Crux - Part Three

By Jayne33

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Aedan and Jenna's friendship goes to new levels at the photography shoot
Her phone beeps to say she has received a new message. She jumps with the thrill and excitement that rushes her system. It’s become a common occurrence for the sound to evoke a giddy hope that the message might be from Aedan. More often than not she is disappointed, and the notification on her phone is just another junk message. Occasionally however the smile spreads across her face, butterflies dance in her stomach, the screen confirms her hopes; Aedan wants to speak to me.

Aedan: Morning Jen :D

Ready for some fun tonight?

Sent at; 10.30 AM on Tuesday

Jenna: Hey :) 

Ready as I’ll ever be! I’m getting nervous.

Sent at; 10.31 AM on Tuesday

Aedan: You’ll be in good hands with me.

Sent at; 10.38 AM on Tuesday

Jenna: I don’t intended on being in anyone’s hands tonight.

…And I think wicked hands is a better description :-P

Sent at; 10.38 AM on Tuesday

Grinning as she hits the enter button. She is enjoying being able to be cheeky with him, this feeling of ease coming after weeks of messaging back and forth about the upcoming shoot. She sits and waits looking at the screen. She is on standby for his instant message to pop up. Her foot taps with the suspense. Come on Aedan, reply. She is sure he does it on purpose, knowing what it does to her, having to wait for him. Teasing her, with her need for his response. After the night of the exhibition, when he'd caught her watching the CCTV footage of him spraying her manager’s face with cum, she'd found out enough, in their late night chats to have a fair idea of Aedan and his sexual desires. She also found it fun talking with someone who shared her dirty mindedness. She looked forward to their talks. It wasn't a usual friendship, there's a definite sexual attraction from her side. She wasn't sure if he reciprocated those feelings, but she got the feeling that he didn’t really know what to make, or do, with her.

Aedan: Well, these wicked hands are looking forward to getting some good shots tonight.

Sent at; 10.56 AM on Tuesday

She looks at the screen trying to think of a flirty, witty comeback. Just as she thinks of how to respond another messages pings up.

Aedan: I’ll pick you up at 9. Be ready ;-)

Sent at; 11.03 AM Tuesday

Jenna; K, no worries, I’ll be ready x

Sent at; 11.03 AM Tuesday

That gives her just enough time to get home and showered after work. Shit work, I’m going to be late! She puts her phone in her pocket and rushes into the kitchen to make her lunch.

“What’s making you grin like a Cheshire cat?” Her flat mate asks. He is stirring his coffee nosily, before he throws the dirty spoon on the side. This would normally grate on her, but nothing could put an end to her good mood today.

“Nothing,” she says, her smile widening further.

“Well I’ll have a bit of that ‘nothing’, if that’s the reaction it has. You sure you haven’t been speaking to your new man?” He asks, playfully tickling her.

“Matt!! Stop…” she giggles, trying to get him cease by brandishing the knife she’s using to spread the cream cheese on her bagel. “He’s not my new man. It’s not like that. I don’t have romantic feelings for him. He’s just good to speak with. How long have you and I been friends?”

Matt scratches his dark curls while he thinks. Jenna can see him doing the sums in his head.

“Well officially I would say after we finished our exams at school. I knew of you at school, but I wouldn’t have classed you as a friend. I wasn’t until that party at Fran’s house, when we spoke properly. So 13 years…. God has it really been 13 years since we left school. That makes me feel old!”

Jenna laughs at her friend, and remembers back with fond memories of that night at the party. She had sat all night talking with Matt about life and the universe. No one had ever wanted to have such a deep conversation with her before, and she knew instantly after that night they would be friends forever. She would be eternally grateful to him for moving down to London when she had been offered the job at the gallery. She didn’t think she would have had the courage to move from a small town to the big city without him.

“So you’ve known me long enough to know that I have a filthy mind. I can’t share that stuff with you because you go all shy and blush….like you’re doing now, and I haven’t even said anything.”

