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Courtney - Who Needs Pictures with a Memory Like Mine?

I never knew post breakup sex could be this great!
You may want to read about my first date with Courtney but it certainly isn't required reading. Courtney and I dated for only 3 or 4 months. It turned out that since we didn’t really have that much in common and came from completely different backgrounds that we weren’t as compatible as I had hoped. Don’t get me wrong, when we were between the sheets, life couldn’t get any better. Once we had out clothes on, we had little in common and it was like the pink elephant in the room. At least it was for me.

We would be together 4 or 5 nights a week (a couple days throughout the week and we would usually see each other on the weekend nights as well) and we didn’t have one date or evening together that didn’t end up with us having glorious sex. Unfortunately it turned out that sex was how we compensated for having little in common otherwise.

I tried to remain friends with Courtney but she didn’t take the breakup well and didn’t show any real interest in being friends. I would occasionally send her an email at work and we might trade a couple hello’s but when I would ask what was going on in her life she rarely responded. I was the one to that usually initiated our email communication.

I did find out through our mutual friend Portia that Courtney had went back to dating the guy who she dated prior to me. I felt sad for her because she had told me while we were dating that he was a good guy most of the time but would fly off the handle every once in a while and would yell at her for no reason, thus, she had broken up with him sometime before we met each other in November of the previous year. That…and the fact that he had a 5” dick and would cum in less than 3 minutes often leaving her unfulfilled.

It had been several months since our breakup in February or March when I was doing some organizing in my kitchen when I found a couple disposable cameras in the back of my kitchen drawer that was just for miscellaneous stuff. While out running errands one night after work in August, I stopped by a one-hour photo place in a local strip mall to have them developed. The woman, who looked to be in her early 30’s and was mildly attractive said to stop back by in a little while to pick up the pictures. So I ran my errands and came back by to pick up the pictures not having the slightest clue what was on them.

The woman surprisingly remembered my name and knew exactly where my pictures were and pulled them from under the counter the second I walked in the door. I pulled the photos out of the first envelope and saw some pictures that I had taken of some gorgeous homes on the Lake of the Ozarks along with some family photos.

As she was running my credit card I opened the second envelope and just saw the upper one-third of the photo and instantly knew what it was. All of the sudden I became flustered and a panic had come over me and I couldn’t seem to get the photo to slide back into the envelope. It was caught on an edge of the envelope and I felt the blood run to my face as I was finally able to slide the photograph back into the envelope.

I signed my credit card receipt and headed for the door when the girl behind the counter said, “Feel free to come back anytime, big boy!”

I instantly knew what she meant when she said “big boy.” I couldn’t get into my car quick enough. Once I got out of the line-of-sight from the one hour photo store, I pulled the pictures from the envelope and confirmed what I had thought I had seen from the top of the photo while standing at the counter of the photo store. There was Courtney, fully nude holding a brand new dildo with her left hand while lubing it with her right hand. Holy crap, how could I forget about this camera? How could I forget about that night???!!!

Flashback...about a month into our relationship I had went over to Courtney’s house on a weeknight after work. She lived with her parents since her divorce and her one responsibility was to cook dinner for the family throughout the week. While she was cooking dinner we were talking alone in the kitchen when she told me that she had four surprises in store for me when we “got downstairs.” “Downstairs” was her apartment in her parent’s basement and had become codeword for ‘let’s go fuck.’ I never walked out of that basement without first having an amazing sexual experience with Courtney. I couldn’t imagine what “surprise” she could have in store because every time we went down there she surprised me with her God-given talent of how to passionately fuck me like no other and give me mind-blowing orgasms.

Once we finally got downstairs a couple hours later she had two presents wrapped with bows sitting on her bed. She instructed me to sit in the chair that was placed about 3 feet from the end of the bed facing towards the bed her while she went and changed into her nighty. She then came out and sat on the end of the bed facing me.

She handed me the first present and once I got it open it turned out to be a 10” flesh-colored dildo that had to be 5-6” in diameter. It looked huge and I was very intimidated by it at first but I’ll have to admit that it turned me on that Courtney was so kinky.

I said, “I guess I’m not big enough for ya, huh?”

She said, “As a matter of fact, that is very close to the size of your package. That’s why I bought it; someone to keep me warm on those nights when you don’t come over!” I wasn’t buying it for a second…I was not nearly that big.

