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Cuties in swimsuits on a hot sunny day

Cuties in swimsuits on a hot sunny day

An encounter with two girls washing their car in bikinis leads to an embarrassing Speedo bulge...
I was out for a long run. I like to run in the evenings when it cools off, however today I was out in the heat of the day. It was over eighty degrees and humid and I was sweating profusely. I had recently started running a longer rural route, not because I liked going that far, but because I had spotted two pretty girls who lived outside town on an orchard. They seemed to be home from college for the summer. For the last few days, I was hoping to catch their attention by running with no shirt on. I was a swimmer training in training for a triathlon and had a pretty good upper body, so I thought I might as well show off a bit.

As I approached the orchard I spotted the girls. They were out washing an old car alongside the dirt road I was running on. My eyes widened as I saw that they were both wearing bikinis as they scrubbed the car. I watched one filled red bikini top jiggle as the taller of the two girls worked. The other girl was facing away from me, bending over to scrub lower on the car, I watched the fabric of her white bikini bottom stretch to keep her rear covered. I felt a pleasurable stir in my groin. I started to get worried that my plan to get their attention was not too well thought out. I was only wearing a Speedo swimsuit and shoes. No shirt and no underwear. In this outfit there would be no way to hide my, well, excited state from the girls if I stopped. I decided to ignore them and run right on by today.

My attempt to run past the girls anonymously failed as I was suddenly drenched with cold water. I shuddered and stopped. The shorter of the two girls was smiling mischievously at me and holding the hose behind her back. She was a cute blond with short cropped hair and a flat muscular stomach. Her chest pushed out as she hid the hose behind her back drawing my attention to the white bikini top that was covering her full round breasts.

"I thought you might want a drink," she said, "I'm Sally and this is my friend Jill."

I looked between Sally and Jill, breathing hard. "Sure," I answered, "that would be great." I was drenched with water and Jill was clearly staring at my body.

"I've seen you running around here before, are you a runner?" Sally asked.

"I'm a swimmer, but right now I'm training for a triathlon so I'm doing a lot of running."

As we talked, I tried to stay focused on Sally's face, but Jill running her eyes over my body was a bit distracting. I was also trying hard not to stare, too obviously, at their chests. Jill was tall and skinny with perky breasts that were comfortably cupped by her red bikini top. Her brown hair was beautiful, long and seemed to explode out of her head. Sally was a bit shorter, but had larger breasts.

Glancing lower, Sally had on bikini bottoms and Jill had on boy shorts. My eyes focused on Sally's crotch. Sally had the round hips to match her breasts and the white bikini bottom she was wearing enticingly framed where her flat stomach met her legs. The snug fabric gave me an enjoyable allusion of her pussy lips. I love how girls look in panties and bikini bottoms were close enough to work for me.

"Well, I can see that your body is enjoying seeing me and my friend in our swimsuits," Sally said. She was looking down at my crotch with her hands on her hips. As I had been gazing at Sally's bikini bottoms my body had reacted and a clear outline of my erection was visible as it pushed out against the spandex of my swimsuit. I was horribly embarrassed and stuttered apologies to both girls.

"That's okay," Sally said while looking at her Jill, "Jill needs to let lose a bit."

"I let lose," Jill pouted.

The conversation quickly turned to sex and I found out that Sally was becoming a junior at State while Jill was on her way to becoming a freshmen. Sally wanted Jill to have some better erotic experiences and had staged the Bikini car wash to enlist my help. After all, she told me, I had been running by mostly naked for the past few days. Sally, let me tell you, was a very assertive girl.

"Jill has only had sex with two boys," Sally said sounding disgusted, "in the dark with the lights off. Awful sex too, no foreplay, just plug it in and pump."

"What do you mean awful? I don't need foreplay, I don't think," Jill said.

"I think you do," Sally countered, "It's nice to have a boy touch you and caress you in all the right places before you just fuck."

"Well, touch me where?"

"God, all over, and you need to touch him, lick him"

"Where would I lick him?"

"His penis will always make him happy," Sally said, "but there are other places too."

"Listen," Sally said turning her attention back to me, "can you show her? Do you know how to turn-on a girl without just slamming your cock into her?"

"Well," I stammered, "I guess so, what do you want me to do to her?"

