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Creating a Presence at the Park

One typical chilly fall Saturday, I was rather bored. Sitting inside in my living room watching daytime television, same problem for everyone, just a bunch of re-runs. Anyway, I finally snap and head upstairs to my room take a look out of my window and I see the brilliant fall colored orange and yellow leaves on the trees at the park near by my house. I live in a town right next to a college town and being in high school, I feel like my sexual appetite is at an all-time high. I glance over at my computer debating on staying in for me time or going out and try to enjoy the fall air at the park?

I somehow convince myself to throw on some proper clothes after getting undressed out of my loose fitting plaid pajama pants, originally with the intention to sit in front of my computer for some me time. But something told me my sexual craving for adventure would be fed today if I go out to the near by park. So with that thought I get some jeans on with a long sleeve t-shirt along with a green full zip hoodie. I am at the end of my high school career and I am in an advanced photography class. I invested in myself a lot of very nice photography equipment with many different lenses and different kinds of cameras for different effects.

I put all my camera equipment in my one strap back pack and head out the front door. Its about 50 degrees out so, the air is quite tolerable. It was just something I was not prepared for at first. The park I head towards is a popular spot for lots of people to go to including college students to go read or study, throw a frisbee around and high school kids go there to hang out as well. This park is great for many uses, it has a blacktop trail around the perimeter which is also canopied by old oak trees and in the middle of it all is an open lush green field with a couple of young trees spread out in the middle of the field. The trees are denser on the outside near the trail and I try to keep that in mind thinking of my next project for photo class.

I walk about a block and a half and I am right across the street from the park. With no nearby crosswalk, I wait for a car to pass down on the street and I make my way across the street hitting a small patch of grass crunching the dried leaves beneath my feet. I love the sound of crunching leaves. To me it is a very welcoming sound, announcing a presence and everyone can look in your direction for a moment. I look up into the trees over to my right not paying attention to anything else I keep walking and suddenly coming from my left is a girl running along, just a little bit older than me I guess, I was never really good at guessing ages but lets just say, she was right around my age and I caught myself looking at her longer than I should have been. What happened was she was running looking at her watch and I was looking up into the trees and therefore we hit each other shoulder to shoulder, each of our strides truly interrupted. I got a scent of her general smell, a combination of her hair and maybe a hint of perfume.

We both quickly exchange apologies and awkward smiles and she continues on going towards my right and I just look at her back side moving away from me. "Oh wow!" I thought to myself. The first thing I look at are her legs nicely toned and long in her yoga pants with the bottom of her calves slightly exposed and as I worked my eyes up her legs with her running away, my eyes lock on her curvy bottom. Also very toned and firm but a slight bounce in each stride. I quickly pull out my camera with a zoom on it, to get a longer closer look at the now almost out of site girl. All of her body moving was mesmerizing and as a physical and completely sexual instinct my right index finger presses down on the capture button of my camera. A loud snap and other people walking down the trail notice exactly what just happened. I glance around making eye contact with a young woman shaking her head and I look down and move on and make my way towards the middle of the field.

I lose sight of the girl and I begin to hit patches of crunchy leaves in the middle of the field, my presence has been announced. At this point no one really notices that I have camera equipment so I sit down and begin to pretend to be reading and looking through my phone and just sit in the middle of the field about 30 yards away from the trees that cover the running trail behind me. Soon enough I get the feeling that no one really notices me anymore so I begin to put together the biggest zoom lens I possibly could and start taking pictures of people with vibrant colors on, or distinct features such as an old pair of ladies feeding some birds, or a man reading a book and looking at his watch, waiting for someone I suppose. Then in the distance I can hear a presence in the leaves.

It's going at a quick pace and its very distinct. The girl! She is running by on the trail. The one that bumped shoulders with me. I think its her. Only this time I am able to see her face, and her front side. She is wearing a black full zip up jacket which is also a little tight. I make that tight distinction noticing that her chest area is bouncing a little more and I love it. And her hair in a partial braid and pony tail with a dark brown color making all of her look like she is a jet black like being running through the park. As she runs closer by me, I notice she looks over and I have my camera ready our eyes lock for a moment and she gives an expression as if she is blushing tilting her head down trying to hide it but also wanting to look, SNAP! my camera goes off at the right exact moment, she is running along with her head tilted down with her eyes peeking over towards the camera. Incredibly seductive.

I am sure she heard the snap of the camera because she does a double take and kind of giggles to herself. She must be flattered. I look at the preview screen of my camera and I start to get aroused looking at each of the pictures I took of what I am calling the Jet Black Girl at the moment. I have to shift a little bit to make sure my member doesn't stick out the wrong way. Her luscious ass is what really gets me going. I just stare and look at each of the two pictures I took of her. The look she gives in the second picture is so seductive with natural beauty. Then I hear yet another presence crunching in the leaves.

