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Damaged Goods

Never in a million years did I think that it would come to this. I had a crazy notion that we would be together for the rest of our days. Our relationship had always seemed rock solid, maybe a little on the conservative side, but perfectly happy. One ordinary Wednesday evening as we lounged on the sofa, Dina casually told me that she had met somebody new and would be leaving me the next day. She was true to her word and made her exit with a small suitcase early on Thursday morning.

Coming to terms with Dina’s departure was difficult to say the least, blaming myself for playing things too safe and being the archetypal solid and dependable boyfriend. Eventually I got over the self recriminations and moved onto the angry stage. I decided to purge myself of any trace of her, gathering together all of Dina’s left behind possessions with the intention of having a spectacular bonfire. I make great progress, clearing her wardrobes and drawers. I finally come to the last hideaway, the sliding drawer within the bed base. Just one thing resides there, an expensive looking bag from somewhere called ‘Delia’ which according to the slogan emblazoned upon it was a bespoke Dressmaker.

The item contained within the bag was quite simply exquisite, an elegant looking black evening number which I imagined Dina would have looked breathtaking in. One thing that certainly took my breath away was the receipt still inside the bag. The dress had been paid for in cash and was worth almost as much as a week’s wages, no wonder Dina was always asking for more cash from me just to tide her over until her next pay day.

I decide to leave the dress out of the bonfire, there was revenge, and then there was plain stupidity. I figured that the dress would be my payback, a small drop in a large ocean of what Dina owed me, and if she had been careless enough to leave it behind, well that was just too bad.

The heavens open without a hint of remorse as I finally find the shop I am looking for. I don’t make a habit of frequenting dressmakers, but today I am willing to make an exception. I clutch the expensive looking bag tightly in my hand, attempting in vain to stop the hammering raindrops from harming the delicate item contained inside. After all, there will be no chance of a refund on damaged goods.

Delia’s is like a step back in time, located on a quiet Mews, well off the beaten track and with quaint hand painted signage. The frontage is dominated by a huge bay window which houses three dated mannequins sporting Delia’s designs. It seems such a paradox – the beautifully made dresses in such an unfashionable, overlooked part of the city.

I push open the heavy door and feel like I’ve been transported back to the Seventies, an old fashioned bell chimes as I enter, and shops these days just don’t have that anymore. I make my way to the front counter, and wait a moment, there is nobody serving. I’m sure that bell was quite loud enough to be heard two doors away, but there seems to be no reaction here. I survey my surroundings – a sparse selection of stunning dresses hangs from rails that have seen better days. It astounds me that such beautifully crafted items are showcased in such unbecoming surroundings.

I decide to open and shut the door once more to see if that elicits any reaction, it’s a good job I’m honest, if not I could have been away with the contents of the shop and the till three times over by now. I finally hear footsteps descending a creaky staircase and a wobbly door handle turn. A slender brunette lady of around thirty appears and makes her way toward me in a very unhurried manner. Her manner seems very cold, and she looks at me as if my presence is a huge burden upon her time.

“You must be Delia?”

“Must I?”

As an opening exchange, it’s not up there with the greatest. It transpires she isn’t Delia, but Lily, Delia’s daughter. Apparently the business had been built up over several years, and when Mother handed over the reins, they decided to keep the name, simply for continuity, and besides which, she didn’t want to pay for new signs to be made!

Lily listens intently as I explain my tale of woe. Her general demeanour is quite aloof, not exactly a warm soul, but nevertheless there is something about her which made her endearing. She recalled that Dina had been a regular customer for a year or so and had never asked for a refund before. I recount what had happened between us and how it was my cash that had paid for this dress and no doubt quite a few others. It seems to pain Lily, but after a little deliberation, she agrees to give me a refund.

“You will have to come back tomorrow; I don’t have that much cash here today, unless you fancy an exchange? I could do you a lovely party dress.”

A clumsy smile plays upon Lily’s lips. Humour really doesn’t suit her.