She urged me to open the second gift. The second gift was the disposable camera. I think we both knew what that was going to be used for. I then looked up at her and said as I was leaning in for a kiss, “Thank you for these presents and I can’t wait to use them on you!”

She instantly put both of her hands on my chest and pushed me back into the chair saying, “But don’t you want to know what gift’s #3 and #4 are?”

I completely forgot that there were supposed to be 4 surprises. “Of course I do.” I responded. She then pulled up her nighty as she leaned back onto her elbows spreading her legs showing me her nearly bare pussy and said, “Here is gift #3” as she pointed at her freshly trimmed pussy with a narrow landing strip that was about 3” long just above her fully engorged clit. (Side note, I soon found out after we started dating why she was always so horny…she had the largest clit I had ever seen which usually stuck out way beyond her hood and she said that it was constantly getting rubbed throughout the day when she wore underwear working her up into a frenzy)

She said, “I trimmed my pussy just the way you have been asking me too. A thin landing strip, not too long and not too short. Just for you baby! Do you like?”

I immediately responded by sliding out of the chair onto the floor before her and placing my face on her inner thigh kissing it while making my way to her already soaking pussy.

Just then she put her hand on my forehead and pushed me backwards and said, “Wait one second, stud. Are you ready for gift #4?”

I said, “I don’t know if I can stand to hold back anymore considering the first three gifts have got me horny as hell!”

She then said, “I have noticed that while we have been fucking recently that you have mentioned several times about fucking me in the ass. Do you want to fuck me in the ass, baby?” I nodded while she laid down on the bed and brought her arms underneath her propped up legs and grabbed a butt cheek with each hand and then spread her butt cheeks to show me her asshole.

“You know that I enjoy anal but I don’t know if I can take your huge cock in my ass. I am willing to try as long as you promise to go slow and let me have control of the situation. Agreed?”

"Most definitely,” I responded.

That led to a great night of sex with multiple flashes from the disposable camera and memories galore (unfortunately I was too big for anal with her).

Now here I sit in my car in the middle of a parking lot going through these photos getting horny as hell wondering if Courtney and I really needed to be “compatible” outside of the bedroom for a relationship between us to last. By this point, I had a fuck buddy named Michelle. I pulled out my cell phone and once I confirmed that she didn’t have any plans for the evening, I headed over to Michelle’s and commenced to fucking her like there was no tomorrow.

While I was banging the shit out of Michelle with even more vigor than usual, I couldn’t get the thoughts of those pictures and the events of that night out of my head. Even Michelle said, “Holy crap, where did that come from? I’ve never been fucked that hard in my life! Don’t get me wrong, I came three times and loved every second of it but what has changed with you?

I played it off to being extremely horny all day and it was like I was on a mission. She just said, “Fuck Ryan, I love it when you are on a mission!”

The next day at work, I emailed Courtney about mid-morning (didn’t want to seem too eager) and told her that I found a surprise that involved her last night. When she replied, “What do you mean?”

I told her about my experience with discovering the contents on the camera the night before but she didn’t immediately respond. As a matter of fact, she didn’t reply until about 5 minutes before I was leaving the office for the day with, “Ryan, we had some great times and I enjoyed being with you but please destroy those pictures ASAP. Please, for me?” I chose not to respond.

Over the next several weeks and months we occasionally exchanged some emails (most of which were surprisingly initiated by Courtney) but we never discussed the photos again. That was until a day in early November.

I had an email waiting for me when I got to work at 7:30 on a Thursday. The email simply said, “Do you still have those pictures of us from the disposable camera?” I suppose that her curiosity got the best of her.

After a much needed cup of coffee, I responded, “Yes. Why?”

”I want to come by and see them. Are you free tomorrow night? I am dating someone but I am going out with some of the girls and I can cut the night off early around 10 pm and come over to your place to see them. I just want to see the photos, nothing else. That is, if it is ok with you.”

I said that I was free and would be willing to show them to her. In the time since we had broken up I had bought a house in Parkville, MO. I gave her directions to a gas station that is by my house (kind of tricky to navigate my confusing neighborhood). She said that she would call once she was at the gas station. I knew she was probably still dating that hot headed boyfriend who was a control freak who had to know where she was at all times. Luckily for him, he and Courtney worked together for the same financial firm downtown and from what I could tell, they were most likely living together. He could keep constant tabs on her whereabouts for most of the day and night.