I look to my left, no one, behind me, no one. Then a cool breeze pushes over the scent I picked up from the Jet Black Girl running into me from before and I look over to my right there she is about 30ft. away from me settling down and clearing out some leaves from under a tree. She starts to do some simple stretches as you would do in a common gym class. But wow she is incredibly flexible. She looks over to me and notices me looking. She then turns away standing up and then slowly reaches her hands down to her toes and her ass popping out, I think she tried to look towards me around her leg, I wasn't sure, I did not want to be caught creeping again. Although it was starting to quiet down around the park now so when or if I did glance over, I would take longer harder looks at her. The clothes I am wearing now start to feel like they are constricting, keeping me too warm.

We exchanged more looks back and forth and I tried playing innocent taking crappy pictures of the park around me with different effects but it was clear she was now focused on trying to get my attention. Facing in my direction now with her legs open, oh how I wanted to be between her legs. Imagining what she might do to me or I to her was all flashing through my head my pants becoming more constricting. So I start to want and need more. I need physical satisfaction. Maybe she is looking for some physical satisfaction as well. I need to explore this I thought to myself.

This mysterious sexy girl starts to do yoga positions, while glancing over to me moving her eyes from me to my camera, as if she is welcoming the fact for me to take more pictures. I comply only thinking and hoping maybe she will want to come over to my place with me, maybe to take some pictures. She is very model like. Only brewing up a fantasy I guess. "Focus!" I stand up and start shooting a couple of shots of her in different yoga poses as she goes about her routine. The sun starting to get in the late afternoon I get a wide view shot of her with a tree shes under on the left side of the shot with the sun beaming through the tree over her. It looks beautiful. I take a few more shots and I get rather proud of the work and start to walk over to go and show her.

She looks over to me from on her back and I go over to her and say,

"Hey so I think you might have noticed but I took your picture and I was thinking maybe you can help me pick which ones to keep and which ones to keep for myself." Trying to flatter her a little more. She looks up and smiles at me and says,

"Definitely, but first maybe you can help me with a couple of stretches." While still on her back she lifts her leg up and back towards her body,

"Here, get down here and put your upper body along my leg to push it back towards me," without hesitation and nothing else to say,

"Ok, sure!" I get down and have both my hands on her calf pushing her right leg back towards her shoulder. When I was close to her face I asked her,

"Do you do this often?" She slightly raises an eyebrow and says,

"Not many good looking guys like yourself take pictures of me the way you do, so no. Do you stretch other legs often?" I let out a small laugh, "No. Never. never like this."

She then takes my right hand slides it down her leg bringing my hand right to the very edge of her inner thigh. I take a more aggressive grip forgetting that we are out in the open and very visible. No one seems to see us or care. She takes a big gasp,

"You feel those muscles there?" She whispers to my face. I don't think she was talking about her leg muscles. But either way that area on her thigh seemed a little moist and hot.

All I could think about was how in the world is this happening? A girl this hot, basically in the middle of a park. It must have been in the air, a drug or something, this never happens, especially to a guy like me. I'm not this smooth, maybe neither is she.

"Switch legs, and we can get to some real fun." She is starting to get blunt. I place my left hand at her left inner thigh and she goes ahead to slide my hand briefly over her vagina that I can almost see through her tight black pants. We gasp simultaneously as my hand now lays on her pussy which radiates heat through her pants. My cock becomes uncontrollably hard. Throbbing noticeably.

"I think you and I can look at those pictures a little bit later. And I showed you what I got lets see what you got." She says in a deep voice, almost unable to control her animal like instincts.

"I agree, you showed me yours, I can show you mine." I say back, she pushes me off and I roll on to my back crunching a couple of leaves. I lift my hoody slightly her cold hand touches my exposed skin and she begins to reach down my pants in search of my member. She finds my cock through my boxer briefs and I buck my hips slightly, trying to not give us away.

Her eyes grow wide and she smiles down at me.

"Wow, is all I gotta say." She whispers to me. I cock my head up towards her face and move in part way in for a kiss, and she moves in the rest of the way. Our soft lips opening and closing on each others was turning me on more and more.

With her on top of me and making out I grab at her ass making the pressure between me and her go harder on my cock. A slight moan escapes from under my breath. She stops kissing me and backs off of me a little bit and asks, “You want to do me right here, right now?” I thought she would never ask but I remember that we are still in the middle of a park, not many people are out there that we can see and we are slightly hidden by being under a tree.

