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Crossing That Line - Part 1

This is my first submission. Please rate my story and comment freely. I always welcome constructive criticism as I aim to please my fellow Lush members!

I woke up feeling content and refreshed, the memory of a steamy dream starring a very sexy Doctor still lingering in my mind. Not just any Doctor, but my boss—Dr. Cole McLaughlin. I would see him again today, and the thought made me smile.

Cole and I had been spending pretty much every moment together these past few weeks—well, apart from sleeping together. He had hired me as his new administrative assistant after his uncle Mitch, my former employer and dear friend, praised my work ethic and outgoing personality. Cole is a family physician and our close working relationship has blossomed into quite a beautiful friendship. In all honesty I have admired my strength while being around him so much—the fact that I haven't thrown myself at him yet is a miracle! He is the most beautiful man I have ever laid eyes on, and just thinking of him makes my pussy pulse. At 5'10" I was used to being the odd woman out and had grown used to towering over women and a lot of men. I had always fantasized of a big, tall man with the strength to throw me around like I was one of those stick-thin petite women. When I met Cole six weeks ago, I knew that I had definitely met my match. He stood 6'7" with a wide muscled frame. His tanned skin, slightly too-long dark hair and 5'o clock shadow was offset only by his eyes. Large and piercing blue, they overwhelmed my senses and whenever I walked into the room those eyes made me feel like I was the only one there. Just being in his presence sets my senses on high alert. His smooth sexy voice combined with his quick wit and devilish dimpled smile can make my toes curl and set my heart racing instantly. If he did ever make that first move there is no way I would be able to deny him, nor would I want to—the hunger I have for him is overwhelming. Still, I am new to this town and he his my closest friend, so unless he makes his intentions clear, I made a vow to suck it up and deal with it. I would be unable to face the embarrassment if I were to screw up this friendship we have established.

On more than one occasion I could have sworn I caught him checking me out. I'm no dummy, and I could sense from our first meeting that the air was heavy and thick with sexual tension. He always tried to be the perfect gentleman, refusing to leave me alone at night in the office, even though I know how safe the neighborhood is. He would slip out to grab us dinner when we worked late—pizza and beer one night, Chinese in white cardboard boxes the next. Even on their days off they were enthusiastic to see one another. He would take me around to explore and get to know the new town that was now my home.

Since his office isn't officially open to the public yet we spent most of our time together casually, dressed down in jeans and hooded sweatshirts, but I know under those Levi's and sweaters there is an amazingly sculpted body. He was raised on a huge farm and helped work the land from an early age. The muscles he has were not made in a gym or with the assistance of a personal trainer and protein shakes, but from hard strenuous work and using his hands. Sometimes I have to shake myself back to reality when he's around because my mind wandering to thoughts of his big strong calloused hands running up and down my body. When I masturbate, It's his face and his body I see.

I smile at myself in the bathroom mirror, admiring my assets. I have a trim waist, softly rounded hips and a generous yet tight ass. Combined with my long legs, naturally tanned complexion, 38D perky breasts and pouty lips, I could definitely use my body to my advantage. I have lived in sweats and hoodies for so long I had almost forgotten that I had this body underneath all the layers of polyester and insecurity. I would never be skinny. I was a size 14 hourglass shape, although years of pilates and kick boxing had definitely kept me in prime shape.

I jumped in the shower and attacked my still sleep-warmed body with a loofah and some lavender vanilla body wash—It smelled good enough to eat. Here was hoping a certain someone might think so too! because at the rate I was going if I didn't get some one-on-one action soon I'd go bankrupt buying batteries for my vibrator. And as good as it was at filling the void, nothing compared to the real thing; the friction of hot sweaty naked skin rubbing together, the thickness in the air from frantic hot breaths and the feeling of strong male arms surrounding me as I came. It was absolutely the best feeling in the world, and I was more than ready to find pleasure in the arms of a man once again—but my mind was set on one man in particular.

We had agreed to meet at the office this morning to finish off the last of the organizing, as Cole's family medicine practice would officially open for patients this coming Monday. After our work in the office was complete we planned to drive down to Hamilton together, tonight being my best friend Cara's 30th birthday party. It had been 6 weeks since I moved to Collingwood, and the anticipation of seeing my friends for the first time since leaving the city was killing me! when I lived in the city we barely went a few days without seeing each other. Although I was elated to finally be seeing my old group of friends I was anxious and a little nervous being back in my old neighborhood. My ex and I have many mutual friends, and the thought of running into Peter made me almost reluctant to go. Somehow Cole and I had gotten on the subject last week while we were out to lunch and he was quick to suggest that maybe he could tag along, thinking that maybe if Peter were to show up he would be reluctant to approach me with a man on my arm. Sitting there with Cole that day, thinking about us together in the club, our bodies pressed against each other as the bass vibrated through us intensified the need in my sex-deprived body. The thought of us putting on this front, pretending to be a couple in front of Peter made my heart race. Of course I had agreed, I wasn't stupid. This would give me the opportunity I had been waiting weeks for. I rinsed the last of the conditioner from my hair and stepped out of the steamy shower. Tonight was definitely the night to up the sex-appeal-factor.

