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Club Life

Successful business woman loses control and loves it............
Their eyes met across the crowded dimly lit bar, quickly she darted her eyes away telling herself what a ridiculous cliche that was, but still she felt the familiar twirl of heat between her legs.

She glanced back, under her lashes just to see if he was still there and felt a pang of disappointment that he was not. Pull yourself together lady it was a look, a hot look admittedly, but thats all it was. She shrugged it off, there would be others to play with this evening there always were.

Turning back to watch the action on stage, she felt pride, her club was the busiest in town with the best reputation, she ruled her domain with an iron hand and was respeceted and loved for it, her girls were the best, hand picked tried and tested of course by herself, she treated them fairly and paid them well, but more than that they were her family and she loved and protected them.

It was fairly late on in the evening, nearly time for the girls to take a break and mingle with the audience and relax whille the house band took over with the entertainment, she had got the mix just right, just enough sleaze to make them feel naughty but not seedy and depraved.

Out of the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of him at the bar, he was a first timer, she would of remembered him, his was tall and well built and very striking to look at, he was laughing easily with the waitress, his eyes crinkling at the edges as he smiled with them. He had a strong jawline and she imagined stroking it, his designer stubble scraping along her nails. Again the heat was there stronger this time a lot more intense, she really wanted this one. He must of felt her eyes on him as he looked up and caught her fiery gaze upon him, he grinned at her and mouthed the words 'care to join me?'

She made her way over slowly, stopping to pass the time with some regular clients, aware that his eyes were on her, she could feel them burning into her almost, but she did not hurry. She made a quick detour and had a quiet word with Murray, her business partner, told him she was off duty now and he was in charge. Murray gave her a cheeky wink and a slap on the arse, told her to enjoy, after more than twenty years of friendship he of course new her so well.

She arrived at his table, and was pleased to see he had ordered champagne, had taken control, his eyes never left her, drinking her in hungrily, she watched his eyes follow her every move as she sat on the vacant chair and crossed her shapely legs, her skirt rising just giving him a glimpse of her stocking tops. He introduce himself as Miles, as he poured the bubbly liquid expertly into two glasses, he had nice hands, big and strong, she thought about them holding her and stroking her and the heat flooded through her and she felt the familiar wetness in her panties.

They talked easily, about nothing in particular the underlying sexual tension evident to them both, openly flirting with one another and enjoying and savouring that tension.

The girls were starting their final act on stage and she moved her seat near to his enabling her to watch better, she loved to watch her beautiful girls delight with their raunchy act, knowing she had taught them all well. Her eyes flicked to him and was happy to see he was enjoying what the girls had to offer but that she still held his attention too, his arm was laying across the back of the chair and his fingers were brushing lightly across her back, tracing letters of words that he wanted to do to her later, his other hand came to her face and turned it towards him and very slowly and seductively he kissed her full moist lips. Gently easing them apart so he could slip the tip of his tongue in, he traced his tongue over her lips, and into her mouth. Again and again exploring and searching for her tongue, which she gladly gave him, all though there had been many kisses in the past this surpassed all of them and her stomach muscles clenched and she felt like this was her first kiss ever.

All thought of the girls, the show and the club left her mind as she gave herself completely over to him and his mouth, wanting this kiss to be everlasting. He had stopped tracing letters on her back and his hand had found its way to her thigh under her skirt, brushing the skin above her stocking tops, moving upwards until he found her wetness, his mouth still insistent on hers, his fingers were just as insistent, pushing aside the soaked gusset of her panties and entering her, fingering her slowly, enjoying the slippery wetness of her juices. She kissed him back hard, her tongue teasing his, her hands in his hair loving the control he had over her body.

She could feel his fingers in her more deeply now and his thumb had found her clit, she rocked her hips slowly enjoying the build up of an amazing orgasm, loving that his mouth was still kissing her deeply, her arms slipped down to his muscular shoulders she could feel every movement he was making through the thin materail of his shirt and his strength excited her more she pressed her body closer to him her excited taught nipples pressing against his chest. Perched on the edge of her seat legs spread wide for him as he kept thrusting his fingers slowly into her gaping swollen pussy.

Her nails raked down his back, hard enough to make him gasp and momentarily stopping his magical kiss, her hands kept going down and she undid his fly urgently releasing his rock hard cock from its confines, she was more than impressed with his length and girth, couldn't wait for it to replace his fingers which were going at her faster now his thumb still putting delicious pressure on her clit. She enclosed his pulsing member in her hand and wanked him hard his other hand grabbed her arse and pulled her off her chair, she was now straddling him legs behind his and the chair back, her dripping snatch released his fingers and his cock quickly replaced them. Her mouth sought his greedily and again they were locked together mouth to mouth, cock to pussy and she rode him and he bucked into her both his hands grabbing her her arse cheeks roughly, lifting her off so he was almost all the way out of her then grinding her back down again filling her deeper with every thrust.

Her arms were around him her nails raking his back, grabbing his hair and pulling his mouth deeper into hers, crushed together, fucking hard they were lost in one another completely, intent only on the others enjoyment and orgasm. It hit them both at the same time a crashing crescendo, every muscle of her clenched around him as his spunk spurted into her, feeling every twitch as he continued to pump her full. She released his mouth and softly said 'I can honestly say that was the best quick fuck of my life' He kissed her again quickly and murmed that he wholeheartedly agreed.

As the waves of their climaxes washed over them, they became aware of the room around them and the audience they had, slowly getting to their feet clapping requesting an encore, her girls stood on stage, their act long finished but the music still pulsing around them.

She looked at Miles and winked seductively and as they stood and adjusted their clothing, she clasped his hands in hers and led him towards the stage 'Ladies & Gentleman' she addressed their audience 'That is what you call a finale!'

Exiting the stage she led him to her office, closed the door, facing one another, his mouth found hers eager to possess her again and again............................She had after all these years and searching found her man and she knew he needed no convincing of that.
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