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Corporate Takeover Part 3

A weekend that I wont soon forget
The last few days since my trip to Boston were difficult. I thought of her often, actually maybe I should scratch that as I thought of her all the time. She was in my head. Kind of like waking up with a tune in your head and you continue to keep replaying it over and over throughout the day. Although I would say that this was much more pleasant.

It was Monday morning and I was beat, what a way to start the workweek. I hadn’t slept well for days.  I would often lie awake at night just thinking of her. The way her blonde hair fell on her shoulders, how beautiful and alive her eyes are, and the milky softness of her skin.

All of this was strange to me. I had never done something like this before. I was one that liked to enter a relationship slowly and cautiously.

Well I was done with the morning ritual and it was time to head to work. I liked to get there a ½ hour before everyone else, so I could ease into the day.

The morning started off pretty normal. I sat at my desk and was thinking of calling her; I needed to speak with her.

Just before lunch Mary my secretary told me that Gina from Boston was on the line. We went through the normal formalities of asking how each of us was doing. She said anyway the reason I’m calling is that Mr. Regis (the president) was going to be out of town over the weekend and was wondering if I’d be interested in his tickets to the Bruins on Saturday night. I told her that I was, but that it was a long way to drive back after the game.

She told me that the corporate condo that they used for people that came in for business from other parts of the country was generally empty on the weekends, I was always welcome to use it, that it was fully equipped and that she just needed to know in advance so she would know if it was available and could make arrangements to have it cleaned for Monday morning. She then stated it was available this weekend and would I like to take advantage of it. I said sure.  She told me she needed my plate number for the parking attendant and she’d send the tickets along with the garage passkey and key to the unit and as well as directions, that I would have them by Friday.

I thanked her and was ready to hang up when she said could you hold for a minute, Julia in HR has a question for you.

Julia picked up and said hi, how are you. Followed by, about the other night.

I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

She immediately said are you still there. I said I was.  She said, well I wanted you to know how wonderful that was, and that she would like to get together again soon.

I told her that I would like that.

She asked if I needed someone to go to the game with on Saturday. I asked how she knew and she told me that she is the one that suggested to Mr. Regis that I might be interested.

I told her as long as I could prepare her dinner before the game. We also discussed how we should keep a low profile at this point, who wanted all the inter office gossip. We exchanged cell phone numbers and agreed to meet for dinner at the condo for 4:00 .

We said our goodbyes and I told her I was looking forward to it.

We did talk a couple of times during the week, and I couldn’t help thinking how natural and right this all felt.

Saturday finally came.  I woke early and began to prepare our dinner for that evening. I had gone shopping and had everything I needed. I had also picked up a couple of bottles of wine, not knowing her preference I got one white and one red.

I had decided to do everything so it could be served cold so I wouldn’t have to worry about cooking when I got there. I had decided I’d serve lox with cream cheese and chives, a Thai steak salad, some shrimp cocktail, rolls and some cheesecake for desert. I turned on some music and
merrily went about the business of getting everything ready. When everything was done I put it in the fridge and went to take a shower.

When I was done, while it was still early I decided to get going. Part of it was that I was excited and couldn’t wait to see her again. So I packed our dinner in a cooler grabbed my bag with all my stuff, some CD’s, loaded it all in the pickup and I was on my way.

When I opened the door to the unit, it wasn’t big but it was nicely furnished. The living room was
connected to the kitchen area I could see three doors on the far wall, two opened into bedrooms and I could see that the middle one was the bath.

I went into the first bedroom and threw my bag on the bed, I went back out to the doorway grabbed the cooler and proceeded to put everything in the fridge. I then decided to get things out and set the table so everything was ready when she arrived. I noticed that there was a note on the table, I picked it up it was from Gina saying that she hoped everything was OK and that I enjoyed the game.

I was set everything was now ready. I turned on the stereo system and put on a CD, sat on the couch and closed my eyes to relax a little. Not easy to do considering how excited I was. I started taking deep long controlled breaths, I must of dozed a little because when I opened my eyes it was 15 minutes to 4. She would be arriving soon.

