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cold night

It was a cold rainy night and Micheal was soaked, and not just from the rain. Her boyfriend had been sending her racy texts and emails all day. At lunch she got a picture on her phone of his big hard cock, and she had just been aching for him ever since. On her way home, due to the rain she was trying to be careful and not speed, but God was she was horny. Her love juices were pouring out of her and running down her legs and under her ass. When she pulled up to the stop light two streets before her house, her hand shot straight into her pants and rubbed her soft wet panties into her throbbing clit, almost sending her over the edge in seconds.

Finally, she was home, running to the front door she was freezing in the cold rain. Her nipples were standing erect from her horniness and from the cold rain hitting her braless tits under her sweater. She was ready to jump her man and fuck him wherever she found him. She threw open the door and ran in, panting and cold, she shut the door and locked it behind her then started her ravenous hunt. She looked all through the down stairs, kitchen, dining room, living room, then ran upstairs and called to her lover.


“Alex…Baby please stop teasing me. Haven’t you tortured me enough today?” she said.


“I’m in the spare room baby, head to the bedroom and I will be there in just a second.” He called back to her.


            She had other plans though. Walking into the room he was in, she saw a blanket fall over a large rectangular shape and a worried look on his face.


“Did you see it!?” he asked

“No, what is it?” she replied.

“A surprise, so get out.” He laughed.


            He started walking to her but she jumped at him and grabbed the front of his shirt. She pulled him into her lips and kissed him hard and wet. Her arms wrapped around him and one hand went into his shoulder length hair. He picked her up and walked out into the hall and into their bedroom. It was warm and cozy compared to the cold rain outside. Her body was begging for his attention. She let him know that by biting his lip gently while they kissed. She could feel his lips form a devilish smile after she let go, and knew she was in for a hot night.

Her lust for him was taking over her body rapidly. She had a warm stream of juices running down her legs, which he had noticed. He laid her down on the bed but she did not want to break their hot kiss. She loved his lips and melted every time they kissed, and was lost in their passion. She finally let him pull away and start removing her clothing. Slowly he peeled off her damp sweater and let his hands warm her still cold skin. She moaned and placed her hands on his and pushed down on him wanting to feel his warm hands more. He began to kiss her stomach as his hands found her aching hard nipples. He gently rolled them between his soft fingers, as he kissed up her tight flat stomach. Her moans were growing louder and filled with lust. Her head was pushed back hard into the bed and her back was arched. Her hands in his hair gently pulling on it as he kissed between her tits. She needed him so bad she was getting increasingly more crazy with every kiss.


“Oh my God!! Alex I need to cum baby please!!”


He rose up to her lips and kissed her deeply again, making her moan into his mouth and dig her nails into his back. He moved down her body quickly and curled his fingers around the top of her skirt. She lifted her ass off the bed as he pulled it off her. Her sexy, laced, pink panties where soaked through completely. This made Alex happy, that his teasing through out the day had worked this well. She started pushing them down her toned thighs, and he pulled them the rest of the way off. Her beautiful pink pussy was glistening in the soft light of the room. He could see her tight hole clenching in anticipation. He put his fingers on either side of her puffy lips and gently spread her open. Her legs gave a little shake and her back arched again. His tongue found her juicy hole and pressed into it. She gasped then moaned loud, pulling his long hair with one hand and pinching one of her nipples with the other. He licked her deep and slow, along her lips and around her clit. She was on the verge of cumming, her hips bucking under his wonderful tongue and her desperate moans becoming cries of ecstasy. Her tight pussy clenched even harder as her orgasm raged through her hot body.

“Ooooooohhhhh yesssss baby, ooooh my god!!! Oh!.. oh!!.. oh!!!.. uuuuuggghhhh!” Micheal screamed.

Her body felt hot and very relaxed as her orgasm subsided. She had needed that all day, now she wanted Alex to cum. She pulled him up to her and kissed his lips, tasting her sweet pussy on them. They rolled over and she pulled off his shirt and kissed his chest. Working down his stomach, she loved his abs. she pulled his sweatpants off surprised he was not wearing boxers as his hard cock sprang up. She did not waste time, taking it in her hand by the base and squeezing it hard. She heard him moan at her touch. She kissed the tip of his cock then lick all around it. Taking the head in her mouth, she bobbed up and down on it sucking hard. Alex put his hands in her hair as she took his cock down her throat and swallowed him. Feeling her throat around his cock, Alex was about to cum. He pushed up into her and she sucked even harder and faster slurping and gagging on his big cock. He erupted in big gushes of warm cum, which she lovingly swallowed. She kept sucking on him as he softened and got hard again.

  Her pussy was dripping again wanting that big, thick, manhood in her. She crawled up his body and kissed his lips as he held her tight. His cock was flat against his stomach, her body pressing it down. She sat up on him and pushed his cock flat again and sat on it, her wet lips spreading around it. She started grinding on it, sliding back and forth along his cock. Her hard clit was throbbing as she ground into his thick shaft. She rose up on her knees, letting his cock stand tall. She slid down on him feeling her tight hole stretch to take his big dick. Her wet walls clenched and she about came again so she pulled up off him. After a second or two, she started down him again, feeling every thick inch slid deeper into her. She finally impaled herself on his cock with her juicy cum running down his balls. She loved having her pussy full of his cock, feeling it throbbing and jerking inside her. She started moving up and down on him, bouncing on his cock always made her cum so hard. She was going faster and slamming down on him harder. Her pussy was about to explode as she fucked him more, pounding him into her deeper. She was getting closer and closer to cumming, making her legs weak and shaky. He grabbed her hips and rolled her over, and continued her pussy pounding. She reached down and grabbed his strong arms and holding on for dear life as he fucked her harder.

“Oh Alex… Don’t stop baby please… OOOOOOH YES!! I love you!”

He reached down and squeezed her hard sensitive clit as he slammed into her hips. She threw her head back hard and screamed loud as her pussy contracted and came harder than ever. Her legs wrapped around his waist and he could feel them shaking as she came. He didn’t stop pounding her even though she begged him to. Her orgasm was so strong the pleasure was too much for her. He wanted her to cum so hard she passed out or got close.

She was screaming and clenched so tight around his hard cock, her nails dug   into his back so hard he was about to bleed. He loved having her like this, and kept ramming into her wet pussy. Another orgasm slammed through her body she lost it then. Her body jerked and bucked so hard he couldn’t hold onto her. She screamed again as her pussy contracted and spasmed so hard and fast she thought she was going to die from the pleasure. She collapsed, gasping, shuddering, and moaning from her orgasmic torture. She covered her throbbing pussy with her hand so he couldn’t get to her, as he wanted to. He stopped trying and laid down with her. She rolled over onto his chest and nuzzled into his neck falling asleep almost instantly. Later he got up and went back into the spare room to finish his painting of her…

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