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Cloud 23

This is my first every story, hope you enjoy it.
She took a long sip of champagne, savouring the bubbles on her tongue and scanned the sumptuous décor of Cloud 23 with her deep blue eyes. The day was finally here. After months of texting, emailing and chatting, today was the day they would finally meet for the first time. She felt a shiver of anticipation run through her body as she thought about what was to come.

She cast her gaze towards the door and felt her heart leap into her throat as she saw him. He was every bit as gorgeous as his picture, if not more so. She could feel the butterflies starting a tango in her stomach.

He confidently strolled over to her, kissed her on the cheek and said, “Well, hello there,” in that sexy, lilting Irish accent.

“Hi there, do you fancy a drink or shall we go somewhere a little more comfortable?”

The second they were in the lift, his hands were on her. He kissed her softly, nibbling on her bottom lip, as he pinned her against the cool, mirrored walls of the lift. She pushed herself against him, passionately kissing him back, letting her hands explore his toned, muscular body. She could feel the bulge growing in his jeans and pressed herself more urgently against him.

They broke apart as the bell signalled their arrival. She smiled at him shyly, nerves suddenly washing over her. They stepped out of the lift and she followed him down the hallway, admiring the way his jeans clung to his firm, rounded ass. He swiped the key card to unlock the door and gazed over his shoulder at her, with a look of pure lust. She felt her stomach flip with excitement as they entered the room.

He led her over to the bed and pushed her back gently, falling onto the bed in a steamy embrace. He began to kiss up and down her neck, nibbling gently, as she whimpered with pleasure. He continued to tease her, cupping her breast in his hand and tweaking her nipple through the flimsy fabric of her dress. He stood and began to remove his shirt, slowly, button by button, enjoying her reaction as she saw his ripped torso. She reciprocated and slid her dress over her head, getting off on his gasp of approval. She lay back, letting him admire the black lace basque, stockings and suspenders. She reached for him and unbuttoned his jeans, sliding them over his hips and letting them drop to the floor. He hooked his thumbs under the elastic of his boxers and slid them down his legs, kicking them aside, along with his jeans.

His majestic cock stood to attention and she licked her lips hungrily. She pulled his hips towards her and flicked the tip of his cock with her tongue and heard him exhale sharply. She began to lightly run her nails up and down his long shaft.

“Mmmmm,” she heard him groan.

As she worked her hand up and down his throbbing cock, she swirled her tongue around the head, tasting his exquisite saltiness. She gazed up at him through long, dark lashes as he watched himself move in and out of her soft, full lips.

He suddenly withdrew and knelt to the floor and started to gently kiss each leg in turn, from the tip of her toes up to the lace top of her black stockings. He unclipped each one in turn and slowly peeled them down her shapely legs. He could see a damp patch on her silken panties and inhaled the musky scent of her arousal.

She arched herself towards him, needing to feel his mouth upon her. With one swift movement, he pulled her panties off and began to lick up and down her slit, tantalisingly slowly. He reached up and began to circle her clit with his thumb, whilst still working his magic tongue against her.

She began to moan softly, “Fuck me, please. I need to feel you inside me now.”

As he lay back on the bed, she sat astride him, unhooking her basque and freeing her voluptuous breasts. She began to tease him, gently tweaking her erect nipples and rubbing her wetness against his straining cock. At the last minute, she turned to face away from him and plunged his cock deep inside her. She could feel him filling her and began to moan a little louder.

As she circled her hips around him, grinding herself against him, she leaned back, the ends of her dark hair trailing across his chest. He sat up slightly and gently nibbled at her neck, at the same time, reaching round and rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

“Worth the wait?” He asked.

“Fuck, yes” was her whimpered reply.

As she ground herself harder and harder against him, he reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out a small, silver bullet. Flicking it on, he began to press it against her nipples, the vibrations sending shockwaves of pleasure shooting to her soaking wet pussy. He worked his way down her body until he found her swollen clit.

She could feel the heat begin to rise inside her and clenched herself tightly round him, arching her back as she pushed against the smooth silver bullet.

“Harder,” she groaned, “Harder!” 

As he thrust up into her, she came loudly in a screaming climax, thrashing wildly on his throbbing cock. The sound of her cumming was enough to tip him over the edge and he shot thick ropes of his hot cum deep inside of her. She clenched herself around him, squeezing out every last drop.

She reluctantly slid him out of her and lay beside him on the bed, wrapping her leg over his muscular thighs, feeling their juices slowly snaking a trail down her inner thighs. They lay there, satisfied grins on each of their faces, almost unable to speak.

He kissed her softly on her head and said, “What are you doing to me?”

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