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Dancing Queen

Teen night at the club Danny bartended, proves to be one of the grestest nights of his life

Every other Friday night the club I bartended would host a “Teen Night”. It was open to all ages from 15 and up. We didn’t serve alcohol, but I had to be there to mix virgin drinks for the kids. I hated it. I had decided a long time ago that I was lucky that I had never had children because basically all teenagers were retarded. I loved kids, but they all grew into teenagers.

I was 36 and single. Like I said I had no children. I had been married once, but that was back when I was a retarded teenager too. I worked through the day as an accountant. I had a degree and made really good money, but I had taken bartending school when I was in college to make some extra money and I did it now as sort of a hobby.

I stood behind the bar on one particular Friday night, watching all the kids dance and act stupid. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself at all of the little girls dressed as skimpy as their parents would allow. They would crowd together on the dance floor and attempt to dance provocatively for all of the teenage boys. Unfortunately the majority of them didn’t look sexy or provocative at all. They looked like retarded dancing chickens.

I also hated the music they played on those nights. It was usually some kind of modern pop songs or rap or bubble gum punk. I hated the music more than I hated the kids. I didn’t like to think of myself as being old, but I did like older music. I was born in 1973 and I loved 60’s and 70’s music. They never played anything like that here. I understood why. I’m sure the kids now days couldn't really “get their dance on” (as they would say when their favorite “jam” came on) to older music like I was use to listening to.

It was getting close to midnight and the closing of the club. I was so relieved. All I wanted to do was go home put on a nice porn and jerk off until the wee hours of the morning.

The most recent song had ended and the DJ, a good friend of mine, announced. “This one is for my boy Danny behind the bar. All you guys make sure you show him some love and tip him well.” Then he started a song that made me smile.

It was Dancing Queen by ABBA. I had loved that song since I was a little boy, because it was one of my fondest memories of my mother. She would dance around the kitchen with the mop singing along to every word.

The bar had been pretty empty, but when he put that song on several of the kids groaned and looked at me as it was my fault. They all rushed the bar in search of some kind of drink to pass the time until the song was over. The dance floor was practically empty. The few people that were on the dance floor wasn’t dancing. They were standing around talking.

As I was trying to serve all the kids at the bar I noticed a girl on the dance floor. She was swaying to the beat of the music. She was dancing there all alone and she looked like a goddess with her body swaying and moving gracefully to the song. I couldn’t help but stare and get aggravated every time another kids ask for a drink.

The girl was small, probably around 5 foot. She was thin and athletic looking. She had on white shorts and a golden colored top. She had on gold colored gladiator style sandals. Her hair was golden blonde and hung to her waist. It looked as soft as corn silk.

The bar cleared out pretty quickly and she was still dancing. The song seemed to suit her perfectly as it played. “Friday nights and the lights are low. Looking out for a place to go. Where they play the right music, getting in the swing. You came to look for a king.” I couldn’t help but wish I was that king she was looking for.

As I watched her dance I wondered where she had come from. I knew all the kids that came here because the came here every time we had the “Teen Night”. I had never seen her before. I felt like an old pervert watching her. She looked so natural out on that dance floor dancing by herself as if she had been hired to entertain the masses of kids.

“You’re a tease and you turn ‘em on. Leave ‘em burning and then your gone.” The lyrics were too perfect. Every boy in the room was staring at her with open mouths. They all seemed as smitten by this young goddess as I was. I was a little surprised when I realized that I was feeling jealous. I knew better than to look at a girl her age like that. I knew she wouldn’t want an old man like me and I had no business with a young girl like her.

The last part of the song played and she ended the song with a graceful twirl. Everyone in the room started applauding. She smiled and bowed for them and then she started walking off the floor. Several of the young men that were watching her tried to stop her and talk to her or get her to dance. She shook her head at all of them and politely walked away. They all looked sad and disappointed. I almost felt sorry for them.

Another song came on and all the kids cleared the bar and went back out to the dance floor. The young goddess walked up to the bar. “Hey, I’ll have a coke please.”

