Coming of Age Part II

By Oscuro78

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Ms. Chatman gives Lewis a memory to remember

Louis woke up the next day thinking about his being raped by his neighbor Ms. Whitney. 'She was and is still hot' he thought to himself as he woke up. It was around 10 in the morning when Louis got out of bed and started his day. Other than being a nerd, Louis was a young man that kept in shape by lifting weights from time to time and by proper dieting. He did not look like it because he wore clothes that did not show off his body, but an aire of confidence swept over him and so he decided to wear a pair of jeans that fit him and a funny t-shirt that said "Nerds do it Better" which he found pretty funny. After eating berakfast, cleaning up and pkaying a game of Halo 2, Louis's cell phone rang. It was Ms. Chatman, his math teacher.

"Hello Ms. Chatman" Louis said.

"Hello Louis, I was wondering if you wre still coming for the lesson plan today. I could really use the help." She said to him.

"Yes, Ms. Chatman I will be happy to help out." He replied.

Great, I am looking forward to seeing you at noon today." She replied.

Ok, Ms. Chatman, bye." He said and he hung up his phone. Louis got up, grabbed his wallet and headed for the door to Ms. Chatmans house.

As he arrived there, he looked down at his package and realized that he forgot to wear underwear. 'Damn, I hope she does not notice' He thought. He range the door bell and she answered it.

"Hello Louis, so nice of you to come." She told him and led him inside. In school, Ms. Chatman always dressed like a prude so her students thought she was a bitch to begin with. But the short jean skirt and tank top she wore had Louis's head spinning. They walked into her living room and sat down on the floor going over the lesson plans for the class.

"Would you like a drink Louis?" Asked Ms. Chatman.

"Sure, I would love one." Replied Louis.

She went up to grab a couple cokes and came back and sat directly in front of Louis. She sat with her legs apart slightly which gave Louis a view of her pink panties. His cock was starting to get hard and he was trying his hardest not to focus on her twat, but focus on the lesson.  Louis sat up and stretched out and the bulge in his jeans was noticable. Ms. Chatman caught a great view of it and she liked what she had seen. She was squeezing her legs together as she was getting quite horny herself. The lessons were completed and she was glad to have Louis help her out. But what she really wanted was his cock driving a nail in her cunt.

"Louis, could you massage my back please?" She asked him.

"Sure no problem." He said, ignoring his hard on.

He massaged her back standing up and she carefully grinded her ass into his cock which got Louis rock hard. He was starting to catch on to what she was doing. He then spun her around and boldly took his hand and moved it up her skirt feeling her wet panties and started to play with her pussy. She also did the same to him by unzipping his jeans and letting his cock free which was glad to be out. She took off her shirt exposing her perky 34C breasts which caused his mouth to water. He slowly went down to her nipples and sucked on each one slowly. Ms. Chatman liked having her nipples sucked on because it caused her wet spot to grow bigger. She caressed his head in satisfaction of his nippling skills. Louis then lifted her up, walked to her bedroom and sat her down. His hard cock inches away from her mouth.

"I think you and he should get acquainted." He told her, holding his cock in his hand.

"I think you are right." She replied. She then licked the head with her tongue and quickly swallowed the precum that was leaking out and forced it in her mouth. Ms. Chatman may have been a prude to some but when it came to giving head, she was damn good at it. Louis's knees almost buckled from under him when she deep throated his cock. Ms. Chatman was loving his cock inside her mouth. It has been a while since she had cock because she caught her boyfriend cheating on her with a fat, ugly chick in their bed and that destroyed her for months on end. She figured that if she was going to have a large cock, why not this one?

"Ahhhh, you are good Ms. Chatman.......ahhhhh" Louis stammered out. He was ready to cum and he could not wait any longer.

"I'm cumming Ms. Chatman.....Ahhhhhhh!!!!" He yelled out.

She pulled out and had him cum all over her chest. She liked having hot cum on her chest. TO her it was like wearing a trophy of sexual honor.

" We are not done yet lad, I gotta fuck that big cock." She whispered to him. She then took off her skirt and panties exposing her shaven pussy.  Louis pushed her back and attacked it like it was his last meal. 

"Ohhhh Louis.........that feels good........ooohhhhhh" She was building up an orgasm while his tongue went to work. She was in heaven in having her pussy eaten. Her last boyfriend hated doing that for her so this was a double reward.

"I'm a cum right now....." She grabbed his head and came onto his lips. he quickly tasted the cum and stood up. She was now spread out on her bed. Ready for him to fuck the daylights out of her.

"Fuck me right now!!!" She commanded.

Louis got on top of her and guided his cock to her entrance and moved the head up and down. He then slid his cock into her wet cunt. Even though she was fairly wet, his cock stretched her wide and she was trying to get used to his size. He had waited a moment for her to get used to it and then he pumped in and out of her slow building up a strong pace. After his pace was built up he started slamming in and out of her and her orgasms started to go into overdrive after that. Her favorite thing was getting fucked hard and fast, especially hard.

"Yes, yes, yes!!!! Fuck my pussy with that huge dick!!!" She screamed out. Louis just kept going hard and fast for her. He thought he would have came already but he had enough stamina to keep going. Her pussy was feeling like it was getting a dream ride on a magic carpet. Louis on the other hand liked his cock going in and out of her cunt. He was starting to think of other things to do with her. He wanted her ass. He pulled out of her and flipped her on all fours and spread her cheeks open.

"Now it's really time to have fun." He said.

"Oh god, not there." Ms Chatman said. She was scared of being fucked in the ass but Louis's cock had a hold on her.

"Stay still and relax babe. It'll feel good." he assured her.

He then took his cock and carefully worked it into her ass getting inch after inch in there. Once he had it all in he started pounding her ass into submission.

"YES! FUCK MY ASS, FUCK IT!!!" She screamed out whild rubbing her clit. Louis kept pounding her ass for 30 minutes until he was ready to cum.

"I'm cumming!!!" He yelled out.

"Cum on my ass!!" She asked of him.

He pulled out and shot load after load all over her ass. Ms. Chatman felt sexually satisfied for the first time in a long time. And she had her best student to thank.

"Thank you, especially for the fuck. I really needed it." She said in a weakened tone.

"You're welcome." He said to her.

"Like to shower Louis?" She asked him.

"Yes I would like that." He replied.

They went into the shower and washed off the sex and cum. They managed to get one last fuck in before he had to head home. Louis went home and he relaxed for a little while. He was still horny and there was another chick he wanted to fuck. But he needed to do some more fine tuning first.