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Cyber Lovers Meet

Two cyber buddies meet for dinner and a little fun
It all started online. In a chat room. Like the one here on Lush. We met. We clicked. We chatted. We even cybered a couple of times, when the mood was right. We got to know each other, our likes, our dislikes, some of our sexual preferences. Like I said, we clicked. So, when the opportunity arose for me to travel to your home town, we decided to meet. I suggested dinner, letting you pick the place. You told me what you planned to wear, so I would know you when I got there. You said you had red hair, were about five and a half feet tall, and would be wearing a black halter top dress. I was excited! I was nervous! I’d only done something like this once before and, well, it didn’t pan out the way I thought it would.

I entered the restaurant and almost immediately saw you! Unmistakable! Stunning! Vivacious! Great curves! Blue-green ’fuck me’ eyes! More than I’d ever expected! I walked up to you standing at the bar, working hard not to stare at your prominent chest. “Kay?” I said praying that it was, indeed, you.

“You must be Grey!” you answered, flashing your teeth in a disarming smile.

“A pleasure to meet you after all those chats!” I said.

“And fun ones at that!” was your retort. “Shall we get some dinner?” you added, taking my hand and heading for the dining room.

Talking to the hostess, you requested a table in the corner, out of the spotlight. We were seated and you almost immediately got up ‘to visit the ladies room’. I noticed as you walked away, you met our waiter and palmed him something. I thought, maybe you knew the guy and wanted some special service.

Upon your return to the table, you sat next to me, rather than across from me. A little strange for two people who had never really met before, but I really didn’t think on it any more. I was too excited! After all, I was your guest, so I went with the flow. We chatted, catching up with each others lives. The waiter came by and I let you order for both of us, including a bottle of champagne. All the while the waiter had this smirk on his face. Again, I figured, you must know the guy, maybe an ex-lover or something, and I let it pass.

Dinner arrived. It looked delicious! Some sort of exotic fish. I poured us each a glass of champagne, and we clinked glasses, toasting our ‘first’ meeting. You were charming, outgoing, witty, with a personality to match the bubbly. We were having fun!

As I was chowing down on the fish, I felt your hand on my thigh. Slightly surprising, but it felt nice. Then it crept up my leg, until your hand was rubbing against my now hardening cock. I glanced at you and you met my gaze with a devilish twinkle in your eye. Since we had cybered on several occasions, I chalked it up to a mild case of making fantasy a reality. It certainly felt nice, and it got me thinking about after dinner.

I tried not to stare at my lap, but couldn’t help it when I heard my zipper open. I looked at you again, the obvious question in my eyes. “Enjoy this! I know I will!” you said as you lowered her head below the table and devoured my rampant prick.

I was filled with conflicting emotions! Your lips on my cock felt heavenly, but my paranoia over getting caught had me glancing about the room. You reached up and took my hand, placing it atop your head as you bobbed up and down spit shining my member. “Ohhh God, that feels good!” I whispered as I gently pushed on your head. Your answer was to open your mouth so I could hear you gagging as my cock hit the back of your throat. By now I was rolling my hips to meet your lips, as I pushed down firmly on your head. “You’re gonna make me cum!” I added, in a throaty whisper.

Even with a throat full of my manhood, I was able to hear you mumble, “I know!”

That was all it took! I felt my nuts pulling up close, and my cock expanding as the jets of sperm pumped into your mouth. It took a supreme effort not to grunt as my hips moved off my chair. I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes as my orgasm washed over me. Opening my eyes as the intense feelings ebbed, I was confronted by your face, a dab of cum at each corner of your mouth. You moved in to give me a deep, lingering, salty kiss. Your tongue swirled inside my mouth and I tasted myself as I sucked on it.

You reached down and gave my cock another squeeze, a dollop of cum oozing out of the head. Grabbing your almost empty champagne glass, you let the cum drip down the inside edge. Refilling your glass, you watched as the white creamy liquid swam around in the flute before slugging it down in one gulp “Thank you! I needed that!” you said, eyeing me over the lip of the glass.

“Apparently, so did I,” I replied as a smile broke out on my face. “But weren’t you worried we’d get busted?”

“Nope! I paid the waiter off to avoid the table until I came up for air.”