"Start simple, just caress her breasts, show her how good it can feel," Sally answered, "That okay with you Jill?"

"Yes, but I don't think that will work for me," Jill stated.

Sally sighed. "You just want him to stick it in and fuck you?"

"Oh yes, that would definitely work for me" Jill said looking longingly at the outline of my erection against the fabric of my Speedo.

"You are hopeless," Sally said.

Sally leaned in and whispered in my ear. "If you can get her aroused, I'll make it worth your while." Sally's very feminine scent filled my head and made my penis stiffen as I nodded to her.

Jill boldly walked up to me and pushed out her chest. I reached out and cupped the red fabric of her bikini top with my hands.

I felt Jill's breasts through her bikini top. The material was warm from the sun and felt thick. Her breasts were soft and moved easily as I caressed and squeezed them with my hands. The softness I felt with my hands was in stark contrast to the need growing in my swimsuit. As I continued to feel up Jill's breasts a small hardness began to form underneath her bikini top. Her nipples were becoming erect. I smiled and released her breasts and watched as they fell back into place. My aroused penis throbbed as I gazed at her beautiful chest. I could make out the outline of her erect nipples even through the thick material of her bikini top. I placed a finger on the material that covered each of her nipples and traced slowly and softly around the hard bump. Then, with my fingers, I pushed her nipples in toward her chest. Her soft breasts gave way as I pressed and I could now grasp her nipples between my fingers through the material. Jill had not reacted as I felt her up, but now her expression changed. Her mouth dropped open and a moan escaped her lips.

I leaned in and kissed her open mouth while still gently pinching her nipples. Her tongue thrust eagerly into my mouth. I met her probing tongue with mine and we kissed passionately while I held her nipples and caressed her breasts.

"Yes, that is really nice," Jill breathed when our mouths separated.

"See," I said as I gently caressed the outline of her nipples, "foreplay is nice. You should listen to your Sally"

"Yes," said Sally, "and now you should watch me check how excited this boy is after playing with your tits." Sally knelt to my side. I turned my torso so that my crotch faced Sally but I could still keep my right hand on Jill's breast. I put my left hand behind Jill's neck as I leaned in to kiss her again.

Sally, still on her knees, put her hands between my legs and used her fingers to lightly caress my inner thigh from my knees up to my groin and back down again. I shuddered as I kissed Jill and my penis twitched in my swimsuit each time Sally's hands bumped up against the crotch of my Speedo. Sally grinned at the movement within the spandex.

"I think that he is more excited than you are Jill," Sally said. She carefully pulled my swimsuit down to my ankles and my erect penis popped out into the sunshine. "Your nipples may be hard but this boy is totally ready to spurt all over the place."

Jill and I stopped kissing and both looked down at my penis. I could feel the warmth of the sun along its shaft and tip. Not a good place to get sunburned, I thought as I watched Sally's cute face carefully examine my erection.

Sally gripped my cock backhanded between her thumb and index finger and lifted it up toward my abdomen. She leaned in and licked slowly from between my balls up my shaft to the tip of my penis. I moaned in surprise, causing both girls to smile. Wow, I thought, Sally certainly knows what she is doing.

"How fast can you make him cum with just that tip licking thing you told me about?" Jill asked Sally earnestly.

"I think pretty fast, you can time me." Sally answered. She gripped my shaft firmly with her left hand, leaned in and took just the tip of my penis into her mouth. With her right hand she cupped my balls and slowly began to fondle them.

"One, two, three," Jill counted as the warmth in my groin grew as a result of Sally's soft caress.

"Four, five, six," Jill continued. My attention moved from the pleasure in my balls to what Sally was beginning to do to the tip of my penis with her tongue. She had started to slowly circle her warm tongue on the sensitive spot just under the tip of my penis. As she continued I could feel my body begin its wonderful climb toward orgasm.

"Seven, eight, nine," Jill counted as my breathing deepened and my stomach muscles involuntarily tightened. Sally leaned back. My body reacted instinctively to the loss of contact with her mouth by thrusting my penis out toward her face. I moaned as she giggled.

"He won't last long now," Sally told Jill, "do you want to watch him spurt his cum out?"

