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Co-workers After Hours

From a shoulder to cry on to a counter to lie on
It was just a little informal get together after work that happened once a month; Margarita Monday. As the group dwindled, you and I were in deep conversation. Actually, it was mainly you talking, venting on some of the unpleasant things that had happened in your life recently, including the tragic loss of your boyfriend. I was lending a sympathetic ear, not sure exactly what to say, but I knew that listening was more important than whatever I would say anyway.

As we talked, we continued to have a few drinks. Your lower tolerance due to your lower body weight and being less accustomed to drinking, meant you were getting more intoxicated than I was. You started to become more emotional as you opened up even more. You were soon in tears and I could not resist the urge to hug you and comfort you. You sobbed into my neck. I cupped my hand to the back of your head and caressed your hair. You felt so vulnerable, so weak.

I looked around and for the first time I noticed everyone else in our group was gone. I think they had all snuck out quietly so they didn’t get drawn into your sad story. The bar was still busy with other people, but we were just sort of in our own world. I held you tight as you cried. You thanked me through your sobs for listening and said I was a great friend. I couldn’t help but breathe in your scent as I held you close. Hmmm, you smelled good. Your body felt good against me too. What was I thinking? Here you were all vulnerable and fairly intoxicated and I was thinking how good this felt. It had been a while since I had been this close with a woman and I could tell.

Your sobs died down and we started to break our embrace. But as our lips neared each other, we stopped face to face. You leaned forward and kissed me. Not a light thank you for listening peck. Our lips met and a passion was immediately sparked. My hand that I had been pulling away from your back stopped at your breast. I ran my thumb gently over your sweater and across your small breast. Your hand came to rest on my thigh. You moved it to between my legs and ran the tips of your fingers over the outline of my cock which was quickly hardening.

Our lips broke contact for a second and I thought about stopping it, but before the thought could take hold you leaned back in, your tongue probing between my lips. I pulled away once more and whispered to you, “Are you sure about this?”

You responded, “Yes I need this.”

Quickly before either of us changed our minds, I got up and then helped you to your feet. The effects of the alcohol noticeable in your stability. I held you around your waist and walked you out to my car, leaving enough cash on the bar to cover our bill.

As I drove you the few blocks to your house, you leaned your head onto my shoulder, placing your hand on my chest, gently caressing it with your long slender fingers. Once we arrived, I scurried around the car to help you out. We walked up your sidewalk to your door and I helped you get it unlocked. All the while my mind was racing; was this right? Should I go through with this? Will you want to go through with this? Will we hate ourselves for doing this?

As we open the door and walk into your kitchen, all those thoughts quickly vanish. You turn and grab me, pulling me to you. Our lips mash together in the most passionate kiss I’ve had in years. Our hands explore all over each other’s bodies. You back up, pulling me toward the kitchen island. Once you have backed up to it and gain some stability, you pull me even tighter, spreading your legs and pulling me between them. My now hard cock is pressing against your pussy mound. You tilt your hips up to press yourself against me.

Your hands pull my shirt out of the waistband of my pants then quickly undo the buckle of my belt. You struggle with the button of my pants, so I help you undo it. You make short work of the zipper and thrust your hand inside my pants and massage my cock. Both of us are breathing heavily and acting like two lust crazed teenagers. I grab you by your ass and lift you up onto the counter, our lips still locked together, our tongues doing a tango with each other. I break our kiss and lean down and kiss your neck. You tilt your head back, welcoming the attention.

It is my turn to try to unbutton your pants. I am failing miserably. You push me away, reach down and unbutton and unzip them. You lean back on the counter, raising your hips and pulling off both your jeans and your panties in one swift motion. I pull them quickly off the rest of the way. You grab me by my shirt and pull me back to you, we kiss again. Your hands reach behind me, moving down under the waistband of my opened pants and grab my bare ass cheeks, forcing me against your wet pussy.

I begin to kiss your neck again as I push your head down towards the countertop. My hand wanders up under your sweater. Cupping your small breast in my hand. Feeling the nipple grow hard through the fabric of your bra. You are now laying back on your elbows. Your head hanging over the opposite side of the island. I move down and lay kisses on your trim belly. I lift your sweater up over your breasts, exposing the silky bra you have on. I pull the bra up above your breasts, exposing both of them to my eager mouth.

I’ve often been fascinated by how small your tits seemed, and they are small but they feel perfect in my mouth. You lie completely back, your hands now on my head, running your fingers through my hair, pulling me against your chest. You are slightly manipulating your pelvis against my body as I stand between your legs; your hips lifting slightly off the counter to rub against my stomach as I lean over you trying to give each breast and nipple equal attention. You reach down and pull my shirt up over my head and toss it aside. Returning my attention to your body, I can now feel the wetness of your pussy against my bare skin as you continue your undulations.

You gently push at the top of my head, urging me to go lower. I kiss down your stomach again, leaving a trail of small glistening spots on your soft skin. I kiss first the inside of one thigh than the other. And then on your hairless mound right above your clit which is straining out from between your engorged lips. I touch it with the tip of my tongue.

You throw your head back and moan loudly. I place my hands under each of your butt cheeks, pulling you closer to my face. You are on your back again with your hands behind your thighs, right above your knees pulling your legs back and open giving me complete access to your pussy which is so wet, your juices are literally dripping out. I lick over the opening of your pussy. Lapping up what juices I can. I probe my tongue deep into your wet tunnel and then up across your clit again. I linger with my tongue tickling your love button. You are thrusting your hips to meet the strokes of my tongue. Your hands let go of your legs and pull my head in tight to your crotch.

You are getting close to an orgasm. Your breathing is getting more labored. Your body movements more erratic. Your hands are on the sides of my head, trying to assist me in matching the staccato rhythm of your hips. I place two fingers into your very wet pussy, curling the middle one up trying to find your g-spot. I must have found it suddenly.

You swing your arms to the side and grasp the edge of the countertop with both hands. Your back arches and you release a guttural moan from your lips that signals the arrival of your orgasm. As your back reaches maximum arch, it springs back the other way, thrusting your head forward and moving your hips back such that my lips loose contact with your pussy. It is at that exact moment that you let loose a torrent of liquid from your pussy the likes of such I have never seen. It splashes against my face and against the floor. I quickly position my mouth back in front of this gusher to drink up as much as I can. Your body is convulsing in the rapture of your orgasm. Incoherent sounds are coming from your mouth along with an “Oh Fuck” here and there.

After the stream of cum has ended, I place a gentle kiss on your lady lips, which makes you shutter. I give it one more kiss to elicit that reaction again, then place a kiss your bare mound; tasting the sweet nectar that has splashed up onto it. You reach down and place your hand under my chin, pulling me up as your sit up. You taste yourself on me as our lips meet. Your wrap your arms around my neck and your legs around my ass and pull me in tight. My stiff cock presses against your body.

You kiss me and say, “I still need this…”

…To be continued

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