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Curly Head Takes The Stage

For My Sugar Man... How he likes it, part truth, part fantasy
Well.. here he was again, at the same old titty bar he was at last week and the week before. Shit, thinking about it he realized he'd been coming here once a week for the past six months, always after the gym on Thursday or Friday night. He rarely got anymore sex at home and when he did it was pretty bland. He'd watched enough porn and read enough erotic stories to know there had to more than bland once a month perfunctory sex. So he didn't feel one bit bad about his weekly visits.

He really did enjoy the shows the girls put on, especially the younger ones. It was the innocent abandon they expressed that turned him on. Some of the older ones had that jaded look of knowing too much, you could see that that money was the motivator. The younger ones though, you could sense a little bit of fear and apprehension, but then you could see them surrender to the pleasure of being the object of desire.

One of his favorite dancers, Cherie was on stage, a real kitten..soft and sweet. Her shift ended about 8 o'clock, he'd noticed because he usually left about the same time. A few times he'd noticed a pretty girl with dark curly hair picking Cherie up after work.

Now as Cherie danced he noticed that same girl in the audience. She was sipping a drink watching Cherie and giggling. It was only 6pm so she must have come early to enjoy the show. She was wearing black go-go type shorts with heels. Her legs were toned and golden from the sun, he let his eyes linger there imagining her soft skin on his lips. When he finally raised his eyes from her legs to her face she was looking directly at him, with her head lowered a bit and a playful grin on her lips; the combination of coy and raw sensuality about her hit a nerve in him. She must have noticed her affect on him because she laughed before turning away. In fact, he noticed she was giggling to herself quite a bit as she watched the room. He could just see the side of her face, she had a mop of long brown curly hair. As he admired her wild curly hair she began to twirl a curl in her finger, watching her, he unconsciously rubbed his fingers together imaging the texture of her hair. He immediately wondered if she had hair on her pussy. It seemed that all the girls now were shaving but he preferred natural.. trimmed was ok, for visual purposes. He continued to admire her and felt a stir in his crotch as he looked at her perky little titties and the hard dark nipple underneath the thin fabric of her white tank top.

He was so distracted he had not noticed Cherie's dance had come to an end, until she appeared the table to take Curly Hair to the bar for another drink. As they walked past his table he noticed two things, she smelled like strawberries and she had tattoos on her right arm. He'd never considered tattoos sexy, but all of a sudden he had the urge to trace her tattoos with his finger. Something about her excited him and his eyes wanted to follow her. Instead he sat still, enjoying that she was right behind him. At the bar he could hear fun banter going on, noticing a very sexy voice he fought the urge to turn around to see if it was Curly Hair's voice. Something told him it was her... playful, sexy and very feminine.

Returning to their table the girls walked past him again, drinks in hand. The scent of strawberries was nearly to much for him.

By now he was hypnotized by her curly hair, which was all he could see from where he sat now. He was so entranced by the back of her head he completely missed the next dance. Finally, the MCs voice announcing it was a special amateur night shook him out of his daze. He scanned the room, paying note to a few other females in the audience but he was more interested in Cherie talking wildly to her friend. Curly Hair was laughing and shaking her head no to Cherie as the MC encouraged the girls to be brave and show their goodies.

O god, he was hoped she would dance, what he wouldn't give to to see her goodies. At that moment he did something completely out of character, he stopped the waitress and said, he'd like to buy the drinks for the two women over there and pointed them out. His heart was racing as the waitress approached the girls to take their drink orders and as they turned to look at him, he swallowed deeply and met her gaze, he tried to smile but it felt more like a grimace. They waved thanks and went back to their animated conversation. With sweaty palms he wrote on a napkin, "I'd really love to see you dance." then he asked the waitress to give it to Curly Hair when she delivered their drinks.

Now he shamelessly watched as the waitress handed them the drinks and gave Curly Hair the note. In his mind he already owned her, he just needed her to realize it.

Watching her intently, his eyes devoured her as she read the note out loud. When she turned to look at him the muscles in his body tightened, and this time he confidently met her gaze, allowing her to see the lust in his eyes. She looked directly at him for a moment, before lowering her eyes, her lips opened in the slightest smile as she tilted her head in a playful way ... He thought he might melt, she was so fucking adorable. Then she did something awful...she shook her head in the most sweetest, and with that a possessiveness stirred inside of him. Didn't she realize this is not the end, but the beginning ? He was use to getting what he wanted and wanted her, and it was going to begin with her dancing for him.