True to her words the pale cheeks of her friend have started turning as red as the tomato she is chopping. She continues on. “So it’s nice to find a friend that I can talk to about that side of me. Aedan and I would never work as a couple, and to be honest that’s not what I want. I can’t lie and say I’m not physically attracted to him. Not that it matters, because I don’t think I’m his type anyway. I just enjoy his company.”

“Okay….Okay!” Matt holds his hands up in defeat. “But you’re still smiling because you’ve been speaking to him. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy.” He ruffles her hair and takes his coffee into watch his daytime TV.


Aedan pulls the little Italian hatchback into the parking lot. Jenna is squashed into the passenger’s seat; her knee’s pressed hard up against the dashboard.

“Sorry again about the room,” he says, switching off the engine. “I can’t get the seat any further back with all the gear in my little car.”

“It’s alright. As long as you don’t want me to move about too much, I’ve lost all feeling below my knees,” she jokes. Getting out the car she pulls the seat forward, reaching into the back to retrieve her camera bag.

“Remind me of you, if I ever need anyone to model for a breasts shot. Anyone ever tell you, you’ve got a great fucking rack girl.”

“For your private collection perhaps, not everyone gets to view these bad boys.” She gives them a little jiggle and laughs at the expression on Aedan’s shocked face. Since they had been chatting and she had let her guard down, she found there was something about him that made her feel comfortable enough to do things she would never dream of doing with anyone else.

“Leave the rest of the stuff, I’ll come and get it when I have opened up the studio. My friend Alan lets me borrow it at mate’s rates. He appreciates my work, what with him kind of working in the erotic sector, although his shots tend to be a little more hard-core than mine.”

He opens up the studio, turning off the alarm. “Make yourself at home, we can get set up, then I’ll give Phoebe a call to let her know we are ready for her.” He heads back out the door to collect his equipment from the car.

She wanders around the little studio, looking over the sample portraits of happy smiling children and couples. Her eyes are drawn to a beautiful blonde bride and her husband exiting the church. At first glance it looks like any other happy couples wedding day. Jenna looks closely at the bride. The smile she has plastered on her face does not reach her eyes. She’s looking angrily at the photographer, and there is something else. Jenna had spent enough time over the last few weeks, trawling the Internet for erotic pictures, to be able to recognise the signs of arousal in the woman’s face. She’s just stepping to look closer when Aedan steps back in.

“Arh, I see you’ve spotted Erica. Really dirty story to go with that one, you’ll have to remind me to tell you sometime. Could you grab the backdrops from outside the door,” he carries the arm load of equipment into the back room.

They both quietly go about setting up for the shoot. Jenna knows exactly what the situation will be after discussing it in detail with Aedan. A repeat client has commissioned a piece. They have requested Phoebe. The brief is simply a submissive kiss. Aedan calls Phoebe when they have set up, and she arrives not long after.

Jenna is nervous when she knows she is on her way, but is put at ease straight away when the bubbly ray of sunshine that is Phoebe walks into the studio.

“Hey, you must be Jenna. Aedan’s told me all about you.” She pulls Jenna in for a hug, and air kisses hello. “Where is he? My favourite, dirty minded, photographer?”

“I’m here.” Aedan says, as he walks in from the backroom. He’s taken his shirt off, and is stood bare foot in only his jeans. Jenna’s breath catches when she sees the slender athletic frame of Aedan in the doorway.

“Dressed in your usual uniform I see.” Phoebe laughs. She runs and jumps into the arms of Aedan, wrapping her long, model legs around his waist, before kissing him passionately on the lips.

Jenna doesn’t know where to look, and feels a little embarrassed to witness such an intimate greeting. She is about to turn around and busy herself with her camera, until she remembers why she is here, and what she is going to witness. She continues to watch as Phoebe deepens her kiss with Aedan, her tongue clearly exploring his mouth. Jenna is surprised at how turned on she feels. Then as quickly as she mounted him, Phoebe releases him from her embrace, wiping the lipstick off his lips.

