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Aria giggled loudly as Oliver playfully bit down on her shoulder as they climbed out of the shower. “Oli, stop it,” She squealed as he tickled her. “Not until I get my Christmas gift," He laughed, before kissing her tenderly as she wrapped the towel around her body and walked into the bedroom.

She couldn't help the wide grin that spread across her face as he walked over; Oliver wrapped his arms around her waist, as she stood with her back towards him. “Miss me?” Oliver questioned lazily, kissing her neck softly. Aria nodded, dropping the underwear back into her drawer as she turned around in his arms so they were facing each other.

She stood on tip-toe and kissed him quickly on the lips. But, Oliver obviously had other plans because he kissed her back passionately, his fingers threading through her wet hair. He crushed her body against him, kissing her in a way that made her whole body react immediately.

He then turned them around and started moving back towards her bed, letting Aria sit down before he carefully lay down on top of her, their lips never once leaving each others. Her hands reached up into his hair as he bit down gingerly on her lower lip. Aria felt the hand that had been on her back reach up and brush the hair away from her collarbone, as he pulled the towel from around her body.

Oliver then moved his hips forward, pressing his dick firmly against the apex of her thighs, and slid in with one fluid motion and started to move his hips against hers. Darts of pleasure shot through Aria as he increased his pace and pressed more firmly against her. Aria moaned into the kiss, grabbing his hair even tighter into her tiny fists.

Oliver kept shifting his hips as he leaned forward and kissed her again, biting her bottom lip once again. Aria leisurely parted her lips, as she felt his tongue slowly trace the outline of them. Oliver’s hips slowed down their movement to an almost agonizing pace, before Aria carefully slid her tongue in his mouth. Oliver picked up speed and pressure again, as he moved his lips down to her neck.

In less than a second he’d found her spot and bit down hard on it. Aria gasped as she jerked against his body, his lips moved down to her throat before skimming across her collarbone. She felt him start to move his hips more gradually again, bringing the large waves of pleasure down to small darts.

Aria opened her eyes as a growl rippled out of her throat at Oliver. He smiled briefly before he picked up speed; Aria wrapped her legs around his waist in effort to gain even more pleasure. One of his hands slid down to rest at her hip for a moment, before he moved it gradually down her thigh. Aria supposed the reason for exaggerated slowness was so that if she wanted to protest she could. Frankly, protesting was the furthest thing from her mind possible. And then suddenly, Oliver held his hips away completely.

They were both panting for breath as she felt his hand inch across her clit. Oliver rested his hand there lightly, so lightly she barely even felt it. She paused a moment and exhaled slowly. Oliver stared into her eyes, holding Aria’s gaze, and pressed his whole palm against her vagina. Her whole body jerked in surprise and she gasped aloud. Oliver worked his palm over her, pressing firmly with his hand before easing off again while moving his hand up and down.

He did it slowly, carefully, and it was absolute torture having to endure the slowness. Aria knew he was doing it on purpose and she cursed him for it, but her brain wasn’t functioning as well with his hand setting her entire body ablaze with passion.

Oliver started to pick up the pace, his eyes never once leaving hers as her chest started to heave again, her breathing grew ragged as her heart pounded out the same quick rhythm of his hand into her ears. Something was bubbling up inside of her, and her eyes slipped shut as it intensified and grew like a wildfire. “Oliver,” Aria moaned, her hips jerking in response to his hand. And suddenly, he removed his hand.

Aria’s eyes flew open in shock as he re-positioned himself between her legs, quickly pounding into her tight walls, again and again as he kissed her. And then everything just seem to click into place, all the lust, passion, and pleasure just seemed to heighten at once and suddenly it felt like something exploded. Like a firework inside her had went off while her hips bucked against him.

Aria moaned even louder than before as her entire body shook with pleasure and she dug her nails into the flesh on his arms. It was the most amazing feeling; a wild, untamed sensation inside her that felt like an explosion within her body.

Slowly, Aria felt it die down, leaving her gasping for breath and slightly exhausted. Oliver had long since stopped moving within her, and when she opened her eyes she saw him watching her intensely, warmth in his eyes.