I went to the bathroom and splashed some water on my face to shake off the sleepiness, put on another CD and sat down. About five minutes later there was a knock on the door. I got up and answered it and there she was. I don’t know what it was about her but just the sight of her brought on a surge of feelings. I had never felt this way about any other women. I helped her with her coat, putting it in the closet by the door. I couldn’t get over how beautiful she is.  She was wearing a brown pullover sweater and a pair of jeans. She looked fantastic. We kissed then hugged and she said what’s this? She pulled a card I had left sticking out of my back pocket and opened it.  It wasn’t much just a silly sweet card saying that I was looking forward to spending time with her. She read it smiled and kissed me again.

We sat on the couch and talked about how our weeks had gone overall after a bit I asked if she was hungry?  To which she replied yes. We proceeded to the kitchen and I started taking everything out and putting it on the table.

She stated that she was impressed. I asked if she would like some wine and what kind, she said she would like some white, please.

We sat down and I explained what we were eating, she said everything was delicious. I then cut a
couple of pieces of cheesecake and took out the whipped cream, she took a spoonful and put some on her tongue and leaned towards me, I obliged by taking it off of her tongue with mine. I told her if we were going to the game she would need to stop that. She then turned her head looking around saying what do you think of it. I said it was nice. She said you know it has two bedrooms, to which I thought that’s good we can dirty the sheets on one bed and sleep in the other, she burst out laughing.  Oops I guess I said that out loud.

We picked up and put everything away and were ready to go. We decided to take a cab to the TDBankNorth Garden so we wouldn’t have to worry about parking. She took me by the hand and we were off.

The time spent at the game was just a blur, just having her near and how that made me feel, everything about her just felt so right.

We left the Garden and got a cab. We decided that we would hit a package store to get a six pack of Sam Adams as neither one of us was in the mood for more wine.

Back at the condo I put the beer by the door, took off my coat and helped her with hers I then put
them both in the closet. After closing the closet door she pressed against me to give me a kiss, which caught me off balance and pushed me up against the wall.  She pressed harder pushing her pelvis against mine. I immediately started to get hard.

She said guess what?

So I said what?

She said she would really enjoy a shower, would I like to join her.

I told her I would love to.

She took me by the hand and almost pulled me toward the bathroom. We kissed again and I helped her to take off her sweater. She said that we might want to run some water too.  I opened the shower doors and ran some hot water, the tub wasn’t very big but it would do. At this point she had pulled the back of my shirt out of my pants and was rubbing her hands on my back, it felt so good. I straightened and turned to face her at the same time I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in close. Kissing her I rubbed my hand up and down with placed in the arch of the small of her back. We continued to help each other with taking our clothes off. She folded hers and
placed them neatly on the side of the sink.  I don’t know if it was the steam from the shower but it was definitely getting warm in here.

She got in first I entered after her and closed the doors. I took a washcloth and started to wring the water out and onto her back and shoulders. She took it from me and did the same. I was definitely starting to relax. I moved forward and pulled her close so we could kiss. She tilted her head up slightly and looking at me with those beautiful green eyes, the line of her jaw and her smile, were almost too much for me.  I placed my lips gently on hers, her lips parted and I searched for her tongue with mine.

We kissed then she grabbed the bar of soap and started to wash me with it, when she got to my cock it was already rock hard. She gently lathered it with both hands, it felt incredible. She asked if I wouldn’t mind washing her and handed me the bar of soap.  I soaped up her back down to her ass and then worked my way forward to her breasts running her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. She moaned and leaned forward into me. I slowly worked my way downward and my hand found the folds of flesh between her legs, when I spread her lips with my finger she collapsed into me. I knew then it was time to get out. We both took turns rinsing off. When we were done I shut the water off and we both wiped each other dry.

We each wrapped ourselves in towel and went back into the living room. I then remembered the beer and picking it up I walked toward the fridge.  She said that she would have one, so I took two out and started to rifle through the drawers until I found and opener.  I opened them and walked over to where she had plopped herself on the couch. I handed her a by now somewhat
warm beer and asked if she’d like some music.  She said yes so I picked a Santana CD that I had brought and put it in.

