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Damsel in Distress

Horny mature slut on her way to a raunchy sex rendezvous when her car broke down. A young stud shows
Damsel in Distress

Don Abdul ©

Regina was horny, she is always horny anyways her overactive sex drive is probably the reason she couldn't stay in a committed relationship for any good length of time. This didn't bother her at all, as she has come to accept that she is what she is, a slut, and a very proud one at that. Her motto in life is "fuck and let fuck".

She had awakened that morning feeling so horny it hurt. After running down the batteries of her 8 inch vibrator, she realized that she needed more than just a quick buzz. She knew just the guy, reaching for her cell phone, she dialed his number. Alex had never ever disappointed her, he was the best fuck she'd ever had, otherwise she'd never agree to make the 2 hour drive to see him in the next city.

Regina had been driving only half an hour when car started acting up, and then within minutes there was smoke coming out from under the hood. As she made to pull over at the shoulder of the road, the engine coughed and gave out. The road was quiet, traffic thin and the few cars that sped by didn't even stop to help her. She had tried unsuccessfully to call a garage on her cell phone which showed no signal. The intense heat of the desert sun was really getting to her. She was so hot and worried when he rode up to her on a motor bike.

Despite her troubles, looked him over with keen interest, noting his lean strong physique and especially he bulge in his crotch. "Hi ma'am, what's the problem with your wheels then?" She quickly explained the situation to him and without saying much else, he took charge and 30 minutes later he had her car going again.

Regina was so happy and relieved she jumped excitedly up and down and then hugged the stranger who had come to her rescue. "Thank you so much Mister...."

"Ricky, Ricky Gravis at your service". "Regina Valdez, I wish I could do something to show my gratitude to you. You practically saved my life you know", she added batting her eyelashes at him in the most seductive gesture.

"What the hell were you doing out here on your own anyways?" He asked... Being the unrepentant slut that she is, Regina told him the truth thinking ‘What the hell, he'll probably not believe a word of it anyway'. They chatted a little more and Regina managed to convince him to accompany her back to her place just to ensure the car down breakdown again on the way.


"Back at Regina's house, she said to Ricky, do you know there's motor oil stain on your shirt?" Ricky looked down and saw it; his hands were also dirty from fixing the car, so she offered to clean his shirt while he takes a quick shower.

After pointing the direction of the bathroom to him she went to wash his shirt. A few minutes later, Ricky was butt naked in the shower with soap on his face when he heard the shower door slide open. Before he could rinse his face to open his eyes, he felt her behind him, her hard pointed nipples pushed by her big soft breasts into his back. She rubbed the soap all over his hairy chest and then moved her hand lower to his crotch. The other hand stayed on his chest, teasing his nipple.

She rubbed her soapy hand all over his erection, she gasped as she felt the thickness of his manhood. Ricky couldn't take anymore of the teasing so he turned around to face her. Landing his soapy hands on her beautiful breasts, he caressed and fondled them before moving closer to kiss her. Her lips parted open gracefully to let his tongue into her mouth. As their kiss deepened, he reached down and rubbed her pussy, it was hot and wet, and as his hands grazed her engorged clitoris, she gasped.

Their shared lust was reaching a boiling point so they quickly dried each other off and grabbing his cock she led the way to her bedroom. She had him sit at the edge of the bed and she gave him a mind blowing blow job. By the time she was done, he had been reduced to a groaning sexual animal. His lust was now near maniacal.

Ricky eased her mouth from his cock, and got off the bed, he placed her right where he had been a moment before, and positioned himself between her legs and lowered his head to her pussy. He kissed her several times just above her pussy and around it on each side. She cooed and moaned with pleasure each time his lips touched her, sending little shockwaves through her loins.

"Oh yeah! That feels gooooooood!" She whispered. Her pussy was open and very wet, as he probed her hole, his tongue reaching deeper with each thrust. He could feel her body shudder with pleasure. "Oh Gooooodnessssss...... I love this feeling!" She said as she writhed and shook.

Ricky tongue fucked her cunt and then moved up to her erect clit. He was greatly turned on by how wet she was and how much she was enjoying what he was doing to her, so he slipped a finger into her ass and gently began fingering her other hole. A few moments later, he felt her silken thighs clamp tightly over his ears. She held his head in a vice grip as she succumbed to a powerful orgasm. Her pussy bathed his face in her syrupy juice, and he carried on licking her tenderly as she recovered from her climax.

"Oh Ricky, don't ever stop...." She whispered feebly as he looked up at her. Ricky lowered his head back to her pussy and began to lick her once again. This time he ran his tongue in circles inside the opening of her cunt. "Oh Ricky! You do this so very well.... Mmmm!"

"Oh yes Ricky, keep doing that. Yessssss!" She screamed, as both her hands grabbed the back of his head pushing his face deeper into her soaking wet cunt. "Oh God Ricky! Come and fuck me. Give me that big cock now!" She begged.

Ricky rose to his feet and they switched places again. He laid back on the edge of the bed with his cock standing at attention like the gun turret of an armored tank. Regina wasted no time at all; she lowered herself down on top of him with his cock sliding easily into her pussy like hot knife through butter. "Umm, that feels good." She moaned while moving her hips back and forth. Ricky reached up and fondled her soft perky breasts as she rode him at a gradually increasing pace.

She put her hands on powerful shoulders for support and began to ride him faster. He watched as she fucked him with growing intensity. Ricky was thrilled beyond words, he couldn't believe his luck. He often fantasized about himself being a knight in shining armour, but never thought he'd ever be lucky enough to find a damsel in distress. ‘Damn!' He thought, ‘here I am, with my cock buried deep in the pussy of a real damsel in distress and she is riding me so har.......' he never got to finish the thought in his mind before his started to spasm and he shot a volley of hot creamy cum into her well fucked cunt.

"Oh that feels so good" she whispered as she kissed his hairy chest, she was also enjoying the feel of his hot seed leaking out of her pussy. It was dark by the time they were done, so she invited him to stay the night. Regina thanked Ricky for rescuing her three more times before he left her house the following morning.
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