Oliver drew the back of his hand against her cheek, and Aria sighed, closing her eyes as she relaxed into pillows. “I thought this was supposed to be your gift not mine,” She chuckled breathlessly. Aria felt him roll off before he grabbed her upper arms and pulled her to him. Aria curled up against his side, leaning her head on his chest.

Oliver shrugged his shoulders, “Trust me, that has to be the best gift I’ve ever gotten,” he assured her, his voice rougher than usual as he nuzzled her neck. “But you didn’t get to finish,” She frowned, flushing at the ‘finish’ term. What else could she call it without sounding like a total idiot?

He smiled against her neck, “There will be other times,” he replied coolly. Aria smiled “Yeah, I guess you're right, maybe we should get some sleep.” she said as she pulled out of his arms, twisting her torso so she could face him. She then dipped her head and bit into his neck.

Oliver’s hips jerked up against her, and a growl sounded at the back of his throat while his body tensed like a coiled spring. “I’m beginning to think you have an ulterior motive,” he breathed. Aria kissed him quickly, “Maybe I do,” she gave him another kiss, “Maybe I don’t,” she said, her smirk never faltering. “I’m betting on the first one,” Oliver said.

Aria brushed her lips across his cheek, “Wrong,” she whispered into his ear. “Liar,” he breathed out huskily. “Damn, you caught me,” she replied before pressing her hot wet core against his dick. Oliver moaned, squirming awkwardly beneath her. Aria grinned, and slid his now throbbing cock deep into her waiting folds.

Oliver’s hands gripped her hips tightly, his fists clenching as she bit down on his neck. He thrust his hips upwards to move in deeper. She smiled and slid all the way down onto him, moving harder and faster. Aria kissed him firmly, and he moaned into the kiss as she came down onto him hard.

Aria bit his lips and his hips jerked upwards, she put a hand onto his chest, and leaned down so they could continue kissing. Once again she felt that same fire building up inside her, but she refused to give into it until she knew he was at the same place as her. Aria raised her hips and slid his hardness out of her. She brought her hand down and grabbed his dick firmly, rubbing him slowly before she increased her pace again, doing all the same things he did to her.

Oliver’s hips bucked in her tiny hands, “Aria,” he moaned against her lips, as she teased him. She resisted the urge to smirk and pulled his chin to her, drawing her tongue across his lower lip before she bit it. In one fluid motion she had removed her hand and completely impaled his dick into her pussy again... “Jesus Christ, Aria,” he moaned out as she started to move up and down. Pretty soon, she started moving faster and harder, bouncing and rocking her hips on his cock with everything she had. Oliver grasped her hips even tighter, as she slid him deep into her, harder and harder.

By now their moans didn’t even have words; they were just breathless gasps and sounds since they were both too distracted to think straight. That same fire roared back up inside Aria, drowning out every other feeling. Her hands were curled into fists on his arms, and then suddenly she stopped, holding her lower half away from him. “Don’t stop,” he growled loudly. “I wasn’t planning on it,” Aria whispered breathlessly, suddenly slamming his hard cock all the way inside of her, hitting her g-spot.

He quickly took control and flipped her over and onto her hands and knees as he got behind her. He slammed his hard cock back into her, getting harder and faster, as he relentlessly pounded his cock into her throbbing pussy, time and time again. Oliver’s fingertips dug into the skin on her hips and she arched her back, as he delivered his final thrust into her. They both moaned loudly as they both suddenly reached their peak, warmth spreading throughout their entire body.

Aria let her arms fall out from under her, and collapsed onto the bed, breathing heavily. Oliver pulled out slowly, and then landed on her mattress with a slight 'flop' noise. She rolled onto him as you lay there panting. She scooted closer to him, suddenly feeling like she could sleep for a week as she leaned her head onto his bare, sweaty chest. Oliver’s chest heaved underneath her and she was almost asleep by the time their breathing returned to normal.

She felt his arms circle her waist and pull her tightly to his body. Aria hummed as she buried her face in the crook of his neck. “If tonight is your kind of Christmas gift to me, then I cannot wait for my birthday,” Oliver said, and chuckled. “I don’t know, it’ll be pretty hard to outdo this gift.” she laughed “Somehow, I think you’ll manage,” Oliver muttered, kissing her forehead. He started to say something else, but Aria could not seem to keep her eyes open as she drifted off into a blissful sleep.

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