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Crystal's Summer Fantasy

Crystal's summer fantasy becomes a reality
This is my first attempted at writing a story. I have written before but didn't have the courage to post anything so I thought I would try. Hope you enjoy it. I didn't put much detail into the character's appearance because I wanted to leave it to the reader to make the characters whatever was their ideal fantasy for a partner.

The day was warm, in the mid-70s.The sun shined brightly outside and the sky had barely any clouds in it. A gentle breeze tussled the leaves on the aspen trees.

The summer had been quiet slow and boring for Ashley. She was trying to save money for school and a car to get her there so she was working two jobs. One she worked during the week and the other Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. This weekend was a rarity in that she didn’t have to work Saturday or Sunday. Ashley attempted to call all her friends from school and see what was going on over the weekend but sadly everyone was out of town or working. Ashley decided it would be nice to just sit around the house and not do anything after all.

The water from the pool glistened like a jewel in the sun beckoning her to come cool off in the summer day. She couldn’t remember when the last time was that she had time to go for a swim. As she logged off her computer she looked around her room thinking she might want to do some cleaning later that day. She scrounged around in her draw for her bikini and threw in on the bed. Turning around she faced her mirror. She looked at herself in the mirror and slowly started to remove her clothes and took the time to appreciate the beautiful skin God gave her. She slowly moved her fingertips over her breasts and down her sides trembling at the feather touch. Her mind secretly wondered to a realm where a strong hand was the one gracefully painting her skin with passion. Closing her eyes she relished in the feeling of her skin tingling as she moved her hand back to her breasts and started to massage them. Her fingers traced her nipples making her shiver in anticipation. Her hands started to glide down her stomach to her crotch. She moved her hands around her pussy not wanted to give in just yet to touching it.

She moved down massaging her thighs and on her way back up she finally made contact with her lips. She used one hand and moved her fingers along the outside of her lips and paused at the hood of her clit. She pulled up to expose her clit and used her other hand to lightly touch her clit. She could feel the juices starting to flood her pussy. She kept rubbing her clit and moved her other hand and slowly inserted her middle finger into her love canal. She rotated her wrist so her palm was facing her and moved her finger up toward the front of her wall and gently pushed. She could feel a pressure building deep inside her. She continued to ministrate her pussy as she fantasied of a strong muscular man eating her out.

Her breathing started to quicken and her head started to spin in ecstasy. She felt her blood begin to flow faster through her body and the energy begin to pulse outward from her pussy to the rest of her body. Every limb was tingling and vibrating with the energy coming from her core. In her mind the man moved on top of her and was licking and sucking on her nipples and was beginning to insert his cock into her. This began to set her over the edge. Her eyes opened as her body started to convulse with the explosion of passion that had been building. She felt the world slipping away from her as her muscled continued to contract and her brain released so much endorphins that her vision started to fade…

She lay there limp from the orgasm that rocked her body. When she finally came to she realized she had been out for about two hours. She looked outside and the sun was still shining so she grabbed the blue bikini from her bed and went outside to the pool. As the sun hit her skin she felt her body loosen from the workout she just gave it. She tossed her towel down on one of the lounge chairs and walked over to the pool. She put just the tip of her toe into the water to test it. It was cold but not too bad as the sun had warmed it up during the day. She walked down to the diving board. She stepped up and lightly hopped on the board and did a front dive into the cool water. As the coolness washed over her skin her nipples immediately stiffened and she surfaced feeling so refreshed. She swam a couple laps before she exited the pool and went to lie down on the chair. She closed her eyes and lay in the sun taking in the beautiful summer day.

As she was laying there she heard some fumbling around at the lock for their privacy fence. The gate open and in stepped a guy wearing a tight T-shirt that said “Rick’s Pool Service,” on it.

She was at first startled that someone just walked into their back yard but when she realized it was just the pool cleaners she wasn’t as worried. She looked at the guy, he was average height about 5’7” the t-shirt hugged his frame tightly. He wasn’t any body builder but he was nicely toned all around judging from the shorts he was wearing. He introduced himself and got straight to work bringing the hoses back and starting to vacuum the pool out. All she could do was lay there and every once and a while glance over to take in the view of this hot pool cleaner bending over to take water samples to check the levels.