“Yes! I want you right here, right now.” She then places her hands on my shoulders and starts pulling her hands down along my chest, down to my stomach and down to my pant line. Next thing I know I feel a strange chilly draft on my cock and her chilly hands take grasp, her eyes again grow in amazement each time she looks at my now exposed member.

“I might have trouble getting this into my mouth, let alone my pussy.” After she said that I just wanted her to get her face down there.

“It might help if you suck on me first then, you know to help get it to slide in.” I try convincing her. And a second later my cock was no longer getting a chill, instead I was feeling quite warm and a lot of movement from her tongue. Or at least just the upper half of my cock is getting the warm sensation.

I look down to see everything that is going on between her mouth and my cock and she looking back up at me with the corner of her mouth smirking as she can see I am powerless to her cock sucking abilities especially in public. Her green eyes looking back up at me sent a surge of pleasure throughout my body. This girl’s tongue knew how to dance along my shaft. Every so often I would buck my hips shoving my cock further down her throat making her gag. Our actions in this public of an area were beginning to get noticed. If this was to go any further we had to hurry.

I pull her head up and kiss her deeply with our tongues dancing I could taste the mixture of pre-cum and her saliva. I reach my hand down between her legs and feel her soaked pussy through her yoga pants, which was also hot to the touch. The cold fall air pierces my exposed cock. I roll over and get on top of her moving my finger in and out of her slit through her pants trying to turn her on even more.

“Just give it to me already!” She exclaims as she pulled her yoga pants down far enough to expose her pussy to me. She had perfect set of pussy lips and my cock began to throb at the sight of her silky smooth shaved pussy. I propped myself up and over her and began to slowly lower myself on down bringing my mushroom shaped head to the entrance of her pussy, suddenly she grabs me by the base of my cock and pulls me closer and brings the tip of my member in contact with her clit. She rubs them together furiously, then she guides me into her nearly shut slit.

“Jesus you're huge!” she exclaims. An elderly lady was walking by not really noticing what we were doing but with my pants down far enough with me on top of her. I think she got the idea. The old lady was shocked and kept walking and gave us dirty looks. “Shhh. You can't be loud or else we will get caught and we wont finish.” I thrust gently bringing each bit of my large cock into her. Each movement I make getting deeper in her she gasps, digs her nails into my back hard through my hoodie.

Now fully engulfed in her pussy, I just sit there inside of her and we both admire the situation of being in a public park, taking caution not to give away on what exactly we are doing. With our clothes still on and us laying down it was hard to tell. Both of us simultaneously take a look around and seeing the coast was clear, I begin to rhythmically thrust in her. The green grass tickling the base of me along with my balls was sending me through, a few more quick thrusts and I am done. But I slow down, the sensation of hot and cold on our genitals.

I never felt a buildup within me like this before. Almost like a brand new drug, I am hooked. She couldn’t contain herself any longer she too on the edge took grasp on my ass and forced me to start humping her again and quickly, each thrust she lets out a loud audible moan. I go faster and faster my balls begin to tingle.

“Cumming, I am cumming!” She exclaims as I too begin to peak at my thrusting speed. Her pussy begins to pulsate violently around my member and an extra splash of wetness. Immediately after feeling those sensations sends me over and I start to cum in her pussy.

“Oh, wow, MMMM!” I exclaim out loud.

“Jesus, I guess what they say is true.” She smiles at me and thrusts her hips simultaneously

“What do they say?” I ask.

“Big cock, huge load.” She laughs out. I laugh along with her.

We begin to clean up and smile at each other as we feel successful in what we did, the park wasn’t crowded but definitely not a place others would try to do what we just did. I grab my camera bag and stand up and lean on the nearby tree.

“Oh no, your camera, we didn’t take any pictures.” The girl says to me.

“Pictures of what? Evidence?” I ask back to her. She and I let out a loud laugh. A few runners pass us by giving looks of wonder in what might have just have happened. Maybe they saw us from the other side of the park I think to myself.

“So what is your name?” I ask sarcastically, joking cause it doesn’t matter too much now. She laughs again and says,

“Megan, my name is Megan and we should definitely do more another time.” She smiles at me while still sitting down on the ground looking into my eyes and looking at my crotch area.

“My name is Paul and I agree. I actually almost can't wait. My house is empty and I don’t live too far from here, maybe I can interest you in taking some pictures.” I say with pure confidence.

“Sounds good,” she says with a tone as if she is surprising even herself. She pops herself up from the ground and begins to crunch in the nearby leaves walking in the general direction of my place and I quickly follow.

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