"Yes," she answered without breaking her count, "ten, eleven, twelve."

Sally leaned in and worked her tongue roughly around the entire tip of my penis. As I enjoyed the warm and wet feeling of Sally's mouth on my penis, I leaned my head down on Jill's soft shoulder. I could smell Jill's hair, it smelled female and strongly of sun and water.

"Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen..."

I deeply breathed in Jill's feminine scent and looked up into her pretty face as my body neared orgasm. I let my hand drop from her breast into Sally's soft blond hair. Jill's breast, freed from my grip, jiggled enticingly back down into the snug cup of her bikini top. I stared at Jill's chest, the bikini top, the pronounced outline of her nipples against the red fabric, I felt the wet caress of Sally's tongue on my penis, her hand on my balls. I groaned loudly as I started to cum. Sally quickly leaned her head away from my erection.

"Here he goes," Sally said. Jill looked down at my penis as the first pulse of cum shot out toward Sally's face. It flew through the air and splashed wetly on her cheek. Sally redirected my shaft down toward her bikini top and my second far more vigorous pulse sent a thick rope of cum into her cleavage. I breathed deeply and continued to groan as my penis pulsed again and again trying to cover her bikini top and cleavage with my seed. Sally held my shaft firmly as my body enjoyed its orgasm.

As my pulsing subsided Sally looked up at Jill. "Have you ever tasted a boy's cum before?" She asked.

"No," Sally answered, "they just shot it inside me."

"Then get down here," she ordered.

Jill slowly knelt down next to Sally while looking at my softening penis.

"He's dripping," she said.

"Yes, use your mouth to clean him up," Sally told her.

Jill took my penis into her mouth and gently licked it clean. I was really too spent to enjoy her attentions.

"That's it, now, get just the tip between your lips and suck once hard. That will get all that's left so he won't drip any more," Sally said.

Jill tried to comply but apparently did something not quite right.

"No, watch me." Jill said. She took my shaft in her hand and put her lips tightly over the tip of my cock. She sucked in hard. I could feel my lingering cum move forcefully up the shaft of my penis into her mouth. I moaned and my cock started to harden again.

"Now you try," Sally told Jill. Her improved performance sent shivers up my body, but Jill was not happy.

"You got the rest of his cum," Jill pouted, "I liked it, I wanted more."

"Okay, if you want more, you can clean me up," Sally said pointing at her cheek and breasts. Jill leaned forward and licked my cum off Sally's cheek. Sally smiled and watched as Jill licked her cleavage and bikini top free of my seed. I noticed the outline of Sally's nipples emerge and become pronounced as Jill licked her chest. Sally is getting turned on, I thought.

All the sudden a car roared up the road. The girls yelped. I pulled my swimsuit up quickly and we hid behind the car that they had been washing. When the car was past we all stood up.

"Not too many cars come by," said Jill, "sorry about that. You can take your suit off again."

Sally laughed, "You want him nude but you still have your bikini on, what kind of a deal is that?"

"Yes," I said, "if you liked the feeling of my hands on your bikini top then you will love the feeling of my tongue on your naked breasts."

Jill looked between me and Sally then reached back a hand and untied her bikini top and lifted it over her head. Her perky breasts dropped out into the sun. Her nipples were puffy and large in proportion to the rest of her breasts. Jill's long brown hair fell around her breasts making them even more erotic looking to me.

As I walked up to Jill staring at her puffy nipples, so did Sally.

"I want to play a game," said Sally to me, "I'll take one breast you take the other. Jill you get to decide who turns you on the most."

"You are going to suck my tits Sally?" Jill asked, "You are really letting lose."

Sally didn't answer, she just leaned and licked around the erect nipple on Jill's left breast. I leaned in went to work on the right breast. The smell of Jill's body was intoxicating and Sally's short blond hair brushed against my cheeks as I worked. Soon Sally and I were rewarded by soft moans from Jill.

"God, that feels good," Jill said.

Sally and I pulled away from our attentions to her nipples.

"Okay, times up, who wins the game?" Sally asked.

Jill looked at us both. "You win, he feels good, but having Sally suck my little tit got me more excited. It is so, you know, bad girl."

"Ha," Sally laughed at me, "I win."

"Well," I said, "it seems you had an unfair advantage."