My phone rings Friday night and its Courtney saying she at the gas station. She sounds nervous saying that she doesn’t have that much time so to please hurry. I go and meet her at the gas station on this blustery cold November night. I pull up next to her, we roll down our windows and exchange pleasantries and she agrees to follow me the 4 or so blocks back to my house.

I pull into the garage on the right side of my garage and Courtney parks behind me in the driveway. I meet her at the entrance of the garage, greeting her with a hug. She wants to smoke a cigarette real quick so I go up and hit the garage door button next to the door leading into the house due to the cold wind outside. I turn on my space heater that I have in the garage to knock the chill off while we smoke in the garage.

We talked about various things; she commented on my new motorcycle and how nice it looked. We talked about work and Christmas and her son for a couple minutes while we smoked (I don’t allow smoking inside the house). Once we were done, I led her inside and I started to give her a quick tour of my house but her mind seemed elsewhere. I offered to take her coat but she said that she was still cold and wanted to leave it on for a couple more minutes.

I said, “You’re really nervous aren’t you?”

”Yes, I don’t want my boyfriend to find out that I am over here,” she said.

I said, “Well, lets just cut to the chase then. You want to see photos, right? Well, sit your cute little tush right there on the couch and I’ll go get them.” I offered her a beer and she accepted.

I purposefully hid the negatives prior to her arrival in the case that she wanted to grab them and run. I also carefully organized the photos so that they were in the order that they were taken so that she could re-live the night as I had done multiple times since getting the photos developed.

I came back to the living room and found her sitting on the end of the couch next to the end table and lamp. I said, “I believe this is what you came for,” as I handed her the envelope while sitting down next to her on the couch.

As she pulled the entire group of photos from the envelope, she saw the first picture of her lubing up the dildo and shrieked, “OH MY!”

I was trying to get a sign off of her if she was truly interested in only seeing the photos or if she maybe wanted to go a bit further. I will have to admit, she still had her coat on and was as far to the end of the couch as she could possibly be. Would she loosen up as she viewed more photos, I wondered to myself? Time would tell.

She saw the second photos of her sucking my semi-hard cock and kind of gasped. The third photo was her blowing my hard cock. The photos went on to show me eating her out, a photo of my cock compared to the dildo (surprisingly she was right, they were almost identical in size) inserting the tip of the dildo into her pussy, burying the dildo deep into her, various photos of her squatting over me to ride cowgirl and photos of her riding me reverse cowgirl. The final few photos were the hottest though…instead of riding me reverse cowgirl, I had her un-mount me and lean forward so that she was on all fours and I inserted the dildo in one photo. The next photo showed me inserting the dildo deep into her while burying my pointer finger up to the second knuckle into her asshole.

That’s when I noticed she was breathing heavier. Her coat was still on but I noticed that she was also going through the photos at a very slow pace studying every last detail. That’s when I reached over and placed a kiss right behind her left ear and she sighed heavily and seemed to let her guard down. She then turned to me and we kissed passionately for a few seconds until she broke the kiss to look at the next photo which was her masterbating while I was inserting the dildo into her love hole.

The next photo was probably the hottest of the bunch, she was riding me cowgirl while leaning back on her hands with her knees far apart with my cock halfway in her pussy. It was clear from the photos that it was on the “out stroke” as her pussy lips were being pulled up my dick after leaving her thick white cum at the base of my cock. At the center and clearly the highlight of the picture was her engorged clit. The final photo was a picture of her lying on her back at the edge of the bed after getting my load blown all over her face. Unfortunately I got a little too camera happy and had taken all of the photos before round #2 when we had planned on trying anal. Not too sure that it would have worked out anyways considering I would be trying to take pictures with a lube covered fingers.

Her hand was resting on my thigh when I went in again for a kiss on her neck. As I approached, she turned her head and our lips met. We kissing passionately again for several minutes when I felt her hand rubbing my very hard cock through my jeans. I went to reciprocate by rubbing her pussy through her pants when she all of the sudden broke the kiss and stood up saying, “I can’t do this! I just can’t do this!”

