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Cupcake Delight

Lily McAllister hummed “Phantom of the Opera” as she zigzagged her way to the front of her bakery to begin her afternoon chores. It was Sunday, the only day she worked her bakery by herself. She loved the quiet solace that these Sunday afternoons brought her.

Over a year earlier, she had moved here to hide and lick her wounds after a nasty divorce. She remembered those dark days when she didn’t even have the energy to get out of bed, recalling the fresh dose of evil that her ex had heaped upon her. She had never been good enough for him: too fat, too skinny, too loud, too quiet, not good enough in bed, too slutty in bed, and the list went on. But one day she had decided that she wasn’t going to be a victim to her ex-husband, and now, over a year later, she was the proud owner of this increasingly famous bakery.

Lily was proud of the beautifully historic building that she had picked out. Its interior was warm, inviting, and handsome with dark mahogany wood that had intricate designs carved into its panels that shown from a fresh polish. Bookcases that her brother had built lined the wall and featured every book you could think of. Her brother, Matt, had been a huge help during her divorce and had jumped to support her when she had decided to open up the business. She honestly didn’t know what she would do without him.

With no one around, Lily began to immerse herself in the chores. She dusted the shelves, straightened books, and cleaned the tables and chairs. Her jeans hugged her rounded bottom as she bent over here and there to perform the various tasks

Lily had a body that was made to incite lust in to the hearts of men, and maybe even a few women. She had rich, dark red hair that revealed her Scottish heritage, emerald-colored eyes, and a classic beauty that could never be made at the hands of a surgeon. Now that she was away from her ex, she had come to love her body. She had always had a little extra to her due to her long-term love and relationship with cooking and baking, but with her careful workouts she was always able to ensure the “something extra” was distributed attractively.

As she finished the chores in the front of the shop, she heard a car door slam shut and looked with anticipation. A thrill of excitement went through her body as she watched Damien walk around his state patrol car and walk up to the door. He was absolutely the sexiest man she had ever laid eyes on. He was tall, dark, deadly handsome, and had a body that Lily thanked the Marine Corp every damn day for. He made her drool. The bells above her door chimed as he opened it and walked in.

“How’s my favorite redhead?” His perfect smile almost blinded her.

“I’m terrific as always, Lieutenant.”

He chuckled. “How many times have I told you to call me Damien?”

“As many times as I have replied that I would if you came in out of uniform.” She smiled as he walked up to the bar to sit, placing his hat on the counter.

“Hmm. So, Red, what have you got for me today?”

“I have German chocolate cupcakes,” she said in a playful tone.

“Oh, talk dirty to me, Red. You know those are my favorite!” He looked at the cupcake she sat before him with a predatory look.

God, she wished she could be that cupcake.

Lily pulled out the crossword that she had been doing earlier for a moment’s distraction. The way he made love to that cupcake would do things to her and she often had to busy herself or she knew she’d give herself away. He moaned as he licked the last of the coconut frosting from his fingertips.

“Red, I think I’m in love with you.” His look was so comically sincere that she burst out laughing.

“Just wait until you see what I have for you.” His eyes were round with anticipation and excitement as Lily placed a small pink box in front of him. Lifting the lid, he revealed the four German chocolate cupcakes inside. “I saved them from the vultures for you. Can’t have my favorite lieutenant going without his fix during his shifts, now can I?”

“Scratch my previous statement. I am in love with you and may need to go to the jewelers.” He closed the lid and slid the box over, placing his hat on top of it. He loved her twinkling giggle as she picked up his plate.

“Can you please lock up the door for me? Then come into the back while I wash dishes.”

“Yes Ma’am!” He gave a salute and she laughed all the way to the kitchen.


Lily was elbow deep in bubbles when Damien made it back to the kitchen. His eyes immediately went to her jean clad ass and had to stifle a moan. She had the juiciest ass he had ever laid eyes on and his palms itched with the need to squeeze those cheeks. He walked over to the island by the sink, leaning against it as he watched her perform her task.

“How was your shift today?”

“It was pretty interesting. I was nearly propositioned by a group of seventy-year-old women returning from a trip to Florida,” answered Damien.

“Oh, Sweet Patrice, that is hilarious. Glad to see you made it out of there alive, though they may have been able to teach you a few things, I’m sure.” Lily had finished the last of her dishes and began to drain the sinks. Drying her hands, she walked over to the island to put away flour, sugar, and other ingredients.