He sat there fuming. Stunned that this hot little piece of ass was not going to give him what he wanted. Tapping his fingers on the table, his analytical mind began working, not accepting defeat, when he heard the MC announce the contest was beginning. He had no patience or interest in watching the contestants, instead a sat staring, burning a whole in in the back of her curly head. He was thinking he'd like to have a handful of that hair, when she suddenly stood up and walked to the door leading to the back stage.

She was going to dance. He smiled as the tension released from his muscles. Now he just needed to figure out a way to get up front, near the stage. Being a Friday, the tables were filled. He looked at each person at the front tables, did they look ready to leave ? Could he pay for their seat ? He was a big guy, his muscles made him intimidating... He couldn't believe he was actually thinking this shit, but he did not give a fuck, he needed to get up front. Just before his mind went to a really weird place, a man and woman sitting in the front row got up to leave and like a bulldozer he plowed his way to the table, getting a few stinkeye looks on his way. He sat his big body down. What he really wanted to do now is close his eyes and imagine her, but he sat straight up with his jaw set and waited.

The MC came on the loud speaker to announce that the next act, Soleil, liked making her audience wait, so they would all have to be patient. "Soleil." He thought, "What the fuck kind of name is that?" His mouth was dry and his heart was racing as he waited impatiently. He wanted to go to dressing room and drag her on stage like a cave man. He'd had about enough of her tease. His mind was really getting out of control when the music finally began. He recognized the song immediately, Strangle Hold by Ted Nugent. Ironic, he thought, thats just what I'd like to do to her right now.

Thankfully, it was just a few minutes before the two girl entered the stage. They started off with a sexy strut, circling each other. He was having trouble swallowing as he tried to take in every movement of her body and every expression on her flushed face. Cherie slowly moved behind her and placed her hands on Soleil's hips. They both began moving their hips in a figure 8 motion, as Cherie's hand rose up Soleil's sides until she reached her armpits, where she guided her arms above her head. Soleil's arms now swayed in slow snake like motions, as Cherie unsnapped Soleil's bikini top, exposing perky tits with small dark protruding nipples. Cherie and Soleils bodies swayed in perfect rhythm. Cherie's hands reached around to caress Soleil's breasts and the man could see her nipples stiffen. He watched as she transformed from shy to uninhibited... Letting her head fall back, she closed her eyes, he could see she was enjoying how the music made her body move, even her fingers seemed to be dancing. Cherie's hand now held Soleil's hair away from her face, kissing her neck and placed a finger in Soleil's mouth. Her mouth responded to Cherie's finger by sucking it in the sweetest way. Cherie took her wet finger from her mouth and began twisting Soleil's nipples before letting her hands slide down the sides of her body to her hips and her thighs. They moved provocatively to Soleil's tiny thong, her fingers playing along the seam, just under the sheer fabric, briefly touching Soleil's soft dark bush. A moan escaped her mouth before they separated and began dancing the stage.

The man watched as her body moved like fluid. Her eyes meeting his occasionally, holding his gaze in a rebellious stare down. Slowly she raised her arms over her head and her fingers danced in the air . She began to swing her head with the rest of her body making her hair sway around her shoulders. He was entranced with the way she sensuously danced around the stage. Her movements, captivating and erotic.

The man began to imagine what his hands on her body would feel like. His fingers wrapped up tightly in her curly mop. As he watched her flirty eyes he imagined what a tease she might be. And he thought, she would definitely need to feel the burn of his hand on her ripe little ass. Standing with her legs spread, rubbing the thin fabric covering her pussy, he imagined she tasted like a strawberry. Just then, she got on her hands and knees, and began a slow cat like crawl in his direction and when she was directly in front of him, she looked him dead in the eyes, lips curled up in a wicked grin and she meowed at him.

Yes, he determined right then, this little curly head tease was going to be his. She would be his toy, his slut to delight him, owned and possessed by him. He knew at that moment, nothing would stop him from having her.

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