I sat next to her and put my hand on her thigh. She turned towards me and reaching up pulled
my face towards hers kissing me, as we parted our lips she said you know I’d really like to get laid. OK I said, and we both got up and went into the bedroom. We dropped our towels at our feet and I pulled back the covers and we both climbed in. It was nice having her warm soft body so close to mine.

She lay there for a moment with her head on my chest, and all my thoughts were of how I could stay like this all night. She then rolled over on top of me, straddling me and looking down at me with a smile.  She started to rub my shoulders and chest, and then ran both hands down my arms; she took my right hand in hers and pulled it up placing the back of my hand on her cheek. She looked at me and smiled saying that she thought that I had such strong and gentle hands. She then turned my hand over placing it on her breast. I grasped it firmly and then reach to pull her down for a kiss. Our lips parted and our tongues darted in and out of each others mouths, my passion was beginning to mount.

She pulled her lips away and started to kiss my neck, she slower worked her way to my nipple, pulled it into her mouth and then released and gently bit it. She slowly worked her way over to my other nipple and did the same.  She kissed my stomach and had now worked her way down to my cock. She ran her tongue up and down both sides of the shaft; she took it in her left hand and began circular motions around the tip with her tongue. Ever so slowly she pulled the tip of it into her mouth, how I had longed for this sensation. She slowly took it further into her mouth and then started to go up and down on it. I moaned and this seemed to excite her more.

I asked her to stop for a moment and had her lay on her stomach on the bed. I then straddled her
and began to massage her shoulders and upper back. My cock rested on her butt. I leaned forward to kiss her neck and then whispered in her ear how beautiful she is.  My cock had dropped slightly and I could feel it separating the cheeks of her ass, she pushed back slightly on it and moaned.

I slowly kissed her shoulders, back, working my way downward. As I worked my way down I could feel the fine hairs on her back standing up. I was now to her ass and I planted kisses on the crease where her ass met the top of her thigh, she let out a gasp and a moan. I then ran my tongue along the crease; this seemed to excite her even more.

I flipped her onto her back.  I spread her legs apart and started to kiss her thighs. Placing my left hand on her mound, I then used my thumb and index finger to spread her now wet lips, I pulled the hood of her clitoris into my mouth, which made her thrust her hips upward. I slowly sulked and pulled, and she tried to match my sucking with the movement of her hips.  I then began circular motions around her clitoris with occasional flicks of my tongue from side to side, she now grabbed the back of my head and pushed and held it down saying that’s it baby, keep doing that. I took two fingers and slid them in her vagina and began a circular motion, massaging the inside walls of her vagina. At his she started to thrust and gyrate her hips upward. I could feel her body starting to tense as she was ready to cum.  I place the flat of my tongue on her clitoris and rubbed up and down, she thrust her hips up one last time and I could feel her body tremble as she came. She clamped her thighs together and pulled me upwards. I lay besides her while she relaxed a bit.

She then started to rub my stomach working her hand down until she gripped my cock. She knelt beside me and bent over to take me into her mouth.  I had her reposition herself so we were now in the 69 position. I began to lick her while she continued to suck me. I was trying not to cum, so if
I felt close I would gently place my hand on her back so she would stop. I continued to do this until she came again.

She then slid down, and with her back to me proceeded to mount my now engorged cock. I knew it
now wouldn’t be long. Within a minute I could feel my cock start to spasm as I shot my load deep inside her. She kept grinding her hips against mine until the spasms stopped. She laid back and when I got soft she rose so that I would slide out.

She lay beside me with her head on my chest tracing circles in the hair there. We talked for a bit,
and before long I fell asleep.

I don’t know how long I was sleeping, but I awoke to her massaging my balls and licking my cock.

She told me to relax and enjoy, this was just for me. She sucked my cock while running her nails
from my ass along the perineum to my balls.  The sensation was incredible. She continued to do this until I could feel my cock getting harder as I was ready to cum again. With a groan I shot my
load into her mouth, she continued to suck and lick just below the tip, I thought I would faint.

She finished and smiled, kissed me and told me to go back to sleep. She said I was going to need my rest.

I can’t ever remember having slept so well. All my dreams were of her.

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