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Coming to You

Some nights sleep is secondary.
You are sleeping, lying softly on your side; the moonlight highlights your body, accenting your smooth hips and narrow waist.

I approach closer; I hear your soft breaths, so soothing… it warms my soul. I remove my robe, as it drops, my nude body is bathed in the soft light. I kneel on the bed, you murmur softly and I gently kiss your lips. Your lips respond, for even in your dreams, you know my touch. I stroke your head and you coo softly, almost a moan.

The silken sheet is pulled up to your bare shoulder; as I ease it downward, your breast is exposed to my lusty gaze. I softly kiss your nipple and draw it into my lips. I feel it grow quickly in my mouth; your nipple is soon hard and quite extended. I continue to nurse on you, and your arm wraps around me, your fingers run through my hair and like a female dove, your coo serves as answer to my suckle. I slide the sheet down further, exposing your naked body.

As always you sleep naked, you desire me inside you and want to share your body with me, your nakedness tells me that you want me, that you remain willing to please me, and wanting me to please you.

My head drifts to your waist and as I slowly spread your legs; you roll on your back and allow me to bend my head to your flower. I kiss it softly and your throat releases another coo, now lower and lustier than before. You are still somewhat asleep but you relish my warm tongue on your flowers petal.I nibble on your petals and they slowly ease back allowing my tongue access to your stigma, the pestle of your flower.

You moan, and your hands bury themselves in my hair pulling me in even harder. I listen as your coos slowly change into moans; you are becoming more awake as your flower awakens your nerve endings. “Rubio, mi Rubio” you moan as my tongue flickers rapidly over your flower.

I slip my finger into you, you are moist and I seek your spot. I reach in, using only my center finger, and feel upward. As I ease my finger upward I feel the nub of your spot. I massage it against your pelvic bone and your moans increase in strength. Your fingers grip my hair even harder and pull me into you as I also suckle on your clit.

My finger continues its massage of your spot and your legs wrap around me, locking me into you. I taste your juices, you are a succulent sweet fruit and I lick your clit even as it remains between my lips.

I feel your climax coming, and I suck upon your clit even deeper, as my finger is pushing, massaging, driving you into climax. I feel your tummy clench and your moan “Fuck me, Fuck me… Now!”

Your muscles roll with your climax, your tummy clenching and releasing, clenching and releasing. “Arggg! Yes! Oh, Yes!” You gush into my mouth and I savor your taste. You are my nectar, you are my wine. I know it is only your first climax and I shall fuck you deep and hard, but now you are cumming for only my tongue, lips and fingers. It is still early.

Letting your spasms subside, I move up your body and pause at your tummy, kissing my favorite liqueur cup and continue up to your breasts, again kissing and molesting each nipple, tasting your areola and inhaling the perfume your body emits.

I coax you over pulling your butt up, and kneeling behind you kiss your spot, just above your cheeks. It excites you, this secret spot and is the center of your passion and lust. I kiss your full round cheeks, and as I continue to massage your cheeks and spread them, your cute ass hole is puckered as well. I kiss your mahogany knot and massage you with my tongue, I want to stay longer but my cock needs you.

My hand returns to massage your special spot and I rub my hot staff against your wet pussy, still dripping with pleasure, I need no further coaxing and slide my head in; your lips engulfing me, swallowing me. Feeling no resistance, I push more, watching my shaft slowly bury into you, each hardened vein pulsing, my cock still pulsing with my heartbeat.

You moan, “Fuck Me Now, Fuck Me Hard” I push deep within you, down to my hilt; although before you had retreated, now you push back, impaling your pussy with my cock, your cheeks meet my lap with a slap.

We pull apart and re-strike even harder, my cock buries into you, my balls slap your lips. I have grasped your hips with my hands and drive myself into you, pushing deep, you matching my thrust with your own, “Baby, baby…” you moan, your excitement is increasing as your body matches my rhythm; pushing and pulling, pushing and pulling.

Your tummy tightens and I feel your passion peak. “Yes, yes, yes!” You beg for your release. The first wave hits you; I thrust even harder, driving in, your pussy tightening around my shaft. “I’m cumming, baby, I’m cumming.” I feel your hot gush of nectar coat my still hard shaft, it runs over my balls and down your legs. Still I stroke, my cock buried deep within you, again and again.

At long last your climax subsides and I slide my shaft out, I am still stiff, still hard, still engorged and still needing you. I lay on my back and you ease your legs over me, straddling me. You lean forward as your breasts tease my lips, my eager mouth suckles your nipples, I taste you, and pull each nipple into my mouth; I want more of you and with my arms around you, pull you into me, crushing you breasts against my mouth, my face and my lips.

I hear you softly laugh, “Are you hungry, my lover?” You know my hunger, and allow me to taste your beauty, your breasts and your body.

You move your hips, teasing me, you have your pussy against my head, my cock is pulsing for entrance and you push down slightly. Easing your body onto mine, impaling yourself on to me, my cock slides into you again. I still suckle you but you arch your back, pulling yourself off my cock and then sliding down again.