In this bar when we serve any kind of soda we top it with a cherry. I got her coke and put the cherry in it and handed it to her with a smile. She looked at the coke and grabbed the cherry by the stem. She looked up at me with those innocent blue eyes. “Do you want my cherry?” She grinned wickedly. “I don’t really need it.”

I smiled at her. She was actually flirting with me. I took the cherry and popped it in my mouth. Once I swallowed it I leaned over to talk to her. “I’ve never seen you here before, are you new in town?”

She smiled at me. “Well yes, I’ve been here about six months, but my parents never let me go out. They are out of town this weekend so I took the opportunity to get out. They would die if they knew I was here.”

I shook my head at her. “You are a naughty girl.”

She smiled bigger. “Well that is why we ended up in this town in the first place. I wasn’t as naughty as they thought, but I did do a few things that they didn’t really approve of.”

I knew she wanted me to ask what she had done and I wasn’t going to disappoint her. “And what did you do that would cause your parents to move you to a new town.”

She smiled. “I had an affair with my algebra teacher.” She said matter-of-factly.

I raised my eyebrows. “You had an affair with your algebra teacher? My God, how old are you?”

She smiled. “I’m seventeen now. I was sixteen at the time, but it started when I was 15. He was 37, but he didn’t look it. He looked like he was about your age.”

I smiled at her. “Sweetie, I’m 36.” I cleared my throat. “So how did they find out you were sleeping with him?”

“Oh, I never slept with him. We just had oral sex with each other. I wouldn’t let him fuck me.” She smiled a seductive smile. “They found out because he became obsessed with me and started calling my house and leaving me e-mails. They overheard one of the conversations and then they got into my e-mail. They tried to press charges against him, but they couldn’t because I was 16. So the moved me eleven hours away. He still sends me e-mails, but I never respond to them. He got kind of crazy.”

I was shocked and a little more than turned on. I couldn’t believe this goddess was actually into older men. “Well I guess now you are being a good girl.” I was really hoping she wasn’t.

“Well I have been so far, but I’m sort of considering being a little bad.” She smiled and hopped off the bar stool and disappeared into the crowd. I couldn't help but feel disappointed, wondering who the lucky guy was going to be that she was going to be bad with.  I turned and went back to my work.

A few songs later she came back up to the bar holding a white leather jacket and a gold color purse that matched her sandals. “Hey, what time do you get out of here. I know they close in about 15 minutes, but I’m sure you have to clean up.”

“Actually I’ve been cleaning up. All I have to do after we close is wipe the stools down and sit them on the counter.” I wondered why she was asking me this.

“Oh, well I sort of took a cab here and I forgot to save back any money for a cab home. Do you think you could give me a ride. I don’t really trust any of the young guys here. I’m afraid they would try to come in my house with me or something when they realized that I’m there alone.”

I should have known. The girl was just flirting with me earlier so that she could get a ride home. She looked at me as an adult figure and trusted me to get her home safely. I smiled at her. I couldn’t turn her down. I couldn’t stand the thoughts of some guy trying to push himself on her. I wanted to her to get home safely. “Sure I’ll give you a ride home. What’s your name by the way?”

She smiled and stuck out her hand. “My name is Regina. Thank you so much.”

I smiled and shook her hand. “No problem Regina. I’m….”

“Danny. I know. I was impressed that you liked that song. It’s one of my favorites.”

I couldn’t believe a girl as young as her would like that song so much, but I was glad she did. God knows she knew how to move to it.

We were finally closed and I got my stools wiped down. I walked to the door with Regina right behind me. We walked out to the parking lot and she took her hand and put it on my chest to stop me.

“Wait. Let me guess which car is yours.” There was only 6 or 7 cars left in the parking lot. She scanned the parking lot and pointed to a full size Chevy truck. “No, that isn’t yours. That is too country for you.” She looked around. She looked at a black Mustang GT and smiled. “That is your car. It has to be.”

I smiled at her and hit the button on my keyless entry controller and the lights on the Mustang flashed. She smiled with a satisfied look on her face and said “I knew it.”

We got in the car and I drove her the four block to her house. I pulled in her driveway. Her house was big and very Victorian looking. It was old looking but beautiful all the same. “You have a beautiful home Regina.”