Her pussy began to react to the view and started to become increasing wetter with every glance. She wanted him…She wanted his touch on her skin. She needed it. She thought to herself and realized she hadn’t put any suntan lotion on since she had been out. She mischievously smiled and turned away from the guy and pulled the strings on her bikini top and pulled out her bottle of lotion. She started to spread the lotion thoroughly over her skin. She obviously couldn’t reach her back so she looked over her shoulder at the pool guy. She noticed that he had started to stare at her she removed her top. She glanced down and noticed the start of a hardon in his shorts.

“Hey Nate, can you give me a hand real quick,” she snickered to herself.

“Yea, what’s up?” Jack looked over to her. His mind was reeling with the possibilities.

“I can you get some lotion on my back please?” Nate felt like some god had heard his thoughts.

Jack strode over and grabbed the lotion bottle and rubbed some lotion into his hands before he started on her shoulders. He started to massage the lotion into her skin. He could feel her starting to melt into his touch and knew that they both secretly wanted this. He slowly moved his way from her shoulders and worked his way down her back repeatedly applying more lotion to his hands to make sure they glided over her fair skin.

“Hey it looks like you missed your legs. Why don’t you lay on your stomach and I can get the rest of it for you?” Nate knew that he was probably pushing his luck but he figured if he was going to make a move he should at least try.

“Sure that would be great,” Crystal smiled she was already relishing his touch and now she was going to get a massage. She was in heaven. She glanced over at him and noticed his pants were considerably tighter than when he first got there and if it weren’t for his shirt covering the top of his shorts she was pretty sure that she would have gotten even more of treat.

She lay down on the lounger and Nate got on his knees as he started to work his lower back and then moved to her legs. He tried to stay on the outside of her legs before he moved inside on his way back up. Crystal shivered as his hands moved to the inside of her legs. She knew she was hot and she wondered if her bikini bottoms were beginning to soak through from her wetness. She wondered if he could see. Nate stood up.

“Did I miss anywhere?” Nate took in the sight of her gorgeous body.

“Umm…Yea I think you did,” her mind raced at the thought of what she was about to do. She reached down and pulled on the strings on the sides of her bottom and pulled the material away and set it down to the side.

Nate gulped and felt his cock twitch with the sight before him. He didn’t know how much more he could take. He put some lotion on his hands and gingerly started to massage the lotion into her perfectly formed ass. His hands shook as he massaged her skin and his breathing was getting heavier.

“Nate would you mind getting my front for me please,” Crystal was shaking with anticipation of what was coming.

Nate couldn’t believe how this was going. He didn’t want to feel like a creep though and reached down for her towel and folded it up to use to cover her breasts and he took his shirt off and folded it up to cover her groin area as well. As Crystal turned over he quickly handed her the two folded cloths and handed them to her and turned away, but before he could he caught a glance of her pussy…it was completely smooth. His mind was in ecstasy at what he just glimpsed. If he didn’t get anywhere with this he would be jacking off for days to the image that was burned into his mind.

“You can turn around silly. You’re so sweet,” Crystal stared at his bare chest and imagined running her hands down his toned body.

Nate turned back toward her and lotioned up his hands. He started on her shoulders and worked his way down her arms and then back up to her upper chest area that wasn’t covered by the towel. That’s when he realized that there was already lotion on her chest, which meant that she was doing this all on purpose. He gained a little more confidence in what he was doing knowing that she wanted it just as bad as she did but he didn’t want to let on just yet.

Knowing that she wanted it made him want to draw it out and make it a pleasuring torment. He hoped over the towel and moved his hands over her stomach. It wasn’t rock hard by any means but she wasn’t toned and he didn’t mind the softness that it still had. He moved his hands toward the lower region of her abdomen and moved his hands slightly under the shirt but didn’t get so close that it was obvious he was reaching for her pussy. He moved his hands outward down her legs and made his way down to her ankles before he began to move his way back up on the inside of her thighs using a little more pressure to move the blood up to her pleasure areas. Nate looked up at Crystal’s face.