You repeat your motion, my senses are overwhelmed, feeling your wet pussy and nursing on your beautiful breasts, your nipples as hard as small stones. Reluctantly I release your breasts, your nipples and your areola, and you straighten up, now fully impaled on my cock.

You smile, and put your hands on my chest, you ease forward and then slowly ease down again. This is your moment and you control the pace. Thus you do start slowly to savor each stroke, feel each pulse, each vein, and each part of my cock as it enters you, and again as you slide me out. I am content to lie here, be your stallion, your steed as you ride me. You do start with a slow walk, and then you quicken the pace. You smile at me, for your know it is my pleasure is to be your steed. You soon desire faster and push into a trot, it is a smooth easy rhythm and quite bouncy. Your butt slaps against me, it cushions each blow, your breasts bouncing softly.

I reach up and caress your breasts, rolling your nipples between my fingers, my thumb rubbing the hard nub of your nipple. You moan as you ride me, your hands pinch my nipples.

“Baby, you feel so good.” escapes my lips. We continue like this, you have your balance and with an easy stride you roll forward and back, rocking on your knees, my cock sliding in and out.

You impale yourself fully and pause, and study my eyes. Then you smile softly and I feel your pussy tighten around me. Your muscles milk me, pulsing with a slow erotic rhythm. My fingers find your tummy and I can feel each pulse as you tighten and loosen, your pussy like a warm cocoon, moist and fragrant and lusty. Your clenching pauses and you rise, pulling your hot honey box nearly completely off me, my head still trapped within your moist confines. Then you slide down again, your pussy clamping tightly against me. Solidly impaled, you pause your stride again to milk me more; several strong pulses push through your pussy, and into my cock.

I am barely able to contain myself and you pause your clamping torture only to deliver several more deep strokes, rocking on my body, driving my cock deep into you. My hands find your hips, I want to hold you deeply mounted to me, but the withdrawal of your pussy from my cock is more than replaced as you impale yourself even harder again.

You are still trotting on your steed, your butt bouncing against me, a nice even pace. Not too fast, as you do want a long ride, and the pleasure of riding is as delicious as the climax of arrival. But now you add to the lust, your muscles tighten with each stroke; as you impale yourself fully you squeeze your love muscles around my cock. You are finding our rhythm and matching it with your own levels of lust, as your contractions on my cock are driving me nearly insane.

Your pace seems to quicken, it is not a quick change but a slow increase in rhythm as you drive yourself on my cock. Your muscles still tighten as you push harder and harder, the slap of your butt on my lap is like a paddle on your ass. You do love to be spanked and this is your favorite spanking. “Slap.. Slap.. Slap..” It is not loud, but each slap breaks the stillness of the night.

You start to moan, “Yes…yes…yes.” in time with the slaps, in time with your strokes, in time with your pussy muscles gripping my cock. I am at your mercy and you are riding me harder and harder, my cock deeply impaled into you. The rhythm continues to increase, no longer a trot you are galloping, riding your steed to your destiny.

You still grip me with each stroke, still moan your lust, still slap your butt against me and still impale me deeply within you; but the pace has increased. Your body is in demand, and you are now slave to your body driving, pushing, pulling, tightening, relaxing, pulsing, oozing, and spurting as you fuck your mighty steed.

Your head is thrown back as you moan still more, “Yes! Yes! I’m cumming. Oh, Oh, Oh… Ahh!”

You drive yourself down, clasp my cock with your muscles, your feet pulled beneath my legs as you hold me tightly. Your tummy continues to shudder; tense then soft, and I rub my fingers into your tummy, sensing your release even more. Your contractions milk me but I am still loaded and still want more pleasure. The night has just started.

I pull your head to me, I kiss you again, more deeply than before as I taste you and you still enjoy your climax. My arms wrapped around you, my cock buried in you; we roll.

Now I am above you. Now I am your master, my cock still buried within you. So now I withdraw, not far, only a bit, your warmth is too inviting to leave. I plunge into you again, this is my stroke and I look into your eyes as I plunge into you. I withdraw again and now plunge into you, our eyes still locked. You tighten your muscles clasping me, but I continue to stroke; each stroke deeper than the last, harder then before, I drive into you. As you have ridden me, now I ride you.

The pace is slow, to savor each inch, to feel each bump, to hear each squish as your wet pussy wraps around my cock. Your hands are on my butt, pulling me into you, yet allowing me to set the pace. We still gaze in each other’s eyes, but I am stroking harder and deeper, fucking you with the ragged edge of animalistic lust, as I want to be inside you still more. I stroke harder and still you match me. The rhythm had increased, I am now pounding harder and faster then ever before. Your legs open, your feet wrapped around my thighs, also pulling me in.

My fever approaches, I flush with the heat, my pressure is building, my balls are clenching tightly, I cannot hold it longer and then like a freight train shooting thru a wet tunnel, my seed explodes, shooting down my cock, bursting into your pussy, and you savor it, your muscles contract, milking my seed, I am your slave again and you are my queen.

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