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Convention Girl

A convention in Dallas has a fun ending
About a year after graduating college, I went to Dallas for a convention. It was pretty boring, but it was also intense because there was a test at the end so I couldn't go out during the week as I had to study. Finally, Friday arrived and we had our test after lunch. Expecting Dallas to be a fun place, I purposely decided to stay over Friday night and fly home Saturday. I had gotten to know several other guys during the week and we all went straight to a bar after the test.

Soon after we had a few beers, one guy suggested we try and go to a Mavs game as they had a home game that night. We started bar-hopping towards the arena and asking scalpers the price of tickets. After enough drinks we found the right price. Another guy and I were on the club level. We went inside, grabbed a few drinks and watched the game. I kept looking over my shoulder and noticed all the beautiful girls at the club level bar. I went to it at halftime and started talking to any girl that looked interested. One girl kept giving me fuck-me eyes. I noticed she was wearing a wedding ring, but I didn't care. We talked, I bought her a few drinks and we started to casually touch other - she on my shoulder, me on her lower back. One of her friends noticed and tried to get her to leave.

She started to walk away, but came back over and told me "I can't give you my number because all my friends will see. Go to _ bar and I will be there. We'll sneak out."

I was pumped. The game ended and I met up with my other friends. In my drunkenness, I completely butchered the bar name and could not remember it. All I remembered was that it had a Mexican name. I punched it into my iPhone to try and find it. As I should have known, there are a lot of Mexican restaurants/bars in Texas. I quickly gave up and followed my new friends.

Our next stop was for dinner. We went to what we heard was a hot spot and we heard correctly. The girls were amazing. They were all wearing short skirts or shorts with cowboy boots. I could not believe how many hot girls were there. We ate dinner and decided to stay at this spot for a while. We were admiring the scenery when one guy suggested we move on again. I was against this as I didn't think we could do better. The guy persisted and said he had heard of another place. We left, but I was not too happy.

Turns out, I was wrong. The next place was a club; great music, dark lighting, and a lot of hot college-aged girls dancing. The four of us that were left must have gawked for a few minutes before we made out way to the bar. I noticed some people were there after having attended a wedding, so I started to look for bridesmaids. I scanned the club and noticed a girl standing by herself at the bar, wearing a sun-dress with a low back. I walked up next to her, smiled, and then leaned over and offered her a drink.

She kind of took a step back, looked me up and down, and then said, "No, let's just hit the dance floor."

Who was I to argue? She led me out on to the dance floor by the hand. One of my friends saw and raised his beer to me. We started dancing face to face. I pulled her in close to me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of her friends give her a thumbs up. She giggled, then turned around and started grinding her ass in to me. She was a great dancer. She was hot; very skinny with perky B cups. I found out later she was 21. As she ground her ass into me I pulled her her up so her back was in my chest. I had my arm around her waist and my cheek to her cheek. She reached back and put her hand on the back of my head. It was very hot and I started to get aroused. I knew she could feel my cock growing against her ass, there was no hiding it. She turned back around and we had our faces inches apart. When the song ended I suggested we go get a drink.

"Why do we want to waste time doing that?" she said with a seductive smile.

"Then let's get out of here" I shot back.

"Where to?"

"Let's go to my hotel," I offered.

She smiled, walked over to her friends to say something to them, then came back to me and said "Let's go."

She grabbed my hand and led me through the crowd outside to the street where we waited for a cab. I flagged one down and we got in. As soon as I told the cab driver the name of my hotel she pounced. We started making out, hard. She was pushing her tongue deep into my mouth and flicking it all around. I had my hand on her leg and was moving it, slowly, higher and higher. As I got close to the top of her leg she flung herself on top of me and was straddling me. I moved my hands up her legs under her dress and clinched her ass. She was wearing a sexy pair of lacy high-cut boy shorts. There was a little too much material to be a thong, but they were sexy nonetheless. She started to slowly grind on me and bite my lower lip. Thankfully, we quickly arrived at my hotel.

