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Corporate Takeover Part 2

This story picks up where we left off.
When we left our hero, he was standing in the middle of the corporate jungle about to fall into the clutches of …just kidding!

She smiled and said, what no more protest? All I could do at this point was groan. She now bit lightly on my now raging hard-on, I thought that the fabric would rip. I needed release, in more ways than one.  My cock straining against the fabric was almost painful. Julia seemed to sense this and started to pull down the waistband on my underwear.

When it came free she gripped it firmly in her left hand, looked at me and smiled, she then proceeded to run her tongue from its base to the tip. The sensation was making me insane. She again worked her tongue from the base to the tip and slowly pulled the tip into her mouth, with that I let out a moan. She gently rotated her tongue on the tip with me in her mouth, the feeling was incredible.

She took me out of her mouth and stood up saying, you know maybe you’re right and this isn’t a good idea.

My reply was, what!

She smiled and said I’m just kidding, while pressing her body and lips against mine,.

At this point I pulled her in tight, pressing my lips more firmly against hers, her lips parted allowing our tongues to meet. As our passion was building I felt completely charged, all of my senses were fully alive.  I took a deep breath so I could take it all in.  As our lips parted I pulled her tighter to me, I began to kiss her neck. The scent of her, the sound of her breathing, her touch as she ran her hands over my neck, I could also feel her heart beating against my chest. I then pushed her back until we bumped against her desk, I picked her up and sat her on the edge of the desk, at this point I looked into her eyes, her face was flushed, she looked so incredibly beautiful.

While my feelings/urges had me wanting to tear her clothes off, I knew that wasn’t what I really wanted.

I gently stoked her cheek with my left hand and ran my finger along the line of her jaw. I then took her head in both my hands, I kissed her softly on the forehead then the lips. I slowly worked my way to kiss her neck. I pulled away and undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse, as I did this I told her about how for days after the first time I saw her, she was all I could think about. She put her finger to my lips and said; sshhh. She then pulled me in for a kiss, our lips parted and this time it was slower and longer without all of the urgency of our lust.

I slowly pulled her blouse off of her shoulders and laid it on the desk I reached behind her to undo the clasp on her bra only to realize it was in the front. I reached around to her front now and found the clasp to her bra as I opened it to take it off my finger brush against the nipple and she let out a moan. Her skin was beautiful and was so soft and smooth. With my big hands that were somewhat rough from work, I was hesitant to run them over her.

I picked her up off the desk and carried her over to the couch across the room. No small feat as my pants were still down around my ankles.  I gently placed her on the couch and knelt beside it. We kissed again and I slowly kissed her face, then her neck slowly working my way to her nipples. As I pulled first one then the other into my mouth she started to moan.  After a moment I started to kiss her stomach, kissing in a circle around her navel, slowly working my way to the waistband on her slacks. I ran kisses back and forth just above the band while rubbing my hand back and forth on her thigh just short of touching her pussy. This was making her squirm.

I undid the button to her slacks and slowly pulled down the zipper. She thrust her hips up so that I
could slide her pants off.

I stood up and kicked off my shoes and took off my own shirt, pants and underwear.

At this point I looked down at her and told her how beautiful she was. She was truly stunning. I found looking at her and just being in her presence to be extremely intoxicating.  I knelt again ad kissed her belly slowly running my hand along her thigh, her hips rose and I placed my thumb on her mound, I could feel her lips spread through her now wet panties, I found her clit and started to rub her slowly in circular motions, she was now moaning nonstop. I grabbed the waistband and she lifted her hips so that I could get them off. As they came off I kissed the top of her foot then her instep and ankle, then I proceeded to repeat the process on the other foot. I slowly worked my way upward, back and forth, first her calves, next her knees, above the knee the inside of her lower thighs. Back and forth more deliberate with each kiss, her breathing was so rapid at this point, her anticipation was at a fever pitch. I knew it was time and placed my lips on hers.  The wetness and her taste were almost more than I could stand myself, I thought that I was going to cum right there.

I slowly ran my tongue up and down, pushing my tongue inside her as she thrust her hips upwards. I worked my way to her clit and focused my attentions there. Her movements were becoming more frenzied, her breathing and moans more rapid, I knew she would cum soon. I wanted to lick faster as my excitement rose but I refrained and continued at this pace. Eventually her back arched her hips thrust upwards and she let out a half moan, half scream, as I felt the tremors run through her body.

After she relaxed a bit she sat up and pulled me in front of her, she started to stroke my balls and kiss my cock. I was ready to pop. She looked up at me with those beautiful green eyes and told me that she wanted me inside her.

I said if she did she had better stop what she was doing.

She lay back down pulling me on top of her, she reached down and guided my cock inside of her, when I fully penetrated her she let out a gasp. I started to thrust with slow deliberate movements, I was trying my best not to cum. I kissed her and finally could take it no more, I started to thrust harder and faster, her hips were thrusting in time with mine. I couldn’t take it any longer and with another thrust I let my load go deep inside her, I could only thrust a few more time as the intensity of the orgasm left me feeling weak and spent.

We both lay there sweaty and quite for what seemed like an hour. She the touched my cheek and
guided me so that we could kiss. Her lips felt so soft, I felt I was melting.

She finally said that we needed to get going as the cleaning people would probably be in soon. I
looked over at the clock on her desk and saw that it was nearly 9:30 . I needed to get going if I was to catch the 10:00 express back to Springfield .

She told me I could use the bathroom attached to her office to clean up a little. I went in cleaned
up a little and got dressed. Leaning against the sink I looked in the mirror and couldn’t help wonder how I had gotten so lucky in finding this beautiful woman. At that moment I felt complete.

I opened the door to the bathroom and when I came out she was already dressed, she came over and kissed me lightly and smiled.

I told her that hopefully the cleaning people wouldn’t be there for a while as I’m sure the room smelled of our sex. We both laughed.

We gathered our things and I walked her down to the parking garage. We kissed and said our goodbyes and how we hoped to get together again soon, and parted. As I walked away she yelled to me that she really didn’t need those papers signed, that I could throw them away. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

I really did need to get going so I didn’t miss the bus. I felt like running half skipping
all the way there. I was sure that I wasn’t going to doze on this ride home.

To be continued…

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