The call comes through late the following afternoon, Lily finally has the cash to pay me, she tells me to call in and collect anytime as she would be there late catching up on her admin. I make my way back to the antiquated shop but find the front door is locked. The handwritten sign in the window states closing time is five thirty p.m. but that is still thirty minutes away. I clench my fist and bang the door hard, small flakes of paint are dislodged as I do, this place could really do with being dragged into the Twenty-first century.

Lily takes her time but eventually I am ushered inside. She smiles sweetly at me as she locks the front door behind us and leads me through the shop and up the creaky stairs to her office. She seems a whole lot happier than she did yesterday. As she climbs I take my chance to admire her taut bum and toned legs, I’m sure she is aware that my eyes are devouring her, but it doesn’t prevent her from wiggling sexily as she ascends. The sound of our footsteps on the bare timber echo loudly.

Her office is quite frankly a shambles, paperwork strewn all over a huge desk which dominates the room, the air is stuffy and stale and countless take out coffee containers are scattered around. Lily takes a sip from a glass of red wine and gestures for me to sit on a jaded looking sofa.

“Sorry about the mess, I’ve been so busy lately, and I’m not the tidiest person anyway. I’ll just go and get your money.”

Lily disappears into yet another room, but is back within a minute, gulping down the last of her wine on the way back to me. She looks a little flushed, but so much more attractive than the last time we met, her hair is down and frames her pretty face perfectly, quite soft and feathered.

“Oh I’m sorry, would you like a glass of wine? I don’t normally drink in the daytime but I have taken a very lucrative order today and felt like celebrating.”

I decline the wine and tell her she doesn’t have to explain herself to me, she can do whatever she likes. Lily laughs and looks me deep in the eyes. She seems a lot more relaxed today, maybe it’s the alcohol, and maybe she just feels comfortable with me now. She hands me a brown envelope which I open and count out the money. She looks a little insulted as if I don’t trust her. I take the notes from the envelope and cram them into my wallet. I thank her and make to leave, brushing past her. I feel the gentle touch of her hand on my wrist.

“Don’t leave me drinking on my own, it’s such a bore, won’t you stay and have a glass of wine with me?”

Something in her face makes me feel like I can’t refuse; her stare seems to drill straight through me, she has really piercing green eyes. I agree to stay for one glass and one glass only. She seems pleased and delves into a dilapidated looking cabinet and produces a bottle of red wine, which she assures me, is something a little bit special.

She pours us both a glass and we sit down on the shabby sofa. The conversation is not exactly flowing, we don’t really mix in the same circles, we come from different ends of the social scale, yet there is something wildly attractive about Lily, she veers from unabashed snobbery, to endearing innocence, all within a few sentences, her voice is the thing for me, she has a rich low tone, vowels softly and slowly pronounced. I sense there is a purpose behind all of this, she doesn’t just find me interesting company, and all soon becomes clear.

“Simon, please forgive me, I’ve been nowhere near honest with you. I feel partly to blame for all of this, and by all this I mean you and Dina splitting up.”

She shakes her head, and looks down to the floor, inhaling deeply, but not speaking.

“You better tell me now you’ve started, Lily.”

She sighs, eyes now looking up to the ceiling, before eventually focusing on me.

“Look, it’s my fault. I introduced Dina to Alex, her new man. He used deliver my materials, one day he was here when she was choosing a design, we all got talking and, well you know how things go. They seemed to hit it off instantly.”

I look at her in a daze, my brain struggling to take this information in.

“So are you saying he fucked her that day, you’re telling me that they had sex here?”

Her eyes flicker, she looks incredibly edgy.

“No I don’t mean that, absolutely not. They just got on famously, he took her number and the rest as they say is history. They met up a few days later and then any time they could both get away. The trouble was I seemed to become her confidant, and got to hear in graphic detail where and when they had done it and with whom. You see Alex is into group sex and exhibitionism, nothing is really off limits with him.”

I take a large gulp of wine, trying to digest what Lily is telling me. Could this really be my Dina? She always rebuffed any attempt I made to spice up our love life, now it seems she can’t wait to get involved with whatever Alex desires at the click of his fingers. I see Lily is scanning my face for a reaction, but in truth I don’t know how to express my emotion, I feel a little nauseous, in all honesty.

