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Conversational Love: Story One

Something new! Enjoy!
Taking a very short break from my original series, so I'll leave you all something to get horny over in the meantime! ;)

"Why are you so miserable? Come on, tell me."
"Well, I'm kinda peckish, but mostly 'cause I miss you."

"Why do you text me so much?"
"Because I just want to talk to you, even if only for a moment."

"Why don't you call me instead?"
"Because I never know what to say."

"Why not?"
"You make me nervous."

"Huh? How?"
"You give me butterflies."

"So do you...?"
"Yes, I like you... a lot."

"That's cute, but why are you afraid?"
"It makes me feel awkward."

"Liking you, because there is no possible way that you like me, too."

"How are you so sure?"
"Don't play with my emotions."

"I'm not, answer my question."
"What was it again?"

"How are you so sure that I don't like you?"
"You're way older, you just can't."

"How do you figure?"
"I'm nineteen, you're twenty-five. You can do better."

"No I can't. There's no one, NO ONE, better for me than you."
"Please stop building up my hopes. It's just going to hurt more when I wake up."

"You aren't dreaming, sweetheart."
"There's no way that this is real."

"Why not?"
"We're from two different worlds!"

"So what? I love you."
"You're lying."

"No I'm not."
"Prove it."

"How bout this- did that prove it enough?"
"No, maybe if you did it again..."

"How 'bout now? Did that one prove it?"
"No, still skeptical. Kiss me again."

"What if I kissed you here?"
"So naughty, Jonathan."

"Or here.- Ticklish?"
"Mhm! Lower would be nice!"

"Wow, your body's amazing."
"Thanks, oh, do that again."

"What? This?"
"Aw, yeah! Get my bra, come on!"

"You seem to be getting excited."
"So do you... may I... see it?"

"By all means."
"WOW... it's so thick!"

"All the better to fuck you with my darling."
"Talk is cheap. Get to work."

"Yes ma'am!"
"Oh man that feels so good! John! It's so big!"

"It's not big, Ally, you're just tight. Really tight, oh God."
"Maybe it's both. Ahhh, yeah, it's both."

"You like this don't you? You like this nineteen year old pussy baby?"

"Aw, fuck yeah!"
"Ohhh, don't stop! I'm so close!"

"Come on babygirl, cum for me. All over my cock baby."
"Ahhh, yeah. Ohhhh, Johnny!!!!"

"Oh yeah, you like that? How about if I hit ya a bit harder?"
"Oh God! Don't- no! Holy fuck!"

"Want me to slow down?"
"No, it hurts so good!"

"That's interesting."
"Just shut up and fuck me!"

"Forceful little thing you are..."
"Shut. Up."

"Okay, fine, geez..."
"I love you!"

"I love you too! Oh man, babe, I'm gonna cum!"
"Oh yeah baby, cum for me, all over me."

"Aw, you look so hot like that! Ahhhh! Here it comes! SHIT!"
"There's so much!... It tastes so good!"

"So, do you still think I'm lying? Did you need MORE proof?"
"Oh no, that told me more than the truth."

"So does that mean I get to be your boyfriend now? Or maybe... more?"
"I guess so, yes. I don't want to let you get away!"

"So cute my love."
"Oh shut up ya old coot."

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