She then across walked across the living room so that she was standing next to the door that led out to the garage and said, “I’m sorry, I’m just not this kind of girl. I didn’t mean to lead you on. Sorry, I just can’t do it!” she said as she was almost crying.

I stood up and went over to comfort her telling her that it was alright, giving her a hug while telling her that I know she isn’t that kind of girl and that I don’t expect her to do anything sexual. I told her that we can just finish our beers and talk like old friends. She agreed and I went over and grabbed her beer.

She stayed by the door leading out to the garage, which I thought was a little strange and when I came back with her beer she grabbed me by the back of the neck and pulled me into her and kissed me deeply. As our tongues danced around each other’s mouths I was able to sit our beers down on a table next to my TV on my right. This fiery kissing went on for several minutes as she was caressing the outline of my cock through my pants once again. I was able to find the zipper and release my cock from the confinement of my underwear and jeans.

She was very aware that my cock was free and pressing against her stomach. I gently led her hand down my chest, past my stomach and towards my cock. Once she brushed the side of her pinky finger on my cock she wrapped her think but strong fingers around my cock and let out a huge sigh as I was kissing her down her neck. She did not tug on it but instead she did grip it tightly, then release the grip only to grip it tightly again as I moved back up to her lips.

This repeated itself several times over the next few minutes. Then, in one swift move, she broke the kiss, grabbed the door knob leading out into the garage and quickly slipped out the door into the garage saying repeatedly, “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t….”

In her haste, she realized that once she got to the rear of my car that she had walked out the door so quickly that she walked right past the button to open the garage door and was trapped in the garage. As she turned around, I was standing in the doorway from the house leading into the garage telling her that it’s alright. She shouldn’t feel any pressure. We’re just a couple of people who still have a strong sexual attraction for each other and there is nothing to be ashamed about.

I pointed out that she left her pack of cigarettes in the house. Not knowing if she would stay or flee, I casually went back in the house and grabbed her cigarettes from the end table by the couch and our beers. If she wanted to leave, this would give her ample opportunity to hit the button to open the garage door so that she could take flight.

Much to my surprise, she was standing in the same place as when I had left. She started saying that she is a person of honor and that she does not break people's trust. I told her that I already know this but that it is important that the people in which we hold respect for also hold respect for us. I think she got the point as I sat down in a folding chair that belonged to my poker table that in front of my motorcycle opposite of my car in the garage as we started talking more philosophically. This again was leaving her with ample opportunity to make her way over to hit the garage door button and leave if she so chose.

I stood up and was standing next to my motorcycle towards the end of the conversation when she came over and said, “You know, you have always treated me with respect. You have always been honest with me and I trust you.”

I said, "That's because you deserve to be treated with respect. You're a great girl." She then caressed my cheek and our lips met again.

Funny thing though, I wasn’t exactly trusting her at this point. She had gotten me worked up several times only to have her break our passion and leave me high and dry. So I broke the kiss, took a sip of my beer as I walked over and leaned up against the front fender of my car. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was hungry and I was her prey. She immediately followed me to my car and we engaged in a kiss again. She reached down, unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my jeans down after unzipping them.

She drops to her knees and outlines my cock with her tongue over my underwear. She says, “I wonder what’s underneath here?” She then pulls down my underwear to unveil my semi-hard cock. She instantly looks up at me as she moves forward to wrap her voluptuous lips around the head of my dick.

“Mmmmmmm….” She moans as she takes the head and a couple inches of cock in her mouth and starts to finger herself. She then commences to sucking cock like she has always done, like a pro trying to earn a place in the Oral Hall of Fame.

After several minutes of her succulent mouth sucking on my manhood, she stands up, takes off her coat, sweater, shoes and jeans and lays them on the poker table. With nothing on but a bright yellow thong and her socks, she then comes back over and stands between me and the car. We start kissing with our hands exploring each other’s bodies. She helps remove my shirt while I take off my shoes, jeans and boxer briefs.

She goes down on me again and tries to deep throat all of my cock but unfortunately she gagged and was unable to get it more than halfway down. She looked up with teary eyes saying, “I always told myself that if I ever got the chance to suck your cock again, I was going to try to take all of you down my throat since you’re the only guy who I have been with that I couldn’t manage to take completely. I think I’m going to have to get you a trophy!”