She smiled at me. “Wait till you see the inside.”

I looked over at her with a surprised look on my face. “You want me to come inside?” I wasn’t sure I heard her right.

“Well duh, I mean do you really think I couldn’t have walked home? It’s only four blocks.”

I looked at her. She had desire in her eyes. There was nothing I wanted more than to go in there and see what happened, but my conscious got the best of me. “Regina, I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.”

She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I felt my cock sir in my pants. “Come on Danny. I won’t hurt you. No one is here. It will be okay.” She got out of the car and started up the walk to the front door. She knew I would follow her.

I got out of my car and walked up to the door with her. She opened the door and stepped in, holding the door open for me. I walked inside and she shut the door behind me. She then grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to the stairs. “I want to show you my room first.”

We walked up the elegant spiral stair case. She lead me to a door with pink and purple and teal stripes down it. She opened her door to a very teenage room. There were posters on the wall. Her bed was a canopy bed with a pink comforter on it and a pink canopy over it with sheer draping falling from the canopy. I couldn’t help but think of a fairy book princess when I seen her bed.

“Well, this is my room.” She said waving her hand around the room. The she walked over and sat on her bed “And this is my bed.” She smiled up at me and then patted the bed next to her.

I felt butterflies in my stomach. I walked over and awkwardly sat down on her bed beside her. She smiled at me and then turned herself around where she was straddling me. “Danny would you like for me to kiss you?”

I could feel my cock growing. I knew she could feel it too. She started rocking slowing back and forth on my cock. She was moaning a little. I didn’t know what to do. I knew this was wrong. She was so young, but when she looked me in the eyes I couldn’t tell her no. I wanted her to do more than kiss me. “Yes, kiss me.”

She leaned forward, still rocking back and forth on my lap and started kissing me. She swirled her tongue in my mouth. I was stunned for a moment, but then I started moving my tongue with hers. Now being a decent looking man at the age of 36 I have had my fair share of women, but none of them ever kissed me as seductively as what she did. I felt like I was kissing a woman, not a girl. She moved her tongue expertly with mine, rocking back and forth on my now completely hard cock.

She broke the kiss. “Danny, would you like to make love to me?”

I was shocked again and I felt my cock twitch. My cock wanted her more than anything, but the responsible side of my brain won out temporarily. “Regina, you are a beautiful girl, but I am more than twice your age. I don’t think it would be a good idea if we did anything more than this.”

She smiled at me. “I’m young, but I’m not a child Danny. Besides” she took her hand and started rubbing my cock through my khaki pants, “I think your cock does think it’s a good idea. Why deny yourself? No one has to find out, and I’ll be 18 in two weeks. After that no one can say anything.” She leaned over, still rubbing my cock and started licking and sucking on my ear.

I felt my will power dissolve. I grabbed her and pulled her in tight to me. I grabbed the back of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. I was surprised that she didn’t have a bra on. Her breast looked too perfect in the shirt, but it was her breast that were that perfect. She was about a c-cup and they were firm and beautiful. I immediately took one into my mouth and started sucking on her nipple. She moaned out in pleasure.

“Ohhhh Danny that feels so good.” She was still rubbing my cock through my pants. She started trying to unbutton them, but we were pressed too close together. She pushed herself back, causing her breast to fall from my mouth. “I think this would be much better with a little less clothing.” She stood up and unbuttoned her shorts. She pulled them down, but left her panties on. She kicked off her sandals and walked over to me and pulled my shoes off. She raised up and unbuttoned my pants successfully. She pulled them off of me and left me sitting on her bed in my boxer briefs. She pushed me back on the bed and climbed on top of me. She pressed her pussy down on my cock and with our underwear on she started rocking back and forth on my cock. “Oh Danny, your cock is so big. I can’t wait to feel it.” She rode me like that for about five minutes. I could see her pussy was wet, because the juices were starting to soak through her sexy white panties. She leaned over and kissed me deeply.

I took both of her breasts in my hands and stared massaging them as she kissed me. She started kissing down my neck and moving herself lower and lower on my body. I couldn’t reach her breast anymore so I started running my fingers through her silky blonde hair. She moved down and was licking my stomach. I work out constantly, so I knew she was liking the six pack that I was sporting.