Her eyes were closed and you could see her biting her lip trying not to let out the moan that was building up inside of her. As his hands got nearer to her crotch he could feel the heat emanating from the region under the shirt. He decided it was now or never and slowly moved his hands under the shirt toward her lips. His thumbs brushed her lips and he heard her suck in a deep breath and shiver under his touch. He looked up at her face. She didn’t move she didn’t open her eyes so he took it as a cue to continue what he was doing. He rubbed the area all around her pussy and just above her clit but was careful not to touch it just yet he wanted to prolong the anticipation as long as possible. He moved his hands back up toward her breasts, as he did so the shirt feel away from her and he moved up and removed the towel from her breasts. He started to massage them and feel them in his hands. She wasn’t very big maybe a B cup but that was okay with him because they fit perfectly in his hands. He continued to rub her and began to rub her nipples with his thumbs in circular motion.

Her breathing was getting heavier. He could see her chest rising and falling and could feel her heart pounding through her chest. Nate moved his hands back up to her shoulders and began a massage technique that pulled blood from the extremities toward the erogenous areas of her body. He knew those massage classes would pay for themselves one day. He did his best to slowly make his way back down to her groin area as slowly and methodically as possible.

Crystal’s mind was reeling with the pleasure she was receiving from his touch. It was like her fantasy but 100 times better. She was having trouble keeping quiet and she felt a moan starting to escape her lips. Nate made his way finally to her pussy and began to message the lips. Crystal moaned softly and started to wither in pleasure. Nate moved one hand to above her clit and used his thumb to move over her clit from side to side and in circles. He used the pointer and middle finger of his other hand and rubbed up and down her slit.

He felt Crystal moan and shiver under his touch and it was turning him on so much more then he already was. He started to feel precum leaking down his cock and knew that it wouldn’t be long before he would have a wet spot of his own in his shorts.

Crystal couldn’t take it anymore the pleasure was too much she turned her head to the side that Nate was on and looked directly at his crotch. His cock was so hard and big it was poking out of the band of his shorts. Crystal reached her hand over and began to stroke the outline of the cock in his shorts. Nate was taken by surprise and let out a low moan from his lips. Crystal continued to stroke his cock through his shorts and Nate slowly slides his middle finger into her vagina. Crystal let out a loud moan this time not caring about being reserved about her vocalization of how much she was enjoying his touch. He moved his finger in and out slowly and then picking up the pace. Crystals heart was racing she felt everything start to go numb for the second time today and her vision was starting to blur she knew her orgasm was coming and it was even more of a turn on that she wasn’t in control of when and how it came. Crystal was moaning loader and Nate knew what he needed to do to set her over the point of no return. Nate bent down and replaced his thumb with his mouth.

Nate sucked Crystal’s clit into his mouth and used his tongue moving side to side, up and down, and in figure 8’s all over her clit. Crystal lost it and began to shiver. Her legs clenched Nate’s hand in place and she placed her hands on his head as she started to lose control. The contractions were so strong and frequent she thought she was going to pass out. The orgasm seemed to last minutes as she just continued to scream out from Nate’s continued efforts to keep her cumming. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore and pulled on Nate’s head and brought it to her and kissed him passionately and fervently on the lips. Their tongues intertwined and she could taste herself in his mouth. It was the first time she had ever tasted it and she was surprised that it wasn’t that bad.

After gaining some composure she knew this wasn’t over yet and once again reached out and began to stroke Nate’s cock through his shorts as they kissed. She could feel that his shorts were wet near wear the tip was and could feel the precum oozing out of the tip. She sat up and had Nate stand in front of her while she undid his shorts and let them fall to the ground.

His cock sprung out and nearly taped her on the nose. It was the most beautiful cock she had ever seen. It was the perfect length and width and it curved slightly upward. She grasped it firmly in her hand and began to stroke it. At first she moved her hand over the full length and then she focused more on the tip. Her other hand fondled his balls while she was stroking them.

She could feel them moving. It was like she could tell they were in the process of producing the amazing load of cum she wanted so desperately inside of her. After stroking it for a couple minutes she looked up into his eyes as she moved her mouth over the head and slowly took it into her mouth.

Nate’s eyes closed as he relished the pleasure her mouth was giving him. He had never experienced anything like this before. None of his other lovers were as talented with their tongue like she was. It was driving him wild. He still wanted to get in that wet pussy of hers and she was driving him to the edge just with her tongue. He knew he needed to slow things down if it was going to last. Nate looked down at Crystal and pulled her head away and grabbed her by the hand and laid her back down on the lounge chair. Nate went right down in between her legs and began to lick her like he did earlier only this time instead of a finger in her pussy he moved his tongue in and out of her pussy.

