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Co Worker sex

Co-works finally stop teasing and have a date and night of sex.


When I first started at my new job things where just like any other job. You do your job talk with your co-workers and every so often you all get together have a few drinks and that’s all. And that’s how it all started we did our job when we had our breaks at the same time we would hang and talk. I was single and so was she at the time there really nothing special between us. We would for a manger company and strange hours had to be in extremely early in the mornings and left early in the day since it was part time. At times I would see her waiting for someone to pick her up, so one day I asked if she ever needed a ride and if it was on my way home I would drive you. So she took me up on my offer and I when needed would drive her home. We still never had anything going nothing sexual or even romantic. Not that she wasn’t good looking she was Tall 5’8 a little on the pleasantly plump side but it was nice and tits on her where hot 38d’s. Brown hair shoulder length and a hot ass. As for me I am 5’1 medium build and a 7inch shaved dick, so yea there was the issue of height but to me it didn’t matter and later I would find out that to her my dick is all that mattered.

So as time went on we would flirt with each other I would notice sometimes when she was bending over to pick something up her sweet ass in a thong. She would catch me staring at her ass and smile. Sometimes I think she would bend over on purpose just to let me see her thongs. Driving her home sometimes where hard too since we would sit in the car in front of her house and talk knowing what each other wanted. Then one day just like any normal work day she asked if I could drive her home and I said sure. After a long hard day at work we got in my car and I drove her home, she gave no hints at what she was planning. When it was time to leave she leaned over and gave me a long hot kiss good-bye. At first it shocked me but soon we where in a hot passionate kiss in my car. Tongues and heavy breathing, it was incredible. And just like that she opened the door and started walking towards her house and said see you tomorrow. I was now so hard and in disbelief that I actually looked forward to going to work the next day.

The next day at work none of us showed any sign of what happened in the car to any of our co-workers. Again she asked for a ride home, with a smile on her face and I of course hoping to continue our kiss feast said yes. Yet again a repeat of the first time but this time I was ready for it and nothing was held back. I hoping that this time it would lead to more was disappointed when once again she smiled opened the door and went into her house. I was starting to wonder is this is just a tease of if it would end just like it started.

A few days had past with the same out come the kissing and nothing. A weekend pass and now its back to work on a Monday morning and we have our break and again she asks with a smile for a ride and again I say yes. So finally I arrive at her house and instead of a kiss she puts her hand in my lap and start rubbing my dick says I think I need to take care of this package for you. And proceeds to unbutton my pants and my dick already hard the tip just peeking out the top of my boxers. She slowly lowers her head and starts to lick the tip of my dick. There was a flash of OH MY GOD in my head because here we are outside in front of her house in my car on a public street and she is going to give me a Blowjob. She then continues to lick the tip of my dick now dripping with pre-cum, so I proceed to help by slowly lifting myself and pulling my pants and boxers lower to give her full access to my now full hard dick. She sucks long and hard on the tip and head of my dick. With one hand she starts to jerk my off and suck more and more into her warm mouth using her tongue along the shaft. I take a hand full of hair and push her head down to take my full 7 inch shaved dick. She was incredible the longer she sucked and lick the better each stroke was. It was to the point that I couldn’t take it any longer I was felling I was about to cum and I was going to cum in her mouth. That’s it baby take it longer yea!!! I going to cum, and that when she sucked harder and swallowed each and every load I squirted in her 1 shot then another 2,3 and she lifted her head and whipped her lips and with a smile said now you owe my.

We made plans to make a weekend out of our first real date and she reminded me that I owed her a favor. So the time came to pick her up for our date, I came to the door and she looked HOT in a low cut blouse showing off her 38d’s and a short skirt that showed off her long silky smooth legs. I followed her in and we talked about what we mite want to do on our date. I couldn’t help but notice how hot she looked nothing like how we dress of course for work. And when she bent over to get something to my surprise she wasn’t wearing her normal thong but nothing at all and that was all I needed to know. So I said to her what is this favor she wanted, and she then turned to me and lifted her shirt and said suck on my pussy. I then notice how wet she was and that she was shaved nice clean wet pussy to lick. She pushed me down on her bed and slowly crawled on top of me. With her legs on each side of my waste, she leaned in and we started kissing.

I then grabbed a hold of her and held her tight to me and we kissed I pulled her top up and over her top exposing her hard nipples and firm tight tits I squeezed then in my hand and started licking and sucking on them.

"Mm that’s it baby suck my tits they been wanting you to do that….. "

"Yea baby that’s feels so good please don’t stop."

I can feel my dick already getting hard though my pants. I pull her up and she lays down on her bed giving me control to do what I want. With her skirt up by her waste I see her now swallow clit and wet pussy. I then decide to make good on the favor, and start to open her legs wider and slowly place my tongue between her pussy lips. And taste the sweetness of her juices. Slowly I lick all around the outside of pussy stopping when I feel her tighten and loosen her thighs. Gently putting pressure on her clit and sucking on it more and more hearing her passionate moans.

"Mm more please suck it harder."

"oh right there don’t stop. "

"GOD Yea,"

Spreading her now swollen pussy more and seeing how hot and wet she is I stick 2 fingers in and slowly push then into her and as I am doing that I am still licking her pussy.

"OH you are driving me mad please don’t stop"

She continues to moan and cry more and more louder. I push my fingers in more and faster. She then yells I want you dick in my pussy I want you to cum inside my now!!!

I then free my pre-cum dick from now pants and do as she ordered. I now spread her legs wider and place the tip of my hard dick at the tip of her pussy. And around her clit to tease her as she did to me so many times before.

oh yea!! I can feel your dick please don’t tease me any longer I really want you to fuck me and I want you to cum inside my pussy.

I then slowly slide my dick down her pussy pushing her lips wider to accept my dick soon to be inside her. Still going slow more and more I push feeling her tight pussy easy and the more I push the tighter she got the more I felt each muscle take my dick.

"God your so tight I can feel ever inch of your pussy around my dick. "

And then wraps her legs around my waste and together we push the last few inches of my dick deep inside her pussy. Slowly grinding our hips together in rhythm her in small circles mine up and down.

Hearing the sounds of our juices slowly come from her pussy and we continue making love on the bed.

We both look at each other and kiss and hold each other tight and our bodies get hotter sweet dripping down our bodies the smell of sex filling the room.

"Yes please fuck me harder faster !!! I am almost there I want us to cum together!!!!"

"I’ll try your incredible I want to cum soon."

She then speeds up her hip and tightens her grip on my hips and I can feel her pussy getting tighter and tighter the more we move together the closer we come to exploding at the same time.


"YEA that’s it do it HARDER,"

"I’m almost there."

Our breathing is getting heavier and heavier waves of heat coming for all other our body’ s sweet dripping down our faces and ever pour of our bodies.

"Baby I cant hold it any longer I am going to cum."

And I explode with a burst of cum and she screams

"Yes MY GOOD oh yea I’m cum ming now"

And I feel her explosion of sweet wet cum along with min pour out of her now cum filled pussy all over my dick and our bodies. As we collapse on the bed out of breather both dizzy and high from the sex.

We lay there together for several minutes not moving cum still slowly dripping out of her pussy and my dick glistening with the juices of both of us.

We clean ourselves up and get dressed and prepare for the start of our date and look forward to the night ahead of more sexual passion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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