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Christmas Silk

Red and Green silk can be such fun
I meet you for coffee. I bend over your shoulder and whisper in your ear,“May I have a kiss, please".

I'm demure and polite, but you can see the playful light in my eyes.You smile and say, "Yes, you may".

You lean over and brush your lips lightly across my lips. You pull back slightly and I smile at you. You feel my hand slide to the nape of your neck and pull your head to me so I can kiss you properly. I know I didn't ask, and I will pay for it later, but I don't care. I kiss you until I am dizzy. My other hand snakes around to your cock and strokes it through your pants, my body hiding what I am doing from the others around. Finally you pull away from my lips.

"Bad girl".I smile sweetly. You grab my hand and pull me to my feet and practically drag me out the door. 

You pull me to your car and drive us to our room. You hold my hand firmly as if I am going to run off. We take the elevator up and when it stops, again you practically drag me to the room. You open the door and gently push me in. Then you lightly and playfully spank my ass as you step in closing it behind me.

“You've been a bad girl and need to be restrained”

You bend over and deeply kiss me, so long I need to breathe through my nose. You take my blouse off as I pull away and you pinch my breast through my bra as I stand. You order me to strip down to my underwear and lay down on the bed. You open your pants and let your cock springs out. You take your red silk tie off and wrap it around my wrists. You tell me to hold my hands over my head and to not move them. Then you take a long piece of green silk out of your pocket. I struggle a bit as you sit on my knees, immobilizing me. I bite my bottom lip as you blindfold me. I try to press my thighs together, I'm so wet and don't want to show it. You trail your hands down my arms, over my breasts and tummy, down my legs. I want your hands on my pussy. I whimper involuntarily.

You smile and say again, "You were a bad girl and didn't ask for permission, did you?”

I shake my head and whisper, "No, I didn't."

You lie next to me and kiss me deeply, slowly. I try to lean into you but you won't let me. You begin kissing my neck, making goosebumps appear on my body. I'm panting and making little whimper noises as your hands glide over my body, never giving enough. You brush across my nipple over my bra. I groan as you continue to another part of my body.

"Please, more, please".

You chuckle and nip one of my nipples. I arch into it as far as I can. You continue to suck and nibble on my nipple. I feel your hand slide down to my pussy and push my panties to the side. Your finger dips into me and out so quickly.

I groan, "no, please, more please".

You paint my wetness across my lips and then kiss me, tasting me on our lips. You kiss my moistened lips and gently nibble and begin to probe me with flickers of your tongue. You undo my bra and begin to caress my breasts and nipples while you increase kissing and probing. I arch my back once again hoping for satisfaction of some part of my flesh touching yours. Suddenly you stop all you’re doing and pull back, I have no touch and I beg you for something. You chuckle and wait what seems like forever and then very, very lightly and unexpectedly you suck my right nipple. I arch up and you do the same to my left nipple-very lightly but moistly. Then suddenly we are kissing deeply and long while both your fingers twist my moist nipples. Then you quickly and unexpectedly dip into my pussy to re-moisten each nipple. I moan. You slip your body between my legs, never letting go of pinching, rubbing and twisting of my nipples. I feel your tongue on my pussy through my panties, probing and sucking as much as it will let you. You can smell my excitement and wetness with each moment. I writhe under your hands and your mouth. I'm whispering over and over... please, please, more, please, oh god.... You bite my panties and pull them away from my wet pussy. I can feel the cooler air of the room on my swollen pussy lips. I hold my breath, suddenly you let go and my panties return their previous position, covering what I want you to feel the most. I moan loudly. Your left hand continues to pinch and knead my right breast. Your right hand trails down to my left hip, grasping my panties in your fist. I hold my breath again. You rip the side of my panties. I gasp as you tear the panties from my body. I can feel you once again sliding down my body slowly. Your hands move to my ass, lifting and spreading my ass apart. I feel exposed, naked to you. I feel your fingers pinch my ass. You reach up and tear the blindfold away from my eyes. My eyes pop open.

"No hiding", you say.

I nod. You lick once, from my pussy to my clit, slowly. I moan,"Oh god. More please", I say.

You begin a slow torturous exploration of my pussy; licking, sucking, nibbling every inch of flesh. I have closed my eyes and am begging please over and over again, whimpering and moaning, almost incoherently. I open my eyes and look down my body at you.

"I'm going to cum if you keep doing that", I say. You look up at me, my wetness shining on your lips and chin. I can't keep still, constantly writhing. Will you let me cum or are you going to keep me on this edge for longer? You back your tongue away and moving down my thighs and towards my ass, nibbling as you go, now pinching my nipples a bit harder.

“You've been a bad girl and I'm not going to let you cum just yet....Keep your eyes on me or I'll stop all together”

You then proceed down my thighs sucking, licking and nibbling I look you deep in the eyes.Your hand pokes and probes the flesh around my ass. You wet your finger with my dripping pussy and stick your finger slowly into my ass. I clamp down in surprise and pleasure. You begin to suck my clit hard as you fuck my ass. I am moaning louder and louder. You stuff the green silk in my mouth. I can push it out with my tongue but I moan into it. You touch my face and make me look you in the eyes.

”Cum for me, baby”.

You dip your head back to my clit and hold it in your teeth so you can flick it with your tongue. All while your fingers slide in and out of my ass.

"I’m going to cum", I whisper and a distantly I hear you say,

“Yes, baby, cum”.

I cum screaming into the green silk.

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