Crystal was going crazy she wanted his cock so bad but his tongue was making her so wet she didn’t want it to stop either. When Nate sensed that Crystal was nearing her next orgasm he moved up on top of Crystal and started to kiss her.

“Finally,” Crystal thought to herself.

As Nate was kissing her she reached down between them and grasped his cock in her hand and started to stroke it again. It didn’t really need it but she wanted to cox some precum out to lube the head so that it sent in more smoothly and the thought of it being his precum instead of just spit turned her on even more. She guided the head of his cock toward her entrance. When she felt his head enter her all she could do was moan into the mouth of her lover who was waltzing with her tongue at the moment. Nate didn’t move, he wanted to take in that moment, the tightness of her pussy, and the wetness that was coating his cock. Crystal was going insane with him just sitting at the entrance and began to move her hips under him thinking he was off in his own world. Nate just smiled as they continued to kiss.

“You’re doing that on purpose aren’t you?” Crystal was pouting because she wanted to be filled by his solid member.

“Maybe,” Nate smirked.

“You’re cruel. You’re going to send me to the asylum if you don’t put that cock in me sometime soon.”

Nate lunged forward in one swift motion and his member slide into her to the hilt and Crystal just gasped as her breath was taken from her. She knew he was big but it still took her by surprise when he gently nudged the wall of her vagina. Nate saw her grimace.

“Are you okay?” Nate was really worried that he hurt her.

“Yes. I’m fine you’re just BIG! Bigger than I thought... just be careful how far you go in till I get accustomed to your size.” Crystal pulled him back to her so she could kiss him and grind her clit into him as he slowly moved his cock in and out of her.

Every thrust sent adrenaline pumping into her veins. Her pulse was racing. Her breathing was getting faster. She couldn’t keep up the kissing anymore and keep breathing so she just set her head off to the side and slightly bit his shoulder as he continued to move in and out of her. Nate arched his head down and took one of her breast into his mouth and began to suck on one of her nipples. He was doing everything he could to hold back and keep her pleasure going.

“Where do you want me to cum babe?”

“I want you to shoot your load inside of me!” Crystal was losing it and she couldn’t take much more before she would have her third orgasm of the day. “Don’t worry, I’m on the pill, I promise.”

Nate grabbed hold of Crystal and turned her over and put her on her hands and knees.

“Arch your back, babe.”

Crystal loved how he was taking control but was so gentle to her.

Nate re-entered her and began to thrust faster inside of her. He reached around and started to rub her clit with one hand and used his other hand to lightly pinch her nipple and massage her breast. Crystal couldn’t take all the sensory overload going on in her body. Her skin was on fire and her body felt like it was ready to explode.

“I’m going to cum Nate!” Crystal shouted as she was biting into her arm.

“I am too!” Nate started giving everything he had left frantically pounding her pussy and rubbing her clit for all she was worth. Crystal lost it first and Nate could feel her pussy begin to milk his cock as she screamed into her arm.


Nate thrust one more time all the way in and started to shot the biggest load in his life. The way her pussy squeezed his cock prolonged his orgasm like he had never felt before in his life. Crystal could feel every jet of cum blast the walls of her vagina. She could feel herself swelling up from the amount of cum he was pumping into her and it caused her to go into a fourth less intense orgasm. Nate just stayed inside of her as he held her in his arms. He had just had the greatest fuck of his life and he didn’t want it to stop here. He didn’t want it to end like this. He picked Crystal up and had her face him and laid down on the lounge with her on top of him while he just laid there and caressed her back with his fingers feeling every muscle and the heat coming from their bodies. Crystal looked down into his eyes. She was crying.

“Babe, why are you crying?” Nate was concerned that she was regretting her decision.

“That was so amazing… I don’t want this to end but you are just going to pack your stuff up and go on to the next pool you have to clean there is going to some other girl that is going to want that beautiful cock of yours… I know its selfish but I don’t want to let go.”

“Who said you have to?” Nate looked into her eyes. “We can make this a long term thing.” He held her face in his hands and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“You’re just saying that because you don’t want me to feel bad.”

“No, I mean it. I know it was only sex but I want to get to know you better you are so amazing.”

Crystal held Nate tightly as they both drifted off to sleep in the warm summer sun…

More to come… Hope you liked it.

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