She looked up at me and smiled and took her hand and started rubbing on my cock. “Danny, do you like having your cock sucked?”

I smiled at her. “What man doesn’t?”

“Well, I’m pretty good at it.” She pulled my underwear down far enough to where my cock and balls were exposed. It was kind of frustrating because I wanted to spread my legs so she could play with my balls, but my underwear got in my way. She noticed my dilemma. “Let’s just take these off.” She stood up and pulled my boxer briefs off. She looked at my naked body and smiled. “This is going to be fun.”

She got back on the bed and took my cock in her hand. My cock has a natural upward curve. It is usually easy for a woman to suck my cock in the 69 position, but Regina just angled herself to where my cock would go in her mouth just right. She licked and kissed the head of my cock for a few moments and I must say, if this was any indication of how good she could suck a cock, she was going to be amazing. She turned herself around and straddled my chest and leaned over and took my cock into her mouth. She tightened her lips just right to where it felt like my cock was sliding into a pussy. I had never felt anything so amazing in my life. She took my whole cock into her mouth and let it go down her throat. She would roll her head to where her throat would massage the head of my cock. It felt wonderful. She would pull her head up, tightening her lips around my shaft as she came up. By the time she got to the head of my cock she would stop and massage it with her tongue, tightening her lips around it as she did so, then she would slide back down.

I started pushing myself into her mouth. I didn’t push hard, because I didn’t want to gag her, but she would move forward as I would push myself in. She started moving faster on my cock, never forgetting to tighten her lips and suck the head of my cock. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls. I knew that much more of this and I was going shoot in her mouth.

I needed something to distract me from her sucking my cock. I opened my eyes and looked at her ass and pussy staring me in the face. Her panties were soaking wet. I took my hand and pulled the gusset of her panties to the side and held them there. I pulled her up to my mouth and started tongue fucking her cunt. I could feel the vibrations on my cock when she would moan in pleasure. I moved my tongue to her clit and slid two fingers in her cunt. She was tighter than I expected her to be. I had figured with the experience she had that she would have been a little loose, but she was tight, very tight. I pushed my fingers deep into her pussy and felt something blocking my way. I couldn’t believe it. This girl was a virgin. How could someone that could suck cock like this be a virgin?

This turned me on more than I want to admit. I started thrusting my fingers in and out of her pussy, being careful not to break her hymen. I was attacking her clit with my tongue. She was pushing back and forth on my fingers and moaning with my cock in her mouth. The vibrations of her moans were starting to feel too good. I felt her pussy start to tighten and contract on my fingers. I started licking faster and fingering her faster. I felt my cock harden even more. I was going to cum. I wanted to announce to her that I was going to cum, just incase she didn’t want it in her mouth, but just as I was about to she started fucking my fingers faster. I felt her pussy tighten even more on my fingers. She was moaning loudly, with my cock still in her mouth. She was having an orgasm, and still sucking my cock. I couldn’t hold back anymore and I was afraid to stop to tell her, because I didn’t want to take her orgasm away from her. I shot my load of sperm into her mouth. She moaned and sucked harder with every shot. She swallowed it all and with the last shot gone she pulled her lips up off my cock.

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and pushed her panties back in place. She lifted herself off of me and lay down beside me. Between heavy breaths she said “That….was….GOD….unbelievable. I have never came so hard.”

“Me either. You were right, you are very good at sucking cock. Where did you learn to do that?” I didn’t mean to ask her that, but the thought was on my mind and it just came out.

She smiled. “Well, my algebra teacher would tell me what felt good and what didn’t. He and I had an affair for almost a year. I guess I just got good from sucking his cock.”

“Was his the only cock you had sucked before tonight?”

She smiled at me. “Well I tried once when I was younger with the boy next door, but I don’t think I did a really good job. He came, but I think it was more the power of suggestion.”

I laughed at her. She rolled on top of me and kissed me. “Now I want you to make love to me.”

