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Club Class Benefits

My mile high memory
Long haul flights had always been a problem for me; I wasn’t a very keen traveller ever since a young age - but now it was part of my monthly pay check.

I was catching the final flight from Abu Dhabi and then I can sleep for a week. Meetings all day had wiped out my brain and I was sitting in the airport bar with a large JD and ice. The drink was strong but going down smooth - as did the second, much to my surprise.

I decided to break up the next with a mixer, the barman smiled and put two in front of me.

“Hey, I only asked for...” he broke off my protest, pointing to a man at the end of the bar. The guy was familiar to me, and then I noticed his ID badge, showing me he'd been at the same conference as me earlier. I thought to myself I'd better be polite, he probably knew the CEO or something so I grabbed my coat and bag and moved round the bar to him.

“Thanks for the drink, sorry I didn’t catch you name,” I pushed my hand out; he took it and shook gently.

“I’m Brett, the JD seemed a good idea, and when I saw you, I thought someone else who knows how I feel.” I picked up an Irish hint to his accent; blue eyes dark hair - it was a good look for him.

“So what area are you in?” I was trying to make small talk, God knows why.

“Screw that, what are you going to do when you get home?” He laughed and undid his tie and undid his top shirt button.

“I have the week off, then I’m heading to Washington, the Geo-meeting.” Brett nodded, and showed me his pass for the Geo-meeting. Well at least I'd know someone there.

“I’m going too, so this week I’m going to get as lazy as is possible. Got a great load of takeaway numbers to deliver, then lots of alcohol, and probably delve into some of my slutty stack of hardcore porn.” He laughed loud and I couldn’t help but join in.

“That’s very honest of you to say that. So what does this slutty stack include?” I turned towards Brett more, partially engrossed by what he was saying and partially trying to cover what we were talking about.

“Well, anything really. I have a very varied taste but I do enjoy watching a girl get fucked hard and take cock deep.” His face was close to mine. I could smell his aftershave and the JD. I think another drink was needed, before this conversation continued.

As he ordered the next round of drinks came and I decided I needed to change into more traveller friendly clothing. I also changed my underwear - I wasn’t planning anything, just felt fresher. I chose my jeans and black shirt, I left my hair down and a quick spray of perfume helped me perk up.

When I returned to the bar Brett had ordered snacks and a bottle of wine. I would have to slow this drinking down got a long night ahead of me.

“So when you're home, why aren’t you going to banging the life out of some pretty little skirt?” That was a good way to find out about his home life.

“The thing is, as I am sure you are aware, being in our line of work you don’t have much time for anyone else. So I’m not really in a committed relationship, ever.” He seemed genuine and honest, and it was a reality check. I couldn’t remember the last time I had spent time with a man who didn’t want to look at the company figures in a variety of different languages.

“I’m the same, just a cat at home. Can’t complain though get to watch what I want on TV.” I smiled, Brett responded with a gentle stroke of my thigh.

“What amazing shoes.” He leaned down and I felt him grasp my ankle and raise my foot on to his knee. My shoes were black PVC, steel heel, and chain trim straps. I love those shoes - dates, work, nights out - my ultimate favourites. But no one had ever looked at them up close - at all the kinky details.

“So what was your inspiration for buying them?” He didn’t look up as his asked the question. Knowing what I did of him, I knew the response was going to turn him on.

“I needed them for a fetish night I went to in London, I was a dominatrix.” Yes, his eyes were now on me. Brett's, hand moved up my jeans softly stroking my skin.

“What did you wear with these?” He began undoing the tight strap around my ankle, and slipped off the shoe, then began massaging my foot.

“I wore a black PVC corset, matching PVC skirt, stockings and over the elbow PVC gloves. I didn’t wear any panties - it was too hot for them.” The massage pressure increased, and then he moved my foot to his crotch. I could feel how hard he was, and began rubbing him through his trousers.

“Tell me what you did and what you saw.” He rubbed my leg gently as I carried on rubbing up and down his full length.

“I was watching willing slaves have their bodies beaten and bashed for the satisfaction of others. I found the sadistic taste of others made me horny as hell and I wanted to try it. So hitching up my tight skirt to reveal my naked ass and stockings I bent over for a man in a mask and he began spanking me.” Brett’s eyes were lit bright and he hung on every word I said.

“I had my left cheek spanked red raw, but I was unable to cry out as my master had now begun to finger my wet pussy roughly and hard…” my story was cut short by the announcer, our flight was being called.

“We'd better go babes.” I nodded, Brett replaced my shoe and we grabbed our bags.

I had my coat back on and my bag was over my shoulder - then Brett’s lips were on mine. He kissed me hard and passionately, it took my breath away.

Our tongues entwined; hungrily exploring each other’s mouths, we then parted and carried on towards the gate.

I was first on and headed towards the club class, Brett followed, but we were separate on sides of the plane. I felt slightly deflated and slumped into the seat, I was knackered anyway so I just put it down to luck of life.

“Excuse me madam, the gentleman over the other side, has requested if you want to join him, the seat next to him is free.” She smiled sweetly. I nodded and went over to join Brett.

“I'll even let you have the window seat.” I giggled at his offer, and slipped in beside him.

The flight attendant brought us more drinks just before we finally took off. Brett and I kept talking dirty, sharing our darkest fantasies and our conquests. Brett’s gentle way of speaking made me so horny, my stomach flipped every time he spoke about rough sex.

“By the way I got to confess something.” He took my hand and kissed it gently then placed it on his bulging crotch.