"Yes," said Jill as she pulled her bikini bottom down, "but I totally want your cock in me now. I am so ready to get fucked."

I looked at Jill's bushy brown pubic hair and pulled down my swimsuit. All three of us stared at my flaccid penis. My body had not yet recovered from my earlier climax.

Sally moved in and hugged her nude friend. "He needs some help firming up," she told Jill.

"What can we do?" asked Jill staring at my soft penis.

"We can make out," Sally said as she put a hand on her Jill's breast, "two nude girls kissing will always get a guy going." Sally gazed longingly into her eyes.

"Okay," Jill said, "that's a little strange too, but I'm so horny right now that I'm willing to give this a try."

Sally bent over and stepped out of her bikini bottoms, exposing her neatly trimmed blond public hair. She looked up at me smiling. "Yes, I am a natural blond," she told me. I was, however, paying more attention to the copious cleavage that her hanging breasts, still covered by her white bikini top, were displaying for my enjoyment. Sally, as if sensing my focus, stayed bending down and quickly untied her top and threw it aside. Her freed breasts dangled down and separated slightly much to my appreciative gaze. She stood up quickly making her breasts move and jiggle. Sally's breasts were beautiful. They were round and full with dark nipples. Watching Sally's breasts, my penis began to stir slightly.

Sally moved her nude body into Jill's, turned her face up, stood on her tiptoes, and kissed her on the lips. Jill kissed her back, tentatively at first, but soon with some passion. Sally's hands moved across her body and down to cup Jill's rear. I watched their breasts squeeze together as they kissed. Sally was clearly getting aroused and trying to rub her pussy against her taller fiends's thigh. So, I thought, Sally likes the girls as well as the boys.

Watching the two girls make out turned my penis rock hard in no time. My hand drifted down to grip my shaft and I gently started stroking. I watched the girls kiss as I stroked. I gazed at their breasts being pushed together, their firm writhing asses, and the wetness forming on Jill's thigh where Sally was rubbing herself. Before I could masturbate myself to orgasm, however, Sally stepped away from her friend. Jill looked down at Sally with a confused expression on her face. Sally pointed at me stroking myself.

"He is more than ready, I think, do you want to play another game with me Jill?" Sally asked.

"What game?"

"We have him fuck us both, ten thrusts in one of us then ten thrusts in the other. Whomever he spurts inside of wins the game."

"Okay, if I get to go first," Jill said.

"Fine by me. Let's get on all fours side by side, that way he can move quickly between us. Rules are you can talk to him to encourage his excitement when he is in your pussy but you can't talk to him while he is in my pussy and visa versa."

The girls got down on all fours and put their asses together. I knelt behind them and was treated to a wonderful side by side view of their backsides. Their pussy lips were visible and pushing out toward me like ripe peaches. Jill's rear was slim but her pussy was large and distinct. Sally's rear was more curvy but with a smaller, less noticeable, pussy. I started to breath more deeply in my excitement. I could smell them as well. Their scent, from this angle, a mixture of the nasty and the pleasurable, strangely turned me on even more. My penis ached in its need to thrust into them.

I placed the tip of my cock against Jill's pussy, spread her labia with my fingers, and slowly slid my shaft into her. Jill gasped loudly. I held my cock deep inside her pussy for a moment then slowly started thrusting. Jill's excited moans raised my own excitement.

"That's ten," said Sally, "my turn."

I pulled my drenched cock noisily out of Jill's pussy and moved over behind Sally. I had to use my fingers to part her smaller labia and spread my legs to lower myself as I lined up my shaft to enter her. This time, as I slid my cock into her pussy, I was the one who gasped loudly. Sally's pussy was tight, really tight. The pleasure I felt as I held my penis deep inside of Sally was warm and intense.

"Feels tight, doesn't it," Sally said looking back at me mischievously. Determined, but trying not to embarrass myself by not making it through the first round of the game without 'spurting', I started to thrust slowly and carefully.

Sally taunted me. "I'm so tight that you can feel every little contour inside my pussy with your hard cock. I like the feel of your cock inside me. Can you feel how wet it is making me? I like the feel of your balls against my clitoris. I want you to cum inside me, cum in my pussy."