I looked at her. Her beautiful blue eyes were filled with desire. Again my cock betrayed me, by stiffening to the thought of taking this girls virginity. “Regina, I know you are a virgin and I don’t think you really want to lose your virginity to an old man like me. Wouldn’t you rather find a nice young man your age?”

“Well the problem with that is, most guys my age aren’t very nice. I also want to lose my virginity to someone who knows what they are doing. I know you would be more likely to be gentle and not hurt me. A boy my age would just shove his cock into my pussy and fuck me. I want you to make love to me. I want it to be special. I knew when that DJ said that song was for you that you were the kind of guy I wanted to give myself to. I’m not asking you to continue a relationship with me after, although I wouldn’t mind if you it if you wanted to. In fact I would like that very much. I really like older men. I just can’t see myself with a guy my age. I‘m too mature for those guys.” She looked at me with pleading eyes.

I debated for a minute. I knew I could cause this girl to regret this moment for the rest of her life. I didn’t want to be the reason for her unhappiness. As I was thinking she started rubbing her panty covered pussy up and down on my cock. My cock was already hard, but feeling her pussy rubbing on it and feeling how wet she was it grew even harder. “Regina.. I don’t know.”

She looked me in the eyes. “Please Danny. I don’t want to give myself to anyone else.”

For the second time tonight I felt all of my will power dissolve. I pulled her down and kissed her. I started thrusting my hips up to meet hers. She was rubbing her pussy on my cock with wild abandon. I rolled her over and hovered over her. I took my cock and rubbed it over her panty covered pussy. “Are you sure you want this Regina? You can never take this back. Once it’s gone, it will always be gone.”

“Yes, I want you. Please make love to me. I want you so bad.”

That was all the encouragement I needed. I grabbed her panties and pulled them down her sexy teenage legs. Her pussy was beautiful. She had it completely shaved, or maybe even waxed. There was no hair to be seen. She spread her legs and I could see her little clit. I got a pretty good look at her pussy when I was eating her pussy, but it was nothing to the glory before my eyes now. Her milky white skin was beautiful. Her pussy glistened with wetness. I couldn’t help but lean down and run my tongue up her slit. She shuddered beneath my tongue. “Danny, please make love to me.”

I kissed my way up her body. I took my cock and rubbed it up and down her slit, taking the head and pushing it at her opening as I came down, but making sure not to penetrate her. Then I would run it back up over her clit. I could feel her raise her hips, trying to push my cock into her pussy when I would rub the hole, but I would just pull my cock back and run it up her slit again. Finally when I came down and put my cock head to her opening she thrust just in time to push the head in. I held it there for a minute. I took my thumb and started rubbing her clit. She was thrusting up and down, pushing about and inch of my cock in and out of her pussy. I didn’t want to hurt her and I had a pretty good idea of how I could go about popping her cherry without causing her any pain.

She was moving faster and I could feel and see about three inches of my cock sliding easily in and out of her soaking wet pussy. I felt the head of my cock hitting her hymen. I felt her pussy start to contract around my cock. I knew she was getting ready to cum.

I started rubbing her clit a little faster. “Ohhhhhh… Danny, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum. You are going to make me cum.”

I knew that it was in part my thumb that was bringing on her orgasm and the other part was the natural curve of my cock. I was going in deep enough now that I was hitting her g-spot. I felt her start to buck under me. In one hard push I shoved my cock the rest of the way in her, just as the orgasm rocked her body. She screamed out in pleasure. “OOOOHHHHH Yessss. That feels soo good. Your cock feels sooo good. Please don’t stop making love to me.”

I was thrusting in and out of her now. Her pussy was still contracting around my cock. I could fell every ripple of her pussy walls on the head of my cock. I allowed my self a peek of my cock going in and out of her pussy and I could see the brownish red blood from her hymen. I had done it without hurting her. I idly hoped that she would always consider this special. I really did want to start a relationship with her, but I figured she would change her mind after everything was said and done.

I continued to slowly thrust in and out of her. “Regina your pussy feels so good around my cock. You are so tight baby. I have never felt anything that feels as good as making love to you.”

“Oh Danny, you feel soo good inside me. I want you to cum in me. I want you to fill me up with your sperm.”

