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Craig's List Casual Encounter

It was 9:45 on a Thursday morning and Scott couldn't wait for the weekend. He was looking forward to parties, drinking, and the possibility of getting laid. His dick must have thought it was Friday because it had been in a horny throb all morning. Unable to get his mind off of sex, Scott decided to browse through the Casual Encounters on Craig's List. There were always some interesting and stimulating postings to read.

After several minutes of clicking ads, Scott saw a headline that really caught his attention: "Loney Female Looking for Lunch-Time Hookup (Northwest)". Scott clicked the ad and was excited by the opportunity that it offered:

"I'm a 26 year old single female. I'm looking for a male or female friend that I can hook up with during my lunch break. I know just the place where we can share a little snack. My weight is a little high for my age, but my breasts make up for that. I love a buffet, if you know what I mean. I'm up for anything. --R"

Scott could read between the lines and this girl wasn't interested in a Chinese lunch buffet. She wanted a noon-time quickie. Scott was up for that. He was willing to chance her face and figure for some quick pussy, at least this once. He shot off a message to her anonymous email address and waited to hear back.

Within minutes, Scott had received a reply. With a bit of anticipation, Scott clicked the message and read it. She gave Scott directions to a parking garage not two miles from Scott's office with a time to meet and a description of what vehicle to look for. Scott knew exactly where the garage was. He sent a quick RSVP to acknowledge her instruction and patiently waited for Noon. The next two hours until lunch were unbearable.

When he pulled into the garage entrance, Scott was a little disappointed to see several other vehicles parked. He was hoping to have total privacy. He followed Robin's directions to the lowest level, and turned the last corner. There, as expected, was parked an early Nineties model Jeep Grand Cherokee. It was black, like Robin had described. Robin flashed her headlights twice and Scott knew he had his hookup. Per Robin's instructions, Scott parked on the opposite side of the garage and several spaces over from her Jeep. With the coast all clear, he left the security of his Mazda and headed toward the Jeep. He was just as excited as he was nervous.

Robin had said that she would be in the back seat. Scott opened the rear passenger door to find his rendezvous sitting on a pallet she had laid out in the Jeep. The back seats were laid down and some blankets were spread out for padding.

Scott looked Robin over as they exchanged greetings. He wasn't disappointed at all, and was in fact a bit surprised. Yes, she was a bit overweight, as she said in her post. She was still very pretty in the face and from what he could see at this point, her big tits were beautiful. Scott had it in his mind that Robin was a white girl, but the plump Mexican princess sitting before him was a pleasant surprise, as he had a slight fetish for darker-skinned girls.

Excited to get started, Scott took off his shirt, hoping that Robin would do the same. She stayed dressed, but leaned over and helped him unzip his pants and pull them off. Scott already had a decent erection starting. It quickly got harder when Robin grabbed his shaft and gave it two hard sucks.

With Scott's staff running quickly to full mast in Robin's hand, she stuck her tongue out and teased the head of Scott's dick. With a firm tip, she ran her tongue around the sensitive base of the head. Then she wrapped her full lips around the top of his head and slowly sucked on it to moisten it up. She worked her lips and tongue up and down the shaft, lubing the length of Scott's hardening cock. Robin never was one to spit on a pussy or dick to get it wet. She preferred to take the extra time to work it up naturally.

Robin grabbed hard onto Scott's stiff dick and wrapped her lips around the pink, bulging head. She stared up at Scott and began sucking the head and teasing it with her tongue. Scott was about to come unglued at the intense pleasure. Robin knew just when to stop. She pulled her lips from the head and pinched Scott's head to push the blood back down into his cock and ease his sensation to cum. Then she took the head back into her mouth and began stroking again at Scott's cock. She moaned as she felt the soft head enlarge again inside her mouth.

After stroking and sucking at Scott for several minutes, Robin moved her hand and let the length of Scott's shaft slide effortlessly into her mouth. Scott's pubic hairs tickled her lips as the tip of his dick touched the back of her throat. Robin left the dick deep in her mouth and massaged the length of it with her tongue.

Both lovers moaned at the pleasure as Robin continued mouth-fucking Scott's dick. After a while, the sweet taste of pre-cum splashed onto Robin's tongue. She knew much longer and Scott would be cumming into her mouth. Her belly always welcomed a nice load of hot semen, but she wasn't going to let this guy off that easy.