I pulled out after ten thrusts, breathing hard and amazed that I hadn't climaxed, and moved slowly back behind Jill. After waiting a few seconds to ensure I wasn't going to ejaculate as soon as I touched her pussy with my penis, I slid in my cock back into Jill. Jill moaned and screamed as I fucked her. After ten thrusts I pulled out.

"No," screamed Jill, "keep going, keep going, don't go back to Sally's pussy. I can't stand it, keep going, keep going, I'll do anything if you just keep going."

Sally looked over at Jill. "You want to make a deal?" she asked with a smile on her face.

"Yes," Jill answered, "anything to keep him inside me."

"Okay," Sally said as she moved in front of Jill and spread her legs, "you lick my pussy till I cum and I'll let him skip me."

"Oh," Jill said in a worried voice, "that seems so weird, you are a girl and all."

Sally started to move away. "I'll be happy to take his cock back," She said.

"No," Jill said, "I'll do it. I'll do it. Anything you want."

"Lick me Jill," Sally said, "and no more cock for you until I tell him I'm well on my way to orgasm."

Jill put her head down in between Sally's spread legs and began to lick her pussy. I nearly exploded all over Jill's rear just watching and listening to the soft wet sounds that her efforts produced. I resisted thrusting my shaft deeply into Jill. I had been told to wait until Sally approved before I fucked Jill again. I slid my body back and got on all fours. The nasty but pleasurable earth-filled scent of Jill's rear, the scent of her asshole and her pussy mingled together, filled my head. I leaned in and softly licked Jill's asshole causing her to lift her head up out of Sally's crotch and scream out in pleasure.

"Oh God," Jill told me, "keep doing that it feels wonderful."

Jill put her head down in Sally's crotch as I started gently licking her earthy-smelling asshole again.

"That's it Jill," Sally said softly, "now don't be so timid, be more forceful you know where it feels good. Make me writhe and cum."

The wet sound from Sally's crotch increased in volume and I stood on my knees to watch. Sally looked up at me and met my eyes.

"Fuck her now," Sally said to me from within a haze of carnal pleasure, "fuck Jill with your hard cock while she licks my pussy and makes me cum."

I moved up and carefully slid my cock deep into Jill's pussy until my abdomen met her soft rear. I gripped her hips firmly with my hands and began to thrust my cock in and out of her. Soon my thrusts grew hard and noisy with the urgency of my approaching orgasm. The wet sound of my cock sliding into Jill's pussy and the slap of my abdomen against her ass soon joined the wet moaning sounds emerging from Sally's groin.

"Don't stop Jill," Sally moaned, "I'm almost…" Sally groaned loudly and arched her back as she climaxed. I watched her breasts jiggle as she convulsed, I gazed at her nipples and down her flat stomach to the plethora of her friends's brown hair covering her groin. Suddenly, instinctively, I slammed my penis deep into Jill and ejaculated.

My orgasm was almost painful in its intensity. My penis expelled pulse after pulse of cum deep inside Jill's pussy. Each pulse was almost painful as its volume moved up my shaft. I could feel that familiar liquid churn as my cum shot out of the tip of my penis and met the wet resistance of Jill's fluids. My sole focus was to keep my penis as deep inside of Jill as possible as it pulsed, my abdomen pushed up hard against her rear.

As my orgasm subsided I noticed that Jill was writhing in orgasm as well. "Oh god Sally," she whispered, "I came feeling his cock pulsing inside me, I came feeling the wetness of his cum inside me, I came licking Sally's pussy with my tongue."

Sally pulled Jill up to her face and kissed her lips long and passionately. My cock slid out of Jill as she moved away. I sat covered with sweat and breathing hard as they kissed. Soon, however, Sally stood up, pulled me up, and walked me to the road as Jill laid on the ground still overcome with the intensity of her body's pleasure.

As we pulled on our swimsuits and sweated in the hot afternoon, Sally kissed me lightly on the lips.

"Thanks for helping me loosen up," Sally said to me softly, "I can take it from here. I'm an expert with the girls and I've wanted to make love to Jill for a long time."

"So I guessed," I said.

"But, as you can see Jill also likes the boys," Sally said smiling, "so run by again soon."

I would, I thought, as I ran off into the sunny afternoon.

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