Date night

By Cherism

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A couple's weekly date night takes a slight twist with his surprise.
She walked in the house, dropping her keys and the mail on the kitchen table. She was exhausted after a long day. Her thoughts were filled with making dinner and what were they were going to do for their weekly date night. She hadn’t had time to think about it all day and hadn’t planned a thing. It took her a few minutes to notice that the dishes had been done, there was single red rose in a vase on the table and a note for her.

“Go upstairs and wait for me to get home. I promise it will be worth your while.”

The simple note left her wondering. What could he possibly have planned? Had she done something to anger him? Was it bad news? The promise of the note hadn’t even registered with her.

She slowly climbed the stairs to the bedroom, her mind spinning with possibilities. When she reached the room, she saw an outfit laid out on the bed. Her wondering took a new turn. The demi cup bra fit perfectly, just covering her nipples. Garters and stocking were his favorite, so it was no surprise to see them, along with a pair of stiletto heels.

She anticipated his arrival. The waiting was agony. She grew damp between her legs, as her thoughts ran wild with what he might have in store. She heard his key turn in the door. Should she just sit? Should she lie on the bed? She was fidgeting when he walked through the bedroom door.

A smile spread across his face as he eyed her up and down. Legs were his favorite part of the body and her legs were stunning in the stockings. He crossed the room in a few strides, took her in his arms, and crushed his mouth down upon hers. The fantasy he had all day did not do justice to the actual sight of her in the clothing he picked out.

A groan came from his throat as he continued the kiss. He hands ran up and down her back, settling on the fleshy mounds just below the bottom of the garter. He lifted her, wrapping her legs around him. His mouth went to her neck, nuzzling in the tender hollow of her neck. She threw her head back to allow him access to the spot that excited her. She ground against him as his tongue flicked across the sensitive skin.

His erection strained against his pants. He placed her on the bed, while he quickly shed his own clothing. The site of her, just barely covered, her long legs encased in the silk, caused him to groan. What he wanted most was to spread her legs and thrust into her, but he planned to make this a special night for her.

He asked her to get onto her hands and knees. She happily obliged, anticipating his penetration. She was wet and ready for him.

He surprised her when he produced a set of restraints. He fastened her wrists in front of her, leaving him access to every part of her body. His hands stroked her skin, causing her to shiver. The excitement coursed through her body. She tried to anticipate where he would touch her next, but he kept her guessing every step of the way. His fingers teased as he approached her wetness. She tried to arch against his hand, but it lingered only slightly before moving on again. He pulled down the cups of the demi bra, freeing her nipples for both of their pleasure. The material rasping against them made her gasp.

He straddled behind her, his erection pressing against her wetness. His hands reached forward, finding the nubs that protruded, begging for his attention. As he rolled them between his fingers, she groaned, pushing back against him. It took all his restraint to keep himself from plunging into her. The release would be what he wanted, but he had more in mind. A large part of him wanted to cum, just so he could continue to play with her.

“Fuck me baby,” she cried out.

“ I have plans for you, and we are not even close to done. I plan to do many more things to you.”

She groaned. She wanted his cock. “Then let me suck your cock. Please, baby. I want your cock so badly.”

This was a compromise he hadn’t anticipated, but he eagerly complied. He positioned himself in front of her.

“So you want my cock, huh? Tell me how much.”

“Baby, slide your hard cock in my mouth. I want to suck you. Cum in my mouth baby.”

Her voice was full of desire, which only fueled his. He entered her mouth, giving her just the head of his cock. She eagerly wrapped her mouth around him, anxious to pull him deeper. The heat and wetness of her mouth had him unable to resist. He slid deeper into her mouth, which she accepted. Her tongue and lips worked him in the way only familiar lovers can do. She knew what he liked, the amount of pressure, the sensitive spot just under the head. He stroked in and out, slowly at first, then quickening as his desire intensified.

He was unable to restrain himself anymore. It only took a few minutes in her mouth before he felt the familiar tightness building, telling him he was about to fill her mouth.

