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Dane I: The Halloween Party

Halloween will always be my favorite holiday!

My name is Rose, but if you have read Dane and I, Our First Time, then you know who I am. If you have not read about that night then here is a little about Dane and I both. I am 5’9” with wavy red hair that falls nearly to my knees and eyes the color of really good sapphires. I have a lean, lightly muscled body with firm C-cup breasts and a shaved pussy. Dane is 6’ with black hair that falls strait to the middle of his back. He has the body of a Greek God with a beautiful 8-8 ½” cut cock. We are both bisexual, and have known each other all our lives.

I love Halloween, always have. It is so much fun to dress up and be somebody else for a little while.



It was two days before Halloween and I was given an invite to a costume party by my lab partner. “I know it short notice, but I hope you can make it. Bring you hot roommate with you.” She grinned and dashed off for her next class. I looked at the invite the party was for Halloween night at 6pm. Costumes were required. Smiling to myself I headed to my only other class of the day, but all I could think about was that party.


As soon as I got out of class I called my boyfriend, Dane, and told him that we had an invite to a costume party. “I was thinking that we could go separately, with costumes that have masks. Whoever figures out who the other is first gets anything they want.”


Dane laughed. “That sound like fun Rose. What happens if neither of us figures it out by the end of the night?”


I had not thought of that. “I don’t know. Why don’t we both come up with something and talk about it after dinner.”   We talked for a few more minutes, but both of us had things to do before dinner. My parents were in town to see me and wanted to take Dane and me out that night. Part of me was thrilled that they were okay with Dane and I being a couple, part a part of me was worried as well. I didn’t think they would be so happy if they ever found out that Dane has been with men, not just women. Me I didn’t care and he didn’t care that I had been with women before we got together.


I headed for Adam and Eve, an erotic store. Walking in I grinned at the clerk, who happened to be in my journalism class and said hey. I was not sure what I was looking for, only that I wanted something really sexy that I could add a nice mask to. I looked at almost everything, not finding anything that was quite right. Finally half way through the last rack of cloths I found what I wanted. It was a blood red skirt that went to the floor, just barely touching the ground. The top looked like a matching piece of cloth was laid across my breast, the ends brought up to tie at the back of my neck. The top also had three silver chains attached at the side of my breast and wrapped around my ribs to hook together in the back. Both the skirt and top were made of a silk so thin that it gave a hint of my body beneath. I had a cloak at home that would go perfectly with this outfit.


I had just two more stores to hit before going home. I headed for the mall and a store called Cutlery Works. They carried knives, swords and everything that goes with them. I had been looking at a sword and dagger set for a few weeks to add to my collection. Now I was going to get it, it was the perfect touch to my costume. The blade was long, belted on at my waist the tip was at my ankle, and about 2 ½ to 3 inches wide. The hilt was bone, wrapped in silver wire and fit my hand perfectly. The dagger was a perfect twin, just smaller, about a foot long and about 1 inch wide.


That just left the mask. I went to my favorite craft store and found a semi-sheer, blood red, cloth. I bought half a yard (1 ½ feet) and a yard of black silk cord. Everything else I needed for my mask I had already at home.  


Once I got home I went into my room, closed the door and pulled out the cloth for my mask. In just a few minutes I had a vale that went from the top of my head back to hang to about my shoulders, and from the top of my nose down to the top of my chest. I kept it very simple, nothing but the cloth just like the rest of the outfit. To this I added a pair of garnet stud earrings, a pair of hook earrings I had made of four loops of garnet beads and a matching necklace with a teardrop onyx bead in the middle.


