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Dancing at the party

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Nicole gets more than just a dance
He watched from a distance as she walked out onto the dance floor. Her black mini dress was barely covering her ass as she walked. His eyes were locked on her the whole time as she started to sway to the music. His eyes watched as her golden blonde hair swayed in the air with each movement. Her body seductively moved and swayed to the beat of the music. She turned and he could see her V-neck dropping and showing off her ample cleavage underneath. He looked up and saw her beautiful green hazel eyes looking directly at him. Knowing he was caught, he cracked a smile for her. To his surprise she smiled back and started walking toward him. He never took his eyes off her as she walked toward him and grabbed his hand.

“Come dance with me,” she said in a beautiful and sexy voice.

He couldn’t refuse, so he stood up and followed. His eyes shifting to her ass as she turned and led him to the dance floor. He was mesmerized by the swaying of the perfect curves. As they reached the dance floor, she began to sway with the music again. He couldn’t let her know that he wasn’t a good dancer or that he really didn’t know how, so he began to move his body.

As he swayed, she backed up and began to rub his crotch with her ass. He knew she could feel his erection growing through his pants as she rubbed, but she started to grind harder into him. She pressed back into him and her arm flung around his neck as she pulled his head down. He could hear her breathing in his ears.

“My name is Nicole. I take it you like what you see and feel sexy,” Nicole whispered to him as she swayed and grinded into him.

“My name is Jack and…” Before he could finish his statement her lips were pressed against his. His hands moved down her side. He slowly moved them down, brushing against her breasts and moving down grabbing her sides.

Her lips left his. “Just enjoy the moment sexy,” she whispered as she started moving and swaying to the music again. They swayed and moved to the music until the DJ quit playing.

Turning to Jack, Nicole gave him a kiss and asked, “You want a drink?”

They walked off the dance floor and headed to the drinks. Jack grabbed a couple of drinks as they walked. Nicole led him to a couch in a dark corner of the room. They sat and began to drink and got to know each other. They were laughing and enjoying each other’s company when Nicole abruptly stood up and grabbed his hand. She led him down the hallway and opened the door. She smiled as she turned. Jack knew he was in for a good time and couldn’t wait. She stepped in the room and Jack followed. He closed the door behind him and turned.

Nicole’s dress was unzipped and she was slowly pulling the straps down over her shoulders. Her eyes locked onto Jack’s as she let the dress fall down past her breasts. Jack's eyes couldn’t leave her body as he unbuckled his belt and began to unzip his pants. Her dress was now sliding down her ass and she turned around as the dress went down over the curves of her ass. She bent over and slid the dress the rest of the way down her legs. Jack's pants were now down on the floor as he saw her beautiful ass covered in black laced bikini panties. Nicole stood up and turned around. He was already in front of her. His hands reaching around and grabbing her ass as he leaned in and kissed her lips. He moved her back until her ass and back were against the wall, his lips never leaving hers. His hands grabbed her ass and pushed her panties to the side as he slid his cock between the folds of her wet pussy.

Nicole gasped as she felt his manhood slide into her. He pushed it all the way into her with his thrust. His lustful eyes staring at hers as he slowly began to rock and slide his cock into her. Nicole loved the feeling of Jack’s cock in her tight pussy.

“Please fuck me hard Jack!” Nicole sighed as their lips separated.

Jack didn’t need any more encouragement. He picked up his speed and began to thrust his cock hard into her tight pussy. The impact of his thrust pushing her ass into the wall behind her. Jack’s hands grabbing her ass and pulling her into his pelvis as he fucked her. Nicole’s walls convulsing and applying pressure around his cock with each thrust. Jack wanted Nicole. His cock rammed in her furiously, pushing her ass and back against the wall.

Nicole moaned and let her head fall back in ecstasy as Jack fucked her pussy. His cock felt so good inside her. She moaned and kissed Jack’s lips again, feeling the pressure inside her build.

“OH YES, JACK,” Nicole moaned as she felt herself release. Her cum squirting and covering Jack’s cock and lap.

Jack felt Nicole’s walls convulsing and squeezing him tight. He couldn’t hold it.

“Nicole, Oh God, I’m cumming baby!” Jack moaned as he felt his cock unload deep in Nicole’s pussy.

Nicole continued to milk his cock until she had squeezed all of his cum from his cock. Jack pulled his limp cock out of Nicole and kissed her one last time.

Nicole quietly put her dress back on as Jack put his clothes back on, his cum starting to drip out from the sides of her bikini panties. Nicole turned around and smiled at Jack and began to walk away.

“Later stud,” she said as she walked past him.

Jack grabbed her hand, turned her around and planted a kiss on her lips. His hands slid a piece of paper into the front of her dress on her right breast.

“Call me baby, and by the way, your husband is a lucky man!” Jack said lifting up her hand as he looked at the diamond ring on her finger. He looked at her and smiled.

He turned and walked out the door. Nicole sighed realizing at what she had just done.

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