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Couldn't Keep Our Hands Off Each Other

Jackson and I were what you call fuck buddies.
It started when I was 16 and Jackson was 17. I met him after he dated one of my best friends. Ever since I had met him, I planned on doing him. Jackson was a blond with blue eyes, as was I, and was a hell of a kisser. He was one of those guys you know would give you a good time. After he and my friend broke up, we started talking a lot more, almost everyday. Jackson was sort of a bad kid though, and did a lot of things he probably shouldn't have. He would always joke about us having sex, but the more we talked about it the more serious we both seemed about it.


J: C: C: C: those are my sexy faces ;)

S: looks more like Devin's sexy face XD

J: Devin can go fuck himself! NOW GET ON THE BED!!

S: all you had to do was ask ;)

J: you are such a tease 

S: :p

J: thats hot XD you wanna come over and drink?

S: psh no. I would be a hot mess.

J: would this include a sexual hot mess? XD

S: :| probably 

J: then you should come over right now ;)

S: why do I know you? XD

J: I don't know...let's fuck

S: YOU should come over cause my parents think I will get knocked up in your neighborhood XD

J: you'll get knocked up either way if i'm there

S: oh so you wouldn't even use a condom for me?

J: bitch please I already know you're on the pill and 16 is the legal age to have sex

S: XD do you just want to go to the mall this weekend?

J: do I have a chance of getting head?

S: possibly ;)

J: such a tease

S: haha i'll just see you tomorrow

The fact that he was serious scared and excited me at the same time. Also, the thought that I could have sex tomorrow if I wanted to was exciting.

The next day came and I met Jackson at the mall. As usual he brought a few friends but the were all guys. He stayed by me most of the time. You see, when I go to the mall with Jackson we don't shop. We find the corner of a store and make out. But the funny thing was: we weren't ever going out. This time Jackson lured me into Spencer's which was quite ironic because they sold lots of sexual "stuff" there. It was a dark store and we were hiding behind a belt rack, but still a guy that worked there saw us and made us leave. We swapped spit again in the elavator to the first floor of the mall, and I could tell all of Jackson's friends were getting jealous and impatient with us, but we couldn't keep our hands off each other. After getting caught a few more times, one of the mall cops threw us out. It was fine with me, because my parents thought I would be there for the rest of the day. I could go home with Jackson now.

After I told him, Jackson knew what I was getting at. He was happy about it too. When we got to his house I already knew his dad wouldn't be home, and his mom had ran off. It wasn't hard to figure out why he was so fucked up in the mind, but it was one of the things I loved about him. I went straight to his couch and turned on the TV for no reason, because as soon as he sat down it was obvious we would not be watching TV.

He grabbed my face, and we made out like the fucking world was ending. I was sitting on him with my legs spread to either side, and could already feel him bulging out. The good thing about Jackson is that he wore skinny jeans so it was easy for me to tell what I was doing to him. His shirt came off and I began tracing down his body to his pants and the bulge in his pants. When I grabbed him and started rubbing him, Jackson stiffened up and stopped kissing. I just gave him a smug little smile. He smiled back, and lay his head on the couch, as I moved my body down his, and put my knees on the floor.

I unbuttoned Jackson's jeans and slid them down to below his knees. His bulge was bigger without his pants on. I rubbed his shaft through his boxers until I could see he was totally erect. When I took off his boxers his cock popped out all big and juicy. I knew he was big. I got my hands around his monster cock and guided him to my mouth. I put my lips around the head and sucked gently. I already tasted pre cum. I knew that it was torturing him, only having the head of his cock being sucked, so I took some more of him into my mouth. It was hard because he was so big but I managed deep throating him once or twice. I worked at his cock until he blew a load of cum into my mouth. I swallowed every drop I could get.

I got back on top of Jackson again and took off both my shirt and my bra. It was his job to get my shorts off himself. He wasted no time at all getting my pants off and then all that was left was my thong. He kept that on for a while longer though. I couldn't beileve it, I was going to fuck Jackson right here on his couch. I could feel his cock rubbing against the lining of my already soaked underwear. I ground on him because his cock was also rubbing on my clit and I was so horny.

Finally he took off my underwear when he couldn't take my grinding anymore. The tip of his cock was at the entrance to my dripping pussy, and I guess it was up to me to ride him. I worked the head of his cock in and let out a moan of pleasure. Jackson was tired of me taking my time and torturing him. With one quick hump he was all the way inside me. His cock was so big and I wanted more of it. I started bouncing up and down on him and taking in his monster cock one bounce at a time. I had already cum ceveral times but Jackson made me keep riding him until he blew all his cum inside of my pussy.

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