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Confessions, Part 2

A girl decides to see how far to push the new priest.
This is the part 2 of a story I am working on with WorkAlone. We will be alternating parts. I really hope you all enjoy this story. WorkAlone will be writing from the priest's point of view, and I will be writing from the girl's point of view. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did writing it!!

I walked into Mass thinking about the night before with my boyfriend. I had worn my favorite green dress and left my curly out of control red hair down for the night; just the way he liked it. We had stayed out late going to clubs and then went back to his house. We spent the next four hours fucking like rabbits. When I looked at my phone I realized I was going to be late for Mass if I didn't leave now.

I hurried and dressed, pulling my thong on with his cum still inside me. I kissed him goodbye, ran to my little jeep, and drove the 10 minutes to church. I had about 2 minutes to spare as I slid into the front pew. I hated sitting in the front; it always felt like Father Spencer was looking down at me and thinking I was doing something wrong; most of the time he would be correct.

I grinned as I thought about what had happened just before church. Father Spencer's words about the new Father made me look up. He was tall and looked to be in shape. His honey brown hair was cut short. His brown eyes seemed to penetrate my eyes. He looked down quickly.

“Hmmmm...I wonder what he’s thinking,” I thought. I sighed as I listened to the new Father ramble on about chastity. Like I hadn't heard that sermon a million times already.

He looked so flustered. I saw him glance down. Oh that was great! Father Mike had a hard on! I wanted to laugh so badly, but I couldn't in the middle of a sermon. I amused myself by thinking about how much fun it would be to tease a priest, especially a cute one like him. I’m sure I had very sexy smile on my face as I wondered how far I would take the tease with him. I noticed him looking at me with a certain smile that showed he’d noticed me.

I’m no underwear model, but I know I’ve turned heads before, just never of a priest. There was no question in my mind that I was going to Hell, so I figured I may as well enjoy it. I decided I’d play with him a bit, leaning forward as if interested to squeeze and lift my breasts, giving him a good look at my ample cleavage; biting my lower lip, twirling my hair in my tousled hair, and giving him a “fuck me” smile. I enjoyed watching the response as he tried not to look at me, but, from where I sat, it was very clear I was having an effect on him and that I was the cause of his ‘problem’. This was going to be fun.

He left quickly, covering himself with his notes after reading a few passages from the Bible, blushing but looking relieved to have survived the experience, and Mass was over. I was going to introduce myself to him, but he never came out of his office. Maybe I would have to go to confession sometime soon.

A few days after that first Mass, I heard that Father Mike was going to be hearing confessions. Maybe this was my chance. I decided I would go and confess what I had done before Mass. I walked into church wearing a very short cream-colored sundress. I knew if I bent over you could just see the white thong that I was wearing. With my red curly hair pulled back into a ponytail, I looked so sweet and innocent at least as long I didn’t bend over.

I walked into the church to where the confessional booths were. In other churches they had taking the booths down and confessions were told face to face, but ours retained the traditional closed booth confessionals with a screen separating the priest from the penitent. I liked the mystique it gave me, knowing he could see me through the veil but knowing that my sultry voice would all the more effective.

I opened the oak door to the confessional and smelled the sweat of other people, the lemon fresh scent of Pine Sol that was used to clean the floor, and the Murphy oil that was used to make the wood shine.

"Forgive me Father for I have sinned. It has been two weeks since my last confession," I said as I bowed my head and waited for Father Mike to speak.

"Go on my Child and confess your sins," Father Mike's voice said in his husky voice.

Was I getting to him already? I had worn my favorite perfume and knew that he could smell the wildflower scent over the older staler ones.

"Right before Mass, last Sunday, my boyfriend and I had sexual relations, Father. It felt so good when he was deep inside me, thrusting hard, filling me with his hard dick. I was moaning so loud for him to fuck me harder and faster. I was so wet for him. He loved that I was so wanton for him. He made me cum so hard, and I had to have it again. He fucked me for four hours that night. I was almost late to church because of him wanting me one last time. He filled me with his cum and I had to hurry and put my clothing back on before I was late for Mass. But I had slipped into the pew with a few minutes to spare before Father Spencer talked and then you gave your sermon on chastity. Something I have heard over and over again. I know I will never be a virgin again, and to be honest if I could do my life over again I would keep it the same as it is now. Am I bad, Father?" I asked making my voice husky and no louder than a whisper.

"No, child. You need to ask forgiveness of our Father for your sins, and to ask for guidance in not repeating your sins," he said shakily.

I smiled. I knew I was getting to him.

”But I’m not sorry Father. I love the feel of him inside me. I want it, I crave it, I need it. I know premarital sex is a sin as are carnal thoughts, but I just love it so much, I can’t stop thinking about it.”

I could hear him shifting in his seat and pictured him trying to re-arrange to deal with his erection.

"Father I can feel myself getting wet. My pussy is so full of liquid and I know I'm going to have to relieve it soon. It feels so good when I touch myself, but even better when someone else touches me." I laughed. I had an image of Father Mike in his robes eating my pussy out. It sent shivers down my spine.

I had to have him. I needed to have him. "Father?" I asked softly.

"Yes my child?" a small, hesitant voice said.

"What if I told you I have unpure thoughts of you and me? I saw the way you were looking at me on Sunday and saw the big effect (little giggle) it had on you. I’ve been thinking about that cock of yours and how it feel inside me. I want you to have mad passionate sex with me and fill me with your sperm. What would you say to that?" I said laughing inside when I heard him gasp for air.

"I want to crawl into your part of this little confessional, take my clothes off, and fuck the hell out of you," I said.

I didn't want to leave the confessional booth, but I knew I had to. "I'll leave you this last thought Father Mike. This Sunday, when you’re giving your sermon, I think you should know that I’ll be wet and ready for you; wanting you inside of me. Bye Father Mike." I blew him a kiss and left the confessional with a smile on my face.

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