I slipped into a very fitted black pencil skirt that came right to my knees, the slit in the back ran up dangerously high to the top of my thighs. My normal sensible flats were replaced today with a fabulous pair of black and red Louboutin pumps that I had saved for months for. Slipping on those shoes made me feel feminine and sexy for the first time in years. My fitted silk crimson blouse fit well with the outfit and the wide black belt sitting high on her waist nipped in my small midsection, and the my sleek new black framed reading glasses completed the ensemble—the naughty secretary look was always one of my favorites. I felt great, and with some makeup and my long wavy hair let loose to fall in silk tendrils down my back I felt ready to take on the world.

Ninety minutes later I finally made my way into his office and she stopped dead in my tracks. He wore fitted black dress pants with a fitted and freshly ironed blue dress shirt. I had never seen him dressed up, and just looking at his tall frame and broad shoulders gave me a warm fluttering feeling in the pit of my stomach, the warmth spreading lower and lower. My mouth went dry while almost simultaneously another part of my anatomy became noticeably wetter. The look on his face was intense, to say the least. He was thinking about something, I could practically see the wheels turning in his head. No man had ever looked at me like this—a perfect combination of hunger and need. I knew I wasn’t some kind of goddess or sex symbol, but he made me feel like I was the main attraction in his dirtiest fantasies, and I was more then willing to take the lead role.

Without saying a word, he reached behind me, locking the door. I knew the moment had finally come. The back of his fingers grazed the sensitive spot behind me ear, trailing softly down and back up to finally grasp the back of my neck and caress under the thick mass of my hair. Nothing had ever felt better. If simply touching my neck brought on this type of reaction, how would it feel to have your mouth there?

He brought his lips slowly to mine, almost hesitantly as if he were unsure if I would pull away. Your lips are soft and sweet and taste better than anything I have ever experienced. You kiss like heaven. You draw me in and tease my lips, nip at the corner of my mouth and gently slide your tongue into my open mouth. I’ve always loved kissing, but this is beyond anything I could have possibly imagined. Your hot slick tongue mingles with mine and I can feel you holding back, trying to keep the pace slow and steady. My tiny white panties are drenched with my arousal. I can’t think, I can barely breath. All I want is for you to keep going and never stop making me feel like this.

You walked me backwards until I finally make contact with the wall, the coolness feeling so good through the material of my thin shirt. Slowly you turn me around so my hands are braced and my burning face is pressed against the cool wall. You brush my hair over to one side and begin to place small kisses on the back of my neck. I start undoing the small buttons on my blouse because all I want it to feel those incredible lips on the warm flesh of my back . You realize what I’ve been doing and help to pull the silk blouse down my arms. You kiss my shoulders, between my shoulder blades and softly down my back—stopping momentarily to tug on the back of my white lace balconette bra with your teeth while making your way down my body. You reach the top of my pencil skirt and I hear you lowering the tiny zipper and the sound of my skirt being pulled ever so slowly down my hips and thighs. You take a sharp indrawn breath as my ass is revealed, covered by only a thin pair of tiny white lace boyshort style panties; you must be able to smell my arousal as the small scrape of fabric between my thighs is dripping wet. The anticipation of what you will do next is almost unbearable.

You kneel down to help remove my skirt completely, deciding to leave my sexy heels on. You turn me around, still kneeling in front of me. Your eyes are glazed, your mouth partly open with your breaths coming out long and heavy. Any more of those looks you are assaulting me with and I could cum in an instant—standing against the wall with you bent by my feet, fully clothed and looking at me like I was the most beautiful, erotic creature to ever walk the earth.

You suddenly rip the soaking wet panties from me and bury your face into my dripping wet pussy. You grab my thighs and hoist them onto your shoulders suspending me in the air, your muscled frame pinning me to the wall. I make a sound that I'm sure I've never heard myself make before; a low growl mixed with a sigh of pure satisfaction. You lick me like I was the most delectable thing you have ever tasted, your tongue devouring me in long thorough strokes. It feels so fucking amazing what you are doing to me. You make love to me with your expert tongue, never missing a spot. Looking down at you on his knees before me and feasting on my swollen clit brings on a fast and ferocious orgasm. I grind myself against your talented mouth and ride your expert tongue throughout the endless waves of pleasure and watch as you lap up every drop of me, the feeling of you dining on my pussy is indescribable as you roughly massage the globes of my tight little ass with your calloused fingers.