Lily drains her glass and refills, offering me a top up which I gladly accept. We sit and talk about her business, but all the time I am not really listening, just picturing Dina having sex with her new man. It turns my stomach, but I can’t stop replaying the images through my head. Lily seems to sense my lack of attention and changes the subject.

“She’s been in today to choose a pattern for the dress she wants me to make for her, would you like to have a sneak preview? Would you like to see what you’re missing out on?”

I enquire if she had informed Dina of my visit; Lily shakes her head and tells me absolutely not.

I wearily agree, I shouldn’t really, but my curiosity gets the better of me. For some masochistic reason I want to see the dress that is being made to turn another man on. Lily has been gone for a few minutes now, she went off into yet another room, honestly this place is like some kind of maze. After five minutes I call her name, she replies from a distance telling me she’ll only be a minute and to top up the wine again.

I hear the click of heels getting closer and closer, until Lily is back in the room. I was expecting her to be showing me some kind of pattern sample, not wearing the actual dress.

“It’s one of my own, I made it for myself. Dina saw it hanging up and fell in love with it, now she wants me to make one for her. So, what do you think?”

Lily looks me square in the eyes and then gives me an effortless twirl.

I don’t answer, I can’t. I am simply amazed at Lily. She is wearing a tight fitting Poppy print dress which shows off her slim figure and toned legs. The dress comes down to mid thigh and clings to her curvy bum. Her dark hair has been brushed and looks thick and shiny, touching her shoulders. It’s a complete transformation; the dress seems to bring out a sparkle in her which wasn’t there before.

“The dress is beautiful, Lily. It’s just perfect.”

“And am I beautiful, Simon?”

I smile coyly and tell her she looks fine.

“Just fine, are you sure about that? Are you really sure about that?”

Who am I kidding? She has me drooling.

“You look amazing, Lily.”

“I know I do. I don’t need you to tell me. I need you to show me, I need to know how much you like me.”

She sashays towards me, I’m struck by how gorgeous she is, and I just didn’t give her a second glance before she put the dress on. Her hands reach out and take mine, pulling me up to my feet and just inches from her face. We stand toe to toe, taking each other in, both of us breathing a little deeper. I can’t resist her and move in for a kiss, out lips gently lock together and my hand brushes her cheek softly. Her hands wrap around my waist but deftly move down to my buttocks, giving them a gentle squeeze and pulling me in closer to her. The kiss becomes fierce and passionate as my left hand snakes up her right thigh and gently under her dress touching the gusset of her lacy panties softly. A gentle gasp leaves her lips as I massage her slowly through the material.

She has me unbuttoned in seconds, pushing my jeans down around my thighs. Her hands feel my rapidly stiffening cock through my shorts before yanking them down, my semi erect penis being expertly caressed and cajoled. Her touch is so good and I’m erect within twenty seconds. Gently she pulls back my foreskin and runs her thumb over my bulbous head. Lily jerks me slowly at first, and then builds up a pace, her wrist becoming a blur as she settles into a quick rhythm. We kiss deeply once more, her tongue deep inside my mouth, it feels silky and smooth. My right hand runs through her glossy hair, and then my palm tilts her skull slightly, pushing her mouth harder onto mine.

No words are needed; they would just get in the way. I want her so badly now, pushing her back towards the centre of the room, hands on her hips turning her onto her front and bending her over the heavy oak desk.

“I want you; want you to screw me hard, really hard. Get your cock inside me right fucking now.”

Dina’s words rebound around my head...time to say goodbye to playing it safe.

I push the dress up over her hips and forcefully pull her panties down around her pretty shoes and then clean off. I can’t resist giving her cheeks a playful slap before touching her bare pussy with my middle finger, she is just getting a little wet now, so I gently ease my digit inside her, softly probing her in and out, I delight in the soft slurping sound as my finger slips it’s way deeper and deeper.

“That’s really nice, but I need your dick inside me so badly. Fuck me now please, Simon, I need you, need your cock.”