Robin pulled off of Scott's dick and began taking off her clothes. She pulled off her shirt and then slipped out of her skirt, as best she could in the back of the Jeep. She had no panties on. Scott assumed she had removed those before he arrived. Then Robin grabbed her bra between her tits and unsnapped it. A front-clasp bra. What a whore, Scott chuckled to himself. He was happy with his little whore, though. Robin pulled each cup off to reveal her proud, brown breasts. Her areolas were large, and her nipples were thick and dark.

On her hands and knees, Robin crawled over to Scott and let her breasts hang down into his face. Scott stuck his tongue out and licked at one of the nipples. Then he grabbed the full breast into his hand and took the nipple deep into his mouth. He stretched his mouth open wide, imagining that he was inhaling the whole of her large, brown areola. Like life support, he held it firm inside his mouth, licking his tongue at her nipple and teasing it with bites and nibbles.

For a few more moments Robin let Scott become familiar with her mounds. Then she swung her leg over Scott and straddled him. His stiff cock was poking into her skin. She lifted her ass up, grabbed the dick and directed it right into her pussy. Her lips were dripping wet and the cock slid right in.

Robin's big tits were swinging right in Scott's face. He grabbed each with a hand and continued working his tongue and lips over the beautiful breasts and matching nipples. Robin began to slowly move up and down on Scott's cock. She closed her eyes and thought about the pleasure that she was feeling, both inside and out.

Scott had been switching back and forth between each of Robin's nipples, and even kissing the soft, tan skin between the mounds. Suddenly, Scott pushed the two tits together, bringing both firm nipples within an inch of each other. Then he stretched his mouth wide and took the end of both breasts into his mouth. He began sucking firmly on the two erect tips.

The sensation of having both tits sucked at the same time was incredible for Robin. She had never experienced that before. She made a mental note to try that on herself some time. Right now, however, it was putting her on the verge of orgasm.

Robin noticed that she was starting to fuck Scott harder. She knew that she couldn't let him cum inside of her, but everything felt so good; his thick cock pounding inside her pussy, his lips wrapped around both nipples. Robin wanted to just let go and fuck the cum out of Scott, then gush her cum all over his dick.

Just when Robin was going to let herself go and forget about caution, Scott brought her to her senses. "I'm about to cum" he warned her. Robin slowed her fucking down and slid off of Scott's dick. She swung off of him and lay down on her back. Scott quickly got on his knees between Robin's open legs. Robin reached down and started fingering herself. With the other hand she pulled a breast to her mouth and started sucking on her own tit.

A woman pleasuring herself was Scott's greatest turn-on. He accepted the show and started stroking hard at his pussy-soaked cock. Watching the finger-job and tit-sucking right before him, it didn't take Scott long to climax. With a few hard grunts, Scott brought his load to the edge of his dick. With a final jerk, he shot a huge stream of cum over Robin's stomach and tits. The stream splattered a few drops on her chin and onto her face. Successive jerks brought more and more cum.

Still not at her own climax yet, Robin was only further aroused at the wads of cum that Scott had given her. She stretched her tongue out to lap in the cum that she could reach. With the hand that had been holding her breast, she spread cum over her nipple and sucked it off. With a cum-salty nipple in her mouth, Robin muffled moans of pleasure as she stroked herself to an orgasm. Without a fair warning to Scott, Robin shot out a gush of cum onto his chest. Before Robin could offer an apology, Scott dipped two fingers across his chest and licked her juices from them.

For several moments, Scott and Robin held their positions, panting from the effort they had just been through. Scott stared down at Robin’s dripping lips. Her pussy was still flared open and he could see the glistening pink inside. Robin watched as drops of cum fell from Scott’s stiff cock. Finally the two cleaned each other's cum off of their bodies and got dressed in the tight confines of the back of the Jeep.

"So, have you had any other responses to your ad?" Scott asked, just trying to make some conversation. As soon as the words came out, he felt awkward for asking.

"You're the first." Robin replied back, with a smile.

"Well, maybe if we meet often enough, you won't need to hook up with anyone else."

"That would be alright."

Scott climbed out of the Jeep and helped Robin out as well. She pulled her cum-splattered blanked out. Then she pushed the back seats into place, quickly folded the blanked and tossed it into the back of the Jeep.

Robin turned around and gave Scott a hug, then a kiss. Suddenly Scott’s plans for weekend drinking and sex seemed much less important and fulfilling. As he walked toward his car, he hoped that he would see Robin again. Soon.

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