Although you was more than eager to continue feasting on my throbbing clit, I want you naked so I could do some exploring and of my own. You lifted your head from between my thighs, looking up into my eyes as I tug you up to your full height. You lean into my body, my full breasts rising and falling from my rapid breathing, my body is still shaking, but I am far from finished.

You brace your muscled arms against the wall on either side of my head, trapping me close to you. Your eyes devour me as if my body were a theme park and you are deciding which attraction to move onto next. I suck my bottom lip in between my teeth, and set to work slowly undoing the buttons on your blue dress shirt. You wear no undershirt, and the moment my hands touch the bare flesh of your chest, you sucked in a sharp breath. your skin is on fire and I have never been so eager to please someone. I can feel your hard cock pressing into my hip through your pants and my mouth waters. I can't wait to take your velvet heat into my mouth and drive you crazy with lust.


Cole was drunk with lust and something else, the heaviness he felt in his chest was more then just the anticipation of knowing what was to come. Lennon slowly kissed lower and lower, working her soft moist lips down his torso. By the time she got to his bellybutton and dropped to her knees before him he thought he would die. She looked up at him, licking her lips and pulling that sweet bottom lip between her teeth yet again as she carefully worked on the zipper of his dress pants.

He had made the right decision tonight by making the first move. He knew he wanted Lennon from the first moment he saw her, his cock swelling dangerously whenever she came near him. He had sustained unbelievable control to not move too fast with her. He felt something special, and was not going to risk jumping too fast and scaring her away. When she had mentioned the upcoming party for her friend and had expressed some worry about running into her ex he was quick to suggest posing as her lover for the night. The thought of being so intimate and having an excuse to touch her and pretend she was his was too much of an opportunity to pass on. He had decided last night to throw caution to the wind and make his move, knowing in his gut that she must feel something for him as well.

The reality of the moment came crashing back and he swore he held his breath as she finally pushed his pants down his hips, his grey Calvin Klein boxer-briefs now the only barrier between them. What was this woman doing to him? She had barely touched him yet here he was, aching and panting with the taste of her unique salty-sweet flavor still clinging to his mouth. He was willing to sell his soul if he could just be with her like this until the day he died.

All thoughts of anything but this moment quickly dissolved as her fingernails skimmed the length of his rigid cock through the thin material, his precum already oozing out and creating a damp spot on his shorts. The pleasure he received simply by the touch of her fingernails was enough to make his blood boil and set his teeth on edge. He needed more, and if this kept up for much longer the basic primal instinct would kick in and he would have to throw her down and devour her whole; every single inch of her perfectly sun-kissed flesh would be at his mercy. He could never get enough of this woman.

Watching as she finally stripped off his underwear and took the length of him in her mouth was his undoing. Her mouth stretched wide as she took more than her fair share of him deep into the back of her throat. the warm wetness of the inside of her mouth was heaven.

She worked him slowly in and out of her wicked mouth, his dick now painfully full and shiny from her saliva. It took all of his strength not to grab the back of her head and grind his hips into her; fucking her mouth rapidly until he coated the back of her throat. Although at the rate she was now working his aching cock he wouldn't need to force anything. She firmly yet gently massaged his heavy sac with her left hand, often snaking a manicured fingernail along the sensitive bit of skin underneath his balls and making him tremble.

Her mouth was now rapidly working his cock, pumping him in and out, breaking in between to take long stokes of the underside of his beautifully swollen member with her thick tongue. The suction she was enforcing on his cock was the most amazing feeling in the world. He couldn't take any more. He was on the brink of madness and he wanted to be deep inside her as he came. He wanted to feel her clench her inner muscles around him and milk his cock of every drop of him until he had nothing left to give.


She had never seen such a beautiful thing in all of her 28 years on this earth and he was most definitely a god among men. His hair fell partially over his face in sexy disarray, making it even more erotic knowing that her own hands had done that running them through the thick dark mass and gripping his scalp to hold him steadily between her thighs as he had feasted on her just moments before.

She was completely unprepared for the sight that was Cole in all of his naked glory. Strong wide shoulders lead down to toned pecs with a very light dusting of dark hair across the top. she saw what appeared to be some kind of unique Celtic tribal patterned tattoo surrounding the mass of his left shoulder. He was even bigger then she imagined; toned and strong with large biceps and forearms and a nicely defined six pack. A fine line of dark hair trailed bellow his bellybutton and disappeared under his Calvin's. She licked her lips in anticipation and smiled seductively as she heard Cole's primal growl. she looked up to see he had been watching her every move, his heavy lidded gaze burning into her like she was his prey and he was waiting to pounce at any moment.