“So, do you have any plans tonight, Red?”

“No. My neighbor, Sam, is out of town to visit his daughter, so I’m stuck with my fat cat.”

“You two are going to get into trouble one of these days,” he said. He eyed her as she continued to work around him. She smelled like sugar.

“Nah. He’s harmless. He just likes to come over and watch old movies with me, is all.”

“What about the time you two were nearly arrested for going “ghost hunting” out at the old Parris place?”

“I plead the Fifth.”

“Hmm-hmm, I bet you do.” He smiled at her as he picked up a bowl of coconut frosting.

“And just what do you think you’re doing, Mister?”

“Eating my frosting, woman.”

“Woman!?” She feigned indignation as she tried to reach for the bowl.

He raised it above his head out of her reach, causing her to collide with his body in her urgency. She gasped as her body came into almost full contact with his for the first time. The pins of his uniform scraped against her breasts as his utility belt dug into her stomach. She thought she saw a flash of something before she pulled herself off of him and crossed her arms.

“Fine, then. Have your frosting.”

As she started to turn, Damien grabbed her arm gently to stop her.

“I think we should talk about that,” he said. He set down the bowl of frosting.

“About what?” She wouldn’t look at him.

“Don’t pretend like you didn’t just feel that, Red; or have been feeling it for that matter.”

Her mouth formed an “o” as her face registered shock. “I just had the luxury of feeling that voluptuous body pressed against mine, and Red, I think I really need to feel more.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about, Lieutenant,” said Lily. Her voice sounded small and she still refused to look at him.

Damien pulled her towards him and turned them around so that her back pressed against the stainless steel table. Bending to grab her behind her knees, he lifted her up onto the table and placed both of his hands on the table beside her. She was doing a wonderful job at ignoring his gaze.

“Lily, I want you and if you can’t give me a good reason, I plan on taking you right here.”

Her eyes finally snapped up to look into his.

“I….I, we shouldn’t….my div—. “

Her reply was cut off as she watched him slowly lower his lips to hers. Her sharp gasp was covered by his mouth and the feeling of his tongue sweeping into her mouth. Her eyes shut in ecstasy as she gave in and buried her fingers in his hair. His mouth was slow at first, almost making love to her, but soon his urgency to pull her deeper in to the kiss over took them. Her tongue met with his, she sucked his lips, and he bit hers. Her moans were swallowed by his open mouth and his hands began to roam.

Damien’s hands grabbed her ribcage right underneath her breasts, his thumbs sliding up and back down over her nipples. They were now making very clear indents in her tank top and Lily moaned as she tried to push her breasts in to his hands. He lifted his hands to accept the full weight of her milky breasts and kneaded them.

Breaking the kiss, Damien pulled back to look as he reached for the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. Her black see-through bra did nothing to hide her rosy nipples and he bent his hand to take one of the buds into his mouth. Lily’s hands found their way into his hair again as she pulled him into her breasts. The pleasure of his hot, wet mouth sent electric currents to the tip of her clit, making her jeans feel tight and heavy. As if sensing this, Damien’s hands slid down her sides to hook his hands into her jeans and pulled them over her hips and left her nipple to pucker in the cold air to pull the jeans down her legs and over her Keds.

His mouth dried at the site of her body. Her breasts seemed to have filled from his attention and her body gently flowed to the indent of her waist, over her soft stomach, rounding out over her curvy hips that led to her full thighs and long, toned legs. She was a vision with her nipples peeking through the translucent fabric and her pussy barely covered by the scrap of fabric she called underwear. He ran his hands over the smooth, creamy skin of her thigh.

“You’re gorgeous.”

Her milky skin bloomed with an attractive blush.

“Thank you, Lieutenant.” Her eyes watched him as his hands pushed her legs wide. It created the most obscene vision and her pussy clenched with the stab of desire.

“I think it’s time you call me Damien, Lily.”

She moaned as she watched him lean down to her pussy and run his tongue over her panty-covered lips.

“I think…oh god….so, too.”

The arches of her shoes rested against the edge of the table and the sight of his mouth sucking her made her even wetter. Her hips started to gyrate, feeding her pussy into his mouth. One of her hands sank into his hair and pulled him in, moaning as his tongue continuously came into contact with her swollen clit. The friction of his tongue against her panties teased her; she wanted to feel his tongue on her naked pussy. “Please, take my panties off.”

