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Dance for Me

Dance for Me

For Caroline, he’d break every rule in the book.
His heart quickened like it always did when he saw her. No matter what outfit she was wearing or what she was doing, her presence always had that same effect on him. In a way it embarrassed him but then again it didn’t because no one else knew his weakness and in all honesty, he kind of liked it.

She walked with a perfect poise which betrayed how much she must have practiced her entrance. The thought made him smile. One foot in front of the other, six inch heels; some expensive designer label which probably cost her more than she ever paid him. She could afford it though. She could afford anything she wanted, and not just with money.

He saw the way other men looked at her, the hunger in their eyes, the way they fell over themselves to please her. It had no effect though. He couldn’t understand it. She could have picked any guy she wanted yet she preferred him.

Maybe it was because of how well he knew her. After all they’d been playing these games for how long now? Almost six months. Six months of pretending to be other people, playing fantasy games which turned her on for some reason he simply could not comprehend. He never complained. After all, the money was too good and it was hardly a chore to spend time with the beautiful swan, no matter how fucked-up her mind was.

He remembered the first time they met. He got a call from the agency. You’re up, Brandon. Needed for some rich little girl who wants a hot guy to show off at her ex’s wedding. He didn’t ask questions. He put on his tuxedo and fixed himself up to look pretty. It wasn’t hard. Sometimes he got told he was handsome enough to be a woman. He still wasn’t sure whether it was a compliment or an insult. He didn’t want women to think he was gay. No, he needed women. He needed the sex and he needed the money.

At the wedding he walked in with Caroline Walters on his arm. She wasn’t what he’d expected. Usually on those kinds of jobs the girls were unattractive or tiresome or just plain bitches. Caroline wasn’t any of those things. He didn’t know why she had to pay a guy to be her plus-one. She was slender with dark hair and eyes, a straight, slim nose and a face that wouldn’t have been out of place in a cosmetics advert. And physical beauty wasn’t where it ended. She was warm and affectionate and cheerful, and the kind of girl he’d thought was long extinct.

But after the reception was over and the champagne bottles were empty and she hadn’t joined in with attempting to catch the bouquet, he realised it was all a façade. She wasn’t really happy. She was lonely and tired and sick to her stomach of playing the perfect socialite. He didn’t know why she confided in him. He was as much of an actor as she was. Maybe she really was that lonely; so isolated that she preferred to reveal her issues to a total stranger rather than her friends.

He didn’t care. He listened patiently. After all, he was getting paid for the whole day and he figured it was the least he could do. Besides it was rather enchanting to listen to the beautiful girl talk to him like she trusted him, like she needed him.

Then the conversation turned to him. She asked him how he got into his line of work, where he came from, who his family was. There wasn’t much to tell and it wasn’t degrading enough for him to keep to himself so he told her what she wanted to know and watched as her expression became more thoughtful and pensive. The hours wore on. She was probably slightly drunk and he was slightly infatuated by her so when she leaned forward and kissed him he didn’t even bother to tell her she was making a mistake. They ended up fucking. He’d known it was coming ever since he’d seen her. It was like a sixth sense to him.

He wasn’t meant to get attached. He had an unwritten rule that he would never be with the same woman more than once. He broke that rule for Caroline Walters. She had her ways of persuading him, after all. She always kept herself one step ahead of him. She didn’t pay in advance. She paid the next time she saw him and so he had an excuse that he simply must see her again, only because she still owed him money. In reality he would have entertained her even if she hadn’t paid him, even if she made him pay her, but he never told her that. She’d probably think he was just like the others; another fool in love. And he couldn’t have that. He wanted her respect.

They played her games. He figured she must be seriously bored out of her mind to come up with the elaborate scenes she always set up. He knew it was the control she enjoyed, not over him, but over the whole encounter. She liked to know where it was going, what was going to happen. She was the puppeteer and he was the willing mannequin, dangling from her strings of pearls, always afraid that one day she would cut the strings, that she’d cut her ties with him.

Fortunately, that hadn’t happened. Yet.

Brandon turned his attention back to the present. He checked his watch. In two minutes he would walk up to Caroline and act like they’d never met, even though his cock had been inside her more times than he cared to count. He would act like they were strangers, strangers who didn’t know the exact details of each others anatomy, strangers who were normal and average and who had nothing to hide.

He watched a young couple who were already hand in hand on the dance floor, eager for the band to start playing. They looked so enviably normal. But then again, everyone seemed normal until you got to know them.