She finally removed that final barrier and wrapped her hand around the base of his cock, squeezing firmly. He was as hard as steel yet velvet soft and so very thick, her fingers barely able to encircle his entire girth. He appeared to be a full 10-inches long and stood straight and proud jutting out as if begging for the attention of her mouth. The thick mushroom head of his cock was engorged and leaking in anticipation. Almost instinctively the tip of her pink tongue darted out, licking the moisture that had gathered there. He let out a low, satisfied groan and sunk his fingers into her silky hair. He tasted divine and even she was surprised at how much she was enjoying this, her pace growing quicker and quicker as her eager mouth devoured him.

In one swift move he had her off of her knees and up in his arms, her thighs wrapped securely around his hips. With one of his strong arms wrapped around her cupping her ass he buried his other hand in her hair to cradle the back of her head as he ravished her mouth with his, expertly slipping his hot tongue in and out of her mouth.

He carried her slowly around to the large soft leather couch in the corner of his office. He lovingly laid her out for his viewing pleasure and stepped back, admiring her openly from head to toe. The waiting was driving her insane with lust. Maybe it was time to have some fun of her own.

"Please stop looking at me and come over here," she said, "before I have to take matters into my own hands." A devilish grin spread across her swollen mouth as she anticipated her next move.

He chuckled quietly, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth and bringing out the deep dimples in his left cheek. His smile immediately faded as she sat up slowly, opening her legs slightly so he could see the lips of her pussy. Waxed free of any hair they were pink and swollen and glistening from her wetness. His smile quickly faded as she brought her index finger to her lips, slipping it inside the wet heat of her mouth to suck on it boldly. Her eyes never left his as she trailed that now wet finger down between her breasts and flat belly, now opening her legs slightly wider and finally brining her finger to rest at the lips of her soaking pussy. She then proceeded to slide her finger slowly up and down between her swollen folds. Still, she never looked away from him or broke eye contact. She felt magnificent sitting there on display for him, touching herself while he watched to his heart's content. She had never felt so empowered and sexy and when he eventually slipped his hand down to stroke himself, she rubbed herself faster, pushing two of her fingers into her sopping hole. His name slipped from her lips as she felt herself about to tumble over the edge.


He scooped her into his arms as he turned and sat down on the couch, quickly lowering her onto his lap to straddle him. Her feet dangled on either side of his massive thighs but never touching the floor. The feel of his thick and engorged shaft nudging the opening to her pussy made her want to cry out and beg for him to fuck her. Her head rolled back but he brought his hand up to her face, forcing her eyes back down and commanding her attention.

"Look into my eyes Lennon," he said, "I want to see your face when I make you cum all over my fucking cock."

His breathing was ragged. He was on the edge and ready to bury himself in her warmth and empty himself inside her entirely. They made complete eye contact as he lifted her up, digging his long fingers into the flesh of her luscious ass. He lowered her slowly onto his stiff prick, resisting the overwhelming urge to slam her down on him and pound into her until he found his release. 

He held off as long as he could, building his tempo slowly while sliding himself in and out of her tight liquid heat. Their eyes locked on one another and they worked in perfect rhythm together towards their release, the intensity building and building.

Finally he saw her breaking. She was falling apart in his arms as release began to wash over her. The way she was grinding her hips down into him was too much for him to bear much longer. Her skin was slick with sweat, and she panted and groaned into his ear the most erotic noises coming from her parted lips. She was sending him into sweet surrender.

The moment she broke eye contact and threw her head back, screaming his name and clawing in pleasure down his back, he allowed himself to let go. The waves of pleasure drowning him as he felt another orgasm roll through every inch of her body. The inner walls of her pussy clenching around his shaft as he finally came long and hard inside her welcoming body.

Shot after shot of his thick cum filled her up completely. She lay there; sated, completely and utterly spent as he wrapped her in his arms, both of them recovering from the sweet intensity of it. He delicately pushed back the sweat dampened hair off her flushed face and planted kisses along her neck, jaw and eyelids, finally landing on her swollen lips.

After coming down from their sexual high, he lazily stretched out onto the couch, not even caring that his sweaty naked body was sticking to the now hot leather. He easily lifted and turned Lennon's body around bringing the soft skin of her back to his still slightly heaving chest. He pulled the white throw blanket off of the back of the couch, covering their bodies with it's softness, and brought a possessive arm around her waist, locking her to him indefinitely. This was most definitely just the beginning, for they still had a long night ahead of them.

to be continued...
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