Cleopatra's Masquerade Part One

By Coco

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A young woman asks her fiance to indulge her biggest fantasy.
Kenya stood in the center of the aisle at the mothball fragrant costume store considering her options for the upcoming masquerade ball. The event is going to be held at Hotel D on New Year’s Eve. She looked forward to bringing in the New Year with her love of five years and more than 500 costumed party goers.

I Dream of Jeanie…

Scarlett O’Hara…


‘Men,’ she thought. ‘Damn men always have it so easy.’ She watched as her fiancé chose a tux upon receiving the gold embossed invitation.


Intrigued, she kept returning to the stunning costume. The headdress what gorgeous and tantalizing to her eyes as she glanced at it adoringly; the jewel embellished midriff captivated her, its colors adding a splash of flair. It spoke volumes to her style and she knew that she would feel alluring, sultry and sexy in it. Those same descriptions applied to the costume’s namesake.

Cleopatra, the oft portrayed classic beauty, was an ideal choice. Somehow, Kenya felt a stirring of kinship with the Greek come Egyptian queen. Cleopatra’s beauty and sexual aura was legendary. And Kendra felt as if her sexual history was legendary; she spent years tormenting eager, virile and extremely attractive men, giving only a select few a taste of her delectable body.

‘Oh, yes! I have to have this, it’s perfect.’ Her mind was full of ideas of how she would portray the sensuous Egyptian queen.

‘And I should have a Caesar as my date,’ she thought as she picked up the costume with her delicate hand.

Kenya held the costume before her, feeling as if a part of her destiny was linked to it. Seeking a dressing room so that she could try it on, she turned around and bumped into a worker. “Dressing room?”

The young man gasped; mouth agape as he gazed at her. “Straight ahead and to the left, if you…”

“Need anything? I’ll let you know, thank you.” Her brilliant smile dazzled him as she swung her hips and walked to the room.

She entered the dressing room. Kenya knew that her legs were money makers and she did her best to always accent them gorgeously. As she undressed, she ran her hands along them; they were beautifully encased in silky hosiery which she left on. She pulled the costume’s shimmery gold skirt up her body. The skirt hugged her hips. Her curves were gorgeously displayed and from the view in the full length mirror, her ass was round and firm. The jeweled toned baubles encircled her waist pulling the eye to her caramel toned, flat tummy. Kenya worked hard to maintain her small but curvy body. Bending down to see if the skirt would show a little too much, Kenya smiled. ‘It leaves something to the imagination but it’s just enough to whet the sexual appetite!’

Now for the midriff baring top, its gold and purple material flashing in the mirror made her smile. She shrugged out of her sweater and laid it over the small bench. Kenya pulled on the top and another smile crept across her face, it was fabulous! The costume would make her an irresistibly exotic vision and Julian would be unable to resist touching her, leering at her, his body would be intensely aware of hers. It always was. She removed the costume, quickly dressed and headed to checkout line.

Walking swiftly to her black Mustang, Kenya was distracted and thought, ‘this celebration is going to be momentous.’ She also realized that she would definitely need a Caesar for the evening, in fact, she would need much more.

Julian was her dream come true; not that she didn’t deserve a good man, it’s more that she’d had a run of really bad luck and instantly dissed him when they met. Thank goodness for the man’s perseverance, as he was just the tall drink of icy, cold water that she needed to quench her parched lips on a hot, sunny day.

His unbelievably dark skin contrasted with her mixed heritage mulatto tone and he’d readily admitted that her legs were the pull that drew her to him. She used those legs to her advantage that night; for everything that she’d done during the evening was a manipulation to get her way.

“Julian, come here; how was your day?” He approached her and she walked into his outstretched arms. Kenya exhaled, closed her eyes, and inhaled, breathing in his scent; she loved the woodsy citrus aroma of his cologne combined with his natural scent. It appealed to her in the most primal way.

“What’re you cooking, Ya-Ya?”

“Come on, Julian, you know I hate that damn name. Try again.”

“What’re you cooking, sweetie?”

Kenya stared at Julian cryptically and sighed, “Condescending, you know I don’t like that…you’re treading on thin ice. It’s baked chicken, spiced asparagus, and corn on the cob; there’s cornbread and a slice of pecan pie for your dessert.”

Julian sauntered over to Kenya and rubbed her back; he knew how to push her buttons and he knew when she wanted something. Kissing her neck, Julian whispered, “Kenya, what do you want? I know there’s something on your mind. Out with it.”

“Julian, I love you. Loving you is my life and I hope that you feel the same. But,” she paused, hesitating as he drank in the sight of her.

“BUT?” He raised his brow, rubbing her lower back doing his best to encourage her to tell him what was on her mind.

“But I want something more sexually. It’s the fantasy that we’ve discussed many times.” Her voice was confident and a sexy smile formed on her luscious lips. “I want it…bad.”

“Which one; you brought the kinky out of me, so you have to tell me which fantasy, K.”

Kenya shrugged and walked, hips swaying seductively, to the oven to pull out the chicken.

“The threesome.”

“K, please, are you serious? You really want that?”

“Yes, Julian. Let’s eat.”

Kenya and Julian sat down at the table; she lit the candles and served him. The intimacy of the candlelight and the soothing wine began to push Kenya’s libido into overdrive. However, the mood brewing seemed more like a loving night, whereas Kenya felt the need for something more…more substantial. Kenya placed her hand in Julian’s lap and began to sneak it up his thigh, reaching for his magic stick. Kenya wanted to fuck on the table, on the island, on the upgraded mahogany floors… the girl simply did not care. Her desire for him was great, all consuming and animalistic; it’s urgency alarming.