We walked through the large lobby and made our way to the elevators. We started kissing again, all tongue, as we waited. When the elevator doors opened we kept kissing as we made our way into the elevator. I pushed her against the elevator wall and slowly thrusted against her as she moaned, grabbed my ass, and pulled me in tight against her. We arrived at the 6th floor and I led her down the hallway to my room. After opening the door, she walked over to the window of my room and looked down at the Dallas streets.

I walked up behind her and started kissing her neck and shoulder as she let out a few deep breaths and pulled my hands around her waist. We made our way to the bed and started groping each other more. She pulled off my shirt and as I tried to take off her dress she stopped me. I put my hand on her leg and started working my way up until I reached her pussy. I gently rubbed it on the outside of her panties as she gasped at my touch. I pulled her panties aside and started rubbing her clit, very gently. As I did this she started breathing very deeply and feverishly began to take off my jeans. I plunged a finger into her pussy and she ripped off my jeans and grabbed my cock beneath my boxers. I started fingering her deeply and quickly as she jerked my dick, both of us moaning and thrusting with the motion of the other. She started to moan louder and I knew she was about to cum. Her noises and perfect rhythm on my shaft sent me over the edge as I shot my load all over her arm and the bed as I felt her reach her orgasm as well.

Since she would not let me take off her dress, I thought that would be the end of the evening. But after we caught our breath she climbed on top of me and started grinding on my cock. She leaned over and kissed me as I again began to undo a button on the back of her dress.

She leaned up and said, "OK, but only the top" as she finished the remaining buttons herself and pulled the top part of her dress down around her waist.

I reached up and grabbed her perky tits, her nipples were already rock hard. I leaned up and sucked on them for a few seconds before she pushed me back and raised herself above me so she could rip off my boxers. She started to grind on my cock again, but I didn't feel it was fair that I was naked and she was not. I rolled her over and got on top of her. I got on my knees between her legs and said, "I think we need to even this out."

I started to pull down her dress. At first she grabbed it, then let go and let me slide it off her and toss it on the floor. I then kissed her stomach and worked my way down to her pussy but right as I licked it on the outside of her panties she pulled me back up to her. She told me she had never been a fan of that, so I got on top of her and started to rub my dick on the outside of her panties. After a few minutes I could not take any more of it, so I reached down and pulled her panties to the side and entered my dick into her wet pussy.

I honestly did not think she was going to let me, but she let out a gasp and dug her nails into my back. I started slowly, wanting to get my dick all of the way inside her. After a few slow thrusts I gradually increased my speed. She enjoyed it fast. She wrapped her legs around my waist and put her arms around me tightly. As I pounded away on her, her moans turned into screams and her legs got so tight I could barely move. It was too much for both of us as she started to convulse. I pulled out and came all over her stomach. She reached down and stroked my shaft a few more times to make sure my cum was all out and then I collapsed next to her.

We talked for a few minutes and I found out she had to be up early the next morning. I certainly didn't mind as my flight was early.

She climbed on top of me and said "I need one more round."

She pulled off her panties (finally) and put my dick inside her and began to bob up and down on me. She looked amazing. Her tight stomach and perky tits bouncing up and down. I leaned up and grabbed a hold of her so our chests were together. We bobbed up and down in unison when all of the sudden she said, "Holy shit! I can't believe I am cumming this quickly. Don't stop! Don't stop!"

She squeezed her arms around my back as she stopped bouncing. I could feel her pussy throbbing on my dick. I fell back and she collapsed on top of me. I rolled over so I was on top and began pumping away. Her pussy felt amazing as it was coated with her fresh juices. I pumped as quickly as I could for several minutes, I was thrusting so hard her whole body was going up and down with her head nearly hitting the head board. I gave a few more deep thrusts and pulled out and came all over her stomach again. I collapsed beside her and soon we both fell asleep.

She woke up around six and exclaimed "Shit, I need to go!"

I was surprised that she really did need to be somewhere that morning. As she got out of bed I grabbed her and pulled her back in. I got on top and we had one last quickie and she left with a fresh coat of my cum on her stomach.
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