I was a little stunned. I wanted to ask her if she was on any kind of birth control, but I was afraid that if she said no, I wouldn’t be able to force myself to cum inside her. I wanted her first time to be perfect for her. I was going to fill this little girl up with my cum and I was going to love every second of it.

I thrust my cock in and out of her. Moving slow and steady. She was rocking her hips up to meet my thrusts. “OHHH Danny, I’m going to cum again. Keep going baby. Push in deeper. Deeper. Deeper.”

I thrust in her and pushed in as far as I could. I slowly pulled out. Then I pushed myself back in her and pulled out slowly again, pulling myself completely out with the exception of the head of my cock. I pushed in and out of her a few more times. I felt my balls tighten up. I was going to cum soon.

“Baby, I’m going to cum. Are you going to cum with me. I don’t know how long I can hold out. Your pussy is soooo tight.”

She responded by tightening her pussy walls around my cock. “Cum baby. I’m almost there. Just cum inside me and I’ll be right there with you.”

And true to her word I started shooting my cum in her pussy with a loud grunt. “I’m cumming Regina. I’m filling your pussy with my sperm”

“Oh yes Danny, I can feel you.” Her pussy started strongly tightening around my cock. Tighter this time than it had when I took her virginity. “OOOOOHH. GOD. OH OH OH..” She panted over and over again. I could feel her pussy so tight around my cock it nearly caused me to lose my mind. It felt so good I knew that I would never be able to make love to anyone else and it ever measure up to this.

We both came down from our orgasm and I collapsed on top of her. We were both breathing hard. I still had my cock buried in her pussy and every now and then her pussy would contract slightly around my cock.

She was running her fingers through my hair. She started kissing me. She took my hand and pulled them put to her breasts and started rolling my hands around on them. “That was so good Danny. It didn’t even hurt when you took my virginity. Thank you so much. I can’t thank you enough. Now I will always remember my first time.” she kissed me again.

I felt my cock respond. It twitched while still buried in her pussy. She slowly started rolling her hips. Forcing my cock in and out of her pussy. My cock grew to full staff in no time and we were again fucking.

“I want you to go fast this time Danny. You made love to me and that is what I wanted my first time to be. Now I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard.”

I did as I was told and started pounding my cock into her tiny little pussy. She was bucking wildly under me. I could feel my cock hit her cervix deep inside her pussy. Again I felt my balls tighten. It wasn’t going to be much longer.

“Oh Danny I’m going to cum. Keep fucking my pussy. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.. Don’t ahhhhhh…. Ohhh…” She came again. This time I could feel her pussy juices wash over my cock as I pounded into her. Her orgasm sent me over the edge. My cock got harder at the impending ejaculation. “Cum in my pussy Danny. I love how it feels when you shoot your cum into me.”

I unloaded my second load of sperm into her pussy. I could feel my cock throbbing with each shot. I slammed deep into her pussy and held my cock there and rode out the orgasm deep inside her. I felt my cum spread around the head of my cock deep in the recesses of freshly deflowered pussy.

Again I collapsed on top of her. “You are amazing Regina. I don’t understand why you would want an old man like me, but I’m glad you did.”

She ran her fingers through my hair. “You aren’t an old man. You are so sexy, who wouldn’t want you? I think I’m lucky to have had someone like you take my virginity.” She ran her hands down and pulled my face up to look me in the eyes. “So what happens now? I mean was this just a fuck or do you want anything else to come from it.”

I looked at her eyes, beautiful and blue and innocent as a child’s. I can’t explain how it happened or when it happened, but sometime throughout the night I had somehow fallen madly in love with this girl. I couldn’t believe what I was saying when I responded. “You will be 18 in two weeks. Would you like to move in with me?”

She smiled and hugged me tight. “I would love to.”

I spent the entire weekend with her. I called into work at the bar and we made love every chance we could. Two weeks later she turned 18 and moved out of her parents house and into mine. It turns out that she wasn't on any kind of birth control, because not long after she moved in withme we found out she was pregnant.

Each night she and I would slow dance to the song “Dancing Queen”. That was, however, the real reason we met and fell in love.

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