And sure enough, he walked on over with a grin on his face and asked if we wanted dessert. My answer? “What I want you don’t serve here!” All three of us got a good laugh out of that as he handed me the check. 

“Thank you both for eating here tonight,” he said with a smirk. “ It was my pleasure to serve you.”

“I’ll bet it was!” I answered as he turned from the table with my cash and a sizeable tip.

We left in my car and you said your place was only ten minutes away. “That might be enough time,” I said.

“Time for what?”

“You’ll see,” I said smiling as my hand brushed the hem of her skirt as it landed on her thigh. Following your directions, we drove through town, my hand brushing against the lacy fabric of your panties. You slid down the seat until I could actually see them, and what my fingers were doing to them. You moaned as you put your hand over mine, pressing my fingers into the dampening material.

“Unh Unh,” I said as I pulled away, removing your hand. “You just sit there like a good little girl and enjoy the ride.” Then I returned my hand, only this time I slid it inside the soaked material. My fingers slipped by your trimmed bush before coming in contact with the warm, wet flesh of your pussy. My fingers danced up and down the length of your slit as you squirmed, trying to get my fingers inside.

“Good little girls don’t let a man do this,” you said. 

So I rubbed a little harder, feeling your clit as well as more moisture. More moans and a whispered, “Please,” made me look over at you. The dress was hiked up, a dark spot prominent on the front of the panties, your legs splayed as wide as the bucket seat would allow, your eyes were shut and mouth open but silent.

“Oh God! Please make me cum,” you pleaded, your hands in a death grip on the seat cushion.

I plunged two fingers into your wetness, curling them against the soft sponginess of your g-spot. “Ohhh yesss! MMMMM! Ohhh! Fuck!’ you screamed as I felt your cunt squeezing my invading digits.

I stopped wiggling my fingers as the rippling muscles inside you slowly loosened their grip on my fingers, but I didn’t remove them. When your orgasm had passed, I started sliding in and out, my thumb brushing your clit as my fingers delved deep into the wet recesses of your cunt.

When we finally reached your place you were dangerously close to another orgasm. I withdrew my fingers and offered you one while I sucked on the other. “Was that dessert?” you asked.

“No! That was just the appetizer,” I answered as I leaned in and kissed you, getting another taste of you in the process.

Once inside the door, you grabbed me by the lapels and molded yourself to me, kissing me hard, long and deep. Our tongues swirling back and forth until you took hold of my upper lip and started to gently chew. I reciprocated sucking on yours as my hands grabbed the cheeks of your ass and kneaded them rubbing my cock against you.

Finally pulling away, you said, “I was going to offer you a drink, but I’m too fucking horny.” Taking one of my hands off your ass, you led me to the bedroom. The room was lit only by the light of a half moon. You were mostly shadows. I turned you too me, and unclasped the halter top and letting it fall as I watched your ripe breasts appear.

Even in the half light they looked even more magnificent than I had expected.

You must have seen the look on my face, because you asked, “You like what you see?”

My answer was to lower my head and kiss your left nipple, gently at first, almost a chaste kiss. Then my lips opened and your areola disappeared. I sucked ravenously, my tongue washing every inch, feeling every little bump, rasping against your hardening nipple.

“Leave some for later,” you said as you practically tore my shirt off, lifting my head and kissing me again. I backed you up to your bed, noticing your shadowy reflection in the mirror behind you. After letting you step out of the dress, I pushed you down on the bed, finished undressing, and knelt down on the floor between your legs.

Picking up your left foot, I kissed the underside of your arch, working my way up to your toes. Enveloping your big toe in my mouth, I sucked it like a stubby cock, before traveling up your foot, past your ankle, dragging my tongue up your calf. To your knee.

Stopping there, I went to the other leg and started kissing downward. Between almost inaudible moans, you said, “Don’t go south, keep going north!”

“Whatever you wish Mistress,” I said with a smile, nibbling on your right thigh. Your left leg resting on my shoulder, you opened your right leg to give me better access. I kissed and nipped at your leg as I got ever closer to your pussy. When I arrived, I kissed around it, noticing, but not touching the dampened lips.

“Don’t tease me, damn it! Fuck me!” you said sternly.

“In due time, my sweet,” I replied as my lips brushed against your neatly manicured bush. I breathed in your scent, adding, “God you smell good!”

You grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my to your waiting, wanting lips. Not wanting to resist any longer, I kissed the hood of your clit, my tongue gently swiping across it, getting the tiniest of tastes. “Mmmmmm,” I groaned as my tongue slipped along the crease of your sex, gathering more of your sweetness. “And you taste even better,” I added, coming up for air.

“Flatterer,” you replied, as you pulled my face in tight to your freshening pussy.

Alternately lapping at your clit and burrowing my tongue in your juicy slit, I soon had you moaning and thrusting your hips up to maintain contact with my roaming tongue. Sliding a finger into your slit as my lips wrapped around your clit made your breath catch in your throat.

“Oh yesss! Oh fuck yes!” you whispered as I scratched at the inner walls of your cunt, still sucking on your clit, my tongue rasping at the little button.

I reached up with my free hand and began drawing circles around your left nipple, watching as it stiffened under my teasing touch.

Your hand landed atop mine and you squeezed, begging me, “Pull it! Pinch it! Make me cum! Please?”

“Your wish is my command,” I replied, kneading the round softness of your breast with one hand, while churning your insides with the other. Your neatly trimmed bush tickled my nose as I gently chewed on your clit, bringing you ever closer.

“Oh yes! Oh God! Right there! Oh fuck! Ahh! Aahh! Aaahhh!” you blurted out as I felt your cunt contract around my finger. “Oh fuck! I’m cumminnggg!”

Your thighs clamped around my ears, my face buried in your weeping sex, my finger locked inside you, I rode out the waves of ecstasy as your orgasm waned. My free hand gently caressed your generous breast.

As your legs released their grip, I crawled up your luscious body, showering kisses on your belly, your nipples and upper chest on the way to your waiting lips. We kissed long and hard, your mouth devouring my tongue, stealing the remnants of your juicy pussy.

The helmet of my cock was nestled in the crack of your womanhood, barely kissing your clit, my hands were in your hair, holding your face to mine when you whispered, “Make love to me!”

As my hips shifted and my crown entered you, I answered back, “With pleasure.” I kissed your left earlobe as you murmured encouragement, wanting me deeper inside. Your wetness, warmth and tightness were intoxicating. I couldn’t resist! I pushed deeper until my balls rested against your lower lips and you let out a sigh.

I nipped at your neck as I moaned throatily, “God! You feel so good! So incredibly good!” Wrapping your legs around my back and locking them at the ankles, you smiled up at me. “You don’t feel half bad yourself!”

Lifting myself off your upper body, I began thrusting deeper, my gaze shifting from your shadowed face to your breasts, then down to where we were conjoined. I tried to lower my face to your breast, wanting to kiss and suck on your nipples, but unable to reach. You cupped both in your hands and offered them to me. I kissed one, then the other before opening my mouth to take in your areola, feeding from you like a hungry infant.

I could hear you cooing and moaning as I picked up speed, our bodies slapping together, your breasts heaving as you got ever closer to another orgasm.

Bracing myself with one hand as my hips rolled, sweeping me in and out of you with ease, I reached down with my free hand, thumbing your clit. Your eyes closed, your moth opened in a silent moan as your hands grabbed hold of my back, your hips rocking to meet my thrusts.

“Oh God! Oh fuck! Oh yes! Don‘t stop! Make me cum,” you muttered between moans.

I felt you tighten your grip with your legs, your heels kicking gently wanting me in further. You let out a long wail as your fingernails raked across my back and your cunt spasmed. “Cum inside me please,” you pleaded as the waves of pleasure washed over your luscious body.

The pleasure pain of your hands on my back drove me over the edge. With an animalistic growl, my cock spewed its warm, creamy essence deep inside you, washing the walls of your womb with my seed.

I lowered myself on you crushing your breasts under me. You took my face in your hands and gently kissed my lips. “Thank you!” you whispered as we lay there panting in the semi-darkness.

“But. I wasn’t done yet!” I replied.

“Oh, yes you are, at least for tonight. You need to conserve your strength. We have a busy weekend ahead of us.”

I rolled off, my cock slithering out of your well lubricated cunt, leaving a train of sperm across your thigh. You curled up beside me and I molded my body to yours, my semi-rigid member nestling in the crack of your ass, my arm draping over you, cupping your breast. Kissing your hair, I said, “Pleasant dreams Kay.”

“Oh, they will be, Trust me.”

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