“Oh yeah baby, you’re going to make me cum,” he cried out before shooting down her throat. She lapped up the results of her manipulation of him. The intensity of the orgasm made his legs weak. When he withdrew from her mouth, he went to his back and slid under her.

He now had a view of her nipples poking just above the demi bra. He positioned himself with his mouth under her breasts, allowing him to reach down and finger her clit. His tongue darted from his mouth, allowing just the tip to drag across her sensitive nub. He repeated this step with the other breast. He alternated quickly, keeping her stimulated. She begged for more.

His mouth completely covered one nipple, allowing him to nibble and suck, while he continued to caress her skin. His fingers quickly stroked areas to bring her pleasure then left just as quickly to move to another spot.

“Please baby. I need you to touch me. My pussy is so hot and wet. I just want to feel you,” she pleaded.

She thought he was going to oblige. His fingers lingered longer than they had before. She was nearing her peak. She felt it building. Then his fingers moved yet again. They caressed the soft skin where her pelvis and thighs met. He knew how much this excited her. She loved having his fingers close, knowing they could slip into her at any time, but not knowing if they actually would. His movements were slow and deliberate, allowing her the pleasure she wanted, yet giving him time to recover.

Her attention was so concentrated on her pussy that she hadn’t noticed he had stopped sucking her breasts. He began to slide further down her body. He slid out from under her, allowing him access to her entire body once again. His hands and tongue roamed every inch of her skin. He kissed some spots, while stroking others.

“Baby please,” she begged again.

He felt the stirrings in his groin. Another erection was beginning. He knew she was hot and ready, but he needed more time.

He got into the position he knew would bring her the most pleasure at this time. His mouth was just below her pussy. His delved into her soaking hole at the same time his tongue found her clit.

A load moan came from her throat as she savored the sensations that swept over her body. At first his tongue and fingers were slow and teasing; giving her just enough to push her further, but not enough to push her over the edge. She lowered herself onto his mouth, not allowing him to continue to tease. She had all the teasing she could take and was ready for her release.

He obliged, increasing his pace with his tongue and his fingers. He pushed her further and further until she hit her release.

“That’s it baby, eat my pussy. Oh fuck yes! I’m going to cum. Oh yes!!!”

He continued as she rode the waves of pleasure that consumed her; his face drenched in her juices. Under usual circumstances she would pull away when the orgasm became too intense. He held her down, allowing himself to continue pleasuring her. Her entire body shuddered as the intensity of the orgasm increased.

She collapsed as the orgasm subsided. Her legs had given out.

Her hands were still fastened in front of her, but she could no longer stay up.

“Baby let me turn over,” she whispered.

He turned her over, noting the smile on her face. She had been enjoying their play so far.

“Are you up for more, or do you need a break?” he asked.

“I’ll take whatever you want to give me,” she replied, as she spread her legs.

He pushed her legs up, sliding his hands along the silk stockings, slid to her and stroked the head of his cock up and down her wet slit. Her willingness was evident as she pushed toward him.

“I want that hard cock in me,” she said, wickedly.

In one thrust, he slid into her. The sounds of pleasure came from both bodies. He felt the heat, tightness and wetness surround his cock. She felt the hardness of his cock fill her. She wanted more. She pushed back against him, giving him his cue to increase his speed and intensity. He had no problem giving her what she wanted. He wanted it just as badly.

The only sounds coming from the room were panting, moans, and the sounds of their bodies against each other. They were lost in the pleasure of their unity.

He felt her tighten around him. He knew she was on the verge of another orgasm and wanted to cum with her. His thrusts came harder and faster, as they both sought their release. She let out a loud moan as she clamped tight around him. A few more strokes and he joined her, filling her full with the result of their uniting.

When they finished, he lay spent on top of her. Her hands were still fastened above her head, giving him access to her body. He slowly and lightly traced his fingers along her side while kissing her deeply. She groaned and shuddered again.

This even had exceeded all expectations for both of them. He undid the restraints, allowing them to spend the evening wrapped in each other’s arms.