“Sean’s on his way round, I told him to come straight from the office, so he has to make his way across town. You want me to do some test shots while we wait, so you can set up the lights?”

Luckily for Jenna it’s late enough for the tubes on the underground to be past rush-hour. Sean arrives just as she feels like she is going to burst with the anticipation. She feels a swirling mix of excitement, apprehension, and arousal. She stands back and watches, enthralled, as Aedan masterfully directs the couple.

She watches his body flex, his exposed upper body moves in a fluid motion, at one with his camera. It’s so beautiful to see him in his element. She pays little attention to the tongue probing couple in front of the lens.

“Okay, let’s take a quick break. Give you two a chance to get some air back in those lungs.” Aedan announces. Sean pulls away from the passionate kiss, leaving Phoebe panting and flustered. Jenna walks over to Aedan who is stood looking at the pictures he had just taken on his laptop.

“No. I’m not sure. I just don’t think I’ve got the picture yet.” He looks to Jenna for a response.

“You’re right; I think there’s something missing. It’s more a passionate kiss; I’m not getting the submission.”

“How do you think we should address that?” He looks deep into her eyes. There is such power behind his stare, it reaches deep inside her soul and grabs hold. Her body reacts instantly, the delicious pulsating heat in her pussy increases. The air is charged with electricity. He holds her there; she is motionless trapped by the intense power radiating from him.

Her face transforms in front of his eyes to the dirtiest smile he thinks he has ever seen.

“I think I’ve got it. You mind if I direct the next few shots?” It’s more of a statement than a question. She walks over to the couple. She whispers first in the ear of Phoebe. Aedan watches. He doesn’t know what she is saying, but he can see the look on Phoebe’s face change. Jenna then whispers her instructions Sean.

“Ready?” Jenna asks them. They both have their eyes closed, thinking about what has just been said. They nod their response. The air in the room seems thick. The hairs on her body are stood to attention. Her heart is racing faster than she thinks it ever has. She points to a position that Aedan should be stood in, and he moves, following her silent instruction. He turns to face the couple, readying his camera.

Phoebe and Sean are just stood, locked in the most intense eye contact. Suddenly Sean grabs a handful of her dark long hair. Aedan instantly begins snapping shots. Phoebe lets out a moan, her body surrendering to his touch. He waits holding her there for what feels like an eternity.

“Now” Jenna huskily prompts.

Keeping a firm grip on her hair, Sean grabs her delicate face in his big manly hand. She completely submits to his touch, her eyes closing as his lips take hers.

“Well, I’m not sure what you said, and my guess is you aren’t going to tell me either.” Aedan smiles as he flicks through the pictures on the screen. The shoot is over and the couple have left, leaving them to pack up the equipment. “Whatever it was, it did the job.”

Jenna grins, happy to have pleased him. She feels the glow of a new found self-confidence, the rush of happiness. She's enjoyed the experience so much; and she didn’t want it to end.

“When can we do it again?”

Aedan laughs at her over eager and childlike excitement.

“Don’t worry; I have something lined up very soon. I think you’re ready for the next level.”

* * *

It starts much like the last shoot. Her excitement is building. She still has a small amount of uncertainly, which comes from being in a situation that is still fresh. She is busying herself checking the lighting that has been set up in the small room of the hotel. She brushes her hands over the cotton sheets of the bed linen. The petite, young model called Lexi is getting changed in the bathroom. They are just waiting for Sean to arrive.

Aedan comes into the room with a grim look on his face. “Shoots off, I’m afraid. I’ve just had a call from Sean. There’s been some problem at the office and he’s going to have to pull an all-nighter.”

Jenna feels like her insides have just turned to lead. All the excitement and anticipation she had been feeling moments before is gone, replaced with the heavy feel of disappointment.