“I haven’t kissed a girl with a tongue bar before, and since we kissed I’ve wanted to feel that tongue bar against my cock.” I grabbed his cock through his jeans. I played with the idea of unzipping him and pleasuring him under the blanket. Grabbing my hand again, he pulled me close to his face and whispered instructions to meet him at the toilets in 5 minutes.

He got up and headed to the toilet; I smoothed my hair down, finished the last of my drink and got up.

I as I passed the steward's station and down a small flight of stairs my heart pounded so hard in my chest, I thought I could burst. At the bottom of the stair case Brett was peeking out of one of the cubicles. He opened the door fully when I got to him and pulled me inside.

The door was locked and within seconds we were kissing hard. My shirt was pulled open and Brett’s lips were down my neck to my collar bone. I pulled off my shirt dropping it to the floor. He pulled one bra strap down and began softly sucking, then gently biting my nipple. I let out a low moan, as he increased the pressure on his teeth. I pulled his face back to mine kissing again, I unbuttoned his shirt and he unhooked my bra. My hard nipples pressed against his warm skin.

I could feel his erection straining to get out. I sat myself on the toilet seat and undid his trousers. Reaching in I could feel his dick was full and hard, I moved it out and wrapped my lips around the already glistening head. I took him deep in my throat, he gasped and I did it again, he pulled my hair hard. I leaned back to see him staring right at me, I kept eye contact and licked the end, flicking my tongue stud over and over to his delight.

Then deep throat again, his cock bounced off the back of my throat, made me paused a few times, but I knew he was enjoying this. Then he pulled me up face to face, and kissed me again.
I removed my jeans. Lowering himself down, Brett pulled my panties to one side and began flicking his tongue over my hard little clit.

His tongue felt warm as he lapped at me, then he forced two fingers into my pussy and I flung my head back and caught my breath.

Pumping my pussy and lapping at my clit was pushing me over the edge - I was going to explode. I wanted his cock inside me now!

I grabbed him up, and licked his lips tasting my pussy on him. With the cubicle being so compact, I was able to hold myself up by pushing my feet against the opposite wall, no hesitation my pussy lips were parted and Brett’s fat cock was deep in me.

I wrapped my legs round him feeling him banging harder with each thrust, our kissing was so intensive I began rubbing my clit and he sped up his thrusts into me. My pussy was dripping wet and with one last hard thrust we both came hard. I bit his shoulder to muffle my screams of ecstasy, Brett just held me tight as a vice. Breathing deep we both stopped and looked at each other.

Sweat glistened off our bodies, our faces were red and hair a mess no way we could hide this. In silence, Brett pulled his trousers up and replaced his shirt, kissed and left. I locked the door after him and looked in the mirror and smiled.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the newest member of the Mile High club,” I giggled silently, replacing my clothes. A quick face wash and I was walking back to club class.

I daren’t look at anyone but I was sure they had heard everything. Brett wasn’t at the seat when I returned; I felt a little lost and sat back down. Then he was next to me. He had a huge grin across his face and two glasses of JD on the rocks.

“Well Mr Adventurous, I know you have done this loads of times but that was a first for me,” I whispered as the rest of the cabin was sleeping.

“It was for me too, Miss Presuming.” He kissed my hand and smiled.

We watched a film, occasionally speaking about the poor acting or how cold it was, when the stewardess came over with another two drinks.

“We didn’t order anymore...” Brett began to say.

“We thought you might need them.” She winked at me and left.

We both giggled, slightly embarrassed that the flight crew knew exactly what we had been up to in the cramped room downstairs.

“Cheers!” I said with a cheesy grin and then snuggled back down next to Brett.

I awoke to find light coming through the windows and the plane touching down. Brett didn’t once let go of my hand until we'd reclaimed our baggage.

Once through the customs I heard a voice squeak “Brett”

I was sort of glad we weren’t holding hands anymore, there was a group, and looked like his family had come to meet him.

He turned to me, “I want to see you again.” The voice called out to him again and a small blonde waved furiously trying to get his attention.

“Yes.” I felt a bit numb and gave him my business card and walked away, I could hear Brett shouting me but I couldn’t turn my legs were jelly.

I jumped straight into the nearest taxi and mumbled my address. I watched the world fly by; everything seemed so dull and grey. In what seemed like no time at all I was at my flat, paying him with with loose change dug from the bottom of my bag.

I stepped indoors, dumped my bag and turned on the coffee machine. I pulled off my clothes that smelt of long haul flight and mile high sex, and ditched them in the washing basket. I had a hot shower and then I flopped on to the bed with a steaming coffee.

The doorbell went and I looked at the intercom - it was a delivery man with flowers.

I opened the door and signed for them - gorgeous big red roses. I thanked him and tried to shut the door but it wouldn’t close - something was caught. A foot was stuck in the door frame, I opened and saw Brett.

“That was my sister; I haven’t seen her for over a year, she had been travelling. And you gave me your driving licence not your business card, hence why I’m here.” His voice was soft and calm. I felt I was going as red as the roses in my hands.

“These are from you?” I asked in a slightly awkward sounding voice. Brett nodded and I walked him in. I entered the kitchen and asked if he wanted coffee?

He didn’t respond. I turned to repeat the question and he was standing there in front of me. I almost jumped out of my skin, then he kissed me and began to undo my dressing gown. It fell to the floor, I was naked underneath. Softly cupping my breasts and teasing my nipples hard, I felt his stiff cock push against my thigh.

“Can we move this to the bedroom?” I purred stroking his hard cock through his tight jeans.“I’m much better horizontal.” Then I led him to the bedroom - well we had the whole week for me to show him.

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