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Communing With Nature

The blood had rushed through my veins to the right place. . .
We were sitting on the front porch of our cabin when she came up to me and took my hand. I had no choice but to follow her as she lead me to the edge of the woods and down the trail that we had made with a four wheeler for when we wanted to be one with nature. I just followed her like a lost puppy.

Shellie looked back at me with a smile on her face and slowed her pace a little as she did. I knew that look on her face. It was not the look of a happy smile. It was a horny smile. I never thought Shellie would react on those emotions in nature. Then she pulled me through the bushes to my left, and there, stood a spot that had been completely cleaned and free of any standing bushes or trees. It had been raked and smoothed out.

Shellie turned around, smiled and kissed me sexually, and then walked away to the left of the spot and leaned down to pick up a paper bag that mixed with the leaves that had fallen. She reached inside the bag and pulled out a blue blanket then spread it along the ground where it had been cleared. I watched her kneel down to smooth out the edges of the blanket. When she was done, she kneeled straight up, pulled her tee shirt up over her head and threw it over to the side of the blanket. I could feel the blood rushing through my veins.

Shellie stood, her body beginning to glow making her tan show even brighter, and as she stood, I looked at her beauty. She smiled even bigger and then reached behind her. As she reached behind her, she swayed and said, “Ready for a good time, Peter? I hope you are!” and after having said that, she unhooked her bra and pulled it off and threw it over to where her shirt lay. Her breasts didn’t even fall after doing so. They were so firm from sexual desire.

The blood had rushed through my veins to the right place and my cock was yearning, begging to be released from the hold that was upon it. I walked over to her and enveloped her into a sexual bear hug and I could feel her firm breasts press against my chest. I could feel the warmth in them as they pressed hard upon me as I kissed her madly. I felt her nipples rise upon my hot skin and pound a rhythm upon me as the blood rushed to them with every beat of her heart. As I kissed her, I ran a hand down her back and then down inside the waist line of the shorts she was wearing and felt that she was wearing no panties. Shellie moaned slightly as I ran my finger inside the waist line against her skin. When I reached the front, I plunged my hand a little deeper and found that she was smooth as a baby’s bottom, and the only way I knew that was because I found her already moist slit with my index finger. As I circled her clit, she moaned gratifyingly and moistened herself even more. That’s when I felt her hands undoing my pants.

The button was undone and I could feel the soft skin of her hand pull my jeans down until the waistline of them was at my knees. Shellie kneeled and took them down to the ground where I stepped out of them. Shellie threw them to the side where her shirt and bra lay. I was still confined somewhat, as I was still in my boxers, but I was so hard, my eight inches poked out of the front split of them and was pounding as Shellie kneeled straight up and brought her face in line with it. As she took her hands and reached up and pulled on the elastic waist of my boxers, she took her tongue and circled the tip of my cock before removing them. Once they were removed, that little touch of her tongue sent me over the edge and I felt the spasm begin to form and I knew that I could not stop it. Shellie had leaned all the way down to pull my boxers off of me and when she came back up, she assumed the same position. Shellie didn’t have time to react. My spasm culminated and I had no choice but to let it go. I blasted Shellie right in the face with my cum. Three long streams and two short ones. Shellie was covered with my man juice. When I had pumped all that I could out, Shellie looked up at me and just started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, feeling myself go limp.

“You. I knew that you would not be able to wait.” Shellie said, still laughing.

“Well, excuse me for being so aroused.” I said.

“You’re excused,” Shellie answered as she tried to wipe her face off the best she could.

“Well, thank you.”

“Besides, I know how to get you going again. I can get you up again I bet in five minutes!”

“Oh really? Well, then, let me see what you can do!”

“Okay, then, lie down right here, and let me do all the work!” Shellie said.

So, I did exactly what she said to do. I lied down, straight out, and let her do all the work. She kissed my cheeks, not just a kiss-kiss, but a sexual kiss that she trailed down my neck, licking with her tongue along the way. It felt so good and the touch of her tongue on my skin was so hot and tingly. 

She found my nipples next, circling first my left one with the tip of her tongue. I felt it rise underneath the warmth of her moist mouth muscle. Then she took it in her lips and sucked on it, returning the favor I had done so many times to her. I was still limp, but I could feel the rising temperature traveling through my blood almost make its way to the place it needed to be. Shellie then turned to my right one and did the same thing to it, nibbling on it, bringing it just as erect as my left one. She was working her magic and I could feel the heat travel down even farther. 

I moaned as Shellie took her fingertips and traced a path down my chest, onto my stomach as she kissed in places as she went. By the time she moved just below my belly button, I felt the blood form in my love shaft and pulse. Shellie was doing it. She was making me hard again. I saw her peek down and then she looked up at me and smiled.

“Uh huh, see, I told you I could do it. I see it beginning to come to life again. Just pump a little bit more blood into it and it will be ready again!” Shellie said, and after she did, she took her lips, wrapped them around the tip of my semi-soft cock and that was enough. As soon as she removed her lips from it, it rose all the way up and was ready for another go round. This time, I meant to have it sink into her moist pink walls of desire and feel those soft supple walls surround every inch of me.