I quickly stand her up and turn her around so that she facing towards the car. I reach down and start massaging her labia through her yellow panties. I can feel the heat through the fabric knowing that she is as turned on as I am. I gently push her panties to the side and start stroking my middle finger through her hot, moist slit but carefully avoid any direct contact with her very large clit.

She says, “I can’t take it anymore,” as she slides down her panties and then turns around and hops up on the fender while spreading her legs and displaying her gorgeous pussy to me. Her clit and hood are extended away from her labia and are obviously throbbing. She reaches down and gives my cock several tugs up and down while we kiss. While sitting on the fender of my car and jerking me off, she pulls me closer to her body and lines my cock up with her pussy. She then rests the head of my cock in her opening and aggressively pulls my hips into her. I instantly plunge into her and quickly bottom out due to her forceful pull as she loudly yells, “HOLY FUCK!”

Her pussy is so wet, so warm and so familiar. It is as though her pussy fits me like a pair of comfortable tennis shoes that I’ve owned for years. Her lips are tightly wrapped around my cock as I slowly pull almost the entire length of my cock out of her. I then suddenly thrust my entire length back into her just as she did on the first thrust. This is met again with a yelp of passion from my lover. I again pull slowly from her only to suddenly slam my meat back into her delicate pussy. A third time, I pull out of her slowly and slam with all my might back into her. Her thick white cum is already starting to leave it’s residue on my cock and starting to collect at the base of my cock.

While we are both looking down and watching my cock go in and out of her, she then feels compelled to tell me that she has needed this release for a very long time because her boyfriend can’t please her like this.

We start a slow pace fuck watching my cock as it slides out of her pussy and then watch as it slides back in with the same speed and tempo. She pulls my chin up and stares as me directly in the eyes saying in a very serious tone, “My God, you don’t have any idea of how long I have been dreaming about having your cock back inside of me. My boyfriend can’t even come close to fucking me the way you do and has never caused me to cum half as hard as you have made me cum every single time we fuck. DON’T YOU EVER MAKE ME GO THIS LONG WITHOUT HAVING YOUR COCK INSIDE OF ME. EVER!”

That really turns me on. I grab both sides of the back of her head with my hands and hold her face close to mine as she wraps her hands around my forearms as she knows what is coming next. I start rhythmically pile driving my ever-so-hard cock into her pussy while we never break the stare into each others eyes. Each thrust is met with a thud. It doesn’t necessarily sound like skin slapping skin but more of a thump. The kind collision that you feel in your bones. The kind that you feel in your core. An animalistic, tantric fuck that only occurs when the stars align.

In broken words as I am fucking her almost like a robot without remorse she very intensely says, “Nobody has made me feel the way you make me feel. Nobody has pleasured me on all levels like you have. I thought that I was having tremendous orgasms before I met you but you make all others pale in comparison.” Then in synchronization with my thrusts she exclaims, “You! Are! All! Man!”

As our pace slows, she tells me that she wants me to bend her over the hood and to fuck her doggy. She turns around and bends over the car as I take a drink of my beer. As the sweat is pouring off of me, I went over and turned off the space heater. The sight of her bent over and looking back over her shoulder at me brought back so many memories. Her pussy and puckered asshole were completely covered with her thick, white cum. So much so that I couldn’t truly distinguish where her pussy ended and were her asshole began. Seeing that so many times before but forgetting those memories should be a crime. Against ‘Man Law’ if you will. But seeing that cum covered pussy and asshole will never leave my memory again.

Prior to resuming, I massaged her cum around her asshole with my thumb. After rimming her for a short time, I then I inserted my thumb in her asshole. “Oh my God, YES!” she cried as I went past the first knuckle on my thumb. I know that she has enjoyed anal sex with her previous lovers and I assumed with her current boyfriend but it just wasn’t physically possible for us so I thought that I would do what I could to please her. I have fingered her asshole many times before but this time she was so much more excited about it. Each time I extracted my thumb and started back in, she enthusiastically rocked back to get as much as of my thumb in her.

She demanded me to insert my finger which slid in very easily. She continued to rock back to meet my finger as it would slide deeper into her. I then inserted my forefinger and middle finger in her. “Damn that feels good,” she said as her right hand went down to play with her clit.