“Say my name.” He continued his lazy licks, content with teasing her until she gave him what he wanted.

“Damien. Please, Damien, take my panties off. I need it.”

He smiled and rose to his full height, his hands grabbing the string of her panties and pulling them down over her legs, putting them in his pocket. Leaning back down, he inhaled her arousal, so sweet and ready for his cock. His tongue made a slow, long lick along her slit making Lily’s head fall back as she released a guttural moan. He teased her with his slow licks and the sucking of her clit, making her squirm. The tip of his tongue slowly circled the bud before sucking it lightly, repeating this until her stomach convulsed with the need to cum. Her cries made him hard.

Holding her thighs open, he listened as she cried out and begged for release. Her pink folds open to his tongue and he reveled in the taste of her. He made his tongue rigid, penetrating her hole over and over as his nose bumped her clit. She was sobbing with pleasure and her hips pushed off the table, smashing her pussy into his face. Finally, though, he decided to take mercy on her. Grabbing her thighs, he pulled her into his mouth as his lips rapidly sucked her clit. Her sharp cry told him she was close and he used the tip of his tongue to make rapid flicks before sucking her back into his mouth. He heard her breathing catch and seconds later the low moan of release escaped her mouth. His mouth lowered to her hole and licked her as she came into his mouth.

“Oh my God, Damien…”

She looked at him as he raised his mouth to her and fed her the taste of her pussy. She moaned as she deepened the kiss, using her tongue to gather her taste. Pulling back, she sat straight up and reached for his gun belt. Unfastening the buckle and unzipping his pants, his uniform fell to the floor with the weight of his belt. She licked her lips at the sight of his cock springing straight up. It was eight inches of rock hard thickness. Her hand wrapped around it and she looked up at Damien when he moaned.

“God, baby, that feels good. Squeeze a little harder…..fuck, yes, that’s it.”

He watched her tiny hand stroke the length of his cock, precum already oozing from the tip. He was amazed when she scooped it up with her finger and fed it to herself. His growl sounded from the deepest part of him as he grabbed her calves and pulled her to the very edge of the table. The tip of his cock was poised to take her, but he stopped to look at her.

“Fuck me, Damien.”

His breath caught as he slid into her tight pussy, the muscles clenching even tighter around him. He watched her face change to complete ecstasy as he pulled out and thrust into her. She fell to her back and opened herself wider as he hooked her legs over his arms. Her hands grabbed his wrists, her fingernails digging into his flesh as he began to pound into her. Her breasts jiggled with each thrust and her hips began to lift to meet him. Her tongue licked across her top lip as looked into his eyes.

“God, Lily, you are so fucking hot.”

She smiled and licked her lips again, teasing him with the tip of her pink tongue. He pushed his cock in faster, the sound of skin slapping against skin echoing in the room. Her hands left his wrists to grab her breasts and she voiced her pleasure.

“That cock feels so good. You’re going to make that pussy cum so hard, Damien.”

As if to let him know she was close, her body started to shake with the orgasm bubbling to the top.

“Yeah, baby, cum for me. I want to fell that pussy clench my dick hard.”

Her back arched, her hands pushing against the wall behind her. Her pussy contracted hard around his cock for some time as her body pushed closer. Her breathing was quick and her pants rose in volume.

“That’s right, Lily, let that pussy cum around my cock. Give it to me.”

Lily’s scream of release sounded off the walled as her pussy convulsed around him, fueling Damien to thrust harder. She rode the wave of her orgasm into a smaller one as his hands grabbed her waist and pulled her down on him. She watched as Damien’s forehead creased in concentration.

“Damien,” called Lily. His eyes snapped open to look at hers. “Are you gonna cum for me?”

“Yes,” he whispered. He watched as her tongue slowly ran along her upper lips again and he felt his balls tighten.

“Cum for me Damien. Give me all your cum. I want it, Lieutenant!”

His breathing expelled hard from his lungs as he groaned his release, pumping his hot cum into her pussy. She pushed into him, squeezing over his cock to milk every last drop. He gasped for air as he laid his forehead against her chest.


“Yes, baby?”

“Would you like to come to my apartment tonight? Maybe to repeat this?”

He looked up at her and smiled, answering yes before he captured her mouth in a kiss.

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