“Why don’t you do it?” The thoughts jump from her lips as they enter her head. They both stand looking surprised at her suggestion. She repeats it, this time with more certainty; the idea crystallizes in her mind. “Why don’t you play the role Sean was supposed to play? I can take the photos. Why waste the whole shoot? Call it a premature test of my directorial skills.”

A dirty smile spreads across Aedan’s face. His eyes darken as her idea sparks his imagination.

“You surprise me again.” Her body visibly trembles at his words. “’I’ll go and tell Lexi about the change in plan.”

Jenna starts off tentatively. Her voice is weak, but she guides the couple in their movements. Aedan had described to her in such vivid detail, the feeling behind the picture they were to be getting. Slowly she begins to relax into her role. She starts to enjoy the feeling of power. Her directions are becoming clearer. She is finding her voice.

“Remove her bra and panties. I only want her in her stockings.” She snaps away with a pure delight. Her eyes are paying little attention to the girl. She watches as Aedan skilfully removes Lexi’s underwear. She can see his arousal building. She can tell he’s enjoying being directed by her. Jenna is surprised at how easy she is finding it. The more aroused he gets, the easier her words come. “Tie her face-down to the bed.” She orders.

Lexi moves into position, allowing Aedan to shackle her arms and legs to the bed. She lets out a loud moan as Aedan slaps his palm hard against her ass cheek. “Sorry. I couldn’t resist; such a beautiful ass.” He smirks.

“Hmmm, that’s given me an idea. Where did you put the toys you said you were bringing?” She asks.

“They’re in the bag on the chair.” His features light up, as he witnesses the growth of his friend in front of his eyes.

She looks through the bag, until she finds what she is looking for. She pulls out the black flogger; the smell of leather fills her nostrils. She runs the whips strands through her fingers, before turning and holding it out for Aedan to take. No words are needed.

She takes her camera in hand, and nods her head to let him know she is ready. She looks through the camera, taking shot after shot. Aedan brings the flogger down against the soft skin of the writhing girl who is tethered to the bed. Her moans of pain mixed with pleasure are mingling with the slap of the flogger against her pussy. Jenna removes the scarf from around her neck and bundles it up.

“Open up.” She demands to Lexi. The girl obeys, opening her mouth wide so that Jenna can push the material into her mouth. “Now again, but try it like you mean it this time. I want to really see the arousal in her face.”

“I know what you’re going for and I think I can supply it.” There is a feral-like look in his eyes; they share the same depraved feelings. She can see his hard cock bursting to be freed from its restraint. He could tell her panties are soaked in her juices as she relish’s this new found power.

Without taking his eyes from Jenna, he brings the flogger high above his head. She brings the camera into position, he swings the whip down. Lexi’s body jolts with the sting of the leather against her dripping wet pussy. Her moans muffled only slightly by the material filling her mouth.

“Got it!” She is sure that is the shot they were looking for. She goes over to the laptop and is delighted with the shot they have just captured.

Aedan comes up behind her, the hot skin of his chest brushing her exposed arms. Her body almost melts when he presses his rock hard dick up against her. Brushing her hair back over her shoulder, exposing her neck and ear, he whispers, “How about we ask our little slut-bunny over there, if she fancies doing some shots for my private collection?”

She brings her hand behind her body, and gropes the hard mass of his erection through the material of his jeans. She leans back against his chest as her hand works up and down his shaft.

“Mmmm. You know I would love to watch you fuck her.” She releases her grip on him and turns to face him. Their faces only inches apart. He slips his hand beneath her track pants and runs his fingers across the damp material of her panties. “Oh I know you would, you naughty little bitch.”

He removes his hand and goes over to Lexi who is still bound to all corners of the bed. He whispers in her ear, but his eyes are firmly set on Jenna’s. Lexi nods her head in eager agreement, her eyes alight with desire. Aedan removes the scarf from the girl’s mouth. He unbuckles his jeans allowing them and his boxers to fall to the floor; stepping out of them he strokes his cock. Jenna can see the delight he has in his cock’s freedom, but she can tell he is ready for it to be confined in a much more pleasurable tight space. He unbuckles Lexi’s legs.