Her hand arches behind her and guides my solid length inside her, she is very wet now and I slide in with relative ease. I push my hips and get myself deeper, enjoying the sheer delight of how tight she feels, she grips me like a vice and adds to the sensation by pushing herself back against me, to maximise my penetration. Her grunts of satisfaction tell me all I need to know and I concentrate hard on fucking her deeper and deeper. My hands clasp her hips and push her harder onto me. Her juices are flowing now and cover my cock liberally as I build up a quicker rhythm.

“Oh Simon, don’t stop, please don’t stop. I need you so badly.”

I grab her right knee to raise her lower leg onto the desk, I now have a great angle to bury myself deeper inside her, arching my back and letting her have my full length. The satisfying sound of her squelching pussy is music to my ears. Her hand is now a blur between her legs as she strums her clit hard, by the quickening tempo of her gasps I can tell her orgasm is close, as is mine.

I love the sight of her pussy stretching as I get really deep inside her, she is now soaking wet and her juices are dribbling onto the ancient desk which is creaking ominously under the strain of our sex. Her climax comes rapidly, her shrieks and gasps vibrate in my ear drums as I feel myself coming too, it’s been a while since I climaxed and I am soon filling Lily with my hot cream, pulling out and delivering the last of my load over her soft buttocks and the last spurt ends up as a huge blob on that pretty dress. She is not going to be impressed.

We cuddle up together afterwards on her sofa, saying very little, just holding onto each other. I don’t think either of us can believe what has just happened. I kiss her cheek and tell her how beautiful she is, and I mean it. She is absolutely perfect. I laugh inwardly at the irony. If Dina hadn’t left me, I would never have met, let alone made love to Lily.

The silence is broken by Lily telling me that I have ruined her favourite dress. I smile wryly and tell her to hold on for a second. I pull out my wallet and hand her back the money from Dina’s dress.

“This should cover it.”

We talk a little before Lily drifts off to sleep in my arms; probably the wine has taken its toll. My mind starts working, great as the sex had been, and as much as it made me feel relieved to move on from Dina, it still hurt that I’d been dumped so suddenly, and that my ex-girlfriend had taken great delight in recounting her exploits to a relative stranger.

I gently kiss Lily’s neck and rouse her from her slumber. She is definitely a little worse for wear, but there is something bugging me, and I need to know for my own peace of mind.

“Lily, please be honest with me, I can take it. Alex and Dina had sex here didn’t they? Don’t deny it; this was their meeting place wasn’t it?”

Her eyes glaze and she can barely look at me. Her breath is shallow and rapid.

“I’m sorry Simon, I was trying to save your feelings, you are such a sweet guy, not like Alex at all. I hate it but yes, they did have sex here, and so did I. Alex fucked Dina on the table that we have just used, and if you want to know it all, she wanted to watch him fucking me. She got off on him having sex with somebody else. I’m so, so sorry...”

Her confession rocks me, despite knowing deep down that there was more to this than Lily was telling me, to actually have it confirmed feels like a knockout punch. I hold her in my arms, she is shaking slightly and the tears roll down her cheeks, which I tentatively wipe away. She can’t stop apologizing to me for what had happened. I reassure her that it’s not her fault, if it hadn’t been Alex, Dina would have found somebody else, and she was obviously looking. I stroke her dark hair and cradle her head, before long Lily is fast asleep again on my shoulder, leaving me with my thoughts bouncing around my head.

I sit thinking for half an hour or so as she sleeps, suddenly and impulsively I feel like I need to get out. I’m sick of replaying what has gone on in this room.

I extricate myself from the sleeping Lily and leave her snoring; the dress has ridden up slightly, exposing her creamy thigh, and the slightest glimpse of her panties. I silently remove my phone from my shirt pocket and press the side button, raising it towards my eye and focusing on my target, making sure I get her face and body into the shot, praying that the flash doesn’t wake her. The snap is taken; she is still fast asleep as I slip away. Before I have left the premises the screen tells me that my picture message has been sent successfully. I follow it up with a short text “You always said I didn’t make the effort with your friends, so tonight I did.”

I would dearly love to be a fly on the wall when Dina collects her dress.

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