Brandon stood up, brushed imaginary dust off his trousers and headed towards the most beautiful girl in the world. He was wearing a perfect white collared shirt and dark tailored trousers. His sleeved were rolled up above the elbows, just how she’d dictated. God, he would have done anything for her. His eyes found hers and he smiled inwardly.

She was sitting at the bar, one long tanned leg crossed gracefully over the other. A sleeveless emerald green dress flattered her slender build, leaving just enough to the imagination. Her long dark hair was arranged perfectly on top of her head and the little makeup she wore only enhanced her natural beauty. She epitomised elegance and class.

He approached her, cool and confident.

“Good evening madam.”

She inclined her head towards him courteously. “Good evening.”

“Would you care to dance?”

A small secret smile hovered around her mouth. Green eyes ran down the length of his body as she appraised him. She made him wait an entire sixty seconds before she put her small hand in his outstretched one and accepted his invitation.

He led her to the dance floor, knowing all the while that it was really her who was leading him and trying not to think of how weak that made him feel. She could never know how she made him feel. Seeing her again was just as bittersweet as he’d expected. Ever since she’d called him and told him what she wanted he’d been in a perpetual state of confusion, one part of him dreading the dancing, the other part elated that he would get her to himself again.

He’d been to fucking ballroom dancing classes to please her, paid for them out of his own pocket, swearing to himself that he would never let her find out about the effort he’d put in. He put the thoughts out of his head. That was the past. This was the present, this was now, this was Caroline in his arms, her stunning eyes watching him expectantly. The band began to play and he settled into the rhythm. To everyone else it looked like he was moving with an easy, fluent grace but in his mind the moves were spinning in a hurricane of desperate focus.

One step, two step, to the right and back and pause and step and slow and long step … He was so afraid of putting a foot wrong, he dared not look Caroline in the eye, knowing he would be instantly distracted. Instead he focused on her porcelain forehead, where pale skin met rich dark hair, another wretchedly flawless part of her face. She was so heartbreakingly beautiful.

The dance went on. The music played a haunting, mocking lullaby. Brandon clenched his teeth, hating how pathetic he felt. He shouldn’t be feeling this way. She was just another girl. Get a fucking grip, Brandon. The couples around them swayed effortlessly to the music, moving their bodies perfectly in sync, like it was something they’d been born to do. No one was trying as hard as him; no one was sweating over every last step; no one was terrified of making a mistake.

Finally the music slowed, setting him free from the hellish torture. Caroline smiled at him. That fucking smile. It made his palms sweat and his heart race. He would have walked across hot coals to wake up next to that smile every morning.

“You’re a fantastic dancer,” she said cordially.

“It was my pleasure.” Brandon recited the words from her script, forcing himself to hold back all the things he really wanted to say to her.

He took her arm and they walked to the bar. People watched them appreciatively. They made a fucking gorgeous couple, Brandon knew that. Sometimes when they’d walk by shops he’d look at their reflection in the gleaming glass windows and think he could get used to having something so perfect on his arm. Wishful damn thinking.

They played out her scene, drank cocktails at the bar and acted like two normal people just getting to know one another. It was hard enough for Brandon to remember everything he was meant to say but her eyes smiling knowingly at him made it all the more difficult. The side of his head was throbbing with the beginnings of a headache, an affliction that always presented itself when he overworked his mind. All he wanted to do was stop the acting and go to bed and fuck her until she surrendered power and begged him for more.

At long last, she became tired of playing. At her signal, an attendant returned their coats to them. Caroline’s fingers slipped between Brandon’s as she led him out into the hall and towards the elevator that would take them to the pre-booked hotel room.

He kissed her on the way up, his tongue invading her mouth, his hands on her slim waist as she pressed her body up against his making his cock stir in his pants. She stirred up feelings of passion inside him to such an extent that he forgot how she hurt him and abandoned all his unspoken grudges for the sake of sexual pleasure.

If Brandon had looked he would have seen that the hotel room was the opposite of the kind he was used to. Expensive replaced cheap and tacky became luxurious but all this went over his head. All he was thinking of was Caroline and whether he could get her naked in under a minute.

Her slender arms were around his neck, holding him close as she kissed him, the subtle fragrance of her perfume making his mind spin with desire. He wanted to possess her in the way she possessed him, until all she could think of was him, until his face filled her mind and she craved his touch.

His hands slid down her back, searching for some fastening to undo the dress that covered her perfect body until his fingertips finally pulled down the zip and the silky material fell to the floor. His thumbs hooked into the waistband of her lacy panties, dragging them down her thighs until they joined her dress on the floor and she was naked and ready.