Jenna can’t wait to see him get what he wants. She can’t wait to see the pleasure on his face as he sinks into her cunt. Her own pussy pulsates out of control. She is struggling to hold her breathing steady. She wants to get a good picture for Aedan. She knows she won’t be able to do that if her hands are unsteady. She gets the tripod from the corner of the room and attaches the camera. She picks up the remote so she can set off the camera to take the shots. Moving one of the lighting rigs to get the lighting she wanted. She is ready. Oh God I’m ready. Do it, fuck that girl for me.

“Lift yourself and spread your legs for him.” Jenna orders the girl, who follows her instructions immediately. Aedan is now behind the girl and is ready to enter her.

Jenna nods at him. She watches as Lexi’s body ripples with pleasure when he sinks his cock deep inside her tight, wet pussy. She sees the way he tenses his jaw, when he holds back the urge to fuck her hard and rough. He slowly pushes himself deeper. He looks at Jenna. Again she nods her head signalling her approval. He starts to slowly move back and forth inside her. Holding the girls hips so he can drive harder and deeper with each stroke.

Jenna takes shot after shot. With every click her own arousal grows. She can feel her nectar seep from her pussy. She can feel everything he is doing to her. All the time his piercing grey eyes are fixed on Jenna.

“Hold her by her hair.” Jenna instructs. Her excitement is spilling out, the tone of her voice deeper and huskier than usual.

Aedan grabs a handful of the girl’s hair, causing her back to arch.

“Now show me. Fucking show me what the real Aedan is like. I want you to fuck that girl silly.”

He doesn’t need telling again. He slams hard into Lexi, the sound of slapping skin so loud it can’t be hidden by the high pitched moans of the girl beneath him.

Jenna’s own body shakes from the core as she stands witness to a scene she has created, a scene far dirtier and more carnal than she could have ever imagined. She urges him on in a crescendo of encouragement.

“Go on… Fuck the little slut… Give the little slut what she craves… That’s it, fuck her hard…”

Aedan grunt and moans, his whole body powering hard. Lexi screams, she cums hard, her body shaking wildly. Jenna can tell Aedan is going to be far behind.

“I want her to swallow it.” She states. Aedan slows his pace, smiling at Jenna and her dirty mind.

She unbuckles Lexi’s wrists, massaging her stiff arms, and helping the girl up. She holds her limp and tired body against her own, allowing the girl to lean back against her for support. Aedan stands at the side of the bed, in front of the waiting girl. Lexi smiles up at Aedan, but he is looking past her to Jenna.

Jenna strokes the sweat soaked hair that is sticking to Lexi’s face behind her ear. “Let’s get that out the way, so he can see your pretty face when you swallow his cum.” Jenna looks up and meets the stare of Aedan. Jenna tips the girls head back resting one hand on her forehead, as Lexi opens her mouth wide, ready to accommodate his cock.

He slides is cock into her waiting mouth, moaning loudly as Lexi sucks him in deeper, both sets of female eyes on his. After the nights events it doesn’t take much, and before long he is thrusting his cock deep into her throat. He lets out an almighty moan, looking straight into Jenna’s eyes. He shoots his hot, creamy load down Lexi’s throat.


It’s late when Jenna gets back to her apartment. She is just drifting off into a peaceful sleep, after frigging herself silly replaying the events of the night. Her phone beeps.

Aedan: You did great tonight. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Night my sexy friend ;-)

Sent at; 1.05 AM Friday.

Jenna: You didn’t do so bad yourself :-P

Night & filthy dreams x

Sent at; 1.06 AM Friday.

She drifts of into a restful sleep, filled with dreams of fucking Aedan.