not what turned him on because Uli liked petite women.

The only porn he enjoyed were videos in the ‘big and small’ genre, which consisted of large guys fucking really petite women. Most days when he got home he would watch one of these videos on the internet while pleasuring himself.

Uli was highly sexed and masturbated at least three times a day. His early morning shower was his initial wank of the day. The ‘big and small’ treat after work always supplied him with his second jerk-off episode of the day. When he got into bed at night Uli really took his time as he tugged on his fat knob, imagining a petite woman in his hairy clutches.

A further problem for Uli, while masturbating, was the abundance of cum he unloaded. Where most guys would hardly be able to fill a spoon, he could fill a quarter of a cup with his spunk. The morning shower was no problem in this regard, but other than that it was just easier to wear a condom rather than have to battle with the spunk that would get matted in his abundant body hair.

Occasionally, Uli would have an encounter with one of the larger available ladies, but he always found these encounters unsatisfying and he couldn’t wait to get rid of them afterward. Uli wanted to find real love and share his life with a petite woman of his dreams.


After Dusty commenced working at the stationery wholesaler in November, Uli was totally smitten with her. He and the other guys working in the warehouse would frequently have to collect invoices from the office Dusty worked in. Uli often wanted to strike up a conversation with Dusty but was prevented from doing so because of the sneering looks he always got from Brenda.

Whenever he left the office and was out of earshot, or so Brenda believed, Brenda would make the hoot-panting sound of an ape. The other two girls in the office would always politely smile, but Dusty simply remained stone-faced. Dusty liked Uli. She wasn’t sexually attracted to him because he was not really her taste, but she found him very pleasant.

At the beginning of December, a week before the much anticipated annual Christmas party, the owner of the business’ secretary began arranging all the festivities. Members of staff were always encouraged to add to the fun by singing a song. Several always did so, because the winner of the contest would receive an unbelievably generous hamper and a substantial gift voucher.

Having mentioned that she loved singing, Dusty was naturally encouraged to participate. Brenda, the bitch in the office, had never won the prize, even after five previous attempts.

Three days before the Saturday night Christmas party, as Uli entered their office, one of the girls asked Dusty who would be escorting her to the party. Dusty replied that as she didn’t have a boyfriend at that point, she would be going alone. Uli immediately told her that he was also going on his own and then offered to partner her for the evening, if she would like.

As Dusty looked at the enthusiastic expression on his face, she also caught a glimpse of Breda’s bemused countenance. A flash of annoyance passed through Dusty before she told Uli that she would love to accompany him.

Next, Uli wrote his phone number on a piece of paper before handing it to her and then requested her to text him her address, so that he could pick her up at seven p.m.

When Uli left the office there was a deathly silence.

Dusty couldn’t decide which song she wanted to sing and so she put three of the backing tracks on a computer stick, reckoning that she would make up her mind at the party.

When Uli arrived to collect her on Saturday he looked very respectable. As the parties were always informal, he was wearing black trousers and a black shirt with light grey vertical pinstripes. Dusty looked sensational in her elegant cream coloured dress that had just enough bling to enhance her impending performance.

At the party the schedule was; that the starters would first be served, followed by the performances, and then thereafter the main course. After desserts, the dancing would get underway.

There were six performers that evening, and the singers would perform their songs in order of their service at the company. Dusty would, therefore, be the last one to sing.

Brenda was the first performer and did a reasonable version of a country and western song. Her applause, thereafter, was very polite. Two male staff members followed her, and the second one of these guys got a really hearty applause. They were then followed by two ladies, both of whom did good versions of the ballads they had chosen to sing.

When Dusty got on the stage she had decided to perform the first number on the stick. After the dramatic brass introduction of her song, Dusty commenced singing, ‘You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.’ Fifteen seconds into her song there was a buzz around the room, and it was clear that she would definitely be the winner that evening.

When her song ended there was whistling, foot stomping and deafening applause. Instantly, there were calls for her to sing another song. Dusty looked over at the boss’ secretary who enthusiastically nodded her approval. The up-tempo classic, ‘The Son of a Preacher Man’ then followed and everyone got to their feet and started dancing and clapping along.

At the end of the song an even louder applause resounded through the room and again there were calls for her to sing yet another song. Once more the secretary nodded her approval.

Dusty thanked the audience and announced that there was only one track left on her stick. As the room fell quiet, the sultry Bacharach/David classic, “The Look of Love’ followed to hushed approval.

Uli was totally in love at this point and when she glanced at him, it felt like she was singing the song just for him. At the end of the song, Dusty got a standing ovation. Blushing, Dusty thanked everyone before leaving the stage.

As always at these Christmas parties, the main course was excellent. Later, after the desserts had been served the party really got going.

The two things that both amused and amazed Dusty was; how protective Uli was over her, and also what a great dancer he was. For such a big guy he was incredibly light on his feet. Uli became like her shadow throughout the evening and never left her side. The only other person, with whom she danced with that night, was the boss of the company.

She wasn’t annoyed by Uli’s constant attention and in fact, was flattered with her ‘annexation’ by him. What further astonished Dusty was that she was actually finding herself becoming sexually attracted to Uli.

When they arrived back at Dusty’s home after the party, Uli offered to carry her large hamper into the apartment for her. Once the hamper had been placed on her dining room table Uli looked at Dusty with total awe.

“I’ve just had the best evening of my life,” he honestly stated.

Demurely, she replied, “Thank you very much... me too.”

Uli could no longer restrain himself and enfolded her in his hairy arms. Uli was totally smitten with her and hoped that he wouldn’t be rebuffed. Thankfully, he was not. Dusty did not resist his advances and allowed Uli to embrace her. She had just enjoyed an incredible evening and was receptive to his attention.