The morning of the party I went over to a girlfriend’s house. She was going to the party also and we had decided to help each other get ready and then go together in her car (I’d be going home with Dane). The first thing that we did was dye our hair; I didn’t do it very often so I knew that it was likely to help with the costume. I darkened my hair to a really nice dark burgundy, like really good wine, while she lighted hers to an almost white blond. After that Roxie, who is an awesome artist, painted a Dragon on my back, an Ankh on my left shoulder and the Eye of Horus on my right shoulder. Next she added a glittery ‘bandit’ mask around my eyes, lined my eyes with black kohl, and added blood red lipstick. Roxie’s makeup was very simple, silver eye shadow and an icy pink lipstick. Quickly we dressed in our costumes, me as a lady warrior and Roxie as the Ice Queen from ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’.


Fifteen minutes later I was scanning the people crowding the house hosting the party. I had no idea how Dane would be dressed, but I was glad to see that many of the other guests, both men and women, were in costumes with masks.   I watched a mummy for about two seconds before deciding that he was too short to be Dane. I danced with several people. One person I was not sure was male or female, their costume was that good. I had many people asking who I was under my mask but I would just smile and say, “Lady Blood”. I knew that if Dane heard the name he would know it was me, even though I was changing the pitch of my voice.


It was almost two hours before I spotted Dane. He was dressed as Aries from the Xena and Hercules TV shows. I was grinning because he was talking to a woman dressed as a Scottish Lass with a simple with mask covering her face. I slowly walked across the room to slip up behind him. Pitching my voice lower that it was I said, “My Lord Aries, you grace us lowly mortals with your presents.”


He turned to look at me. “And who are you, my beautiful warrior? You cannot possibly be from Greece.” He was smiling but I didn’t think he knew it was me he was speaking with. He looked so good in black leather pants that looked painted on, a black leather vest style shirt, and his hair pulled back into a tight braid. Belted to his waist he had a sword that hung to his knees.


I smiled, “I am the Lady Blood, my Lord, a simple assassin from nowhere.” I knew that it would not be long before he realized who I was. “If ever you need my ‘services’ please tell me.” Still grinning I slipped away back into the crowed.


Careful that he didn’t see me I slipped outside, but stayed where I could see him. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed his number. When he answered I laughed, “I saw that you met the Lady Blood. She is an interesting person, don’t you think.”


I heard the laugher in his voice when he said, “Yes she is. I am guessing this means you have found me.”


Speaking softly I said, “Oh yes, I have found you. Black leather pants, sword at your waist. You are Aries, Greek god of war and husband of the goddess Aphrodite. The only thing that would make you look better would be to let your hair down.”


Even as I said this he reached for the end of his braid and pulled the leather thong free. “So who are you dressed as, my Rose?”


Smiling I said, “Try to find fined me, Lord Aries.” I ended the call and slipped back into the party. I spent the rest of the party teasing Dane. I sent him text messages, telling him that I was not this woman or that woman. I even sent him a text saying that we had danced. Finely around 1:30 in the morning I sent Dane a finale text. I told him that I would meet him at his car at 1:45. I was ready to go home.


A few minutes later Dane walked over to his car. “You are the Lady Blood! I thought you were but I wasn’t sure” Dane grinned.


Dane turned the car toward home. “At the next corner turn left.” I didn’t want to go home. I had won our contest and I wanted my prize. He looked at me, but did as I instructed. About half an hour later we parked at the head of a hiking trail outside town. I jumped out of the car and ran down the trail. I could hear Dane running to catch me. Before long I reached a thin ‘game trail’ that branched off the one I was on, and glancing back at him, turned down it. Minutes later I stopped by a slow moving creek running through a little glade.


Dane slipped his arms around me, trailing his fingers over my ribs. “This place is beautiful.” His words were whispered against the skin of my neck, and made me shiver.


I didn’t turn. “Ever since I first saw this place I wanted to make love in it.” Turning I nipped his lower lip. “But only with you.” Slowly I slipped the buttons on the front of his vest free and pushed it off his shoulders letting it fall to the ground. Then smiling, I stepped back and unhooked my cloak letting it slide down my body. I could feel Dane’s eyes on me as my hands moved behind me to free my top, which I then let fall to the ground. I now stood bare to the waist. I closed my eyes for a moment, savoring the sensation of him watching me and the crisp fall air on my heated skin.