Finally I inserted a third finger, my ring finger, inside of her and I saw her bite her lower lip while looking back at me and noticed the speed of her hand on her pussy increase dramatically. This went on for a minute or so before I realized that my dong was feeling neglected.

As I inserted my dick back into her pussy, it slides in with complete ease as expected. It’s much different from the first few times when we fucked at the beginning of our relationship where it took 5-10 minutes just to work the length/girth of my head and shaft into her love hole. As I bottom out against her cervix, I start pumping slow but soon start picking up the pace. As I do, my huge balls swing and start bouncing off her labia and clitoris. My cock continues to get covered by her fluids as she continues to produce cum.

Soon her cum has cover most of my pelvic area and balls. She doesn’t always produce this much cum, just when she’s extremely excited. The fact that she usually has some sort of cum covering my cock when we fuck has always been an extreme turn on to me. I’ve had a couple other girls who have that reaction but none have ever done it as consistently or with this much volume.

I grab her arms and lock both arms in an “arm bar” position as I continued to fuck her from behind. This way she doesn’t have to lean her face and chest into the hood of the car and she can use my weight to counter balance her position so that she isn’t pressed into the fender so hard. I can also use her leverage to pull her back towards me to enhance the force of my thrusts.

Eventually I get to thrusting so hard from behind that my cock accidentally slips out of her pussy and slides down her slit towards her clit until the tip of my cock is poking out from the front of her thighs.

Having both of my hands clasped with her hands, I realign my cock once it stops bouncing without breaking our clasps with her cum covered pussy and thrust forward. It wasn’t until most of the head of my cock was inserted that I realized that it was encountering some resistance and the fact that there was an instant reaction from Courtney that I realized that I had inserted my dick in her ass by accident.

“Huh-Uh! Fuck no, Ryan!” Courtney yells. “Don’t you dare!” as she looks back over her shoulder at me. Her voice was telling me one thing but her gorgeous, icy blue eyes were telling me something else. I quickly realize that she is a very compromising position. I have both of her arms in an arm bar with her thighs firmly pressed against the fender of my car…there isn’t a damn thing she could do about. But through some sort of telepathy or some sort of non-verbal communication that we have developed between us, I could tell that by the look in her eyes she was wanting me to continue.

I continue to press forward without breaking eye contact with Courtney and feel a ‘pop’ once I get the entire head of my dick in her ass. Courtney feels the pop as well and loudly grunts but does not break eye contact with me. There is not any sign of remorse in her eyes. In my previous anal experience with Courtney, we have gotten this far but the pain was too great for her to go any further, so we had to stop. But this time was different. I didn’t really have any motivation not to continue deeper into her. Afterall, we weren’t dating, I probably wouldn’t see her again and the look in her eyes appears to be encouraging me to go through with it. I know that the cum surrounding her puckered asshole was going to provide more than enough lube to bang her in the ass.

I continue to push forward and Courtney closes her eyes due to pain, grips my hands tightly and shrieks, “YOU MOTHERFUCKER! YOUR HUGE COCK IS STRETCHING ME OPEN! YOU ARE GOING TO RIP OPEN MY ASSHOLE!”

I continue further until approximately 1/3 of my cock was buried in her ass. Her breathe has picked up dramatically and she hasn’t released her tight grip on my hands. She then screams as she is writhing in pain, “It isn’t going to fit! STOP!”

I stop pushing forward after feeling somewhat guilty but I don’t withdraw. She somewhat loosens her grip and says while expelling air from her lungs, “Ok, don’t push so hard and so fast! Go slow. Let me get use to the size of this monster.”

I decided that it’s time to release her hands as I slowly start pushing forward. She leans back into me as I slowly push forward. A constant stream of “holy fuck, shit, God damns” come from her mouth as I continue to slide deeper into her beautiful ass.

Soon I discover that I am as far as I am going to get inside of her just and I start a very slow pace of fucking her ass. Just seconds later she looks back at me with an angry and evil look on her face and says, “You want to fuck this ass? You really want to fuck this ass? I am going to fuck your brains out you dirty motherfucker! No, I am not going to let you fuck my ass…my ass is going to fuck your cock!”

