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Corporate Takeover

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It started with our annual holiday party, I had no idea that it would lead to this...
Man I hated coming to these corporate functions. It was our annual holiday party, and most of the people in attendance were already feeling quite good. I was already tired of the let’s be polite and ask how things are going. I have never been into small talk.

I wasn’t looking forward to the 90 minute drive home, and was wondering if I had been here long enough so that I could make my getaway? I decided that I had. I stood up and said my goodbyes to the others at my table, wishing them all a nice holiday.  I would stop and say my goodbyes to a few of the CEO’s and be on my way.

I went to a few tables, said my goodbyes and only had one more person to see and I was out of here.  I looked across the room and saw the president talking to a woman. She was about 5’-5” tall had long blonde hair, her red dress was certainly festive.  It revealed some of her back and shoulders, it was cut a couple of inches above the knees revealing her muscular calves in her heels. At that moment she turned, she had the most beautiful green I eyes had ever seen, our eyes locked and I felt a momentary connection. She took my breath away. She then averted her eyes and walked away. Her dress was loose and left just enough to the imagination as she moved. I approached the president said all of the appropriate thank you’ s, it was good seeing you and left.

As I stepped outside I was greeted by the smell and feel of impending snow. I only hoped that it wasn’t snowing towards the west as that was the direction I had to go.

I gave the valet my ticket and he went to get my car. My thoughts immediately turned to this woman, she was stunning, why hadn’t I seen her earlier, was she with someone? She probably was, a woman a beautiful like her probably had guys falling all over her.

The next couple of days I couldn’t stop thinking of her, she popped into my mind whenever I had an idle moment. Then as the busyness of the holidays approached I thought of her less and continued my normal activities. The holidays came and went and in mid January I got a call that they would like me to come to corporate in Boston to go over some expansion ideas for our facility in Springfield. We made an appointment for the following Thursday so I could put together all the paperwork that I would need.

When Thursday arrived I woke early showered and drove to the Springfield bus terminal to catch
the 6 am express into Boston . This would give me a little time to go over some numbers prior to our meeting. This was my poor mans chauffer, it was also easier than driving and then having to find parking nearby. We arrived at the terminal at approximately 7:40 am and I walked the 2 blocks to the corporate offices.  As I got on the elevator all I could think of was how this was going to be a long day.

I got off the elevator on the 20 th floor and entered the lobby, Gina the receptionist greeted me with her big cheery smile and asked if I would like a coffee while I waited. I always liked Gina she was a pretty girl, but a little bit flighty.  She brought me my coffee and started to flirt with me, this was something that I had gotten used to from her, I had always figured she would be fun, she seemed like she would get crazy in bed. But she wasn’t someone I would want a relationship with, besides we worked for the same company and I didn’t feel it would be appropriate.

I was just finishing my coffee when Gina told me that they were ready now, we would be meeting in the conference room. I got up to go and thanked her. I loved that room. It was a corner room and had an excellent view of Boston Harbor . I walked down the hall exchanging the requisite pleasantries with the people that I passed in the hall. I stopped briefly to talk to Peter who was in accounting for a moment and turned to continue down the hall. When I looked forward there “she” was. I swear my heart skipped a beat as she took my breath away. She was wearing a gray pant suit with a white blouse that was buttoned to her long beautiful neck, her jacket was short and cinched at the waist which really accentuated her tall thin body. Her hair was tied back in a bun which really showed her facial features.  She never looked up as I walked by her, and it was all I could do not to turn and check out her ass.

I walked into the conference room and greeted everybody there. I went over to the credenza and
poured myself a coffee, this was probably going to be a long day. How right I was. I had a hard time focusing, my thoughts kept returning to her. Who was she? How long had she been working here? As we were still in discussions lunch was ordered and delivered as the day wore on. It was finally over and we had made a lot of progress, it was 5:45 and if I hurried I could catch the 6:00 bus back to Springfield . As I got up to leave I was told that I needed to stop at Human Resources on my way out. So much for catching the 6:00 bus home.

As I made my way over to HR I passed by all the empty offices and cubicles. Most everyone was
gone for the day. I entered the HR offices and the HR assistant was gone, yet I saw a light on in the Directors office so I knocked on the door. A woman’s voice instructed me to come in.

I opened the door and entered and there she was. She said hi and that her name was Julia, she
held her hand out to shake mine and when I took it, it felt like a current had passed into my body. Her hair was no longer tied back and flowed down to her shoulders, she had undone a few buttons on her blouse and her jacket was draped across a chair. She noticed that I was looking and taking all this in and she apologized and said everyone was usually gone by now and she had a lot of work to do and felt more relaxed this way.

She asked if I would bring some paperwork back to Mary my Secretary as there were forms that needed to be signed right a way. I didn’t mind. As she leaned across her desk her blouse opened to reveal her breasts, I quickly looked away. She continued to lean forward and looked at me with those beautiful green eyes and said do you like them? I was speechless, this was our HR director, I said nothing. She didn’t skip a beat she asked me to open the folder and make sure that document was signed in the areas marked with an X. She still felt the need to come behind me and lean over to point out where the documents needed to be signed. In doing this she pressed her
breasts against my back. I could feel my cock starting to stir. She came around to the front of me, took the folder from my hands and laid it on the desk and then proceeded to sit in front of me on the desk.

I stood up pushing my chair back and said Julia, I’m sorry but this isn’t right, I can’t be a part of this.

She said, be a part of what?

I don’t know, I should go.

She stood up and then knelt in front of me and grabbed my cock which by now was almost fully hard.

It doesn’t seem like he wants to go.

My mind was saying no but other parts of me didn’t agree. Please, I can’t do this, besides I need to catch my bus.

She stated that I had time as I had already missed it.

I told her that she didn’t even know me.

She said that she knew a lot about me, after all she had access to all my files. She had
investigated me since the holiday party.

This surprised me.  But I still said, please let’s not do this, it’s not appropriate.

She had already undone my belt and was now unzipping my pants with her teeth, this was too much, when she slid her and into the zipper and touched my cock, she was in control.  I was hers.
I'd like to say that at this point I was putty in her hands, but if you saw my cock you would see that wasn't true.

She looked up at me while she licked me through the fabric of my underwear, her eyes seemed to sparkle, I thought that my knees were going to give.

She smiled and said, what no more protest? All I could do at this point was groan. She now bit lightly on my now raging hard-on, I thought that the fabric would rip. I needed release, in more ways than one.  My cock straining against the fabric was almost painful. Julia seemed to sense this and started to pull down the waistband on my underwear.

To be continued…

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