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Clients Daughter

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Man was she a bitchy woman. Bitchy, but her daughter sat with a slight smirk on her face. What was up with that I asked myself? I couldn’t explain it and I didn’t want to. The daughter walked me out. 36, she was short but in my mind, a nicely moulded woman and I hadn’t found anything wrong with her, including her personality. I heard her call out my name and I stopped and turned around.

“Mr. Burke… Mr. Burke,” she said. “Hi, please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Olivia of course and that’s one of my mom’s better features - always forgetting to introduce her kids; done it all her life in fact.”

She stuck out her hand. We shook. It electrified me. I held it too long as I held her eyes too. Wow, can we kiss, or hug, or do something with each other I asked myself. She was special. She explained her mother. She explained her mother’s problem with the position. I nodded as if I understood. All I wanted at that moment was to feel the Olivia’s body against mine. I’m bad in that way and I’ve always been that way too. We stood outdoors speaking and I still had to tell Olivia I’d have to think about it. It was my policy as an investigator of my own company.

Oddly, as I walked around the car to get in it, she said it. “I do like you too. I liked shaking your hand as well” she told me. She said she didn’t understand it either but when we shook hands and when we looked into the other’s eyes, she didn’t at first understand it, but she said she would. It wasn’t that hard to figure out relationships between men and women. “Man likes woman. Woman likes man. They get to know one another. They make love, eventually” she told me as I tried holding back from the truth.

I drove away, nodding, and agreeing with her. It was true. I liked Olivia. I liked her a lot. I did a u-turn and honked at her. She turned around and smiled when she saw me coming back. “Let’s go out” I said. “Let’s go to dinner and then a musical... You and me and no one else alright?” I said. “What time may I pick you up?”

She asked when and I told her. I picked her up. We never made it to dinner. “I want you” she said. “Make love with me” she told me. “Have sex with me, suck my tits…fuck them, eat me out, and I’ll make sure this job is yours…I promise you that.”

I already wanted to do all that with her. Do I tell her that? Nah, forget it. Let her think I never ever thought of that before. Before we even made it to dinner, we made it to bed, and Olivia and I had some great sweat seducing sex. The woman was all over me. Everywhere a woman wanted to be on a man you wished her to be. Oh my god. She was great. I hoped I was as good. But she loved my body, or so it seemed. My lips, my chest, and my stomach - She was on them. My cock and even my ass - She loved them too. We nibbled each other. Cock and tits and we fucked harder then fucking was legally allowed, I think, but it was great and the sweat poured down off us. Sweat and more sweat ran down off her and I wanted more sweat. And when it was all over, we ran for the showers. In the showers, we were surprised to discover… We fucked even more. This wasn’t friendship. This was madness. We were attracted to one another. And we loved it. We loved one another. And it was our first date too.

“Wow like are you always like that Fred?” she said.

“No, not always… I think you brought that out in me” I said.

My eyes blinked and I shook my head as we lay wrapped against one another. We finally looked into one another’s eyes. She said she liked me. I asked her if she liked me or just the sex. She laughed. She said me and the sex. I told her she was great herself. It was humid and we should go to my place, or hers, next time. She said hers was fine, but this hotel was perfect for the very first time. We laughed and hugged and hugged and kissed and we wouldn’t let go of one another.

“Can I eat you out again…for crazies?” I said. “I loved doing yours.”

“Sure…now?” she asked.

I went down on her. Lapping and licking it, I never enjoyed a smoother, silkier cunt in my entire life. I loved how she moved and jilted as I licked and consumed her pussy with my tongue. Silk. That’s how it was. Silky. Smooth. Soft. Her pussy needed my attention and I told her that too. She laughed and giggled. But it was true. I played and played with it. I enjoyed the softness. It was wet. It was inviting. I wish I was inside it. I wish I was consumed by its… Its… Its greatness. I continued licking it. And she had her third orgasm because of my actions. I felt manly now. Even though I knew better, I still felt more manly then I’d ever felt.

“Marry me” she said. “Do this every night for the rest of our lives?” she said. I stopped licking and looked up. Really, you mean it? That’s the look I gave her. She read my face. “Okay, once you solve the case and we’re still hot and heavy, if we’re still hot and heavy like this, can we get married?”

I lay half on and half off her body as I played with her breasts. Nice full tits. Nice full nipples emerging as we lay talking about nothing in particular. I studied her physical features. I liked her body. It was soft and delicate and it was curvy too with shoulders and breasts and her small belly, but her hips which wowed me from the back along with her rounded shapely ass and thighs threw me into a tailspin. She was crazy for me. I was crazy for her too. I was crazy for her body more to the point. Her personality was nothing like her mothers… nothing at all. Her mom was cold and conniving. She was like a little girl. She loved to play, loved sex, and she really liked me… or the sex I gave her.

“I’m just going to tell you one thing. You have an incredibly beautiful body.”

“Wow. Really. You mean that?” she said.

“Yes. Don’t you believe it?”

She shrugged her shoulders and pinched her face up. “I don’t know. You know how mom’s can be. She’s always…you know…picked at it all my life.”

“Nooooooo, noooo” I told her. “It is…ohhh man, stay with me all night and I will make you understand forever” I said. I couldn’t believe I’d said it, but I did.

But it was true. Olivia did have a great body. I had to prove that to her. So I tried. I tried as best I could. All night we stayed up. We kissed and we kissed and we held one another closely. I played on her body, her boobs, and her slight belly. I kissed her everywhere. I told her or mumbled to her how this or that or elsewhere, such as her ass and sides were great or incredible. She asked me if I meant it. I told her I did or why would I be here doing this all night I had said.

“Thank you. I love this. I love being here doing this with you.”

And then I felt her hand on my cock, my limp lovable cock. She stroked it. She petted it. She held it in her hand as she caressed its softness. Finally after about 20 minutes or so it grew a little. She pet it some more. It grew some more. I found us coming closer. Our bodies closed in on each other. I found us wanting it at least one more time. I’d seen almost everything on her, at least twice. And I still wanted to discover something new. Could I or did I? I don’t know, but being with her intimately like we were and at night was terrific to me. She was terrific. By the end, she was on me. By the end, I was in her. By the end, she was humping me one last time, at least for the night. And by then end, she orgasmed although I had nothing left to give back.

And she enjoyed me as I enjoyed her. I enjoyed her body. I enjoyed her. We enjoyed the get together. And that was only our first date. We showered, cleaned up our mess, and I kissed and hugged her and her body before we left that room. Next time she came to see me at my place and we didn’t leave it for two whole days. Sex is great when you are with the right person. Olivia was the perfect person. Or we hit it off well.

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