Just as she promised she starts moving her ass back and forth with more and more determination while I am simply standing behind her while she studies my face for my reactions as she rams her ass into me. Within seconds her ass is literally slamming into my groin and almost knocking me off balance when I decide to start pushing back. Eventually I had her pinned against the hood and fender of the car as I slammed my cock into her asshole.

My balls we bouncing off of her pussy and her clit. I soon felt a weird sensation between my legs and found out that my balls were completely covered with her cum from it running off of my cock as well as my balls slapping against her cum covered pussy. It had come to the point that my balls were slinging the cum from her pussy onto the floor and onto my inner thighs as I slammed into her.

As the pace picked up, she screamed, “Give it to me Ryan! Give me that huge cock! I can’t wait to taste that cum of yours again! I can’t wait for you to shoot your load all over my innocent little face like the dirty whore that I am! I want you to cover my face with your cum!”

Just then, with her hands on the hood of the car and me slamming into her ass, she collapses forward yelling, “I’m cumming!!!” Just as quickly as she collapsed, she was back up on her hands slamming back into me almost as hard as I was plunging into her.

“I am getting ready to cum. Where do you want it?” I said.

“All over my face and down my throat baby!” was her response.

“I’m ready, turn around!” I say between breaths.

I pull out of her ass as she turns and drops to her knees. She tickles the tip of my cock with the tip her tongue as I stroke it towards her face. She then looks up at me and says, “I’m going to look you right in the eyes while you blow all over my face and in my mouth…just like old times.”

I had no time for a response as her lustful gaze has sent me over the edge and with one last tug….”FFFUUUUUUCCCKKKK!” as my first thick load of cum came slinging out from my cock and hits her on the upper lip and stops just short of her left nostril. The second shot seems to be as big as the first and hits her on the lower lip and bounces into her mouth. As I continue to cover most of her face, I notice that my first wad of cum to the upper lip had also slid down into her mouth. As much as she tried, she had to close her eyes due to the huge amount of cum that covered her cheek, forehead, nose and left eye.

Once she realized that my flood of cum had stopped, she opened her right eye and reached for my cock with her right hand. She tugged on my cock a couple times before placing pad of her thumb at the base on the underside of my cock (almost all the way to my balls). While squeezing the underside of my cock and pulling forward towards the head, the last remnants of my cum oozed from the tip of my cock into her eager mouth hovering below while saying in a high school cheerleader type of voice, “Oops, looks like you forgot some.”

While looking me straight in the eye, she moves slightly higher and slides her mouth over the head of my cock to clean me off while tugging with her right hand. She continues to suck until she confirms that she has sucked every ounce of cum from my body.

Just as she is done swallowing my load I walk over and grab a clean shop towel from a shelf in front of the car and she wipes the rest of my cum from her face and the rest of her cum from between her legs. She stands up and we passionately kiss. We smoke a cigarette while she dresses and I sit naked in a chair next to the poker table while trying to recover and talking about how that was the most mind-blowing experience for either one of us. I told her I could barely stand up it was so amazing. I offered her a beer but said that she probably better go or this might continue on until the early morning hours.

I said, “Oh yeah, he’s probably wondering where you are, huh?”

“I could give a shit. He can kiss my ass.” Was her response.

I came back out into the garage after getting a beer from the kitchen as she was putting on her shoes. I sat down in the chair again with weak and trembling knees as she finished getting her shoes and coat on. She then came over to give me a kiss and reached down and gave a couple more tugs on my cock and said, “Fuck Ryan, you are still as hard as when we started! Is that thing ever gonna go down?”

I smirked, “I think that you better come back tomorrow night to check,” as she grinned and hit the button for the garage door to open. I stood up to give her one last kiss goodbye. Not knowing if this would end up being our very last kiss, we both put a little extra passion into what could be our final goodbye.

Just as she says goodnight and walks out of the garage, I feel the brisk cold November wind hit my skin and almost knocks me over. Knowing that no one is going to be outside in my neighborhood in this weather and knowing my neighbors are most likely asleep, I stand at the edge of my garage and watch her gorgeous ass sway as she walks to her car and wave to her as she pulls out of the driveway.

I was not able to go to sleep that night without pleasuring myself again. Just before drifting off to sleep I thought to myself, “Man, if I only had a camera. No, better yet, if I only had a camcorder.”

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