“MMM, dang K, you made this meal, now you don’t want me to eat it?”

“Julian, please. I uh, babe, I need you.”

Kenya glanced at Julian, their eyes meeting and the heat sizzled between them. She leaned into him, and caressing his smooth jaw line, she took the lobe of his ear into her mouth. Just as he knew her, Kenya knew him. And she intended to have him anyway she wanted. He realized that there was no use in trying to dissuade her; he allowed himself to be seduced. Kenya pushed her yoga pants to her ankles, and pushing their meals aside, she encouraged him to remove them.

“K, lift up your shirt.”

“Yes, Julian, you saw it; my bare pussy. No panties, I wanted you to see my need; I’ve planned this all day. Every second of this day I’ve been thinking about your mouth pleasuring my pussy.”

Since she pushed his food aside, she crawled up onto the table and presented herself as his meal. Julian licked his lips, eyes bulging and focusing on the feast that sat in front of him; he leaned down into her and sniffed her aroma. His face was so close to her that she could sense the upcoming caress, could feel the heat emitting from his skin. Julian teased her, blowing warm breath on her sodden pussy as he saw fluids glide from her sex.

“Julian, PLEASE!”

He opened her flower with his tongue as nectar gushed from her; hearing her gasp he stopped his tongue action and replaced it with a finger. Julian’s finger slowly caressed her labia; teasing it he placed the thumb of his other hand on her clit. She shivered, her body responding to the pleasure that his fingers delivered.

“Julian, please. Baby, make me cum!”

His mouth pressed upon her again, his tongue darting in and out of her soft moist folds causing her pelvic region to buck into him. The intense pleasure forced her to moan loudly while grabbing her breasts; she pulled and tweaked her sensitive nipples until her body exploded with a tumultuous orgasm.

Julian was not finished with her, she wanted to play, to fuck; he damned well intended to do just that—fuck his lovely girl, to feast upon her body like a ravenous tiger. Julian grabbed a glass of the Sauvignon Blanc and poured it over her scorching flesh. Devouring her pussy juices, now flavored with their favorite wine, he plunged his tongue into her. His middle finger sliding up and down the crack of her ass, Julian sought her puckered hole. Pushing gently into her precious hole he stood and dropped his trousers. His life force sprung forth and aiming at her drenching entrance, he plowed his way into her sex. A guttural moan escaped Kenya’s scrumptious mouth.

“Oh fucking …Oh my fucking….fuck Julian. Fuck me!”

“Yes baby, I am!”

He plundered her pussy relentlessly, tenaciously, and forgetting the world around him, he forced a finger into her ass.

“You want another man to join us? To experience two dicks fucking you in every damn hole?” He thrust into her over and over, harder, deeper, faster punctuating every word as he thought about her request.

“God, fuck YES!”

Her body responded to the words by heating up another five notches and her tightness sucked his dick further in. Her body demanded his release, her heart and soul required it. In response his shaft thunderously plowed in and out of her sex as her need began summoning his orgasm to release itself from his boiling balls. Growling his pleasure, and his voice barely a hoarse whisper, Julian spoke under the duress of his thunderous climax.

“Fuck, uggg, oh fuck! Yeah baby.”

“Yeah, baby what?” Kenya managed to eke out a response to her climaxing lover.

“Threesome. Do you have someone in mind?”

Kenya smiled realizing that her ultimate fantasy was going to come true. She wanted a threesome, but not just any threesome. Kenya wanted another man to join and the sex she wanted was a little taboo as she wanted double penetration. Anal sex fascinated her. Recently, Julian began fucking her ass. It took her some time to get used to his length and girth penetrating her anus, but oh the fun they had getting to that point. So this, this fantasy in the making had her pumped. She knew who she wanted, and now was the time to break it to her man. Of course, Kenya had one more thing to lay on him.

“Yes, baby I do. But can I ask a favor of you before I tell you?”

“Shit Kenya, you are fuckin’ killin’ me girl! What now?”

“Baby, instead of the plain mask for the ball, will you wear a Caesar mask or something Greek inspired?”

“What? Why? What the hell are you up to?”

“Please,” she uttered as she found her way to his dick. She kissed it and took it in her mouth as she looked up at him. Her eyes were wreaking havoc on his heart as her tongue did the same to his hardening stick.

“Ahhh, damn K…yeah girl, anything. Just don’t stop!” Smiling, she went to work, rewarding him with her deliciously talented tongue.

“Oh, and by the way, I want Anthony to join us,” she said as she took a breath, her mouth hovering above his dick. Before he could react, she thrust her mouth down unto him. Again taking away his option to deny her what she wanted.

She knew that Anthony would also be attending the ball and it would be a great opportunity to taste what she’d only been allowed to see so far. Anthony’s body is all muscle; his one flaw is his large, previously broken nose and his unrelenting fascination with facial hair. His ass was a girl’s dream, firm and just enough to grab while fucking. He likes wearing his jeans loose. However, she once saw him adjust himself and noticed the wonderfully large bulge he’d moved. It aroused her then and it made her salivate now.

As she swallowed the remnants of Julian’s second climax, Kenya knew without a doubt that Julian would not deny her; she would have both men very soon.