Damp Encounter My Boss Part 2

By Fionna

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This time I needed to feel his cock inside me
I awoke Tuesday morning with the most incredible warmth flowing through my body. I laid in bed staring at my ceiling with excitement I almost couldn't contain. I replayed what had happened the previous night over in my head. The curiosity was overwhelming, I hadn't had such a mysterious sexual encounter since I was a teenager.

The feeling that he had taken pleasure from my pleasure, that I couldn't see his cock, and that he was satisfied jerking off even when I craved him inside of me. I felt the familiar tingle deep in my loins just thinking of what might come from working tonight. I rolled over and squealed into my pillow, I opened my eyes and glanced at the clock 7:48! I needed to get to work!

I dressed for work quickly slipping on a red lace pair of panties and matching bra, I slid on a knee length black dress and knee high skin hugging black boots.

I shivered at the image of him gazing at me in my hidden lingerie.

As I headed out my door a seed of doubt seemed to spring from a secret place in my mind, was something going to happen tonight? Was last night just a passionate fluke? I hoped not, the memories of our encounter were enough to start a warming ache inside of me.

That evening I sat across from him again, no mention of our passionate exchange as he stuck to business. I tried to keep my mind on the work in front of me, although being in his presence alone made me want to rip my dress off and sit on his face, but I refrained.

“Are you hungry?” he asked

I am so hungry for your cock, I thought devilishly.

“Sure,” I answered with a slight smirk. He caught my eye and I saw a slight flush in his cheeks.

“I'll order up, any requests?” he offered.

“Surprise me,” I smirked again.

A little while later his phone rang.

“Dinner is here,” he smiled and got up to collect it.

When he returned he spread out the delicious meal from the Asian fusion restaurant located in a building near by. We both dove in, continuing to work as we ate. While eating a piece of julienne carrot fell down my shirt. I giggled as I reached to scoop it out. As I did I left a trail of peanut sauce up the curve of my breast. I smiled and went to wipe it with my finger. He was on his feet, he stood in front of me and dragged his finger up my breast then held it out for me to lick.

I took his finger in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it, I suckled the length of his finger and licked the entire length of it. His groin was almost completely in my face and I noticed a growing bulge and squeezed my thighs together considering the throbbing pulse of what resided inside his black trousers.

I reached over and picked a strawberry out of the fruit salad he had ordered for my dessert. I looked up at him and circled my lips with the sweet fruit. Then I deliberately dropped it down my shirt. He inhaled and walked behind me, I stayed seated in my chair waiting. He flicked off the lights, then I felt his hand on my holder, pulling my hair aside. I felt his breath on my neck as it quickened and hit my skin in short hot bursts. Then the warmth of his tongue licking the length of my neck towards my shoulder, he pulled the neck of my dress down exposing one bare shoulder.

He reached around me and squeezed my tits, then clawed at my dress to pull them out. They were still harnessed in my red lace.

I gradually stood and he took his hands off me briefly to kick the chair between us away. He pushed me up against the wall so that my face pressed against it. I felt him press his body up against me. My pussy burned for the hot member that pushed against my ass, his cock felt very large through his pants.

He slid his hands between my body and the wall and I felt him wrestling with the front of my dress.
“I can take it off,” I whispered.

He said nothing, but he slid the right shoulder of my dress down my arm trapping it there, then he did the left side. My arms being trapped caused a trickle to run out of my hot hole. The top of my dress was now pulled down to my waist. My tits begging to burst from my bra, he had more access and was pinching and twiddling my nipples with his thumb and forefinger. I started rubbing my ass against his throbbing cock. His breath was coming out in short gasps and the burning feelings running through my body seemed to be intensified by the darkness.

“My pussy is so wet, please put that pulsating cock inside it, I'm gonna cum so hard.” I begged.

He didn't say anything, I was helpless with my hands at my sides so I rubbed harder against him, frustration taking over me. I wanted to rub my pussy or feel his hot tongue in it. I wanted some sort of release.

He seemed amused by my frustration, but by the sound of his breathing he was also wanting more, he kept one hand on my right tit, pinching my nipple hard the other he reached under my dress and pulled at my panties. Fuck, yes, finally, I thought.

I felt him pulling and pulling which caused my panties to run between my pussy lips against my clit.
“Oh yeah, the feels so good, dip my panties in my pussy”.

It seemed this was not his intention, but he continued pulling while I cried out, then I felt them rip.

He ripped the panties off my body! I was so wet, I knew no matter the size of his cock I would not need lube, but I wanted him to fill me up so badly.

“Oh, you nasty girl, look how wet your panties are”. He scolded, I heard a sniffling sound. “Oh fuck, do you want to smell your panties you little slut? They smell so good.”

This sexy man with a bulging cock holding my tits with one hand while he sniffed my pussy juices off my panties with the other was enough to forgo any inhibition I've ever had.

“Put your cock in me now!” I yelled. “I want to cum for you all over your hard cock, fuck me long and hard against this wall now.”

I heard his belt unbuckle, finally, yes. I heard his pants drop and felt him spreading my cheeks.

I was trembling with anticipation I had no idea how big his cock was but I wanted to feel it inside of me filling me up. Not knowing made it more exciting, as I waited I felt drips of my juices oozing down my legs. Then I felt warmth around my vaginal opening. A gentle teasing dip, I shivered, it was his tongue. Although I was begging for a nice hot cock, he knew what to do with that tongue. He stuck it deep inside of me and swirled, I tried to push against his face, but my hands were still caught in my dress, so I did not have the ability to brace myself. I felt the flicker of his tongue as he buried his face between my cheeks lapping at my clitoris and snaking between my pussy lips. Fuck it felt good, the hot warmth of his tongue mixing with the burning hot desire of my love hole.

He licked the length of my ass and sucked my dripping pink cavern.

I was ready to feel him inside of me and didn't think I could take any more.

“Please plug me with that cock, I want to feel what you have for me.”

He stopped and I shivered with anticipation what was going to happen next.

My train of thought stopped as I felt him enter me, spreading my hole wider than expected. His cock was so thick, oh God I felt it reach my very core. He grabbed my hair to hold me up as he pounded my pussy hard. I felt so full I knew I was going to have the best orgasm in my life. I struggled to get a hand free so I could punish my clit while he fucked me. I managed to free my right hand and tickled myself while he switched from hard fast fucking to slowly stroking of my stretching vagina.

“Fuck my slit, yes yes yes fuck me, I am so hot”. I whispered feeling my passion building.

“Your pussy is so tight, I am going to cum inside of you slut, unless you want to eat my cum,” he groaned.

“I want to eat your cum and milk it from your cock,” I begged.

I felt myself ready to cum from the desire and fucking, I sped up rubbing my clit to match his growing fucking of my pussy. I felt myself building and my nipples got as hard as diamonds.

“I am going to cum on your cock!” I cried and I felt myself let go, my muscles contracting around his huge member, juices pouring down my legs.

“Get on your knees,” he demanded and I positioned myself in front of him, it was so dark I could only see the silhouette of his body. I heard him stroking his cock fast and suddenly felt a stream of hot wetness hit my face and chest.

The lights came on and there he stood, “Swallow every last bit of that,” he said.

“If you clean up perfectly, I might let you suck my cock next time.”

I smiled up at him, “Anything for that cock baby”.