I shivered as Dane cupped my breasts in his warm hands, lightly pinching my nipples. Sliding my fingers into his silky hair I pulled his head down to mine, kissing him. His hands moved down to my waist, slowly pulling the cord that served as a belt free. My skirt slid, with a whisper of sound, to the ground. With a grin I slipped from his arms and walked into the chilly water. I turned to see Dane quickly shedding his boots and pants, nothing under the pants. I smiled, as I watched him walk toward me, his cock tight against his body. When he reached me he pulled me to him and kissed me, his tongue slipping into my mouth to dance with my own. His hand massaged down my back until he was gripping my ass, pulling my even tighter against his hard cock.


I moaned and rubbed myself against him, I could hardly wait to have all that hot hardness deep inside me. I ran my nails down his back, just hard enough to leave light pink lines. He threw his head back with a quite shout. I smiled; I knew how much he loved nails raking his skin, and just how to do it. I guided Dane to a deeper area of the creek, my hand wrapped firmly around his cock. When I stopped the water was high on my chest and low on his.


Taking a breath I ducked beneath the water until I could take him into my mouth. I loved feeling him, so hot as he slid past my lips. My tongue traced around his head, just under the ‘lip’. His hips thrust toward me, trying to push more of him in to my hot, wet mouth. I let him, taking as much of him as I could. Sadly I had to pull away, I needed air.


As my head came out of the water he pulled me against his body. “I need you NOW, Rose.” As he spoke his hands wrapped around the back of my thighs and pulled my legs roughly up to his waist. Knowing what he wanted I wrapped them around him. His hard cock was now pressed tightly against my hot cunt.


He started moving to the shore. Each step shifting his dick, rubbing it against me, making me wetter. I slipped a hand between our bodies, my fingertips rubbing over the head of his dick, making him growl deep in his throat. I slid a finger between the lips of my pussy, feeling just how wet I was, and circled my clit. I let my head fall back as a soft cry left my parted lips. Dane nibbled along the side of my neck as he lay us down in the grass on the water’s edge. I lifted my hand from my pussy and rubbed my finger over his bottom lip. When his tongue flicked at my finger I moved my hand away, sucking it into my own mouth. My eyes fluttered shut at tasting my own juices.


My eyes still closed Dane thrust deep into my dripping pussy. My hips came up to meet him, wanting him as deep as possible. I moved my hands to his back again, pulling him down, letting my tongue lick along his lips. I raked my nails down his back once more. Harder this time, I left long red lines from his shoulders all the way down on to his tight ass. He thrust harder, crying out my name, almost like he was trying to thrust in to the ground I lay on.


Suddenly Dane pulled out of me, standing up. I cried out at the loss. I didn’t understand why he was stopping. But I only had seconds to wonder. He pulled my roughly to my feet, lifting me up, ordering me to wrap my legs around his hips. As I did I felt my back pressed to a tree, the rough bark scrapping my skin. I moaned, loving how he knew just what I wanted.


Reaching between us Dane teased me, rubbing the head of his cock all along my pussy. I was nearly in tears, begging him to fuck me. I needed him back inside of me. With a smile that would have done the war god he had played that night proud, he thrust hard and fast. With the feel of the tree at my back and his, nearly savage, thrust I came. I screamed my pleasure, my joy. As I floated back down to earth I felt Dane start to move within me again, hard and fast. As another orgasm washed over me, I raked my nails down his back, down his arms and over his ass. That was too much for him, with a last savage thrust him came, spilling his seed in a hot flood deep inside my pussy.


I didn’t know how we ended up back laying in the grass. I felt Dane chuckle. “If this is what it’s always going to be like when I lose a bet or challenge, I just might have to lose every time.” I just smiled, totally satisfied and completely happy. I couldn’t wait for the next time.

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