Uli then kissed her tenderly and Dusty reciprocated with enthusiasm. He had wanted her from the very first time he had laid eyes upon her. She was exactly what appealed to him. She was petite and her voice had enthralled him like a Grecian siren.

Uli was careful not to pull her into him too tightly because he didn’t want to push his luck too far at this point. Things were going rather nicely and as much as he wanted to have sex with her, he didn’t want to spoil the possible opportunity with an overzealous approach.

Little did Uli realize, that Dusty had already decided, that she was fully prepared to have sex with him. Although Uli wasn’t the kind of guy she would normally go for, he had really impressed her at the party. In fact, she had begun to find him very sexy. Dusty had also not had sex in two months and her body was yearning for a man’s penetration

As their lips parted they looked into one other’s eyes in a state of limbo, each waiting for the other to make the first move.

“I really don’t know how I can thank you enough for tonight,” she softly uttered.

With a naughty look on his face he took a huge chance, and then said, “I do, let me stay the night.”

Dusty simply nodded her agreement.

Uli know took a firm hold of her body and unrestrained allowed his knob to rub against her, giving her a clear signal that he wanted her. The hard lump he was pushing into her sent shivers down her spine. Dusty’s nipples and pussy instantly responded with excitement. Dusty then felt her body being lifted before she was transported to the bedroom as her body hung off the front of Uli.

As he released her body at the foot of the bed she once more looked into his brown eyes. She only now realized how beautiful they were. Above all, his eyes exuded a warmth and tenderness that she had never before experienced from a man. Uli hairy hands next pushed the spaghetti straps of her dress off her shoulder. Following on that, his hands moved behind her dress before she felt the zipper being lowered.

After her dress had fallen to the floor, his hands now unclasped her bra, which followed the direction of her dress. As Uli looked at her breasts, they were even more perfect than he had fantasized about. Dusty’s panties were the next garment to succumb to the power of gravity.

For Uli, the first moment of truth had arrived and he now had to remove his shirt. He was unbelievably hairy and many women had been put off by this condition. Somewhat gingerly, he did what had to be done.

Dusty was not repelled when she saw his upper body, but she had never known that a guy could be this hairy. With an inhibited smile Uli mimicked the hoot-pant that Brenda had so regularly uttered. They both burst out laughing.

“Does this bother you?” Uli asked, with apprehension in his eyes.

“No,” Dusty replied, before continuing, “I was one of those unfortunate kids who never had a teddy bear as a child, so this is a real treat for me.”

Raucous laughter followed.

“Uli, I really like you,” she concluded.

“Lie down for me, baby,” Uli gently asked her.

As Dusty lay back on the bed with her calves hanging off the side, Uli removed his shoes and socks, before taking off his trousers. Next, he knelt between her legs before his hands pushed her thighs apart. Uli then looked into her eyes for several seconds before lowering his head.

First, he sniffed at her portal, imbibing the incredible fragrance of her pussy. Following on that, his mouth cocooned her vagina before his lips and tongue started their veneration. In the next several minutes Uli took her to a level of gratification she had never experienced before, as he continued worshiping at her womanhood.

As her excited hands clawed the bedding, Uli feasted on her vagina like no other man had ever done. Dusty gasped and panted in a state of complete ecstasy. When her pussy eventually erupted powerfully, it was like an out-of-body experience. As she lay there hyperventilating Uli ultimately got to his feet.

His second moment of truth had now arrived. Uli did not have the longest cock in the world but where girth was concerned, it looked like a long-tom beer can. Quite a few women had bailed out on him in the past, simply unable to accommodate the thickness of his knob. Uli said a silent prayer hoping like hell this would not once more happen.

“Please move up the bed,” he requested.

As Uli lowered his body onto the bed he surreptitiously pushed his boxers down not wanting her to see his knob. Once he was between her legs he guided his knob onto her portal. He knew she well juiced and that his cock produced copious pre-cum. Uli nestled his cock in her pussy lips and allowed it to commence salivating its natural lubrication.

Very slowly he started nudging his fat knob into her as he kept kissing Dusty. With absolute caution, he wedged his dick ever forward.

Dusty had not seen his knob but soon became aware that a far greater displacement than she had ever experienced before. Uli’s entry was uncomfortable and she came close to bailing. The oral pleasure that had earlier given him prevented her from doing so.

For the next ten minutes, an awkward build-up played itself out as Uli did his very best not to hurt her. He intently observed her, to gauge what he hoped, would be a steady growth in her level of comfort.

Gradually, Dusty began to relax and as her pussy began to acclimatize, she was amazed by how good it was beginning to feel. When her portal began to tingle she felt herself relaxing more and more.

Uli could sense that the barriers were finally starting to dissipate, and with great relief he allowed his hips to commence grinding his fat knob into Dusty. Uli was overjoyed when she started to whimper and groan with pleasure. As Uli kept increasing his pace, Dusty once more felt an approaching orgasm.

Later, when Dusty announced her rapture, Uli lifted his torso onto outstretched arms and he started pounding her meaningfully. The sight of her writhing body and the horny gasps from her gave him incredible satisfaction. Overwhelmed by ecstasy, Uli began to irrigate her womb as he roared exultantly.

That night and the following day, Dusty found that Uli was the most incredible lover she had ever had. He was an incredible stud and satisfied her more than any man had ever done before. It would take her some time to get used to his initial entry into her pussy, but this discomfort was well worth the elation that would follow. Dusty was also amazed by how much his hairy body was turning her on.


Two years later, when their daughter was born, Uli sat watching her with tears rolling down his cheeks as Dusty breastfed their daughter in the hospital.

Dusty eventually asked, “Why don’t you go home and get some rest, baby?”

“No, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be right now,” he replied, crying, “This is the greatest moment of my life… Jesus, I love you,” he blubbered.

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