“See, I knew I could do it. What did I tell you? Now, let the fun begin!” Shellie said, as she stood and straddled my body. Looking up to her, she smiled again and then reached to the button on her shorts, brought it out of its holster then zipped the zipper down and let the shorts fall down her legs. Her shorts hit my stomach with a thump and I couldn’t help sighing a little. I looked up at her now bare body, her smooth slit glistened with wetness. The folds of it were plump and sexually aroused and ready for a pumping and licking. I could taste her sweet nectar and feel it run all over my throbbing cock as I slid inside her.

Still standing above me, she looked down at me and bit her bottom lip. She began to move forward. She moved forward enough to bring her glistening God-given incision in line with my sight as I looked up at it. Plump, puffy, and juicy, I stared at its wondrous glory and imagined it was on my face. Just as I was imagining that, Shellie bent down, bringing it closer to my lips, enough for me to almost taste it. 

“Ready?” Shellie asked.

“Uh huh,” I answered and she kneeled, her soft skin of her tanned legs straddling my head and lowered herself to my mouth. As I took her lips that never speak into mine that do, I sucked in the sweet nectar that was evading her. Luscious and luxurious, the liquor that flowed from her sweet folds of heaven was enough to give me a buzz.

My tongue found her clit and tickled it ever so gently bringing it out of its hiding place and making it even more taut. Shellie moaned. I felt her drip more sexual juices on my lips, feeling them drip down my chin.

“Oh yeah, tickle my clit. There, that’s it. Yes, yes yes!”

After hearing Shellie moan and sigh those words so sexually, I kept doing what I was told. Tasting her clit, tasting her sweet puffy pussy lips as they wrapped around my tongue. When I was not flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue, I was plunging it deep inside her pinkness, tasting its sweet walls of pleasurable bliss. She wrapped around my tongue as I was inside and each time I rolled it inside her, she groaned a pleasurable sigh that escaped her lips. At the same time, more of her inebriating liquor flowed onto my taste buds and I couldn’t help but slurp a little, letting it burn down my throat as it traveled down.

“Mmm, Shell, you provide such sweet liquor.” I said as I took a gasp of air and looked up. Her head was back, her breasts were tight against her body and her nipples were pointing straight out like thick erasers on a pencil’s end. Such sweet pink bliss pointing out in nature. She didn’t answer me. She did the next best thing. She reached up with her hands, took both of her breasts in them, and tweaked her nipples between her thumb and index finger, rolling them so gently. Shellie sighed really deep and I watched her body tense, and then I felt the warm gush on my chin, as she climaxed. I slipped my mouth under her again to catch her cum that ooze out of her pleasure hole. Tasting her, I flicked her clit and it was so raging hot and sensitive, she almost shot straight up in the sky. I was throbbing like never before and then she said something that made me pulse with passion.

“Oh, God, I need you inside me now. I need to feel you plunge your hardness deep inside,” Shellie groaned and slid her body down mine. As she did, I felt the slickness of her gash leave a sticky trail until she found what she wanted.

And she didn’t even have to grab my throbbing cock to make sure it went in the right place. She lowered her body down on top of it and consumed it all the way down until her clit rubbed my abdomen. I was in pure heaven.

“Shit Shellie, you are so fucking wet!”

“I know,” she said, looking down into my eyes, “and you are the one that made me that way. Now, I am going to return the favor so you can have yours. . .again!” And Shellie just started bouncing up and down, making me slide in and out of her with ease.

I moaned and felt her pliable moist walls grip me with every stroke she made upon me. Each time she did, I felt myself get harder and plunge deeper inside her, hitting a spot inside her that sent a feeling through her and made her grip me even more. I knew I was not going to last long and Shellie obviously knew it too. She must have felt me get harder inside her for her to be able to tell.

“Hmm, you are almost there. Let me see if I can bring you over the edge!” Shellie announced and started to ride me slower, taking me deeper inside her more than ever wet chasm. That did it for me. I was on the edge.

“Oh Shellie, oh Shellie, oh fuck Shellie!” I broadcasted. “I am going to cum. Oh God, I am going to fill you up in a minute!”

“Mmm, honey, let me feel you blast that hot sticky cum deep inside me. Let me feel it flow all over my puffy walls!”

And that was enough for me. Shellie sat down on me one last time and then it happened. I pumped my sexual venom deep inside her like she wanted me too. One shot, two shot, and finally a third one deep inside her.

“Oh my, that feels so good. Hot and sticky as it coats my elastic walls of love.”

“Whew, I can’t fucking move now,” I said and Shellie collapsed on me as I lied there on the blue blanket. Smiling at me, our bodies hot and heavy from sexual desire, Shellie took her arm and wrapped it around me. Her left breast rested on my chest as she did, and I looked at her. Shellie’s eyes were closed and she was smiling. Her body was warm with afterglow. We were cradled in each others arms communing with nature after a natural thing. Now I knew how Adam and Eve felt.  

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