Brandon let his fingers explore her tight wet pussy, his thumb rubbing at her clit as she ground against him with near frantic excitement. It was times like this that made up for all the heartache she caused him. Her hands deftly undid the buttons of his shirt and she pushed it off over his broad shoulders, sliding her palms across his chest, feeling each muscular contour and crevice.

She turned him on like no other girl ever had. She was confident and unhesitant as she undid the buckle of his belt and pulled his zipper down. Her hand ventured into his boxers to seek out his hard cock, her fingers wrapping around it firmly and squeezing just hard enough to make him groan out loud.

Brandon stepped out of his pants and boxers. He dragged her against his body and kissed her hard, his tongue twining with hers as he guided her towards the bed. They fell down upon it and he took a moment to appreciate the sight of her dark hair against the white pillow. Abruptly, she turned over onto her knees almost as if to show him that she was still the one in control but Brandon was too far gone to care. He grasped her hips and pushed his cock slowly into her dripping pussy.

Her appreciative moan was enough to goad him into action and he began to move, picking up the pace as he started fucking her hard. She was so tight yet so welcoming; it thrilled him to be able to fuck her with such abandon. He slammed in solidly, pulling out almost to the tip before driving in again, spurred on by her gasps of pleasure. The sheets were bunched up in her fists and he could see a slight sheen of sweat on her back. It was so erotic he almost came right there and then.

At her request, he pulled reluctantly out of her and she turned wordlessly onto her back, her smile inviting him to fill her all over again. Brandon clasped her legs, holding them wide apart as he pushed his hard cock back into her slippery opening. His eyes locked onto hers as he began fucking her with a steady rhythm, rocking his hips back and forth, his breath coming in short ragged pants.

Her hand travelled between their bodies to stroke his cock as it travelled in and out of her dripping pussy and he let himself savour the moment, almost believing that they were two people in love, not just lovers.

“Harder…” Caroline breathed. “Fuck me Brandon,”

He pulled his cock out and paused momentarily, before ramming into her without warning. Her mouth fell open and her eyes closed tight as she let out a long moan. Her legs wrapped around him tightly as he fucked her without restraint, pounding her clenching pussy until she came extravagantly, all over his throbbing cock.

He didn’t stop there though. He flipped her onto all fours again, grabbed her waist and fucked her until her body shook as she came again. He pressed down on the small of her back, slapped her perfect ass and hammered his way closer to his release. Reaching around her body, he rubbed at her clit until she came again, clenching hard around his pumping cock until he finally let himself succumb and spurted deep inside her, holding her close.

For those few precious moments, he felt nothing but bliss. He felt like he could hold her in his arms forever and be perfectly content. But she wouldn’t have that.

He let go of her, gently extracted himself and watched as she sat up and leaned against the headboard. She didn’t say anything. Brandon sought out his jacket and procured a cigarette which he proceeded to light. He sat beside Caroline on the bed, waiting for her to speak. She remained silent.

He dragged smoke into his lungs and breathed it out. In some crazy way, it soothed him. He felt so comfortable sitting next to her that he entertained thoughts he might even stay.

But eventually she spoke and her words burnt that idea to a cinder.

“I think it’s time you went,”

The words were lightly spoken but he sensed the determination behind them.

If he was stronger he would have stayed and argued but he was weak so he didn’t. He got up, the cigarette dangling from his mouth, and put his clothes on.

“You can get your money from my purse,” she continued as she watched him move around the room. “For last time, I mean.”

“Yeah, I know.” Brandon’s tone came out more clipped than he would have liked and Caroline’s eyes widened slightly in surprise.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Brandon sighed. How could he tell her that he wanted to stay, that he wanted to stay so he could wake up next to her, not just tomorrow morning but for every morning of his life?

“Just… you’re making things harder every time. I mean; ballroom dancing? What’s that all about?”

Caroline laughed softly. “If you’re not comfortable with it, I can get someone else.”

It was Brandon’s turn to laugh. “Not someone like me. Not someone who’ll fuck you like I do.”

Her eyes narrowed. “What do you want, exactly?”

You. Your heart and your soul, not just your damn priceless body.

“I…” He shook his head and blew out a ring of surreal grey smoke. “Nothing.”

“More money? Is that it?”

Brandon shook his head. “Forget it. Forget I said anything. Call me for… whatever you want next time.”

“I will.”

She watched as he took his money, stubbed out his cigarette, buttoned up his shirt and scrubbed his face with cold water in the en-suite. For one crazy second she thought about asking him to stay but then she trashed that idea and watched him raise his hand in a silent farewell before he opened the door and disappeared.

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